I keep thinking it's Saturday simply because Doctor Who was on today. :-) Too bad the episode was, well, meh.

Spoilers for Doctor Who, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio" )

At least we got a Coming Soon trailer. You don't get a great sense of what's coming, but hey, at least it's new footage!

Vauge speculation for the Coming Soon trailer )

Wait, is this Moffat's last Christmas special? Not exactly an example of one of his best, but these things are hit and miss. Maybe his Sherlock episode will be better.
- I've caught the cold that's going around the office. :-P I feel better today, but yesterday I was just ready to go home and sleep, which I did once we finished at noon. At least I have some time off to rest up.

- I was lazy and got behind on Class, which just goes to show how little I cared about it. That's not to say it was a completely horrible show, but it never caught my fancy like Doctor Who did. Maybe it was the characters. I don't think I grew attached to any of them. Angsty teen problems just don't interest me. And where the hell are they going with the show?

Spoilers for Class 1x08, "The Lost" )

Any word on whether Class was renewed? Maybe the BBC needs to resurrect Torchwood instead...

- Christmas tomorrow! And, by extension, a new episode of Doctor Who!! After a year of no Who, I'm willing to take anything. I haven't watched the trailer or the scene they released for Children in Need, so I'm going into the special pretty ignorant of the plot. There's something about superheroes in this one? All I know for certain is that one of the guest stars is a Canadian actor, so yay! I really hope there's a Coming Soon trailer, because they should have enough finished footage to give us a small glimpse of the new season.

- Speaking of Doctor Who Christmas specials, Space is airing all of them tomorrow (except for "The End of Time" for whatever reason). Thank you, Space. I think I'll just chill out and watch the marathon until it's time to head to my sister's place for dinner.
- The local comic book expo announced Nathan Fillion as the first guest for next year. He was here three years ago, but I'm not going to say no to more Nathan Fillion. :-) The expo claims he really liked it the last time he was here and has wanted to come back ever since. Now that he has all of this free time, he can certainly do the con circuit. Plus, he can go visit his family up in Edmonton once the con is over.

I kind of want to believe that this is a lead up to a Firefly reunion. 2017 is the 15th anniversary since the show premiered. I don't think many of the cast are working right now so it wouldn't be that hard to gather them all together for a weekend. I'm only short three more signatures for my Serenity comic! If I can get the rest in one fell swoop, I will be super happy.

- I checked out the first episode of the animated reconstruction of "The Power of the Daleks" and it's okay. I can't imagine watching the rest of the serial like this. Like, I don't mind the odd animated episode here and there, especially if it's filling out an incomplete serial, but if you're going to do the whole thing, you really need better animation. I know, the BBC budget for this isn't huge, but something a bit more smooth would have been nice. The movement of the characters feels a little stilted or jerky at times and other times they're just standing there, not doing much of anything. Oh well, just more incentive to find more missing episodes.

- I also checked out the first episode of The Grand Tour aka The Show That Isn't Top Gear But Is Totally Top Gear But Just With More Money. It's more of the same when Clarkson, May, and Hammond were hosting Top Gear, and that's just fine. I really only watched Top Gear for the fun and weird antics the guys got up to. I do miss The Stig, though. He mostly just drove cars around the track, but when they did allow him to do other things, like have him riding the Tube in a four way race across London, he was amusing to watch.

- They finally started casting for the new Star Trek series! Michelle Yeoh will be playing a starship captain. She won't be the captain of the Discovery from the sound of things, so it's probably just a recurring role, but that's still cool. An Asian captain! I don't think we've really had one since we saw Sulu as the captain of the Excelsoir. Hopefully this leads to more casting announcements. They really need to get their butts moving if they want to make the premiere date of May next year.

