I keep thinking it's Saturday simply because Doctor Who was on today. :-) Too bad the episode was, well, meh.

Spoilers for Doctor Who, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" )

At least we got a Coming Soon trailer. You don't get a great sense of what's coming, but hey, at least it's new footage!

Vauge speculation for the Coming Soon trailer )

Wait, is this Moffat's last Christmas special? Not exactly an example of one of his best, but these things are hit and miss. Maybe his Sherlock episode will be better.
- I've caught the cold that's going around the office. :-P I feel better today, but yesterday I was just ready to go home and sleep, which I did once we finished at noon. At least I have some time off to rest up.

- I was lazy and got behind on Class, which just goes to show how little I cared about it. That's not to say it was a completely horrible show, but it never caught my fancy like Doctor Who did. Maybe it was the characters. I don't think I grew attached to any of them. Angsty teen problems just don't interest me. And where the hell are they going with the show?

Spoilers for Class 1x08, "The Lost" )

Any word on whether Class was renewed? Maybe the BBC needs to resurrect Torchwood instead...

- Christmas tomorrow! And, by extension, a new episode of Doctor Who!! After a year of no Who, I'm willing to take anything. I haven't watched the trailer or the scene they released for Children in Need, so I'm going into the special pretty ignorant of the plot. There's something about superheroes in this one? All I know for certain is that one of the guest stars is a Canadian actor, so yay! I really hope there's a Coming Soon trailer, because they should have enough finished footage to give us a small glimpse of the new season.

- Speaking of Doctor Who Christmas specials, Space is airing all of them tomorrow (except for "The End of Time" for whatever reason). Thank you, Space. I think I'll just chill out and watch the marathon until it's time to head to my sister's place for dinner.
I just wanted to post some pictures of the Christmas gifts I knitted this year. When I picked up knitting at the start of this year, I never thought to myself that I would become proficient enough to make really cool things for other people, so I rather happy that I was able to make these things.

Knitted Christmas gifts behind the cut )

So yeah, I've been knitting up a storm, off and on, since the end of August. I'm currently working on another hat for my niece, but for the most part, I'm going to take a break from knitting. I need to rest my wrists before I start the two Fourth Doctor scarves that were commissioned by my friends.
Out of the season finales we've had in the last five years, only "Hell Bent" left me particularly rage-y after watching it. So I was very ready for a nice, fluffy Christmas special.

Spoilers for Doctor Who, "The Husbands of River Song" )

With Doctor Who done for the year, that means one thing: no spoilers! Well, at least for a little while. There is the rumour going around that next season might be Peter Capaldi's last, but I hope not.

Now bring on the New Year's special for Sherlock!
- All of my Christmas knitting is done! Man, it was a sprint to the finish there. I was spending, like, every waking hour knitting in order to get everything done on time. Next time, I'm going to start my projects early. Pictures to come after the gifts are given to their intended recipients.

- AbbyShot is taking pre-orders for their Twelfth Doctor coat. It looks pretty sweet. Expensive as heck, but pretty sweet. The only thing they didn't get quite right was the red lining (from what I can see from the pictures on the site). On the replica, it's plain red, but the coat lining on the show is actually two toned and with a subtle pattern. It's a minor thing, really; most people aren't going to notice that the lining isn't exactly right.

I just wish they had a ladies version of the coat. There may be one in the works for all I know, and if so, they really should release it along with the guy version. There are women cosplayers out there who would probably love to do a femme!Twelve costume, me included. The price, though, gives me pause. I know AbbyShot does quality work, but they don't even have free shipping. Maybe I'll see the coat at the comic book expo in April. The vendor I bought my ladies Tenth Doctor coat from had a bunch of AbbyShot coats, so I could judge for myself whether it's worth buying.

- Currently watching The Expanse, the TV show based on the book series of the same name. The pilot was great and the space scenes looked amazing, but now the writers are starting to change things from how they are in the first book. I didn't mind that they introduced a character from the second book for the first season, but there are other deviations going on that I'm not so sure about. I know a TV show based on a book doesn't have to follow every event to the letter, but these changes better pay off.

And you can totally tell that the show is filmed in Canada. A lot of the minor characters are played by Canadian actors. It's like a game sometimes, because you tend to see the same Canadian actors over and over again.

