- I had some free time so I decided to watch the first episode of season three of Star Trek: the infamous "Spock's Brain". People always say it's the worst episode of TOS, but honestly, it wasn't that bad. Granted, I haven't seen every episode of the series yet, but when compared to what I've seen so far, I can say that there are worst episodes than "Spock's Brain".

Yes, the main point of the plot involves an alien race removing Spock's brain so they can use it to run the systems of their underground city, and yes, Spock's body lurches around with a fetching motor control device on his head, but it's not the weirdest plot ever. How often do we see stories where humans are used like batteries to power something? I think the episode gets a bad rap because everyone just giggles when they hear the words "Spock's Brain" and it's hard to be objective. Seriously, I wanted to laugh each time the phrase "Spock's brain" was used in dialogue.

This episode definitely falls into the category of "so bad it's good" rather than "oh my god, that was so boring I wanted to rip my eyes out".

- I finally got around to finishing my Jessica Jones infinity scarf, so I'll be going as her to my friend's Halloween party. Such an easy costume; I love it. I'll definitely have to wear it again during one of the days of the comic book expo.

- I've been working a temp job for the past couple of weeks and my manager said people totally dress up on Halloween, so I get to go into work in costume on Monday. That'll be fun. This will be the first time I've worn a costume to work. I'm thinking I'll go with my Fourth Doctor cosplay, since it's quirky enough that it doesn't look like my usual work clothes, but it's also comfortable to sit in. My co-workers and I have chatted about Doctor Who, so they will totally recognize the outfit.

- I've been so busy, I never got around to writing about the rest of Luke Cage. Sadly, I didn't enjoy it as much as Jessica Jones or season one of Daredevil. It was definitely a slow burner. Even towards the end, I didn't feel a huge sense of urgency.

Spoilers for Luke Cage season one )

Iron Fist is up next and then The Defenders. I'm really looking forward to The Defenders. DC has had some great success teaming up the Berlantiverse superheroes, so it's about time Marvel got in on that action.
My god, it's only Friday and I'm already wiped. I'm getting old.

Parade details and photos behind the cut )

I'm hopeful it'll be a shorter day tomorrow. I have to get Billie Piper's autograph and photo-op, but the rest of the day I could spend in the big panel room. A day of sitting would be awesome.
Can't believe that this is my tenth year attending the local comic book expo. I can still remember my first year. The whole thing took place in one large room and the panel area was a tiny space blocked off by black curtains. The expo has come so far since then.

I didn't get up to too much today. Wandered the exhibitors' hall and looked at stuff that I had no money to buy. Found a friend's booth and hung with him for a little bit. The only cool thing I did was attend an Orphan Black panel. They screened tonight's episode and then had a Q&A afterwards. It was a blast to watch the episode in a room full of people. The episode always seems better when everyone is laughing at the same joke at the same time. You don't get that when you're watching on your own.

Space, the channel that airs Orphan Black in Canada, was handing out sheep masks before the panel:

The newest clone, M.K. wears one and damn, it's a creepy mask. You really don't notice on the show, but here, you can see every little detail. There should be a whole flock of these at the parade tomorrow.

Oh, and I did my Ace cosplay and one of the volunteers flagged me down to get a picture. He said Ace is his wife's favourite Companion. So that was nice. I actually removed a handful of the pins and buttons and it's amazing what a difference it makes. The jacket's not any lighter, but there's less stuff clacking around. Though, I nearly lost a pin, which nearly gave me a heart attack. I may have to consider super-gluing the pin backs in place so it doesn't happen again.

So, parade tomorrow. John Barrowman's back in town and he remembered to bring his cowboy hat from the last time he was here. I'd like to see William Shatner do that.
- Three weeks out from the comic book expo and now is the time that I decide to start working on my cosplays? Okay, so it's not like I'm starting costumes from scratch with only 21 days to go, but you think I would have done this sooner. Good thing it's only minor additions to cosplays that are pretty much done anyway, but the pieces still need to ship from their various locations. I do have about a week wiggle room if things do arrive later than the estimate, but it'll be close.