- And Happy Whoniversary (yesterday)! Just over a month until a new episode!
Title: The Fox and the Doctor (1/1)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,504
Characters: Eight
Timeline: Set after Doctor Who the TV movie
Summary: A publishing house tries to buy the rights to the Doctor's life story.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who has belonged to the BBC for 53 glorious years.
A/N: My contribution to [livejournal.com profile] who_at_50's 53rd anniversary fanwork-a-thon. Ever since [livejournal.com profile] jjpor posted that 2016 was the 20th anniversary of the TV movie, I had this ridiculous plot idea floating around my head. It's all in good fun, but maybe it has a smidgen of truth, too.

A rust coloured fox sat in the grass at the Doctor's feet. It was no bigger than your average house cat and its fluffy tail, tipped with white at the end, idly flicked back and forth. The creature stared at him with gleaming black eyes. )
Title: Time and Tide (1/1)
Rating: G
Word Count: 523
Characters: Rory
Timeline: Set post-"The Pandorica Opens" and pre-"The Big Bang".
Summary: Two thousand years is a long time to wait. Rory doesn't know if he'll make it.
Disclaimer: It's all owned by the BBC.
A/N: Entry for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest's "Crawl" challenge.

It's the longest countdown in Rory's life, but he endures, because he has to. He stayed to protect Amy and the Pandorica and he won't turn away from his duty. )
Guys!! This is in the wrong side of the country from me, but still!!!


I assume the show won't be in Toronto to film any episodes, just to promote stuff, but it's very exciting regardless. :-D The Doctor Who crew are finally showing Canada some love. I'm totally entering this contest once they open it up beyond Fan Expo. I know my chances of winning anything is nil, but I still have to try.
- Wha? A friend on Facebook posted that Doctor Who will be filming in Vancouver in October. Awesome news or ridiculous rumour? Until I hear something official from the BBC, I'm taking this with a grain of salt. Why fly all the way over here for forests or mountains or snow when there's plenty of that in the UK and Europe? But it would be great if Doctor Who came back to Vancouver to shoot an episode. I would totally make an effort to visit Vancouver to catch a glimpse of them filming stuff. Okay, and potentially meet Peter Capaldi.

- I had to add buttons to a knitting commission, but since Home-Ec was a very long time ago, I turned to the Internet for help. In a couple of minutes, I had a handy guide on how to sew a button and the button shank. Man, what did we do before we had complete strangers posting how-to videos on YouTube?

- I spent the past weekend at a literary convention/book festival (that's two cons in two weekends for those playing at home). It's billed as a festival for readers and writers, but I feel like most of the panels are for writers. It's still a fun con either way, but I always come back feeling like I suck as a writer. There's a series of panels where manuscripts are submitted anonymously and then read aloud and there's some good stuff in there. I don't feel the need to write a novel with all of my free time, but I do feel like I should step up my game or something.

Oh, and I ran into a former co-worker at the con. She was manning the registration table and I totally didn't recognize her right away. She, though, recognized me, and I was momentarily thrown as to why this lady was greeting me so warmly. I felt kind of stupid that it took me a few seconds to remember she was a fellow admin. Placing names and faces together is not one of my strong suits (unless it's related to trivia, then I totally rock).

- And for no apparent reason, I have started looking at Halloween costumes even though Halloween is over two months away. It's always fun looking at what's new for the year. Obviously the big costumes for 2016 are Suicide Squad related, so there'll be lots of Harleys, Jokers, Katanas, Deadshots, Killer Crocs, and Diablos. There's actually a cool temporary face tattoo thing for Diablo, so if you don't have make-up skills, that's a cheap and easy way to cosplay Diablo.

I'm thinking I'll piece something together from stuff I already have. I'm finally making some progress on my Jessica Jones inspired infinity scarf, so if I can get that done by Halloween, then the rest of the costume will be a cinch. I also love the idea of doing a femme!Rip Hunter or a Rip Huntress if you will. ;-) I have my Ten brown coat; I could easily fake the rest of the outfit. It's Halloween, so it doesn't have to be super accurate.
Title: Strands (1/1)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,554
Characters: Osgood, Kate Stewart
Timeline: Pre-"The Day of the Doctor".
Summary: Osgood wonders if she'll ever get to meet the Doctor.
Disclaimer: It all belongs to the Beeb.
A/N: Entry for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest's "Peculiar" challenge.

