So, CCEE 2011. Much better than last year, not because of the calibre of guests they got but because they listened to the complaints from last year and actually improved things. Bigger exhibit hall and more space to walk through it, bigger main panel room, and organized lines (for the most part). Some things still need tweaking, like their photo-op process (don’t get me started on that), but everything seemed less chaotic.

CCEE Day 3 )

I know Katee Sackhoff and George Romero will be at the expo next year and the expo people teased some Whedonverse actors, too, but how do you top Captain Kirk? Captain Picard? Captain Tightpants? Captain Jack? Oh man, they need to get some Doctor Who actors. Then I’m sure the Doctor Who fans would be out in force. Ooh, that’d be so cool…
Okay, I'm even more exhausted than yesterday and it's not like I did anything either. I guess just being in a huge crowd can really suck the energy out of you. Still, a good day.

CCEE Day 2 )

Not too much going on tomorrow besides The Guild panel, but there will be a roller derby. Zombies vs superheroes. Should be interesting.
I am so tired. The annual comic book and entertainment expo is on this weekend. I just spent half the day wandering the exhibit hall and trying to say coherent things to the media guests. I think I spoke the most to Felicia Day but mostly because I had to explain the messages I wanted her to sign on my swag. And success! I now have all the autographs of The Guild cast. I think this is the first time I've gotten all the autographs for a show's cast.

Plus I got to meet Michael Hogan!! My sister and I swung by his booth, just hoping to catch a glimpse of him, and when we got there no one was in line. One of the expo's minions then mentioned to us that a photo with Michael Hogan at his booth was only $10. $10? Awesome! Best $10 I ever spent. We did one nice photo, with one of us on either side of him, and it turned out fine. But then, Michael was all, "Do you want to take another one?" and how could we refuse. :-D I think we ended up taking about four pictures and all because Michael kept saying, "Hey, let's take another one." I think it was because no one else was there. The last one was the best as we were all shouting "Frak!"

I foresee tomorrow and Sunday being very busy as the expo will be in full swing and William Shatner will be there. I'm just going to sit down in the main panel room and not move from my seat for, like, six hours.
Felicia Day and the cast of The Guild are coming to town for the comic book expo! And Katee Sackhoff! And Michael Hogan! There are others that hold my interest, too, but these are the ones I actually got excited about.

The Guild cast should be fun; season five might be airing by then. My sister bought me season one on DVD about two years ago at PAX and she even got Felicia to sign it. So now I can get the rest of the cast. Hopefully you can pay just one lump sum for everyone and not pay individually. I'll just get Felicia to sign my Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog DVD so it doesn't seem weird I'm not asking her to sign something. ;-) I might even be able to convince some non-expo-going friends to come because they just love Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

I think I'm more excited by the idea that Katee and Michael will likely be doing a panel together. That should be fun. But I'm more interested in meeting Michael Hogan. Why? My sister bought me this awesome shirt and she gave it to me the other day as an early birthday present:

Statler and Waldorf as Tigh and Adama? Awesome. I'd get a photo-op with Michael Hogan just so he can see the shirt. :-)

Finally, that VIP pass I bought at the stroke of midnight is worth it.
So I spent my weekend at the local comic book and entertainment expo. A lengthy title for what's basically a convention at heart. The media guests are the main draw but there are tons of comic book artists and other exhibitors that are also part of the package. This year was the biggest one they've done by far and no offense to the organizers, who were all wonderful and very patient, but they seriously under estimated how many people would come through the doors.

The main reason? Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock himself, was the big main media guest. Last year, Edward James Olmos showed up, and that was a big deal, but it was so last minute. This year, the expo people knew since January Leonard Nimoy was coming and they had been advertising like crazy. Maybe too crazy because I swear, the entire population of Alberta showed up to get his picture and his autograph.

Crazy expo going experiences behind the cut )

Oh, also saw some great costumes. Obviously, more Star Trek costumes than I could count, and anime stuff I didn't understand, but I saw some Mass Effect 2 costumes and some Doctor Who costumes. I saw a Fourth Doctor, a guy dressed like the Master from "The End of Time" (though my sister joked, "Are you sure he wasn't just a hobo?"), a lady dressed as a Time Lord in a robe, but minus the funny hat, and a girl dressed like Ten. I can dream that one day the expo will get someone from Doctor Who. Russell lives in LA now; how hard would it be to get him to fly up?

