- I had some free time so I decided to watch the first episode of season three of Star Trek: the infamous "Spock's Brain". People always say it's the worst episode of TOS, but honestly, it wasn't that bad. Granted, I haven't seen every episode of the series yet, but when compared to what I've seen so far, I can say that there are worst episodes than "Spock's Brain".

Yes, the main point of the plot involves an alien race removing Spock's brain so they can use it to run the systems of their underground city, and yes, Spock's body lurches around with a fetching motor control device on his head, but it's not the weirdest plot ever. How often do we see stories where humans are used like batteries to power something? I think the episode gets a bad rap because everyone just giggles when they hear the words "Spock's Brain" and it's hard to be objective. Seriously, I wanted to laugh each time the phrase "Spock's brain" was used in dialogue.

This episode definitely falls into the category of "so bad it's good" rather than "oh my god, that was so boring I wanted to rip my eyes out".

- I finally got around to finishing my Jessica Jones infinity scarf, so I'll be going as her to my friend's Halloween party. Such an easy costume; I love it. I'll definitely have to wear it again during one of the days of the comic book expo.

- I've been working a temp job for the past couple of weeks and my manager said people totally dress up on Halloween, so I get to go into work in costume on Monday. That'll be fun. This will be the first time I've worn a costume to work. I'm thinking I'll go with my Fourth Doctor cosplay, since it's quirky enough that it doesn't look like my usual work clothes, but it's also comfortable to sit in. My co-workers and I have chatted about Doctor Who, so they will totally recognize the outfit.

- I've been so busy, I never got around to writing about the rest of Luke Cage. Sadly, I didn't enjoy it as much as Jessica Jones or season one of Daredevil. It was definitely a slow burner. Even towards the end, I didn't feel a huge sense of urgency.

Spoilers for Luke Cage season one )

Iron Fist is up next and then The Defenders. I'm really looking forward to The Defenders. DC has had some great success teaming up the Berlantiverse superheroes, so it's about time Marvel got in on that action.
- Wha? A friend on Facebook posted that Doctor Who will be filming in Vancouver in October. Awesome news or ridiculous rumour? Until I hear something official from the BBC, I'm taking this with a grain of salt. Why fly all the way over here for forests or mountains or snow when there's plenty of that in the UK and Europe? But it would be great if Doctor Who came back to Vancouver to shoot an episode. I would totally make an effort to visit Vancouver to catch a glimpse of them filming stuff. Okay, and potentially meet Peter Capaldi.

- I had to add buttons to a knitting commission, but since Home-Ec was a very long time ago, I turned to the Internet for help. In a couple of minutes, I had a handy guide on how to sew a button and the button shank. Man, what did we do before we had complete strangers posting how-to videos on YouTube?

- I spent the past weekend at a literary convention/book festival (that's two cons in two weekends for those playing at home). It's billed as a festival for readers and writers, but I feel like most of the panels are for writers. It's still a fun con either way, but I always come back feeling like I suck as a writer. There's a series of panels where manuscripts are submitted anonymously and then read aloud and there's some good stuff in there. I don't feel the need to write a novel with all of my free time, but I do feel like I should step up my game or something.

Oh, and I ran into a former co-worker at the con. She was manning the registration table and I totally didn't recognize her right away. She, though, recognized me, and I was momentarily thrown as to why this lady was greeting me so warmly. I felt kind of stupid that it took me a few seconds to remember she was a fellow admin. Placing names and faces together is not one of my strong suits (unless it's related to trivia, then I totally rock).

- And for no apparent reason, I have started looking at Halloween costumes even though Halloween is over two months away. It's always fun looking at what's new for the year. Obviously the big costumes for 2016 are Suicide Squad related, so there'll be lots of Harleys, Jokers, Katanas, Deadshots, Killer Crocs, and Diablos. There's actually a cool temporary face tattoo thing for Diablo, so if you don't have make-up skills, that's a cheap and easy way to cosplay Diablo.

I'm thinking I'll piece something together from stuff I already have. I'm finally making some progress on my Jessica Jones inspired infinity scarf, so if I can get that done by Halloween, then the rest of the costume will be a cinch. I also love the idea of doing a femme!Rip Hunter or a Rip Huntress if you will. ;-) I have my Ten brown coat; I could easily fake the rest of the outfit. It's Halloween, so it doesn't have to be super accurate.
- I didn't have to go into work today, earned day off, but if I had, I totally would have dressed up. A lot of my Doctor Who cosplays don't look like costumes, so I could not stand out but still be geeky. Not that I'm complaining that I had the day off. ;-) Instead, I got to visit my niece and saw her in the Yoda costume I made for her. So cute! I wish I had pictures to show you guys. Words cannot describe how adorable she is. Hopefully this is the first of many costumes she will wear in her lifetime. Might also give me an excuse to sew more. Baby sized costumes are much easier to make than adult sized costumes, at least for a novice sewer like me.