Boring details behind the cut )

I suppose that's the nice thing about cosplays. They're never just "done". You can always change them and update them as your skill level and your budget improve.

- Well, after all of that teasing, Arrow finally answered the mystery that's been hanging over the entire season.

Spoilers for Arrow 4x18, "Eleven-Fifty-Nine" )

I assume the mystery is solved, unless this entire thing is a red herring, but that seems kind of cruel.

- The trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story dropped today. I had completely forgot that the movie was coming out in December. Maybe I'm just in denial that there's going to be new Star Wars content like every year. *in crotchety old person voice* In my day, all we had to look forward to were the special editions and the prequels.

Kidding aside, it does look interesting and there's another new female lead we can admire. :-)
- Ugh, spring. This is the worst time of year for my allergies. I can't stop sneezing. You'd think staying indoors would help, but nope. Time to crack open a box of antihistamines.

- I am so close to finishing my friend's Fourth Doctor scarf:

This isn't a true representation of where I am in the pattern, I'm 10 panels away from the end and one of those panels is 56 rows, but you get the rough idea. I can't wait to finish knitting this thing. The row upon row of garter stitch isn't tedious, but I would like to rest my wrists and arms for a bit. My friend's going to love it, though. I have to remember to snap some pictures before I hand it over.

- I'm only two episodes into Daredevil's second season, but man, those endings do compel you to keep watching. I try not to devour everything in one sitting, though. I know, I know, Netflix shows are meant for binge watching, but I'm old school. I'm used to watching one episode per week. It gives you a sense of suspense.

It's hard to judge a season from just two episodes, but it's not bad so far. The presence of the Punishes really makes Matt question whether his vigilantism is a good thing or not. I just can't get behind his red suit; I don't know what it is. The black ninja look was just so sleek and minimal, while the red suit is kind of busy. I mean, it's no more busy than Ollie's current Arrow costume, but that feels more organic somehow. But hey, if that's the only complaint I have about the show, then that's the sign of a good show. ;-)

- I managed to find a decent leather jacket for my Rose cosplay from "Doomsday". I mean, I have the wrist warmers so I felt compelled to complete the outfit. While it's not a great match to the jacket in the episode, you still get a sense of the costume. And now I have a leather jacket I can wear out. :-) That's always the nice thing when you cosplay characters who wear normal clothes; you can work the pieces into your every day life.

- Comic book expo is under six weeks away. I think I'm ready. I have my photo-ops sorted and my cosplays worked out. It feels like it won't be a big year this year; attendance numbers will probably be down. This year will actually be my tenth year attending the expo. It's crazy to think how far it has come since then. My first year, it was held in one big room and the panel area was this small space blocked off with curtains. Now the expo takes up the entire Stampede grounds.
- My friend, the one I'm knitting the season 16/17 Doctor Who scarf for, recommended a really good book last year and I only got around to reading it a couple of weeks ago. I just finished it and I wish I had read it sooner. It was so good. Jackaby, by William Ritter. It was described to me as Doctor Who meets Sherlock Holmes, and yup, that was a totally accurate summation. Jackaby is a consulting detective who is brilliant and observant but completely oblivious at times, but he is always about helping people. Just imagine a younger Benedict Cumberbatch with the coordination and voice of Eleven. So much of the dialogue sounded like things Eleven would say. I don't know if it's an intended homage by the author or if he was subconsciously channelling Eleven while he was writing, but I had Eleven's voice in my head the entire time. Basically, Jackaby is the love child of Sherlock and the Eleventh Doctor, but he investigates paranormal and supernatural cases.

