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TV shows are pretty much on a break for the winter. I thought I would get a few thoughts down.

- Supergirl's winter finale I already discussed, but there are a few things I didn't discuss. Like, Cyborg Superman. The real Hank Henshaw finally gets to take on the title. Only, why is he called Cyborg Superman? It makes no sense. He's not wearing the S shield or anything. He's just a cyborg. I guess the people at Cadmus wanted to give him a cool name. ;-) Kidding aside, I was really hoping that Dean Cain would get to play Cyborg Superman. He does show up in the episode where the real Hank comes back, but Jeremiah appears to be perfectly fine. Come on, producers! Who doesn't love some ironic casting! But who knows. Maybe Cadmus did modify Jeremiah and he'll be Cyborg Superman 2.0.

Also, Mon-El is totally a Daxamite prince. I'm sure his actual palace guard threw him into the pod to save him. Or Mon-El jumped into the pod and just abandoned his planet because he didn't want to die. I suspect it's the second scenario. That would give him a reason to lie about his heritage and why he's not very good about being a responsible person.

And James being Guardian? Ugh. The show doesn't need another vigilante. Yes, it puts him back into her crimefighting circle, but does he need to be there? James could just be Kara's boss who isn't part of her superhero life and he's the one she can go to and talk candidly to as a way to de-stress. I know it doesn't ring true to James' character in the comics, Jimmy Olsen was Superman's pal and constantly getting into trouble, but it doesn't hurt to get away from the source material sometimes. Part of the problem is that in all of the Arrowverse shows, all of the main characters are part of the larger team. There are no superfluous characters who aren't in on the superhero's secret anymore. Well, Maggie doesn't know about Kara being Supergirl, but she's also a cop, so she's still useful. If James was just running CatCo, then he's the plain character on the sideline and the CW doesn't do plain. Maybe they'll drop the whole Guardian thing down the line.

Oh, and they had another Batman reference! I can't remember the episode, but Kara mentions that Superman worked with a vigilante before. So the show is carefully laying the foundation for a Batman appearance. ;-)

- The Flash randomly had Mark Hamill show up for like a minute playing Earth-3 Trickster. While it was fun to see him and John Wesley Shipp facing off as adversaries, it was a waste of Mark Hamill. If you're going to bother to fly him up to Vancouver, it should be for a full episode and not a quick cameo. Now there's an idea. They should really do a whole episode on Earth-3 and it make basically the same world as the 1990's The Flash TV show. They could bring back Amanda Pays and have her play Tina as she was on the show. They could have a line about how she and Jay have been working together for over 20 years. It would be awesome. It wouldn't serve the arc of the season in any way, but it would be fun.

I'm not sure about this whole Savitar thing. So he's someone who fought Barry in the future? Didn't they already do that with Reverse-Flash? At least they wrapped up the Doctor Alchemy plot. Not surprised that it was Julian all along. It was also funny to hear Tom Felton talking about the Philosopher's Stone. I know it's not a blatant Harry Potter reference, but it produced a chuckle from me.

And, oh noes, Iris is going to die! *yawn* I'm sure Barry will change things so Iris doesn't die. Unless the producers are sick of her character and they decide they want to get rid of her just like they did with Laurel on Arrow. At least we know who's going to die, unlike in the tedious flashforward they had on Arrow last season. Or maybe they end up killing H.R., which would be funny, because that means finding another Harrison Wells. It'd be the best in-joke, if they kept bringing in a new Harrison Wells each season.

And they finally gave Wally a Kid Flash suit. Thank god. Barry can always use help in the field and now he can train Wally properly. Hey, they can start building the Teen Titans. There's Thea as Speedy, and Wally, and Miss Martian on Supergirl. Introduce a few more you're all good.

- Arrow kind of revealed who Prometheus is, but I hope it's a red herring. It's so boring if Prometheus is just a guy who was the son of someone who Ollie killed back in season one. But then again, if Prometheus is Kovar, then it's also boring because it's so obvious. A fan theory speculated that Prometheus is Tommy Merlyn, somehow back from the dead, but if the 100th episode proved anything, it's that Colin Donnell has a very hard time finding free time away from Chicago Medical. So while it would be cool if Tommy came back from the dead (how, I don't know, since the Pit was destroyed by Nyssa), it's also a logistical problem for the producers.

Speaking of flashbacks, I kind of laughed that we had a flashback to season one. I think the joke is how season six of Arrow would have to have flashbacks from season one to keep the whole flashback thing going. I wonder where the flashback slots within season one? It's after Ollie has met Felicity, but before she found out he was the Hood. I'm sure some intrepid fan figured it out and it's on the internet somewhere. Weird to see Ollie's old suit. You can see how far his costume has come since then.

