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So the CW finally had its mega crossover. Will they do one every year? Probably. I mean, how can you not, right? I just hope the next one is a proper four show crossover. Supergirl kicked things off in a way, but at the same time, not really. Her episode was more of a teaser.

And that's my main gripe. Each part felt like it was an episode of whatever show was airing on each night rather than being one continuous episode of the CW Superfriends. For one week, they could have dropped some of the B plot stuff. On the other hand, I can see why they had to include some of the ongoing stuff from each show. It probably helped with scheduling and it enabled the writers to fill out the full 45 minutes. Plus, Arrow had it's 100th episode thrown in there, too, so they had to work around that.

With that said, what we got was still awesome. I think the sheer delight of seeing all of the heroes together outweighs some of the weaker plot points.

I'm going to break down the episodes by show; it's just easier that way.

- So Supergirl wasn't quite part of the crossover event, the last minute of "Medusa" was the only part to feature Barry and Cisco, but it makes sense. Kara is stuck on another Earth (Earth-38 according to Cisco), so it's hard for her to just pop over to join Teams Arrow, Flash, and Legends. I do enjoy how buddy-buddy she and Barry are. They just click so much as friends. I'm just a little sad that Kara didn't bring J'onn with her. He's an alien, too!

In non-crossover related stuff, the show is now pairing Kara with Mon-El. Ugh. They just dropped one love interest to give her another? Why?! And it's not like Kara has any more chemistry with Mon-El than she did with James. Such a waste of time. Leave Mon-El as the annoying younger brother type and play more off his adjustment to Earth culture. When he presented Kara stuffing from his mattress instead of turkey stuffing, that was funny.

And then there was J'onn's whole "I'm turning into a White Martian!" Oh wait, Eliza, Alex and Kara's mother, just cures him off screen. I thought for sure they would play it out a bit longer.

At least they got Alex and Maggie together and it wasn't some rushed thing.

Oh, and there was clearly a cut scene when Alex and Kara go into the DEO after Thanksgiving dinner. Alex has a microwave container full of leftovers and Kara grabs it before running after J'onn, but we don't get to see her giving him the leftovers. The whole conversation was probably:

Kara: (being cheery)
J'onn: (being grumpy)
Kara: (being extra cheery while handing over the leftovers)
J'onn: (being extra grumpy before storming off)

I will never get tired of seeing Kara being a ray of sunshine while everyone else is all gloomy.

- The Flash has the distinction of kicking off all of the crossover events, simply because of where it falls in the week, but this also means its episode is usually the strongest. Set-up is easy; it's paying off everything that's hard. So we get Barry gathering everyone and inviting them to the Hall of Justice, uh, I mean Star Lab's weird airplane hangar thing. The main thrust of the episode was having the Dominators brainwash most of the team, so you don't get a lot about the invasion. But who cares, right? You just want to see the Flash versus Supergirl. :-)

Seeing Barry fight someone else with super speed is not new for the show, but for once, Barry has a goal in mind so he's not just chasing after someone. It was great seeing him zip about, goading Kara. And then he vibrated so fast, Kara just phased through him and destroyed the mind control thingy! We've seen Barry pass through walls by vibrating really fast, but I can't recall if we've seen him use that skill set in an offensive way. See, this is why bringing all of the heroes together is so much fun. You can find unique ways to use powers or do awesome combo moves.

The other thing that The Flash did was finally fill in everyone about Barry's time meddling. Naturally, everyone is pissed off at him (except Ollie for plot reasons). I'm glad the show didn't shy away from this or try to have everyone all right with Barry's extremely selfish actions. Actually, the one thing to carry through each show, besides the invasion plot, was Barry and Cisco's falling out and that was the main emotional backbone. It was the one thing carried over from The Flash that I didn't mind. They didn't just sweep it under a rug for a week or ignore Cisco's resentment towards Barry. It may have been resolved a bit quick, but more on that later.

Other great things from the episode:

- Kara meeting everyone. Diggle's reaction is classic Diggle. "I'm convinced." :-)

- Thea's very enthusiastic reason for coming out of retirement. "Aliens!"

- Barry trying so hard, but ultimately failing, at being team leader. It's easy to forget that Barry doesn't really lead Team Flash. Everyone contributes rather than Barry barking orders at everyone.

- Kara asking why Mick is called Heatwave and her very polite response after she learns Mick burned his family alive. Mick also trying to call Kara "Skirt". I don't think he meant it in a sexist way. Nicknames are how he shows affection. He's constantly calling Ray "Haircut".

- Sara being turned on by Kara. :-D Too bad we didn't get to see Sara flirting with Kara. I'd watch that. Better than seeing Mon-El try to hook up with Kara.