Jackaby also has an assistant, who very much fills the Companion/Watson role. Abigail writes up the cases and asks the questions and gets into trouble so Jackaby can come up with a solution, but she also humanizes Jackaby. I pretty much pictured Victorian!Clara in the role. You'd think the similarities would stop there, but Jackaby also lives in a house with strange inner dimensions and the land lady type character is like a cross between Mrs. Hudson and the TARDIS.

Heh, it's almost like this book started life as a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover fic. ;-) I do recommend it, though, if you're a fan of either show. It's not without its flaws, but it is a fun read.

- Rose's wrist warmers from "Doomsday" are done! I finished blocking them last night:

Picture behind the cut )

- So there was that new trailer for Captain America: Civil War and they had a certain someone appear at the end.

Spoilers for the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer )

I also hope that Steve doesn't come out looking like a jerk in the movie. The same goes for Tony. Someone has to be the "bad guy" in the plot, but please don't compromise the integrity of the characters.
- All of my Christmas knitting is done! Man, it was a sprint to the finish there. I was spending, like, every waking hour knitting in order to get everything done on time. Next time, I'm going to start my projects early. Pictures to come after the gifts are given to their intended recipients.

- AbbyShot is taking pre-orders for their Twelfth Doctor coat. It looks pretty sweet. Expensive as heck, but pretty sweet. The only thing they didn't get quite right was the red lining (from what I can see from the pictures on the site). On the replica, it's plain red, but the coat lining on the show is actually two toned and with a subtle pattern. It's a minor thing, really; most people aren't going to notice that the lining isn't exactly right.

I just wish they had a ladies version of the coat. There may be one in the works for all I know, and if so, they really should release it along with the guy version. There are women cosplayers out there who would probably love to do a femme!Twelve costume, me included. The price, though, gives me pause. I know AbbyShot does quality work, but they don't even have free shipping. Maybe I'll see the coat at the comic book expo in April. The vendor I bought my ladies Tenth Doctor coat from had a bunch of AbbyShot coats, so I could judge for myself whether it's worth buying.

- Currently watching The Expanse, the TV show based on the book series of the same name. The pilot was great and the space scenes looked amazing, but now the writers are starting to change things from how they are in the first book. I didn't mind that they introduced a character from the second book for the first season, but there are other deviations going on that I'm not so sure about. I know a TV show based on a book doesn't have to follow every event to the letter, but these changes better pay off.

And you can totally tell that the show is filmed in Canada. A lot of the minor characters are played by Canadian actors. It's like a game sometimes, because you tend to see the same Canadian actors over and over again.

- Space, the TV channel that airs Doctor Who in Canada, is having a Doctor Who marathon that lasts for three days. My god, I love this channel. They're showing all of the Christmas specials (with "Planet of the Dead", "The Waters of Mars", and "The Day of the Doctor" thrown in), all of season eight, and all of season nine. This is all lead up to the new Christmas special on Friday. I've already seen all of these episodes more than a few times, but it's nice to know that I can turn on the TV at any given point during the day and Doctor Who will be on. :-D They've also been airing promos for "The Husbands of River Song" and they make me smile every time. I hope the episode ends up being a fun romp. We need something upbeat after how things ended in the finale.
- I didn't have to go into work today, earned day off, but if I had, I totally would have dressed up. A lot of my Doctor Who cosplays don't look like costumes, so I could not stand out but still be geeky. Not that I'm complaining that I had the day off. ;-) Instead, I got to visit my niece and saw her in the Yoda costume I made for her. So cute! I wish I had pictures to show you guys. Words cannot describe how adorable she is. Hopefully this is the first of many costumes she will wear in her lifetime. Might also give me an excuse to sew more. Baby sized costumes are much easier to make than adult sized costumes, at least for a novice sewer like me.

- I will be attending a Halloween party tomorrow. I decided to go with my Melinda May costume from the comic book expo this year. It's comfy and has very few accessories. I don't know if my friends watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so I may have to explain my costume, but that's kind of the norm with my friends. I suppose I will settle for generic ass kicking super spy if no one gets it.

