Apr. 26th, 2016

- I tried out axe throwing over the weekend and I'm still sore. God, I need to get into shape. But axe throwing was super fun. It took me a while to get into it, but I did manage two bull's-eye towards the end. I do have photographic proof, just not on my phone; my friend was taking pictures on her very nice camera. I do have pictures of me throwing the big axe they use to settle ties. That thing is heavy. The head itself is two pounds. Oh, and I managed to get the big axe to stick to the board. It didn't hit the target, but hey, I was just happy to get in the vicinity of the target. :-)

- I saw this neat write-up about Bill's outfit from her introduction video. I'm always amazed at how fast the fans are able to ID items.

The other cool thing about the article is that it points out some details that I didn't notice. Turns out that there are a few more patches on Bill's jacket than just the "Wow!" one. Gives the outfit a bit of an Ace vibe. I'm wondering if the jean jacket will be a staple of Bill's wardrobe. You wouldn't customize something that much without intending to use it a lot.

And only five patches total, if you include the writing on the back corner as one patch, so you won't go completely broke trying to find everything.

- Weather forecast for the comic book expo keeps changing. Sun, clouds, rain; no one can make up their mind. No rain on Friday is preferable, since that's parade day, but no rain all weekend would be even nicer. You have to walk to another building to get to the photo-ops area and no one wants to get their costume or nice outfit wet. Alas, this is Canada, where it can snow at any time of the year.

But if it does, god forbid, snow, then at least the guests have an amusing story to bring home. I still remember the year Matt Smith was here. It snowed on the Saturday and he was totally thrown off by the sight of people walking outside in the snow in only t-shirts and jeans. Canadians; we're made of hearty stuff. :-D

- Speaking of the parade, I managed to borrow a small Bluetooth speaker so we'll have music playing while we walk. We didn't have music last year and, I don't know, it just wasn't the same. I have about an hour's worth of music, which includes every variation of the theme song (including my favourite, the guitar remix from "Before the Flood"), Doctor specific tracks (like "I Am the Doctor"), every original song Murray Gold has written for the show (excluding "Silence is All You Know" since the tempo is a little slow), and everyone's favourite "Who is the Doctor" as "sung" by Jon Pertwee. Oh, and the disco version of the theme song by Ron Grainger. Still can't believe it was actually arranged by him and it wasn't a fan remix. All of this is on my phone so no bulky CD player to haul around this time. Yay for technology!

I'm sure by the end of parade we'll be sick and tired of listening to the Doctor Who theme song over and over. ;-) It's kind of amazing how many times it has been re-imagined.


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