- Space, the TV channel that airs Doctor Who in Canada, is having a Doctor Who marathon that lasts for three days. My god, I love this channel. They're showing all of the Christmas specials (with "Planet of the Dead", "The Waters of Mars", and "The Day of the Doctor" thrown in), all of season eight, and all of season nine. This is all lead up to the new Christmas special on Friday. I've already seen all of these episodes more than a few times, but it's nice to know that I can turn on the TV at any given point during the day and Doctor Who will be on. :-D They've also been airing promos for "The Husbands of River Song" and they make me smile every time. I hope the episode ends up being a fun romp. We need something upbeat after how things ended in the finale.
- There were a pile of Christmas themed books at my book club meeting yesterday and everyone tried so hard to get me to take some home. Nope. I'm not against Christmas, but I hate Christmas books. They're all the same Hallmark-y crap that has no substance at all and the plots sound nearly identical. It also doesn't help that most stories have a romance and you all know what I think of romance novels. I'll just stick to watching the annual Doctor Who Christmas special, thank you very much. The episode may be hit or miss, but it's ten times more entertaining.

- It's what? 12 days until Christmas? God, where did the time go? I'm still working on my last knitted Christmas gift and I'm starting to doubt whether I'll have it done in time. My back is getting sore from being hunched over the yarn.

- The local comic book expo is teasing a big guest announcement on Tuesday. So far, the line-up has been kind of lacklustre so hopefully this one is exciting. The only hint they've given is that this person, they specifically said he, is an oft requested guest and it's going to be very cool news for a "certain cult following." It's the "cult following" bit that throws me. Cult, in my mind, implies a fandom that's not very well known. Like, it won't be a Star Trek or a Star Wars actor because those are huge fandoms. But cult could also mean something that's not mainstream and that describes a lot of sci fi/fantasy TV shows and movies. The one guess that keeps floating around is David Tennant; people request him every year. Is Doctor Who a "cult following" though? I think I've heard the show be described as a cult phenomenon so maybe people are right. David has been doing quite a few cons through Wizard World. Perhaps the expo people found a way to lure him to Canada. If I have an incomprehensible post on Tuesday that's all exclamation marks then you know it was David that they announced. ;-)

- Speaking of David, I finished Jessica Jones. I think I liked Daredevil more. Maybe it's because Daredevil was more action-y and that helped with the pace.

Spoilers for season one of Jessica Jones )

Now that David and Christopher Eccelston have played Marvel baddies, I fully expect Matt Smith to play a Marvel villain in the future.
First off, Merry Christmas! Or Merry Whomas if you prefer. :-) Seriously, this is the best part about Christmas. Not the gifts or hanging out with family. It's new Doctor Who to enjoy.

And it wasn't that bad this year. Definitely an improvement over last year's episode. I find it hard to enjoy the Christmas episode sometimes, though. It has to be this big, frolicking adventure so the plot has to hit certain points and it always has to have Christmas, so there will be times when these two elements do not go together.

Spoilers for Doctor Who, "Last Christmas" )

So I guess season nine will premiere in August? Seems likely, if they start filming in January. Well, at least there won't be any major spoilers for a couple of weeks.
While I would have preferred a specially filmed scene, a clip is better than no clip. But it does confirm one thing that we weren't sure about:

Spoilers for Doctor Who 8x11, 8x12, and the Christmas Special )

Whatever is going on, I'm excited to see Twelve in a Christmas Special. Hopefully the ending isn't a bummer and we end on something that's upbeat, like how it was way back in "The Christmas Invasion".
So, good-bye Eleven, hello Twelve. Or something. Honestly, the numbers are all mixed up now. But anyway...

It was an all right episode. Not awesome, but still okay. It was like Eleven's greatest hits. Moffat paid off most of the era.

Spoilers for Doctor Who, "The Time of the Doctor" )

So no new Doctor Who until August. I can't wait to see Twelve's costume and how Clara handles this new Doctor.

Oh, and the fish fingers and custard:

The fish fingers were sugar cookies coated with graham cracker crumbs and the custard was homemade vanilla pudding. Yummy. A fitting dessert for Eleven's last episode.
I completely forgot about this: Sherlock minisode "Many Happy Returns". :-D (thank you [livejournal.com profile] tardis_stowaway for reminding me)

I'm glad they did this. A little teaser to bring you back in. And there's something to look forward to after "The Time of the Doctor".