For some reason, I want the annoying reporter lady that Ollie hooked up with to be involved with Prometheus. Because she and Ollie have zero chemistry and if the writers are going to force another pointless relationship upon the viewers, then it better be part of the arc. They haven't gone back to the fact that Susan saw a picture of Ollie during his time in Russia. Is she just stringing him along until she can drop a huge bombshell about Mayor Queen?

Oh, and look, Laurel is back from the dead. Sigh. Look, either she's dead or she's not. Make up your minds, writers! If you wanted another chance to turn the character around, then you shouldn't have killed her off. Now the characters wasted all of this time mourning her death and apparently it was for nothing. Unless this Laurel is an imposter. But what are the benefits in bringing her back from the dead or having a fake take her place? Oh god, is she a clone who eats frogs?!?! It does throw Ollie off his game, so it could be part of Prometheus' plan, but that still begs the question of how.

- The only thing I cared about the winter finale of Legends of Tomorrow was that we got to see Rip again! Yay, Arthur Darvill is back!! More on him in a sec...

The rest of the episode was actually fairly decent. It helped that you had Reverse-Flash and Damien Darhk and Malcolm Meryln. Hell, Snart was back, too. Did their plot to get the MacGuffin amulet back from the Legends make a ton of sense? Well, it makes LoT sense, and that's good enough I suppose. But, oh god, the timeline is so screwed up. So Darhk did a bunch of time travel before he created H.I.V.E., but doesn't the fact that he met Sara a bunch of times mess up things? He knows stuff about the future and his own future. Unless his memory gets wiped... So timey-wimey.

Speaking of timey wimey, the Spear of Longinus can rewrite history? Oh boy, another MacGuffin. It better not mess up the timeline even more, is all I'm saying.

The team dynamics were a bit better this episode. Nate and Ray are mostly amusing. Their optimistic view points feed off of each other. Such a bromance going on there. Bro hug! Mick and Amaya are a weird pairing, but it does show how loyal Mick can be. Once you earn Mick's respect, he will have your back. Though I don't know what was the point of the "it's good to be bad" angle. Just a few episodes ago, Amaya was trying convince Mick that it was better to have control over your bad side. Sara and Stein have a good talk about changing history and Stein's daughter. Jefferson gets the short end of the stick but it wouldn't be LoT if they didn't inexplicably leave out a character from the plot. And there was some teamwork at the end when Reverse-Flash was ransacking the ship. If the writers continue to better the team dynamics, then maybe this show can be really good.

And is Snart a hallucination? Or something else? He's clearly there to tempt Mick away from the team. Did Reverse-Flash somehow save Snart before he blew up the Oculus? I guess this is how Snart can be part of the Legion of Doom even though he's dead.

Anyway, Rip is back! He's not dead! He's just a director on a 1967 movie/TV show about Rip Hunter? Huh? My guess is, Reverse-Flash whisked him away into the past and wiped his memory. Unless Rip fell through time and ended up in 1967 with no memory of who he is. Then, why does he have an American accent? So confused. But he must remember a little bit if he's working on a show/movie about a guy named Rip Hunter. Man, I wish Rip had landed in 1967 London instead of 1967 L.A. Then they could have the movie/TV show be a pseudo Doctor Who type thing. That would have been a great in-joke.

And jumping comic book universes, over on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ...

Ghost Rider has come and gone. I didn't exactly warm to him. He was forced upon the show because Marvel got the rights back. Yes, it introduced magic on the TV side of the MCU, but I don't know what it added. Maybe it was there to lead up to Iron Fist, which has some mystical stuff going on. Sigh, poor AoS. Always inheriting plot points from other things in the MCU. I don't know what they're going to do when the Inhumans TV show launches. It will take away a large part of the AoS plot landscape. Will Daisy get spun off?

Yeah, I don't have much else to say. Mack and Elena shared a kiss so maybe they'll get together. Is the show shipping Coulson and May now? I think so, but only because Aida has replaced May with a Life Model Decoy of May. Coulson will probably get close with May and then all of that relationship building will be destroyed because it didn't happen with the real May. Ugh, so trope-y.

I'm actually glad that my TV shows are on a winter hiatus. It gives me time to watch other things I've been meaning to watch. But soon we will have new Doctor Who and Sherlock to watch. :-)

Date: 2016-12-15 07:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] newnumber6.livejournal.com
I remember someone pointing out that all the episodes last week (which is all of them by Supergirl) included an 'in-the-moment', non-flashback appearance by somebody considered dead: Cisco's brother Dante, Laurel, and Captain Cold. Two of them were seemingly some type of hallucination/illusion. Maybe Laurel's the same thing, although I suspect it's going to be something more.

Date: 2016-12-16 03:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] locker-monster.livejournal.com
Oh yeah. I hadn't really noticed that. Part of a larger plan or just coincidence, you think?

I still like my theory that Laurel is a clone who eats frogs. ;-)


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