- I'm slowly assembling a Twelfth Doctor cosplay. I don't know why I need another Doctor Who costume, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm loving Twelve more and more as I watch more of his episodes. So I have a pair of screen accurate Ray-Ban Wayfarers on the way and I've purchased a knockoff of the t-shirt he wears in "The Magician's Apprentice" / "The Witch's Familiar" since the SA ones are all gone. I also bought a black sweater today that's a decent stand-in for the one Twelve wears in "Listen", "In the Forest of the Night" and other episodes. All I need to do now is cut a ton of holes in the front and hack away some of the collar and cuffs. My god, this is a weird sweater. Thing is, the sweater looks so nice on its own; I'd hate to ruin it. Maybe I need to buy another sweater and just use that one for cosplay purposes.

Of course, what I really need is the coat. I looked at the Elope one, but it's unisex sizing, so that won't work for me. I've also looked at the options available through the usual cosplay sites and while you can tailor the product to your body measurements, I'm not really feeling it. The one I'm currently eyeing is through a website that does James Bond suits. Yeah, it's a weird place to get a Doctor Who item, but the reviews are good for their products and the coat is actually cheaper than the cosplay sites, which is a huge plus. I have some time to decide. I'm secretly hoping the Canadian dollar will get better, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

- Supergirl premiered this week. I watched the pilot months ago, so next week will prove whether this show is another worthy entry into the DC television verse. It's produced by the same guys who do Arrow and The Flash, so I have faith that they won't screw it up. Even if the beginning is a bit rocky, that's okay. The Flash was the exact same. It started out okay and it was amazing by the end of the first season.

- Oh, and I finally joined [livejournal.com profile] who_contest. I haven't been able to write much lately, so hopefully writing some drabbles will help with the creativity.
- I've been looking at Jayne hat patterns and I found this awesome breakdown of the hat. This lady picked up on things that I never would have noticed. I also love how she supposes that the hat was the first thing Ma Cobb ever knitted based on the design choices. The thought that Ma Cobb learned to knit just so she could send Jayne something wear to warm during his travels just fills you with a warm fuzzy feeling. :-)

- In an effort to cleanse my brain of Nora Robert's horrible writing, I read the second book in The Expanse series, Caliban's War. A nice, thick tome full of good, well thought-out science fiction. ZOMG, the science in this book. Daniel Abraham, one half of James S.A. Corey, was in the city last month for a literary convention, and I fangirled all about the believable science to him. He and his co-writer go into such details about space travel and gravity and colonization and so many other things. The result is such a rich setting. I can't wait to watch the TV show when it premieres in December.

Oh, and another good thing about the book. All of the chapters are about the same length, so you can get into a good rhythm and just blow through sections without realizing it. I finished the thing in under two weeks.

- Doctor Who is back next week! Cinema showings for "Dark Water" and "Death in Heaven" in 3D are also next week. I'm not sure what to think about these showings. I'm paying money to watch something I've already watched for free, but I still bought a ticket regardless. I guess I just go for the atmosphere. It's always nice to sit in a theatre that's full of other people who love the same things that you do.

But they released the season 9 prologue ahead of the showings! I thought the prologue would be a theatre exclusive, but I guess not. So the only draw now is the fact that the episodes are in 3D.

- And I'll be taking my Four cosplay for a test spin at the showings. It's mostly done so it's good enough for something small like this. My Seven cosplayer also has a really good Four cosplay, so we'll be a 2x4. ;-)
Or thank god it's done and I don't have to think about it again. Or post about it again. Truly, I'm sorry about all of the posts, guys.

Whoo, just under two months to complete this thing. I think that's rather good. It's not a week (Yarn Harlot, a knitting blogger, did it in a week, but she's a speed knitter), but it's not six months, either. Giving myself a deadline certainly helped.