I blame work for making me forget. So much last minute stuff. Every freakin' year! Come on guys, you know the holidays are coming up. Don't leave things until the last minute. Grr. At least I got to leave at noon. The mangers, at least the ones who were still here and not on vacation, came around and told everyone to go home, so that was nice.

So, Christmas tomorrow. New Doctor Who! But good-bye, Eleven.
<---- Canada looks a lot like the Ood Sphere right now.

- It is bloody cold outside. A blizzard rolled in around December 1st and it's been freezing every since. With windchill, temperatures have been in the mid -30s. Brrr. I was actually stupid enough to walk to work one morning and my god my knees hurt when I got in. My boots cover my shins and my coats hits just above my knees, so they're the only part of me really exposed to the wind. So I'm taking the bus to and from work until the cold snap is over. Even with long johns it's not fun. Time to invest in some snow pants.

- But I've come to the conclusion that Canada needs to invite a nice warm island to come join the country. The US and the UK have their islands in the Caribbean. Canada needs one, too. It'd just be nice to fly somewhere tropic and not have to worry about exchanging your currency. I guess Canada missed out on colonizing places since we were a colony ourselves. Who wouldn't want to be part of Canada, honestly? We have universal health care, and, um, maple syrup and beavers and hockey. Okay, we mostly have cold weather, but we're really polite. :-)

- I'm covering for a co-worker who's on vacation for the rest of the month and I've come to appreciate what he does. He's always the one dealing with our difficult engineers. Now it's up to me to deal with them. I don't want to be mean, but being firm seems to be the only way to get through with some of these guys. Look, I know you went through more university than me, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to me. I'm doing your work for you, buddy.

- And speaking of work, I was under the impression that I would get a five year recognition award this year. I started working with the company in July of 2008, so that's five years in my book. On our intranet page it even says I've been with the company for over five years. But I just read an email from my department lead and she's listed people getting recognition awards this year and I'm not on it. I guess my anniversary date is technically January 1st 2009, since that's when the company hired me as a salary employee rather than agency. It doesn't really matter to me. You get a watch for your five year anniversary but I've seen it and it's not the kind of watch I would wear.

- Christmas is creeping closer. I have a gift exchange at work on December 12. Last year's was great fun. It was the exchange where someone bought a ham ($10 a pound so technically it fell into the designated price range). Let's see what people do this year. Also, my mom was asking me what dessert she should make for Christmas dinner and my immediate thought was fish fingers and custard in honour of Matt Smith and the Eleventh Doctor as Christmas is his last adventure. Obviously it wouldn't be real fish fingers, we would substitute cookies that look like fish fingers, but I think it would be neat. We can eat fish custard while we watch the Christmas special. :-)
Hmm, has Moffat been watching Game of Thrones? ;-)

In all seriousness, though, this year's Christmas Special wasn't that bad. Better than last year for sure, but it wasn't really great either. I think it's because it has to do a number of things. It has to be a) a Christmas Special b) the introduction story of the new Companion, and c) a continuation of the season. It's weird, having the special in the middle of the season instead of before it. Moffat had to keep more continuity in the story than usual.

I'm going to save my thoughts on Clara to the end. So, "The Snowmen". The main plot was all right. Some disembodied voice needs a body, so it's doing creepy things in Victorian London. But killer snowmen? You could take a hair dryer to them and they would melt. ;-) I think the plot just needed a villain and, as always, Moffat picks something every day and makes it threatening. I hope people go out and make killer snowmen tomorrow. But it's cool that they got Ian McKellen to play the voice of the Snowmen. He makes them sound threatening when all they do is just stand there and grin at you.

I'm not sure I got the whole thing with Simeon and the Snowmen. Or the Great Intelligence, apparently. When Simeon called it "the Intelligence" early on in the episode, I immediately thought "Hey, they used that name already." Imagine my surprise when it's hinted at the end of the story that the Intelligence animating the snow is most likely the Great Intelligence from "The Abominable Snowmen" and "The Web of Fear". I'm really not sure what Moffat's doing. On the one hand, great, a reference to the show's past. But on the other hand, it's kind of confusing for people who aren't familiar with the original series. I think I'll need to watch the episode again.

