- I have access to Netflix for the short term, allowing me to watch Luke Cage without resorting to "alternative means". I have to say, Netflix is a dangerous thing. So many shows you could watch. No wonder people like to binge watch; everything is all right there. To my great delight, all of the Star Trek shows are there, so I can potentially watch all of TOS season three without having to get the DVDs out from the library. I also saw that they have many of the old Power Ranger shows, VR Troopers, and Beetleborgs, all which made up a large part of my youth. It's very tempting to see if they are as cheesy as I remember.

In the mean time, I'm slowly making my way through Luke Cage. I'm not loving it as much as Jessica Jones, but it could be the pacing of the season. The arc feels very much like a slow burner. I do appreciate that they worked in Luke's classic superhero costume from the comics. That costume is pure 1970s, so kudos to the writers for finding a somewhat organic way of working it in.

- I started reading a really cute web comic called Shattered Starlight. The story follows a young woman who used to be something akin to a Sailor Scout from Sailor Moon, only it's ten years after her heyday. Now she has to deal with day to day things, like work and rent, and resist the urge to use her magical powers (one of which is an astral hockey stick!). It's set in Montreal, which is cool, and that was part of the reason that I started to read it. It's a work in progress, with the artist posting a page every week, so you'll easily work your way through the archive of pages, but I think it's well worth the wait to see what's coming next.

- The Flash and Arrow are back this week, followed by Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow next week. The CW released an awesome promo for all four shows:

This makes me very excited for the giant crossover they have planned for later in the season. I know the tone won't be exactly the same, but it's still great to see Kara finally interacting with the rest of the superheroes.
- I saw this on io9.com the other day. They introduced a female Captain America in the Spider-Gwen universe and her origins were laid out in the latest issue. What really caught my eye, though, was the fact that on Earth-65, there's a eye patch wearing Peggy Carter that's basically a stand in for Nick Fury. I totally love this idea. This makes Peggy even more bad ass. I really want to read the Spider-Gwen series now, if only to see more of Eye Patch!Peggy. Ooh, maybe this female Cap will get her own series.

- I'm 95% finished on my first ever Jayne hat. It knitted up pretty quick thanks to the fact that it uses bulky yarn. I love bulky yarn. It's not too thick, but it's thick enough that you can knock out projects in a couple of days. I think I have enough yarn left over to make another hat and I would love to make one for myself. The one that was gifted to me is a bit tight; apparently I have a large noggin. We'll see. I'm knitting a few things for Christmas this year and I don't have a lot of time. A Jayne hat for me will probably have to wait until after the holidays.

- I finished reading Armada, the second book by Ernest Cline. He wrote Ready Player One, which I loved, so I thought Armada would be just as good. Sadly, I was disappointed. Armada is okay, but it doesn't have the same spark as Ready Player One. All of the geek references in Ready Player One made sense within the context of the world. In Armada, all of the geek references seemed tacked on, like it was in Cline's contract that he had to have geeky references so he just threw them in wherever. And he actually explains some of the geeky references! Wha? You shouldn't have to do that. Just reference it and the reader can Google is later if it doesn't make sense.

- The big crossover for The Flash and Arrow is at the end of the month. I think I saw a thing saying that Mark Hamill is back as the Trickster for the crossover. That would rock. Mark Hamill and set up for Legends of Tomorrow? Yes please. :-D I'm so excited for Legends of Tomorrow. Both shows have been busy setting everything up. All of the players are in place. Now we just need to meet Rip Hunter. I still can't help but think of him as a time displaced Rory who was recruited to sort out the timelines. Hmm, maybe there's a fic idea in there...
- Been real smoky around here lately due to the forest fires in Washington state. Weather system keeps blowing the smoke up our way. While it was kind of cool seeing the haze mask everything, it is still pretty stinky at the same time and not fun for people with respiratory problems. The news claims it should be better next week, so fingers crossed.

- io9.com had a great article about why you should read the Hawkeye comic book series by Matt Fraction and they made some compelling points, so I picked up the first two trade paperbacks from the library. Whoo boy, they were right. This series is so good and the premise is wonderfully understated. I like that it's Clint trying to deal with his life when he's not out being an Avenger. He's just a guy with a bow and arrow. I love the art, too. It's not flashy or anything and the colour palette is sort of muted to match. It's not bigger than life art and colour like a normal comic book and I think that was what helped it to set it apart.

I can see why people were a little thrown when they showed movie Hawkeye with a loving wife and family. Comic book Hawkeye (or Hawkguy) is much less put together, but he's still a stand up person. And Pizza Dog! I read the issue where it's told solely from his perspective and it was amazing that they could tell a coherent story with just icons and the occasional word. Did movie Clint have a dog on his farm? They should give him a dog, call it Lucky, since I think that's Pizza Dog's actual name, and then show Clint or one of the kids feeding the dog pizza.