Blocked scarf behind the cut )

So, in the end, this project took:

- 57 days total
- 14 balls of yarn (some were completely used up, others were not)
- re-watches of season 8 of New Who and seasons 12 and 13 of Classic Who to keep my sanity while knitting (with the odd episode of The Avengers thrown in)

These scarves are oddly addiciting, despite how much work it takes to make one. Would I knit another one? Maybe. Depends on the circumstances. But it was an interesting experience and I learned a few things about colour changes.

Up next: Who knows. I started to learn how to knit socks before I started this project. Maybe I should get back to that.
- There's a thunderstorm going on right now and the power has gone off, and then back on, twice while I've been writing this. I have to go fix all the clocks now. :-P

- I read this article arguing that the Stargate universe didn't get really good until it became a TV show and it made me all nostalgic for the shows. I caught a bit of "200", their 200th episode, the other day and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. SG-1 could be as serious as any other sci-fi show, but when they went for the funny, they really went for it. This upcoming reboot makes me sad because it's totally going to ignore all of this awesome continuity that the show laid out.

- I finished attaching the tassels to my scarf. I ended up using a twist tie to get all of the strands through the bottom because my crochet hook wasn't big enough. The ends aren't 100% even, but whatever. It's not like someone is going to look at the scarf and say, "Hey, the ends of your tassels aren't the same length. Lame!"

I'm not sure how long the scarf is right now, but it's still pretty long unblocked. Once I do block it, I'll be able to loop it once around my neck:

Unblocked scarf behind the cut )

- And despite having finished knitting a really long scarf, I want to knit more scarves. I don't know what it is. Knitting is so like an addiction. I need another hit! ;-) I want to knit this one and I was just looking at a pattern for Amy's scarf from "Night Terrors". I have no plans to cosplay that costume; I just really like the look of the scarf. Need to stop looking at Ravelry and visiting yarn sites...
The Scarf is so close to being done:

Well, I say close, but really, I'm probably another week or more away from being done. And then I have to add the tassels. And wash/block the Scarf. Okay, it's too early to celebrate just yet.

But the Scarf is over five feet now. It's taller than Jenna Coleman. ;-) It'll probably be taller than me pretty soon. It's kind of hard to measure it, though. My tape measure only goes up to five feet so I guess I'll need to use a more heavy duty one.

I am so ready to finish this project and take a break from knitting for a bit, but the funny thing is, I'd totally be willing to make another scarf. They are so easy to make; you just need a lot of time to complete one. Of course, I'm not a fast knitter, so maybe it doesn't take as long. I think the next one I would make would be done in acrylic yarn. Stuff made from acrylic can be thrown into the wash, which is a great, especially if you're wearing the scarf to a con.

I did start to put together my femme!Four cosplay, but man, I am going to be warm in this costume. I'll be wearing a long sleeve shirt, then an argyle sweater, then a corduroy jacket, and then a scarf on top of that. How was Tom Baker not roasting under the studio lights? I'm opting for shorts instead of trousers, so that may help with any overheating, but I just hope that the weather is cool when I wear the costume.
- Today was Free Comic Book Day. It was also five degrees (Celsius) and there was a line to get into the comic book store. It took me an hour to get into the store. So yeah, it was a little chilly waiting in line. I was totally not expecting a line, but I guess people love their free comics. I was only mildly interested in the free comics, but I did pick up the free Doctor Who comic that was there. Three short stories for the price of, well, nothing, so you can't beat that. :-)

- Actually, today would have been a great day to test out my Tenth Doctor coat. There was a constant breeze today, making it seem colder than five degrees. Oh well, another time. Heck, it's been known to snow in May around here so another chance will probably present itself sooner than I expect.

- There's an provincial election going on and I did the advance poll today. When I got up to the table to pick up my ballot the lady asked me if this was my first time voting. So, apparently I look like an eighteen year old. Yay?