I think the important bit was the Doctor's side of the story. He's so not over losing Amy and Rory so he's brooding on a cloud in Victorian London. Strange place to end up, but maybe he wanted to get away from 21st century Earth. He even stopped dressing in his normal clothes. But as sad as he is, you know he's going to end up travelling the universe again. I mean, it would be cool to have him based in Victorian London with Vastra and Co. as recurring cast, but that's not really something you want to do in the show's 50th anniversary year. The Doctor doesn't expect to take on another Companion, but he can't deny it when he runs into someone who is perfect Companion material. It kind of felt like he was testing Clara or maybe he was testing himself? Seeing if he was ready to open his hearts up again?

So, that brings me to Clara. Clara Oswin Oswald. Or Moffat, you cheeky bugger. It makes sense, though, in the sense that of course it's not straight forward. Why would it be? And here I was hoping that the new Companion was from the past and we would have a past Companion for the first time in a long time, but no. We have... Well, I don't know what we have. Oswin from "Asylum of the Daleks" and Clara here are clearly the same person. So what does it all mean? At first, I thought the Doctor would recognize Clara/Oswin; then I totally forgot that he never saw her face. Duh. So, ancestor, maybe? Nope, seems more complicated than that. I think Clara is some sort of alien who embeds herself in people's memories to survive and that's how she can look the same in 1892, the present day, and the far future. Because I was watching "Asylum of the Daleks" earlier today (Space was having a marathon) and I watched Oswin's last scene again and she very purposely turns to the camera when she says, "And remember." So the remembering thing must be significant. Maybe Clara's an Eternal and she wants to experience life as a human? Or she's a plant. The Silence created her and put her in a position to become the Doctor's new Companion.

Also, Clara's birthday is, supposedly, November 23. Important? Or just Moffat being a big fan? I like to think it's important. Maybe it'll all tie in to the 50th anniversary special.

But why can't we have a normal Companion...

And great to see Vastra, Jenny, and Strax again. I was wondering how Strax could be around if he died in "A Good Man Goes to War". Sounds like Vastra brought him back for unknown reasons, which is neat. You have a very strange group there, but it works. Vastra's the kick-ass leader, Jenny the loyal companion (and wife!), and Strax is the muscle and overly obsessed with grenades and acid. He's like a short, lumpy version of Jayne from Firefly. :-D And so bizarre how Strax is Vastra's butler or something. But they remembered he was a nurse. He's the one nursing Clara after she falls from the TARDIS cloud. Oh, and I just laughed when Simeon mentioned that Conan Doyle based Sherlock Holmes on Vastra. Awesome.

Random: Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, the Doctor dressed up as Sherlock Holmes was hilarious. Maybe Moffat is in Sherlock withdrawal like the rest of the us? And the TARDIS interior! And the opening credits! What happened!?! I get that it's a new era so you need to make things different, but whoa! The Time Vortex is on fire and what's Eleven's head doing in there? That was the one aspect of the classic opening credits that I never liked. Okay, so Matt Smith's face isn't zooming towards me, but it's still weird. I didn't look at the pictures they released of the TARDIS interior, so this was my first time seeing it and I have to say that I don't like it. It's feels too confined, too cold. I liked the openness and the warm colours of the previous interior. And there are targets on the wall? I guess maybe it's meant to reflect the Doctor's broodiness and loneliness, but it's still strange. The time rotor kind of reminds me of Eight's TARDIS actually; the design of the central column looks similar. And we end on a cliffhanger of sorts this time. Makes sense. Moffat has to hook the audience so we'll be eager when the rest of season seven airs.

Not much to say about the "Coming Soon" trailer. Didn't really absorb too much from the brief glimpses. The Cybermen are back, and they look like they've been through a re-design. That's Neil Gaiman's episode, no?

So, what? April premiere for the rest of the season? That's usually when the show comes back. You need to leave some time between the finale and the 50th anniversary special. Does this mean we won't get another Christmas Special in December 2013?

And just to be geeky, how do we number this episode? It's not 7x00, because that's "The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe".
As far as I can tell, the world didn't end today. I still had to go to work so maybe it's a bad thing after all...