Quirky dresser, exuberant personality, clearly not a soldier. Osgood had heard the stories. Was this him? )
Title: Man's Best Friend (1/1)
Rating: G
Word Count: 496
Characters: Professor Marius (from "The Invisible Enemy")
Timeline: Set post-"The Invisible Enemy".
Summary: Professor Marius receives a mysterious package.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.
A/N: Entry for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest's "Box" challenge.

This seemed like a gift, but Marius couldn't think of anyone on the station, or on Earth for that matter, who would be sending him something. )
Title: The Wright Choice (1/1)
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,107
Characters: Ian, Barbara
Timeline: Set pre-Class.
Summary: Coal Hill School is now Coal Hill Academy and the new building on school grounds needs a name. Ian asks for a suggestion. He gets a response from an unexpected source.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to the BBC.
A/N: Entry for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest's "Vacancy" challenge. When I saw these pictures online, I had the idea to write a fic around them. There is a great likelihood that Class will contradict what I've written here, but that's okay.

"This is what I wanted to show you. We had a meeting to name this building. There were a few suggestions, but there was only one that everyone agreed upon." )
- Second Fourth Doctor scarf commission is done! No more scarves for this year after this, Doctor Who or otherwise.

One more scarf behind the cut )

- I had some leftover yarn from knitting both scarves, so I decided to use some of it up to make this:

I wouldn't say I designed it, since I was just following the pattern from doctorwhoscarf.com, but I did adapt the pattern to make a 1/4 sized bookmark. I used US 1 needles, so the stitches are pretty tight, but it makes for a sturdy bookmark.

- I got "The Invasion of Time" DVD from my library over the weekend and I was sort of off-put by the season 15 scarf. It's noticeably different from the original, so my brain kept going "Wrong! Wrong!" through all six episodes. I wonder why they knit a new scarf for season 15. I guess the original was probably looking a little tatty so maybe they wanted to give it a break?
Title: Thrust Vector (1/1)
Rating: G
Word Count: 572
Characters: Clara, Twelve
Timeline: Pre-"The Girl Who Died"; no spoilers.
Summary: Clara tries to get her bearings in zero gravity.
Disclaimer: It's all owned by the BBC. I just play in their world.
A/N: Entry for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest's "Signs" challenge.

Suddenly, what should have been the floor was now a wall. Clara's head started to spin and she felt the remains of her lunch gurgle within her stomach. )
- First week back at work. I didn't do anything for the first two days because, as usual, nothing was set up properly. Oh well, at least I got paid to sit around. Things should pick up next week now that I have access to everything. And I don't mean to speak ill of my co-workers, but after poking around the reports and files I used to handle, I have a vague feeling that nothing was done correctly after I left. Probably because no one had time to maintain everything. See, this is why they should have kept me on. I would have kept everyone organized.

- The project moved buildings in the interim, so now I have to commute downtown, but it does give me more time to read. I finished a book yesterday and I'm already a third of the way through the fourth book in The Expanse series. I didn't think I would get to Cibola Burn so quickly, but when I saw that it was available, I had to download the ebook from the library. Sometimes I have nothing to do at work, so it's nice to have a book on my phone so I can sneakily pass the time. Plus, I don't have to lug around a brick of a book in my backpack.

- The Star Trek con I'm attending in August announced Scott Bakula as a guest and it's a big deal since he doesn't do a lot of cons. And I get his autograph for free! It's complimentary with my ticket package. So I have to decide what he should sign; like, do I buy a photo there or do I bring something from home that's free? I didn't love Star Trek Enterprise, but when the man is literally giving away his pricey autograph, you can't turn it down. Maybe I'll find a Quantum Leap photo. ;-) I loved him in that show.

- With the major TV shows done for the season, it's nice to have the evenings free. I'm catching up on DVDs and whatnot. My library got a bunch of new Doctor Who DVDs in, so I'm slowly making my way through them. And I saw today that they finally released "The Underwater Menace" on DVD. This is probably old news, but it was new to me. I guess that means all of the existing episodes have finally been released to the public.