- I will be attending a Halloween party tomorrow. I decided to go with my Melinda May costume from the comic book expo this year. It's comfy and has very few accessories. I don't know if my friends watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so I may have to explain my costume, but that's kind of the norm with my friends. I suppose I will settle for generic ass kicking super spy if no one gets it.

- I'm slowly assembling a Twelfth Doctor cosplay. I don't know why I need another Doctor Who costume, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm loving Twelve more and more as I watch more of his episodes. So I have a pair of screen accurate Ray-Ban Wayfarers on the way and I've purchased a knockoff of the t-shirt he wears in "The Magician's Apprentice" / "The Witch's Familiar" since the SA ones are all gone. I also bought a black sweater today that's a decent stand-in for the one Twelve wears in "Listen", "In the Forest of the Night" and other episodes. All I need to do now is cut a ton of holes in the front and hack away some of the collar and cuffs. My god, this is a weird sweater. Thing is, the sweater looks so nice on its own; I'd hate to ruin it. Maybe I need to buy another sweater and just use that one for cosplay purposes.

Of course, what I really need is the coat. I looked at the Elope one, but it's unisex sizing, so that won't work for me. I've also looked at the options available through the usual cosplay sites and while you can tailor the product to your body measurements, I'm not really feeling it. The one I'm currently eyeing is through a website that does James Bond suits. Yeah, it's a weird place to get a Doctor Who item, but the reviews are good for their products and the coat is actually cheaper than the cosplay sites, which is a huge plus. I have some time to decide. I'm secretly hoping the Canadian dollar will get better, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

- Supergirl premiered this week. I watched the pilot months ago, so next week will prove whether this show is another worthy entry into the DC television verse. It's produced by the same guys who do Arrow and The Flash, so I have faith that they won't screw it up. Even if the beginning is a bit rocky, that's okay. The Flash was the exact same. It started out okay and it was amazing by the end of the first season.

- Oh, and I finally joined [livejournal.com profile] who_contest. I haven't been able to write much lately, so hopefully writing some drabbles will help with the creativity.
- Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Yes, us Canadians are weird and we have our Thanksgiving in October, but it gives us a nice buffer between big holidays. Enjoy your turkey, if that's how you indulge.

- I enjoyed the electric guitar remix of the Doctor Who theme song from "Before the Flood" so much that it's now my new ringtone. :-) Sadly, I had to chop out ten seconds from the current theme song, since ringtones can only be 30 seconds long, but the gist of it is there. Oh, and according to the Radio Times, it was indeed Peter Capaldi playing the guitar part for the remix. If they ever do another Doctor Who Proms, they so need to have him on stage playing the remix.

- I still suck at sewing. After knitting a bigger Yoda hat for my niece, my sister and brother-in-law latched on to the idea of dressing her up like Yoda for Halloween. I offered to sew a robe for her costume and my god, I can't sew in a straight line to save my life. I don't know why it's so hard. I would like to get better at sewing, but I don't have any opportunities to practice. Clearly I need to make more costumes. ;-) In the end, it's no big deal if the lines are all wonky. My niece is six months old so she won't care and Yoda's robe was all tatty anyway in The Empire Strikes Back. And yes, she will be riding on my brother-in-law's back and he will be dressed up like Luke.

- Speaking of Halloween costumes, I still haven't picked one for myself. I'm leaning towards re-using my Melinda May cosplay since it's comfy and there are no accessories to worry about. Plus the costume is Ming-Na approved! On the other hand, a new costume is very appealing, but time and money are standing in my way. Probably best to be frugal now and I can splurge for a new costume for the comic book expo next year.

- I managed to watch the Vixen animated web series that's set in the Arrowverse. And when I say "managed to watch" it's because the stupid CW Seed website only works for people in the US. What if people outside of the US want to watch content on the website, too? Anyway... Vixen was all right. For a cartoon, it's not horrible, but I think I would have preferred a live action web series instead.

Spoilers for season one of Vixen )

Fingers crossed that they introduce Mari on either Arrow or The Flash. With magic being a central part of Arrow season four, it does open the door for Mari to make an appearance.
- I can't believe that it's been ten years since Serenity came out. I still remember the heady excitement the day the movie came out. I actually managed to meet up with some of the local Browncoats and it was such fun, sitting in that theatre, waiting for the show to start. We sang "The Hero of Canton" and "The Ballard of Serenity". There's nothing like seeing a movie with a room full of fans. You're all on the same wavelength and you all feel it when the hard moments come. I will never forget the moment when [ten year old spoiler]Wash dies. Everyone was laughing at the "leaf on the wind" joke and then bam! Reaver spike through the window and there's just stunned silence. It's still amazing how the scene can go from such a high moment to a low one.