Long story short: long weekend, long lines. I want to spend next weekend taking a nap.
Well, the con is over. Not much to report from today. There weren't any media guest panels, just Ed & Red's Mini Show. I suppose I should explain who this Ed is for those not in the know. Ed is Ed the Sock, a puppet who's, well, a sock with green hair and a cigar. He used to be on Much Music all the time and was the crass talking puppet. I actually found him to be quite funny, especially when he was mocking really bad music videos. He used to have a show called Ed & Red's Night Party, Red being Liana K (real life wife of the guy playing Ed the Sock). I guess now Ed and Red show up at cons and expos, doing a mini version of the show, interviewing guests and whatnot.

And it turns out Liana is a huge gamer and a big time cosplayer. Last year she showed up dressed like Power Girl. This year she was Cheetara from Thundercats. So just try to picture it. A sock with green hair, chomping on a cigar and a woman dressed like a upright cheetah.

Con day two behind the cut )

I'm not sure if having all the media guests' panels on one day was a good move on the con's part this year. While it does free up the guests to simply sign stuff and take photo-ops, it also makes the second day kind of boring. Oh well. I'll still buy a weekend pass regardless the next time I want to go. And I hope they can book Tahmoh again. :-D
Tahmoh wasn't there! *breaks into hysterical sobs*

*takes deep breath*

I don't think I've ever seen that many people attend this con before. It was... wow. When I got there at 10:00, the line was so long it was leading into the other building next to hall where the con was. I was all worried I wouldn't get good seats, but oddly, once my sister and I got past the doors, the room where the BSG panel was was empty. Seems no one had decided to stake out seats beforehand. So we just walked right to the front of the room and planted our butts right in the middle. :-D

Tomorrow's sort of a lacklustre day, none of the media guests are doing panels, but they will be appearing for Ed and Red's mini show. That's right, Ed the Sock.
So tomorrow is the local comic book con. I'm very glad I bought my photo-op tickets beforehand; they raised the price for whatever reason, thus sucking more money from the geeks. Annoyingly, I just learned that if I want multiple items signed, that's multiple separate autograph fees, not one. Sigh. But they added some last minute guests and the latest one is a doozie.

It's Edward James Olmos! Adama himself. :-D

That just blows me away. They also added Kandyse McClure, so more BSG people to join Tahmoh thus making it a BSG panel rather than just a Tahmoh panel, but Eddie impresses me the most. We're Cowtown, Alberta. The big names usually don't come to us. Though I've noticed that Eddie does do a lot of conventions, so it's just another appearance among many. Still. Adama. Hee.
Man, I did horribly in the BSG death pool. I thought "They're not going to go with the obvious choices; let's pick the less likely." By the rules we were playing by, people you chose who didn't die was minus a point. I ended up with -4. *shakes head*

As for the finale, I found it was "meh".

Spoilers for BSG 4x20 )

And double the Tahmoh for one last time.

Briefly, I really liked Dollhouse, but I'm too tired to talk about it right now.
Ah, geekiness knows no bounds. The sister spiffed up my poll and made this at work today:

So there will be a death pool for our viewing party on Friday. Apparently there'll be prizes, too. And yes, we will be cutting off the corners. :-D
My sister brought this to my attention (via!). And thus: Edward James Olmos shouting "So say we all!" in the UN.

I had hoped he would be shouting it at the top of his lungs, because he's makes an absolutely wonderful point. Sigh. I'm going to miss this show.
I got carded when I went to see Watchmen last night. Apparently I look like I'm 18. Can't say I was overwhelmingly wowed by the movie. I mean, it's a good graphic novel, but I don't love it, so however the movie turned out, it really didn't matter to me. It looked really good though, I'll give Zack Snyder that. I hear there'll be an extended version in the future, with the Black Freighter stuff worked in and maybe whatever else ended up on the cutting room floor, so that will be cool.

One downside of going out on Fridays: I miss all of my Friday night TV.

I still like Dollhouse, but I'm having troubles with the premise of the show. The character stuff is just awesome, but it's the engagements the Actives go on that don't quite work.

Spoilers for Dollhouse 1x04 )

Friday night is also double Tahmoh night, well, for a couple more weeks anyway. Then no more BSG. :-(

Spoilers for BSG 4x18 )

I can't see how they are going to resolve this show. Unless they kill everyone, then that's a sure fire way to end everything.
First Jewel and now Tahmoh! *is in geek heaven*

Yay, this comic book convention is so awesome now. God, now all the BSG fans will be going. The place is going to be packed. It was a nut house when Tricia was here last year. At least all the female fans will have someone to drool over this year. ;-) I so have to buy a photo op with Tahmoh. I mean, how can I not?

And Tahmoh has two fandoms, so double the geekiness. And he's Canadian. Oh, I'm so excited!
Okay, so I didn't manage to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, and Battlestar Galactica all in the same night. Kudos to those who managed though.