And bah, work. Today felt like Christmas Eve. Everyone was ready to go home and start celebrating the holidays. There was some work to do in the morning, but not a lot. By the time lunch rolled around, no one felt like doing anything and by the afternoon people were just slacking off. Of course, I had work to do. Of course. We poor admins were left holding the bag, so to speak. Just because something's off your desk doesn't mean it's done. I got off all right but the other admins were still doing work when I left.

At least I don't have to work Christmas Eve. It'll be the first time since I joined the company four years ago. Still, a part of me will miss it. Christmas Eve is so dead. One poor co-worker of mine is still going to work it, but she's making it better by bringing her dog to work. Aw...

So I'm off until January 2. Whoo! I don't know what I'll do with the free time.
Well, had a decent day today. Got a free breakfast at work and my department had our Christmas lunch and gift exchange. The department has grown quite a bit since last year. We barely fit into the largest boardroom now.

And, to my surprise, pretty much everyone participated in the gift exchange. I know there are some people in the group who aren't that social, and I wouldn't blame them if they didn't want to show up, but it was nice to see everyone taking part and generally having a good time. We did the version of the gift exchange where you can steal other people's gifts instead of unwrapping a new gift and a sock monkey singing "Jingle Bells" and an automatic wine opener were among the hot targets.

And someone brought a ham! A honest to goodness ham. Not just a wimpy black forest ham, but like a ham hock. It was so bizarre. My co-worker who ended up with it seemed pretty happy, but it's still weird.

Plus, I found out that I don't have to work Christmas Eve now. As great as it would be to have the day off, it's not a paid day off so I would have to cover the time with vacation time or something and I don't want to waste my hours. Christmas Eve is always a slack day, though, so maybe it would be worth it to stay home...
I kept seeing links to Weeping Angel tree toppers people had made and it made me want a Weeping Angel tree topper. Lacking the skills to make one, and a Christmas tree to boot, I threw this together at work to make my cubicle a bit more festive:

I printed everything, cut it out by hand, and then glued it altogether. I regretted it later as I was trying to cut around the tiny lantern on top of the TARDIS. It's nothing spectacular, but it makes me smile every time I see it.

And whoo! Abusing office supplies to make silly things!
Hmm, that was kind of, well, boring.

Spoilers for The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe )

I'm sad now. We won't have any new episodes until at least the fall. The wait so better be worth it.

Also, I hope Moffat's episode of Sherlock next week is a bit more entertaining...
Is there something in the water in Wales? I'm not saying "A Christmas Carol" was a bad episode, but it had some very strange elements. But at least it was happier than last year. Happy Christmas specials. Who'd ever thought we'd get one of those again? ;-)

Spoilers for "A Christmas Carol" )

But the best part of the episode? The "Coming Soon" trailer! For a second there, I was worried they wouldn't have one.

Spoilers for the Coming Soon trailer )

So wonderful to have a new episode after six months of nothing. Now it's just a, what? Four month wait for season six to start? I can't wait!
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My aunt's ginger shortbread cookies. Mmm...

She always sends a parcel around this time of year. And even though my mom is a mean baker herself and she has the recipe, it's just not the same. The cookies always taste best when my aunt makes them.

A close second would be Andes Chocolate Mints. They're one of the few chocolates I can eat and I always get a package in my stocking on Christmas Day from "Santa".
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Oh man, this is an easy one and I've mentioned it before, but it never gets old.

A Muppet Family Christmas!

I used to watch this one every year for ages, but then stupid YTV stopped showing it for some unknown reason. Thank goodness my sister owns a DVD of it, though it's a slightly edited version, which saddens me immensely, but hey, it's better than nothing.

I can't quite describe why I love it so much. It's nothing flashy, but there are so many great moments and lines. My sister and I can go the entire special quoting every line practically. "Watch out for that icy patch!" Sigh, good times.
Wha? So this is how things are going to end?

So full of crack this episode. Far crackier than anything Russell has done before and we've seen aliens made out of fat, people with zippers in their foreheads, and another Doctor grown out of a hand. I know expectations are high and this the last time we'll see Ten and all that jazz, but does everything have to be so... weird? I watched the episode with my sister and brother-in-law and we were all waiting for something to happen, but it never did.

Spoilers for The End of Time Part One )

Oh man, we only have one episode left. I wonder if there will be a "Coming Soon" trailer. And will they keep doing Christmas specials? I've always equated Ten with Christmas. Now Christmas won't be the same without him...


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