- It seems very doubtful that we'll get more Firefly on our screens. The best we can do is the Firefly Online game when it comes out. I'd like an animated Firefly series, though. It'd be cheaper and you don't have to worry about the actors aging. It worked for the original Star Trek, so why not Firefly? Most of the cast has done voice over work by now - hell, it seems like most of the DC Animated Universe is made up of Whedon alums - so you know they can deliver the goods.

- I started reading Cinder, the YA book series retelling Cinderella with a cyborg, and it's okay so far. I like the setting, which is futuristic Chinese, but I think I've already figured out the twist in the plot. It also bugs me how there must always been a romance in YA books. Yes, this is Cinderella, so there has to be a prince, but why does Cinder need to fall for him? I'm only half way through the book, so maybe things change down the line, but it gets so boring, seeing her angst over the prince. Oh, I was very pleased to see that the book was written in the third person. So many YA books are written in the first person and it feels so lazy to me.

- Trying to figure out a Halloween costume for this year. I have plenty of cosplays to choose from, I just can't decide which one to do. I kind of want to do something new, which is kind of ridiculous since I don't need to spend more money right now, but I think I could cobble together something from stuff I already own. Like, Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. I have a white, short sleeve dress shirt and black slacks and I can borrow a cricket bat. I would just need a red tie. Easy peasy!
Been thinking about Halloween costumes as a friend is throwing a party next Saturday. After the mad dash last year to sew a costume I decided not make anything new this year. I do have a few options, but I don't know what I should go as.

Options kicking around the house:

- Altaïr from Assassin's Creed. Crazy sewing project from last Halloween. I've only worn it once, so it would be nice to wear it again, but there's fake weapons to go with the costume and I'm not really comfortable bringing them with me on public transit. I suppose I could go without the short sword; the hidden blade wouldn't be noticable under a jacket.

- Kaylee from Firefly. Cosplay from last year's comic book expo. Super comfy and no accessories.

- Eleven from Doctor Who. Purple coat version as I have all of the components handy. I did a regular tweed version two years ago, though, so I'm kind of iffy about repeating a character.

- Ace from Doctor Who. Only wore this cosplay once so far so it'd be nice to wear it again. However, I doubt anyone would actually recognize who I'm supposed to be. I know that shouldn't be the point, but still. Also, that jacket gets hella hot, fast.

Actually, now that I think about, I can put together a few Doctor Who costumes, but they're mostly Companions outfits so I don't know if they really count as costumes. Hmm, can anyone guess my main fandom is at the moment... ;-)

Options I could put together relatively fast:

- Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have everything to assemble a femme costume, except a tie, but I can easily borrow that. I even have a wooden stake!

- Jayne from Firefly. This has always been a back-up costume in case I couldn't come up with something. Alas, no Vera for this costume.

Hmm, I think that's it. I'm sort of leaning towards the Kaylee costume, but it would be fun to do a Buffy cosplay. I've never done one before. I suppose there's always a generic Halloween costume, but those make me sad. If I have to dress up, I'm going to go as someone from something I love.
It was a dash to the finish, but I made it! I finished my Halloween costume on time for Halloween. With a day to spare! Whew. Now I can take a break and catch up on my video games and TV shows.

So for those playing at home, that's two costumes in 39 days. A humongous thanks to my mom for helping out with the sewing. I never would have finished on time if it hadn't been for her.

And a pic of the finished product:

Pictures and costume details behind the cut )

A few people at the party recognized my costume but only because they were fellow gamers or their kids play the game. There was one guy on the casino staff where the party was held who also recognized the costume and as I was leaving for the night I heard a guy or girl in the parking lot mention Assassin's Creed so they must have recognized the costume, too. Mostly people thought I was a ninja, Robin Hood, a warrior of some type, or an Arab. Um, some of those guesses are close, but I still shook my head.

There was a costume contest at the party but, sadly, I didn't win. Some guy dressed up like a zombie Michael Jackson won, which I thought was kind of lame. I saw way better costumes than his. I guess being something recognizable helps. :-P

Anyway, for a costume that I made from scratch, I think it turned out pretty good. But next time I want to do some cosplay, I'm sticking to clothing based costumes.
It's Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, which means a long weekend! Yay!

And my god, do I need it. Work has calmed down a little, but my day is still pretty full. A nice, consistent stream of work, but not a crazy flow of overwhelming work.