My library has the third trade paperback and I think the fourth, and last one, is on order, but I'm a little sad that there isn't more of this series. Alas, that's the life cycle of a comic book.

- It's International Cosplay Day today. Who knew. So if you see people dressed up today that's why. Or there's a con on where you live. Either one.

- I'm starting to lean towards not going to Edmonton Expo despite really wanting to meet Jenna. The economy just blows right now and job security ain't what it used to be. So I really should be an adult and save my money and my vacation days in case my project goes belly up. Who knows. Perhaps Jenna will find that she really loves Canada (since she'll be in Toronto two weeks before Edmonton) and she'll come back for the local comic book expo next April.

- And you know you're obsessed with knitting when you watch TV shows and you see one of the characters wearing a knitted item and you think to yourself, "Ooh, that's nice. I wonder how I could make that." It really is starting to become a problem. The last episode of Daredevil, Karen has a toque and Matt is wearing a scarf and I couldn't stop staring at them.
- Today was Free Comic Book Day. It was also five degrees (Celsius) and there was a line to get into the comic book store. It took me an hour to get into the store. So yeah, it was a little chilly waiting in line. I was totally not expecting a line, but I guess people love their free comics. I was only mildly interested in the free comics, but I did pick up the free Doctor Who comic that was there. Three short stories for the price of, well, nothing, so you can't beat that. :-)

- Actually, today would have been a great day to test out my Tenth Doctor coat. There was a constant breeze today, making it seem colder than five degrees. Oh well, another time. Heck, it's been known to snow in May around here so another chance will probably present itself sooner than I expect.

- There's an provincial election going on and I did the advance poll today. When I got up to the table to pick up my ballot the lady asked me if this was my first time voting. So, apparently I look like an eighteen year old. Yay?

- It was also Yarn Store Day today. I was told it's a UK thing. It's definitely the first time I've heard of it. As such, one of the local yarn stores was offering 10% off your entire purchase and free cookies. I was more excited for the 10% off; yarn and knitting needles are more expensive than you think. I also totally geeked out on one of the clerks when I saw that she was wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt. It was actually the first thing I did after she said hello to me. Hopefully I didn't weird her out with my enthusiastic love for her Rose t-shirt.

- This left me with a desire to watch some old Ninth Doctor episodes, so I just re-watched "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" while I did some knitting. Oh man, I have forgotten how fun Nine was. The exchange between Jack and Nine about their respective sonic devices is still one of my favourite pieces of dialogue from the show. And maybe it's because I've been re-watching Agent Carter, but does anyone else think that Billie Piper could play Hayley Atwell's sister in something? Doesn't Peggy have a sister in the comics? She must have if Cap ends up with Peggy's niece after he's unfrozen. Anyway, just a random thought.

- The awesome brown pinstripe skirt I bought off of eBay for my femme!Ten cosplay arrived yesterday. I love the aqua blue pinstripes, but the skirt is more grey-ish brown. Regardless, it's a cute skirt and I will totally wear it to work even if the cosplay doesn't work out. See, this is why I like clothes based cosplay. You can reuse the pieces for every day wear. :-)

Firefly lives!

Feb. 1st, 2014 10:36 am
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- Anyone reading the new Serenity comic? The first issue was out this week. With Buffy and Angel living on in the comics, it seemed only natural that Firefly would join them, too. Seeing as we won't get another movie, likely ever, this is the next best thing.

Just some initial thoughts:

Spoilers for Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1 )

I'm a bit conflicted about the art. Georges Jeanty worked on seasons eight and nine of Buffy and I never really warmed to his style. Sometimes it worked, but other times, the characters didn't look at all like the actors. I know when you're drawing comics based off of a TV show it's a little difficult to capture the actors' likeness, but you shouldn't have to guess who someone is at times. At the same time, it's dramatic license so I can overlook it, which will be easy to do if the story is really good.

At six issues, it's not a sprawling story like seasons of Buffy and Angel, so I worry it's not enough time to tell a decent story. In the end, though, I just want the comic to do well so they keep doing them.

- So yeah, went on vacation again. Did a week long cruise of the Caribbean. Visited five islands and Puerto Rico to boot. It's safe to say that hot weather does not agree with me. I'm accustomed to Canadian weather, where summertime temperatures rarely go above 30 C. A whole week of 27 - 28 C? Yeah, it's a nice break from winter but it's a little uncomfortable for me.

But aside from that, it was a great vacation. I've never been to the Caribbean before and it's gorgeous there. Turquoise water. It's real! It's not Photoshop. And everything is so green and lush. I was showing my co-worker some of my photos and there were times when I couldn't tell the islands apart.