- Speaking of Doctor Who, filming for season ten starts in two weeks. Of course, we won't see the bulk of their efforts until some time next year. Damn you, sporting events, getting in the way of new episodes!
Title: Learning Curve (1/1)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,345
Characters: Jamie, Zoe
Timeline: Set post-"The Invasion"
Summary: Jamies tries to convince Zoe that you can't learn everything from books.
Disclaimer: It all belongs to the BBC.
A/N: Entry for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest's "Void" challenge.

"Cannae ye just accept that there are some things ye cannae learn from words in a book?" )
My god, it's only Friday and I'm already wiped. I'm getting old.

Parade details and photos behind the cut )

I'm hopeful it'll be a shorter day tomorrow. I have to get Billie Piper's autograph and photo-op, but the rest of the day I could spend in the big panel room. A day of sitting would be awesome.
- I tried out axe throwing over the weekend and I'm still sore. God, I need to get into shape. But axe throwing was super fun. It took me a while to get into it, but I did manage two bull's-eye towards the end. I do have photographic proof, just not on my phone; my friend was taking pictures on her very nice camera. I do have pictures of me throwing the big axe they use to settle ties. That thing is heavy. The head itself is two pounds. Oh, and I managed to get the big axe to stick to the board. It didn't hit the target, but hey, I was just happy to get in the vicinity of the target. :-)

- I saw this neat write-up about Bill's outfit from her introduction video. I'm always amazed at how fast the fans are able to ID items.

The other cool thing about the article is that it points out some details that I didn't notice. Turns out that there are a few more patches on Bill's jacket than just the "Wow!" one. Gives the outfit a bit of an Ace vibe. I'm wondering if the jean jacket will be a staple of Bill's wardrobe. You wouldn't customize something that much without intending to use it a lot.

And only five patches total, if you include the writing on the back corner as one patch, so you won't go completely broke trying to find everything.

- Weather forecast for the comic book expo keeps changing. Sun, clouds, rain; no one can make up their mind. No rain on Friday is preferable, since that's parade day, but no rain all weekend would be even nicer. You have to walk to another building to get to the photo-ops area and no one wants to get their costume or nice outfit wet. Alas, this is Canada, where it can snow at any time of the year.

But if it does, god forbid, snow, then at least the guests have an amusing story to bring home. I still remember the year Matt Smith was here. It snowed on the Saturday and he was totally thrown off by the sight of people walking outside in the snow in only t-shirts and jeans. Canadians; we're made of hearty stuff. :-D

- Speaking of the parade, I managed to borrow a small Bluetooth speaker so we'll have music playing while we walk. We didn't have music last year and, I don't know, it just wasn't the same. I have about an hour's worth of music, which includes every variation of the theme song (including my favourite, the guitar remix from "Before the Flood"), Doctor specific tracks (like "I Am the Doctor"), every original song Murray Gold has written for the show (excluding "Silence is All You Know" since the tempo is a little slow), and everyone's favourite "Who is the Doctor" as "sung" by Jon Pertwee. Oh, and the disco version of the theme song by Ron Grainger. Still can't believe it was actually arranged by him and it wasn't a fan remix. All of this is on my phone so no bulky CD player to haul around this time. Yay for technology!

I'm sure by the end of parade we'll be sick and tired of listening to the Doctor Who theme song over and over. ;-) It's kind of amazing how many times it has been re-imagined.
Title: It's the Thought That Counts (1/1)
Rating: G
Word Count: 547
Characters: Clara, Sarah Jane, Twelve
Timeline: Set post-"Deep Breath" and pre-"Under the Lake"; no spoilers
Summary: It's not the first time a friend of the Doctor's has been stranded in Scotland.
Disclaimer: It all belongs to the BBC.
A/N: Entry for [livejournal.com profile] who_contest's "Twice" challenge. Ever since we saw the empathy cue cards in "Under the Lake", I've been trying to come up with a plausible explanation for the Aberdeen one. This is my attempt.