First off, some quick thoughts about TSCC. I have to admit I only watch because of Summer. I mean, I've seen all the Terminator movies, but it's not like I'm going to run out and see Terminator: Salvation when it releases. With that said, it's cool the show is expanding on this universe in its own, sort of messed up way. And it doesn't ignore what came before. Well, the show ignores the third movie, but rightly so.

Spoilers for TSCC 2x14 )

But enough about TSCC. Dollhouse! Joss' triumphant return to television. So good to see the Mutant Enemy guy running across my screen again.

Spoilers for Dollhouse 1x01 )

And finally BSG. Not as exciting this week, probably because there was a lot of talking going on. Nothing wrong with talking, but it's change of pace from the last two episodes.

Spoilers for BSG 4x15 )

Man, Fridays are going to be busy until BSG ends. Hopefully we don't lose any shows along the way because of network stupidity.
First off, I mentioned in my last BSG post that the sister and her friends were met with a very cheery ad for Cheez Whiz after an very unexpected and downbeat character moment in 4x11. Fake cheese and, well, y'know. Not exactly a winning combination.

Apparently, there was an even worse ad placement. It's not fake cheese, but the imaginary is just so wrong. Don't click the link if you haven't seen 4x11. Well, I suppose you can click the link; the short article doesn't reveal anything, but just don't watch the video. Big ol' spoilers.

But enough about that.

Spoilers for BSG 4x12 )

Oh, and one more link. Bear McCreary has a great and very funny featurette on the season 4.0 DVDs. It's all up on YouTube in three parts. I just love it when the cast and crew act all faux mean and snobby. Jane Espenson makes an appearance, and Edward James Olmos gets a funny moment, too. :-)
I really hate it when a show makes you wait really long for a second part. Most mainstream network shows are fairly good; two month tops. Sci Fi shows seem to have the tendency to disappear for months and months and sometimes the wait isn't always worth it. Six months is far too long a wait. I guess it helps that BSG didn't end on an actiony cliffhanger, just a really depressing one. You're not holding your breath to see if someone lives or dies; you just want answers.

Spoilers for BSG 4x11 )

I find it hard to believe they'll be able to sustain this plot line for another nine episodes. Every episode can't be about the mystery of the final five and Earth and the Cylons. That's a lot of information to take in. But frivolous side stories wouldn't feel right either. Is Ron Moore's podcast up yet?

I really don't like cliffhangers. It's not the "OMG, how will they get out of this next season?" type anxiety that usually comes with a finale that annoys me. It's the waiting that bugs me. Will the conclusion be worthy of the wait? Sometimes, yes, but most times, no. If you're an average show on one of the major networks, typically the wait isn't that long. A show's done in May and comes back in September/October. Five months. So the conclusion doesn't have to be super stellar.

But if you're Battlestar Galactica on tiny little Sci Fi channel, we have to wait until 2009. That's seven months at least, assuming that 2009 means January 2009. My bet is, it'll be even longer since Sci Fi never airs BSG and Stargate at the same time. With Stargate Atlantis' airing schedule, ten straight eps from July to early September then the back half in January, we probably won't see season 4.5 of BSG until April. Even without the writer's strike it probably would have been the same. Sigh. Yes, we've been promised webisodes, but come on, that's not enough to hold fans over for almost a year.

I await Ron Moore's podcast on this. He's got some explaining to do.
Hmm, is it me or did this weekend turn into a shipper weekend? Two sci fi shows with new episodes, with concepts like polar opposites of each other, and you've got shipper madness for both. I'm surprised the interweb hasn't had a complete meltdown. ;-) But seriously, it's sort of funny how writers handle these things. Try as they might, they either end up with very grateful fans or none at all. No middle ground (for the most part).

But this really isn't a post about shipping, though I will get around to writing one one of these days.

I've found that this season of Battlestar Galactica has been really off. The episodes haven't been super awesome, at least not consistently. Maybe it's the idea of ending the show that's been sending the writing all over the place. So many ideas to cover and so little time. I'm hopeful the second half will be better. Ron Moore said he had time during the writer's strike to think more about the second half of the season so he should know where he's headed. However, a good episode has popped up now and again. Like "The Hub". So far I've only seen some shipper reactions, but really, that's who this episode is for. :-)

The only downside with BSG is the long waits they usually have between two parters. One more episode and then who knows how long until we see the second half of this season.
So, how come after a year away, the premiere for season four of Battlestar Galactica is only one hour? I think we deserve two hours, thank you very much.

Now I'm just waiting on Ron Moore's podcast commentary to appear. I really enjoy those. Those and David Eick's video blog. I just love how everyone just plays along and says bad things about David Eick. :-)


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