Dumb things from the episode:

- Why the hell was Iris at the Hall of Justice?!? It's an alien invasion and she has no super powers or super skills. Joe would have made more sense than Iris. The only reason she was there was to tell off Wally. Which leads to...

- No one wants Wally to be a superhero. I understand that Joe and Iris don't want Wally in harms way, but it just pushed him towards wanting to be a hero even more. Now Wally is going to be training in secret with H.R. and that's going to be awkward and annoying. Just let Barry train him properly.

- Dominators' invasion plan. I never got a clear picture of what they wanted. We're here to kill people! Nope, we're kidnapping people to probe their minds! Nope, we want to mind control the heroes! It's not until the last part that you understand what they want so why not just lead with that?

Oh, and I loved the multi logo they had. They didn't need to have it, but it's a nice visual to get you pumped up.

- Arrow's episode was more of an interlude, but that's understandable. The fact that they found a way to tie in the 100th episode to the invasion plot was nice. In fact, I doubt they could have done an episode like this outside of the crossover. Had the 100th episode come afterwards, the writers still could have done something to reflect on the show's past, but it might have been one scene instead of the entire story.

And who doesn't love the great sci-fi trope of trapping a character or characters in a perfect world? Dead characters can come back and everyone can be placed in different situations.

But Ollie marrying Laurel? I just wasn't emotionally invested in that plot line. It's been a very long time since we saw Ollie pine over Laurel. In season two, he, and the show, pretty much dropped her as the love interest. So his perfect world where he's madly in love with Laurel just felt super forced. What I enjoyed more was seeing Ollie with his mom and dad. Both of them died right in front of him, so here he has a chance to say good-bye to them.

Everyone else's perfect world mostly made sense as well. Sara is reunited with Laurel, Thea can also enjoy her parents' company, Ray is engaged to Felicity and still in charge of his company, and Dig... Um, he's the Green Arrow for some bizarre reason. It's implied that he's the Green Arrow to atone for things he's done, but it's still weird. It also seems to imply that Dig would be happier running around in a green outfit, rather than in his Spartan helmet. ;-) Actually, the best part about Dig being Green Arrow was the fact that Felicity was still his Gal Friday. No matter the world, she's still part of Team Arrow.

Oh, and speaking of Felicity, she spends most of the episode with Cisco trying to track down Oliver and company. So we get most of the new recruits, too. Having Curtis around made sense, but Rory and Rene were kind of superfluous. I guess the rest of the heroes were busy gathering intel on the Dominators, which is why Barry and Kara only show up briefly.

But man, when the two of them do show up, they kind of steal the show. Why? Two words. High five. They do a tag team move on the cyborg lady. Yeah, they probably caved in the poor woman's chest, but it's such a sweet visual. It'll be a great .gif. It's right up there with Kara's ice cream .gif from "Worlds Finest".

Other great stuff from the episode:

- Hilarious in-joke about why Tommy isn't at the wedding:

Thea: "I can't believe Tommy is a doctor now."
Malcolm: "They have him working triple shifts. Plus Chicago isn't exactly next door."

Subtle guys, subtle.

- The group fight at the end. It was fun seeing all of the past villains. Only person missing was Ra's. I think the fight could have been cooler if the gang had helped each other out more. Oh sure, Thea shoots an arrow to Sara at one point, but I would have loved more of that. Since everyone in the scene is a hand-to-hand fighter, they could have coordinated their moves.

- The "ghosts" at the end. While slightly cheesy, it was nice to see all of the characters Ollie has lost over the years, either through death or ended relationships.

- Dominator spaceship escape. It was so surreal to see the non-powered characters making their way through an alien spaceship. They are very much out of their comfort zone. Well, Ray and Sara are kind of familiar with spaceships, but fighting aliens is so not their thing. But Ollie makes everything better by grabbing a ray gun. :-)

Lamer things from the episode:

- So what was the point of putting Ollie and the others in a fake utopia? I guess it was a distraction during the mind probe? But then, it didn't quite work, since their real memories came back. Oh well, that's how the trope goes. The perfect world is never perfect enough in the end.

- Rene's whole "metas are dumb" attitude. I'm really not liking Rene. He's kind of annoying. I know he does come around to Barry and Kara at the end, but he's so belligerent all the time. I really expect him to be the first recruit to die.

I can't imagine what this episode would have looked like had it not been the 100th episode. We probably would have gotten more details on the invasion, but it might have strained the last part.

- Out of all of the shows, it was Legends of Tomorrow that felt the most like a mash-up. Like, it wasn't strictly a LoT show. Yes, they shoehorned in some time travel, but the Legends weren't the sole focus. Barry and Ollie headed up a group to "meet" the new President, and Felicity and Cisco got to tag along in the Waverider. The only ongoing thing that carried over was Stein's thing with his new daughter, but it kind of fed into the Barry subplot about the dangers of selfishly changing time.