The Doctor was easily distracted, but he had never left her behind before. Panic seemed like a viable reaction, but Clara went with a sigh instead. She hoped that he was just confused from the regeneration and that this wasn't the new status quo. )
Pearl Mackie. Sounds like she's a newcomer, but even if they had named a well known UK TV actor, I still wouldn't have known who they were.

Anyway, Companion's name is Bill. Don't know if that's short for anything. Maybe Wilhelmina or something with Will in it.

Introduction video for the Companion behind the cut )

I got a big kick out of the fact that fans were able to identify her shoes within an hour after the BBC posted a teaser image. And, I'm sure, within an hour of that, Vans noticed an uptick in sales of their SK8-Hi shoes. They do look comfy, but my god, in Canada, they're $75! I'm also sure that the rest of her outfit will be identified just as quickly. :-)

So it sounds like they've started filming or will start filming fairly soon. Time to start avoiding spoilers again...
- One week to go to the comic book expo! I suppose I'm excited, but the expo doesn't feel as big as it was last year. We're the second biggest con in Canada (I think), so you'd think it would be easy to get guests, but maybe it's not worth it to come here when the Canadian dollar isn't so hot. We're not a huge city either, so we don't have as much to offer as say, Toronto.

Oh well, fewer guests to see is easier on my wallet. ;-) Unlike last year, I only have two autographs and two photo-ops to get; Billie Piper and Alan Tudyk. I think I have my cosplays worked out. I'm still debating whether it's worth it to dress up for the Thursday. But this is what I have planned:

  • Thursday: Ace. More specifically, Ace from "Silver Nemesis". There are fewer embellishments on the jacket so that means fewer things knocking around when I'm walking.

  • Friday: Femme!Four. I didn't end up getting that argyle sweater, so that's something to work on for next year. Friday is also parade day so I'm praying for good weather. It doesn't need to be hot and sunny. I just don't want any rain or snow.

  • Saturday: Rose from the end of "Doomsday". Time to put my wrist warmers to go use. I doubt Billie Piper is going to notice them, but at least one part of the outfit looks like its on screen counterpart.

  • Sunday: Kaylee. My photo-op with Alan Tudyk is Sunday, so that's the reason for the fandom change. I love this costume. It's so comfy.

Programming isn't up yet, but I have a feeling I won't be running from panel to panel as much, which will be nice.

- Just read that if Castle season nine goes ahead, Stana Katic won't be a part of it. Wha? She's the other half of the show. What's Castle going to do without Beckett? Will the show just be him running his P.I. business with Haley and Alexis? Sounds like none of the characters who work at the precinct are coming back, so it does seem like the writers are dumping the police side of things. The article cites for "budgetary reasons". So lame. I say don't bother to renew the show if half of the cast won't be there. Just let Castle have a dignified series finale and everyone can go their separate ways without things getting super awkward.

And how would Beckett bow out? She and Castle just got back together. Would they kill her off? Have her move away for another job? You can't have the character leave without it being really weird.

- Supergirl had its season finale and, I don't know, it felt like it was lacking something.

Spoilers for Supergirl 1x20, "Better Angels" )

I have this funny notion that CBS has more restrictions on Supergirl than the CW has on Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Like, "More human drama, less crazy superhero antics!"

- Speaking of The Flash, we finally got a reference to Barry's adventure to Kara's world.

Spoilers for The Flash 2x18, "Versus Zoom" )

- And lastly, the new Doctor Who Companion will be announced on April 23 at half time of a football match. Okay... I mean, an announcement is great, but why during a football match? The article doesn't offer a set time for the announcement, so we fans not in the UK will just have to keep an eye on the interwebs for any news. At this point, I will take any updates, no matter how big or how small.
And it's completely done! Approximately 20 feet of multi-coloured garter stitch.

Photo behind the cut )

So this took what? About two months and a week? Just think; it took me about the same amount of time to make my scarf last year and that one was only 11 feet. Now I just need to deliver this to my friend and then she can proudly wear it around somewhere. Preferably a place with clean floors and no puddles.


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