I was expecting more pirate themed stuff at the ports, since actual pirates used to sail around those islands, but alas, there wasn't much. There was lots of rum, though. :-)

- Returned home to the usual madness at work. :-P And so many people are sick. What were you guys doing while I was away? One co-worker keeps telling me to sanitize my hands every time I leave her cubicle. Oh well, that's cold and flu season for you. Remember to wash your hands, everybody!

I saw this on io9.com and thought it was pretty awesome:

So much Superman history in just two minutes. I adore Bruce Timm. His animated Batman series was a huge part of my childhood. Also, deep down, I'm a DC girl. I grew up reading my mom's Silver Age comics that she collected and read when she was a kid. Somewhere in my grandmother's house are boxes and boxes full of cheesy Lois Lane comics, among other DC series. Entertainment Weekly has a short, but cool, article about the short.

Also, there is no greater Superman theme than John Williams' version. I think Bruce Timm said this in one of the commentaries for the animated Superman series and he's totally right: a great Superman theme has "Superman" built into the music. Just listen to the theme to Bruce Timm's animated Superman series. Later on in the short it cuts to the Man of Steel theme and it's just not the same. It just lacks, I don't know, presence. It's just not dynamic enough for me.

And further on the DC front: Arrow!

Mild spoilers for Arrow 2x01 )

On the Marvel side, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was better this week than last week. I'm getting distracted by the settings, though. Obviously they're not travelling all over the world, so they're using back lots. I swear the one they used this week was the same one MacGyver used 25 years ago. :-)
So, has anyone read Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale? I suppose if Firefly had kept going, we might have learned all about Book's past as the show went on. Or maybe not. This is Joss after all. ;-) But now that I read The Shepherd's Tale, I kind of wish I hadn't. Leaving Book this super mysterious guy is more interesting than knowing, well...

Spoilers for Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale )

Don't get me wrong, it's great to have new Firefly canon to play with, but I'm always hesitant when that canon adds something to a character's past. You never know what to expect. But I guess Joss has nothing else to lose when it comes to Firefly. So, does this mean we'll eventually get a story about Inara's past?
Oh man. Much Music just started showing reruns of Buffy. Be still my geeky heart when I saw five episodes were on today. Considering March 10, Buffy's anniversary date, was just a few days ago, this just seemed right. I haven't watched my DVDs in a long time, so it was fun, seeing episodes I hadn't seen in a long time. It's funny how much you can remember. Lines just started coming back to me and I was grinning like an idiot.

But I noticed something while watching "Welcome to the Hellmouth" that might have been a hint about something in season eight. The identity of a certain someone...

Heavy spoilers for Buffy #33 )

Crazy notions aside, I really want to start watching my Buffy DVDs again. Reading the comics just isn't the same as watching the show.
Some icons from Doctor Who: The Forgotten. Mainly Nine, Rose, and Ten.


Comic book Doctor and Rose behind the cut )
I finally found all the issues for Doctor Who: The Forgotten. I had pretty much given up on the IDW Doctor Who comic book series, but I just couldn't resist a multiple Doctor story. And really, the only way we would get a ten Doctors story is in print. Unless some miracle happens for the 50th anniversary; we can all dream, right? ;-)

Anyway, one reason I gave up on the Doctor Who comics was the art. It was slightly cartoonish, which was fine, but it just didn't work sometimes. In one comic, the Doctor was wearing a grey suit and a sweater vest and Martha was in a skirt. Um, did anyone bother to watch this show? The Doctor wears brown and blue and we have never seen Martha in a frilly skirt. So The Forgotten made me slightly more hopefully when I saw it was being drawn by Pia Guerra, the same artist who drew Y: The Last Man. Her stuff isn't too wild, more understated I think, but she thankfully doesn't go off into crazy frames and body parts that are out of proportion to the rest of the body. I have no clue who Tony Lee is, never read any of his stuff, but it's obvious he's a fan, just what you need when writing mutliple Doctors.

Spoilers for Doctor Who: The Forgotten )

I had high hopes for this story. Multiple Doctors? Awesome. The Villain? Not so much. Still, it's a good read and a nice nostalgia trip for the Who fans. I read somewhere Tony Lee will be writing another Doctor Who comic, with an original Companion, that will lead into the introduction of Eleven. It might actually be enough for me to check out the comics again.
I've bothered to keep up with Angel: After the Fall, but now that the first arc is done, I think I'm going to stop now. The season six comics are canon, but they haven't been given the Buffy treatment so they don't feel as cool. Yeah, it's a really poor way of judging these things but if I'm going to shell out like five bucks a month, it'd better be for something I really care about. So, it's Buffy all the way. Sorry Angel. Plus the resolution for the arc was a bit lame.