- It was also Yarn Store Day today. I was told it's a UK thing. It's definitely the first time I've heard of it. As such, one of the local yarn stores was offering 10% off your entire purchase and free cookies. I was more excited for the 10% off; yarn and knitting needles are more expensive than you think. I also totally geeked out on one of the clerks when I saw that she was wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt. It was actually the first thing I did after she said hello to me. Hopefully I didn't weird her out with my enthusiastic love for her Rose t-shirt.

- This left me with a desire to watch some old Ninth Doctor episodes, so I just re-watched "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" while I did some knitting. Oh man, I have forgotten how fun Nine was. The exchange between Jack and Nine about their respective sonic devices is still one of my favourite pieces of dialogue from the show. And maybe it's because I've been re-watching Agent Carter, but does anyone else think that Billie Piper could play Hayley Atwell's sister in something? Doesn't Peggy have a sister in the comics? She must have if Cap ends up with Peggy's niece after he's unfrozen. Anyway, just a random thought.

- The awesome brown pinstripe skirt I bought off of eBay for my femme!Ten cosplay arrived yesterday. I love the aqua blue pinstripes, but the skirt is more grey-ish brown. Regardless, it's a cute skirt and I will totally wear it to work even if the cosplay doesn't work out. See, this is why I like clothes based cosplay. You can reuse the pieces for every day wear. :-)

Lazy weekend

Apr. 25th, 2015 04:55 pm
locker_monster: (Building Character)
- Yay, it's the weekend! I'm still recovering from my comic book expo weekend, in that, I'm catching up on sleep and my TV shows. I'm behind on iZombie, but I'm caught up on Orphan Black. Oh, and I still have the rest of Daredevil to watch, too. Plus there's all of my regular shows that I watch on the day. Hmm, maybe I watch too much television...

- Working on the philosophy that it's never too early to start a new cosplay, I have started assembling a Tenth Doctor suit. Initially, I was looking at the replica suits, and some looked really good, but boy, they were expensive. I'm doing my best to keep costs down on this costume. The suits were also suits, i.e.: with trousers, and I want to do a femme!Ten costume, so I've abandoned the replica suits for now. Instead, I'm attempting to piece together something from off-the-rack items, but I don't know how that will go. I did find an awesome skirt on eBay; brown with blue pinstripes. Blue pinstripes! The second I saw it, I knew I had to buy it. The only downside is, there's no matching jacket. So I either have to buy a jacket that doesn't match or hope that I can find a fabric that matches the skirt and make a matching top myself. The ultimate dream would be to find the same skirt and use that material to make a vest or something. Then I'd have a matching top and the suit would be in the spirit of Ten's actually suit, since it was pieced together from numerous pairs of trousers from the Gap. We'll see when the skirt arrives. I have a feeling that the spacing between the pinstripes is going to be narrower than what's on the actual suit, so the replica fabrics I have been looking at won't do me any good.

- I'm so behind on my reading, too. I missed out on two weeks of reading at lunch due to my stupid all-day meetings. Need to get cracking so I can return the books to my book club and get some new books in exchange. I'm going to need some reading material while flying to Venice next month.

- And my fanfics have been saved! I visited the guys at Geek Squad at the local Best Buy and they were able to transfer the data from my old hard drive from my broken computer to a new external hard drive. All is not lost! Now I just need to buy a new computer because I can't see myself doing everything on my little netbook.
I'm on Ming-Na's Twitter!!!

Yay, she actually posted the photo she took of me! She says "top picks", which seems to imply that she saw a lot of Melinda May cosplayers, but I didn't see that many. Wouldn't it be funny if the three she posted were the only three she saw.

Thank you, Ming-Na. You are even more awesome to me now. :-D

Sunday recap is coming soon...
Whew, that was a long day! I don't think I've ever attempted to get that many autographs done at once. Despite all the running around I had to do, it was a very satisfying day. But let me start at the beginning...

