It's a bit late in the day, but...

Happy Birthday [info]newnumber6!
You at least had some cake today, right?
Happy Birthday!!

Hope you have something fun planned. :-)
Before I forget...
Happy Birthday [info]beachkid!

You're a significant age!
Happy Birthday [info]kefira!

I hope you had a good day today. :-D

And also happy birthday to my sister. Have a happy dancing Dr. Zoidberg.
My sister made this for my birthday today. Ain't it grand? :-D

The downside of having your birthday in the middle of the week? Not much you can do, party wise. Having a meeting at 7:30 in the morning so does not count. But I'm mostly "meh" when it comes to birthdays.
Happy birthday [info]newnumber6!
Happy Birthday!!

I hope you had an awesome day today. No spending the day at work nonsense. :-D
Happy Birthday! If you have any cake today, let's hope it's not a lie. Everyone deserves cake on their birthday.

Are you all moved in?
Whoot, it's your birthday! I hope you're feeling better and you get out to do some celebrating. :-D

And Happy Canada Day! Drink beer, wear a toque, eat some poutine, play some hockey, and just be happy to be Canadian, eh?
Happy Birthday [ profile] kefira! I hope you had a good birthday today.

And Happy Birthday to my sister, too, if you're reading this. I hope you and the boy are watching Buffy season three right now, though you're probably eating nachos.
Happy Birthday [ profile] littlebatti! It's a bit late in the day (I blame work for that late posting), but it's still January 9th for a little while longer somewhere in the world. :-) So I hope you had a good day and ate some yummy cake.
It's still your birthday somewhere in the world. Happy (late in the day) birthday wishes! Hopefully your day involved cake. :-D
Or Bonne Fete! Should there be accent thingys? I can't remember what "Happy Birthday to You" is in French but you probably don't want me butchering the French language. Anyway, yay, Happy Birthday! Enjoy those fireworks today because they're totally for you. :-D

And Happy Birthday to Canada, too.
According to the clock on LJ, it's the 25th.  I just sent you something to be delivered tomorrow and it looks like it's already there, so yay, it's your birthday!

Actually, I won't be home tomorrow to wish you Happy Birthday so I'm doing it now. So have fun tomorrow and eat some cake or whatever sugary confection you choose. :-)

And Happy Birthday to my sister, too. No doubt you're reading this at work. But I'm actually seeing you on your birthday so you don't get any wishes until then.
Yay! 21! Now you can legally gamble in the U.S. Road trip to Las Vegas!

This is an exciting weekend for you. Birthday and new Doctor Who. ;-)
Happy Birthday [personal profile] newnumber6! I bet this is the oldest you've ever been. :-D
Happy Birthday, [profile] browncoat_2x2!

It's 8:00ish in the morning here. I do hope you're sleeping in on your birthday. ;-) Have fun today and eat that birthday cake.
Happy Birthday to[personal profile] beachkid! I hope your gift has kicked in by now. Enjoy all the new icon space. Think of all The Dresden Files icons you can have now. :-D
Happy birthday [personal profile] hjea! Today is your birthday and Canada Day. How bout that. :-D You can have cake and celebrate the birth of Canada as a nation on the same day. Whoo!
I just want to say Happy Birthday to [personal profile] newnumber6. Eat lots of cake!


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