Spoilers for Angel: After the Fall (all issues) )

The recent issues of Buffy have been... interesting. There's a loose arc linking the current stories together, so we're getting stand alone stories for the most part. Things have taken a weird spin for the Scooby Gang.

Spoilers for Buffy # 21 and 22 )

What happened to the days were comic books costed a dime? I'd totally buy all the comics I wanted if that were the case now.
Man, I'm behind on my Buffy comic thoughts. Not that anyone actually cares. ;-) But a little blabbing about issues #18, 19, and 20.

Spoilers for Buffy #18 and 19 )

Issue #20 makes me wish even more that the Buffy cartoon got made. Funny how the plot is basically the cartoon pilot that showed up on the Internet, but expanded. I can't help but think that maybe the clip was leaked on purpose, to sort of lead the way for this issue.

I thought #20 would just be a straight one shot, separate from the season eight arc but done in animation style. The issue is  book ended with contemporary events, and they could easily be pulled out, but I guess you want to set up the contrast. Innocent Buffy in season one to General Buffy in season eight. It was cute seeing everyone in cartoon form, plus you get to see how the pilot cartoon clip ends. Buffy beats Morgan Freeman the dragon, of course. :-) Seems to be a big deal that Jeph Loeb wrote this issue, but having never read his stuff, it was just another comic. I hope this comics stirs up more interest for Buffy the Animated Series. Just a DVD movie or something would be a fine start.

Apparently a few more arcs and then season eight is done. So by a few arcs that probably means another ten or twelve issues, or another year or so. Sigh. Can't Dark Horse release these things any faster?
Much joy to see Fray playing a larger role this issue. I can't help but wonder what the readers think of her. If you haven't read Fray then you would be lost. Fray's got a big back story, which is touched on, but it's not the same as actually reading it and seeing it for yourself.

I think word from Comic-Con said a big change was coming after this arc. I didn't read the reports, so that could mean anything. No more Slayers all over the world maybe?
I just love crossovers. I think that's fairly obvious by now. When a franchise takes advantage of its larger fictional universe, I'm in heaven (even if most TV crossovers are just a ploy to get ratings and viewers). But how many shows or movies can have a crossover with a comic aspect of their universe? Right now, I think the answer is just one: Buffy.

And Fray wears Chucks. :-D You can clearly see them in the last panel of issue #8 of her miniseries. Clearly all the cool heroes wear them.
I've gotten a little behind on my comic thoughts. I blame school. But it's the last week. Hooray!

I wonder why Dark Horse doesn't make Firefly into an actual comic series. I think there's enough demand out there; just look at how well Buffy Season Eight is doing. Or maybe they're just saving all the really good stories for a sequel. :-D
Reading Drew Goddard's arc has made me realize just how much I miss watching Buffy. His snappy dialogue just brings it all back. But one advantage the comics have over the show: you can go anywhere you want and bring back any character you want (without having to pay the actor).

I really shouldn't check the internet before I leave for the university. But check it out: preview pages for Buffy #16. :-D

'Kay, have to catch the bus now...
Geek Resurrection Month continues! Like I said previously, this month, and for the next two months, all three Joss Whedon shows are back and in the comics. Whoo!

I've gotten behind on my comic book thoughts. Buffy #12 is up first mainly because it's been a year since the series was turned into a comic and I totally didn't realize it. You'd think that after spending $3.50 a month I would be keeping a better track of these things. A year. It doesn't feel like it. I can't even remember what I was doing a year ago. Well, besides going to university. I take it as a good sign that I didn't recall it's been a year. After complaining that these stories can't come fast enough it seems I've become used to seeing a story a month.

And hurray for more new Firefly! It's not the same as having the show back or a new movie, but it works just as well.

I'm just slightly confused on when this comic is set. It's clearly before the movie and before "Those Left Behind". But it's not clear how far after the show "Better Days" is set. The crew has the new mule but Inara and Book are still on board. I assume either Inara hasn't told the crew yet she's leaving or this is just part of the long run around Mal did before dropping Inara off at the Training House.

Next issue looks exciting. And I've said it before, but I'm loving the covers. First, I only have to buy one, and second, it makes a pretty picture of the crew together.
I finally managed to find a copy of issue one of the new Doctor Who comic. The story was okay. It was only the first issue so I'll have to see how the rest of it pans out and whether Doctor Who can make the jump from screen to page as well as other television adaptations.

Hee, all three covers for Serenity: Better Days have now been released. I love it. :-D

I read somewhere the story is set after Serenity: Those Left Behind, but the second cover clearly shows Inara and Book. I can only assume it was an error. I can't wait to read the first issue. It'll be nice to see the crew together and happy and rolling in the cashy money.


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