A full day of geeking out behind the cut )

Last day tomorrow. Slack day. Hayley photo-op, then her panel, and then Arthur's photo-op. Then I can go home and maybe catch up on some sleep before it's back to work on Monday.
Second day of the comic expo, which means today was parade day. I will freely admit that this year's parade wasn't as cool as last year. Or maybe that's just how it felt to me. The Doctor Who cosplay group was a little smaller, we were at the very back of the parade line, and a stupid police car got between us and Garrett Wang who was riding in the car ahead. Oh well, every year can't be a winner. Next year, one of the Whovians is promising to bring a homemade, life sized TARDIS to the parade, so we'll see how that goes.

The weather was wonderful, though. Sunny and warm, with no rain at all. Saw some good costumes, too. There was an adorable little girl dressed up as Doctor Octopus and her dad was dressed as Spider-Man. Actually, there was a lot of cute kids in costumes. I see parents start the induction at a very young age. :-) There was also a pretty awesome Baymax in his battle armour and all of the day care kids in the area lost their mind when they saw him.

Rambling expo highlights behind the cut )

But man, I'm super pooped and tomorrow is going to be a long day. Need to grab autographs from Ming-Na, Stephen Amell, Hayley Atwell, and Arthur Darvill. Time to grab some Zs.
Whoo, the comic book expo has begun!

I happily got out of my meeting at noon. Take that suckers! You can take your own damn meeting minutes!

I like Thursdays at the expo. It's a very laid back day. You can get your pass and then wander the exhibitors' hall for a bit while it's not that crowded. And that was my downfall. I was wandering the hall and there it was: a rack of AbbyShot coats. I naturally freaked out because I never get to see these coats in person; I only ever see them online. So they had Eleven's purple coat (which I already own), Jack's coat, Mal's famous brown coat, and lo, the ladies version of Ten's coat. I will admit I have been eyeing the femme Ten coat since it came out. It's a lovely looking coat, but the price online is always crazy expensive.

Anyway, long story short, I bought the coat. :-)

I mean, how could I not. It's in Canadian dollars and there's no shipping or duty. I probably saved myself over $100.

The coat. It reaches down to my ankles, as it should, and the fit overall is very good. Definitely snugger than my femme Eleven coat. See, this is why it's always best to try it on in person. Now, I just have to build a femme!Ten cosplay around it. ;-) At least I already own the right sonic screwdriver.

Oh, and the expo somehow got Neil Patrick Harris as a last minute guest. Wow. Now I have to get my Dr. Horrible DVD signed. Once I do, that's all of the three main actors.

Okay, time for bed. I need to rest up for parade day tomorrow.
- Ugh, my computer has totally died. I'm being forced to write this on my netbook. Damn thing won't boot up at all. It's an old computer, but it's not like I was doing a lot with it. I think my last download just pushed it over the edge. I would totally just give up on it and buy a new one, but I have stuff on my old computer that I want. All of my fanfics are on there! I need them back! So I guess I'll have to take the computer in to Geek Squad or something. Blargh! Why didn't I back up the stupid thing...

- Comic book expo starts in two days! Whoo! I think I'm all ready. I just need to figure out how to do my hair for some of my cosplays. Yes, that's right, I'm bothering to style my hair this year. ;-) I'm also going for a new record of four cosplays for the weekend:

  • Thursday: Kaylee from Firefly. I'm recycling this costume from two years ago since Jewel Staite is a guest this year. I don't plan to get a photo-op with her, I already have one from six years ago, but it seemed like a good opportunity to wear the costume again. Thursday is Jewel's panel so there's bound to be some Browncoats hanging around.

  • Friday: Ace from Doctor Who. This will be the second outing for the costume. I haven't changed anything since August last year except add one pin that was missing. My hair is also long enough to do up in a braid. Friday is parade day so I get to hang out with my Seven cosplayer and a bunch of other Whovians.

  • Saturday: Agent Melinda May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I figured out the SHIELD shoulder patches (magnets for the win!) so it's all good to go. I even bought a pair of aviator sunglasses that I will probably never use again. I'm dressing up solely for my photo-op with Ming-Na and Brett Dalton, but maybe I'll see some other AoS cosplayers.