And I can see why Nate and Amaya were left out from the first episode. The actors were off filming their scenes for this episode. It was very obvious how they got around scheduling everyone. Kara is sidelined for the same reason probably; so she could film her solo episode. That's fine, I guess. Divide and conquer. At least we got to see Felicity and Cisco geeking over a spaceship. It's strange that Felicity had an adverse reaction to time travel but Cisco seemed perfectly fine. Maybe it has to do with all of the Vibing he does.

Plus, Cisco got to experience first hand what messing with time can do to the timelines. His decision to save a Dominator doesn't quite have the same weight as Barry's decision to save his mother, though. Cisco was acting out of kindness while Barry was acting out of grief. So it feels a little convenient, but at least his change of heart doesn't come out of nowhere. I still feel like they could have dragged out Cisco's lack of trust with Barry for a little longer, but I guess the writers didn't want them at odds for the whole season.

It also helps that Barry is willing to sacrifice himself to save the planet. That is the least selfish thing to do and it shows that Barry is growing as a person. Everyone is quick to say that he shouldn't turn himself over to the Dominators, when only two episodes before, no one wanted to trust Barry. Again, it's a little convenient, but at this point in the plot, the writers are short on time, so they have to push forward to the big fight.

The big fight on one random rooftop. Sigh. It's an alien invasion, guys! There are aliens all over the planet. Why is the focus all on Central City? Okay, okay, that's where Barry is, and probably the highest concentration of metas, but I still would have liked to see more scenes across the globe. Barry and Kara are meant to be running and flying around, sticking those nano whatevers to each Dominator, so they could have had quick shots of various cities around the planet. Alas. It was a fun fight, though. Kara gets to save Ollie from falling off a building, which shows that Kara is the better person, because Ollie was a huge jerk to her earlier. I don't quite understand why Kara doesn't stop the meta bomb, but since this is LoT, one of the Legends should save the day and Firestorm made the most sense. By turning the bomb into water, there are no pieces left and the Dominators can't try again right away.

And we got a party at the end! I wish we had more time at the end, but what we got was great. Felicity commenting on how Kara's civilian look is so close to her own. Ray making a comment about how Kara kind of looks like his cousin! Second best in-joke of the crossover. I'm glad they did it and they went the less obvious route. Kara could have easily had a joke about how Ray kind of looks like her cousin. Group hug from the big three!! Barry and Kara totally went for it, while Ollie still manages to be slightly grumpy. And then Cisco gives Kara a doohickey that will let her phone Earth-1 if she needs help. That will come in handy for The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover for next year.

Other great things from the episode:

- Sara and Mick agreeing that the female President was hot. So totally random and very out of place, but it shows that the Legends are bonding. I also appreciate that the President on Earth-1 is also a woman.

- Ollie and Sara taking a moment to reflect how the CW DC verse exists because the two of them got on The Queen's Gambit. It's also a kind of random line, but it pairs nicely with Arrow's 100th episode.

- Kara having a hand in getting the Man in Black assigned to Antarctica. I think his name is Smith, but he was played by the guy who played Doc Cottle on BSG, so he's Cottle to me. Does this mean Earth-1 will have a DEO as well? Nate's follow up line also made me laugh: "Don't forget your jacket."

- Diggle's line after Sara heads back to the Waverider. I will always love how he continues to be baffled by all of the weird things he encounters.

- Barry and Ollie sharing a casual beer at the end. They never hang out unless there's a crisis, so it was a nice change of pace. I doubt we'll see more of the characters just hanging out in the future, but we can all pretend they meet up on the weekends at the Hall of Justice and kick back with some Big Belly Burgers and play video games.

Less great things from the episode:

- What was the point of the Men in Black? They added nothing to the episode, beyond locking up that one Dominator and Nate, Amaya, and Mick. They should have been a consistent thorn in everyone's side, but they weren't.

- Nate's helmet for his new costume. Actually, Nate's costume in general. I get that it's supposed to invoke Citizen Steel's look from the comics, but it doesn't quite make the transition from page to screen. I do get why he has the helmet. Less skin to turn to steel; saves on the CGI budget.

I think, overall, the crossover was a delight to watch. Did it make sense a lot of the time? No, but it's a comic book show, so it's a given that some stuff won't make sense. I don't know how they're going to top this one next season. What's bigger than an alien invasion? Maybe they'll tackle the infamous "Crisis on Infinite Earths"? It'd be a nice way to merge Earth-38 with Earth-1.
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