  • Sunday: Femme!Eleven from Doctor Who. Specifically the outfit from "The Big Bang". I bought a prop Vortex Manipulator from ThinkGeek awhile back and I have the fez (that Matt Smith touched). No mop, because I'm not hauling that thing around all day. I actually had most of this costume assembled last year, but my cosplay plans got thrown for a loop when they announced Matt and Karen Gillan last minute. Sunday is my photo-op with Arthur Darvill, so that's the main reason I'm going with this version of Eleven rather than doing my purple coat Femme!Eleven from last year.

And the weather looks decent this year! Of course, this is Southern Alberta in mid-April so snow is always a possibility, but I have my fingers crossed for no precipitation.

- I'm watching the new Daredevil series (it's probably what killed my computer) and it's miles better than the movie. If it weren't for the fact that it was set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the show really feels like it could be a regular show about a lawyer. Okay, a lawyer who's a vigilante, but still. The show doesn't go over the top with Matt's powers; they're portrayed very subtly. I like it, though. You aren't distracted by some weird CGI echolocation or something. I also like that they're dealing with the aftermath of the Battle of New York from The Avengers. The city is still rebuilding and people are taking advantage of those efforts. And it's crazy how many former Buffy writers this show has. Three! Plus the guy who's writing the comic books right now! I have to say, if ABC passes on showing season two of Agent Carter for some reason, they should move the show to Netflix. You can do more on Netflix. It's certainly more violent, but scenes can breathe instead of being rushed. You don't have to build up to a commercial break; the flow of the story is much different.

- I have stupid all-day meetings leading up to the comic book expo, though, so this is going to be a very long week...
- I followed [livejournal.com profile] f_march_madness this year, and it's the first time I've actively paid attention to it, and I was very pleased to see that the the bulk of the characters that made it into the later brackets were women. This is solid proof that all of the awesome characters in TV and film are female. :-) The last two characters in the final bracket was an impossible choice: Veronica Mars vs Peggy Carter. Who do you vote for?!?!

In the end, I had to go for Peggy (sorry Veronica). But it's awesome that Veronica made it to the final bracket.

- Mark Hamill's episode of The Flash is airing this month. March 31st! Mark your calendars! They released a trailer for the rest of the season and apparently there's footage of him as the Trickster in it, but I couldn't bring myself to watch it. I don't want any spoilers. But I can't wait. I managed to watch his first Trickster episode of the 1990 The Flash and he was absolutely brilliant in it.

- I splurged and bought a replica Melinda May vest off the internet for my Melinda cosplay. It's actually not that bad. The pattern is nearly spot on and for faux leather it's not smelly at all. The leather is a bit thicker than I expected, so the vest is little heavy, but I can live with that. The only thing that seems off is the length of the vest. The hem on Melinda's touches the top of her thighs and mine ends around my hips. I have a short torso, though, so I'm glad it's not too long. The rest of the cosplay is really easy and I love it. A blue shirt with thumb holes, black pants, and black knee high boots. I found an awesome pair of boots on sale and it has the double bonus of not having zippers up the side. My calves are fat so I can't fit into high boots that do up with zippers, so it's a great find in my mind. And I can wear them to work after the comic book expo. Triple bonus! I just need to buy some S.H.I.E.L.D. shoulder patches (or make some) and I'm all good.

- Speaking of the comic book expo, I also decided to get a custom t-shirt made for when I meet Stephen Amell for his photo-op. I know, I know, I could dress normally, but I wanted to have something Arrow themed. It's not anything fancy, just me playing around in Photoshop with the filters, but I think it turned out really good:

And it took like two seconds to make at the custom t-shirt place. It's just an iron on and a fancy press that dings when it's done baking the image. I don't know why I was under the impression that it was a more involved process but it's definitely better than what I could do with some transfer paper bought at Staples or Michaels or wherever.


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