But mostly I need the extra day off to continue work on my Halloween costume. Only 19 more days. :-P

I have completed exactly one piece of my costume. I have other stuff on the go, but none of it is close to complete. At this rate, I don't know if I'll finish on time, let alone if I can make two of these. One upside: the friend who always has a Halloween party isn't having one this year. That means I gain a weekend because the party would have been on October 26. I'm a little sad not to show off the costume to my friends, but thank goodness for the extra days.

Today, I've been hunched over a desk and a workbench just making various things. I started work on the hidden blades and I can tell you it's no fun trying to cut through metal with just a hack saw. I took shop twice in junior high, once in grade seven and once in grade eight, and I never really enjoyed it. Sharp, spinning things that can potentially cut off your fingers really put me off it. So, just like the sewing, it's slow going. The one cool thing so far about the hidden blades? I've only paid for one component so far. I bought a pair of springs for less than $3. The drawer slides that make up the base of the blades I totally swiped from work. Yes, that's technically stealing, but they were attached to discarded keyboard trays that were never going to be used again. It's more like recycling. :-) And a good Assassin knows that nothing is true and everything is permitted. I'm sure that applies to drawer slides.

(Funny side story. I tried to procure the slides on a day off, thinking no one would be around, and three of my co-workers were in. So yeah, it's safe to say that I didn't walk off with a pair of drawer slides that day...)

If I get these costumes done in time for Halloween, it will be a nice record for me. I usually start construction months in advance.

I'm going to lie down now. My back is killing me. I bet Altaïr never had it this rough. ;-)
- So fed up with work right now. Too many things to do and not enough time to do it all.  Plus there are people at work who are stubborn and don't listen and we're getting zero support. Our manager is supposed to stand up for us, but that's not happening. Sigh.

- Thank god for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Okay, so the second episode wasn't super awesome, but the whole point of it was to see the team working together and in that sense it worked.

Spoilers for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x02 "0-8-4" )

- 30 days until Halloween. The costume is progressing, but with my lack of sewing skills it's going to take time. And I have to make two! I'm seriously going to have to work full out on every weekend to get everything done.

- Arrow's back next week!
So I've decided on a Halloween costume. Instead of choosing the costume I've already made or the costume that would be easy to make, I have chosen the costume that is hard to make. Yup, no one ever said I was smart. ;-)

For those playing along at home, that means I'm doing the Altaïr costume from Assassin's Creed:

Slight setback though. I had planned to use a Halloween costume for the base of the design but after buying the costume I found it to be very large and very cheap. The material was thin and it felt weird and scratchy. So, I have scrapped that plan. Plan B now involves buying fabric and actually sewing the tunics and the hood. Thank goodness it's a simple design but I'm still going to need my mother's help with this. And I'm making two of these. My sister wants a costume for Halloween, too. With 40 days until Halloween, I'm going to need all the help I can get.

While I plan a fabric run for next weekend, I've been making prop weapons this weekend. I'm using foam board for the first time and it's going all right, I suppose. It's not that easy to cut through I'm finding but maybe I'm just doing it wrong. I've made two short blades and a handful of throwing knives so far. I had planned to spray paint them but it was super windy today and I didn't want stuff blowing away while I waited for things to dry. There was no way I was doing spray paint inside, either. Hopefully the weather calms down at some point.

I'm planning on making the sword next. Still have no idea how to do the scabbard, but maybe it can be a leather sheath instead of a hard kind of casing. I keep finding tutorials on how to make the sword and they've been great, but no one has covered how to make the scabbard. I am tempted to buy a plastic sword from a Halloween store, but I'm trying to keep my budget as low as possible.

In the end, I'm a "good enough" cosplayer. If the end product looks somewhat close to the actual costume, then it's good enough for me. :-) I'll leave the really awesome cosplay to the hardcore cosplayers.
So it's coming up on fall soon and for me that means I should start thinking about Halloween costumes. A friend holds a Halloween party every year so I always have to come up with something. I suppose I could skip the party and not come up with a costume, but that's not as fun. ;-)

Anyway, just some random costume options and thoughts:

- Kaylee from Firefly. I made her coveralls for the comic book expo this year and they turned out rather well, I think, so this would be a good opportunity to wear the costume again. Plus, I know a few people would recognize who I'm supposed to be. Double plus, I wouldn't have to buy anything else so no need to run around like a maniac to make it.

- Katniss from The Hunger Games. I considered doing her costume for a short time last year. I actually did some research and sketched out the design on her jacket. And then I went on a vacation which cut down on my construction time. But it is a super easy costume. Black v-neck t-shirt, cargo-esque pants, black boots, and a dark hooded jacket. Accessories: mockingjay pin (which I already own), a bow, and some arrows. The bow and arrows I could make with cheap materials like cardboard and duct tape. My god, I love cardboard and duct tape. The two of them together is so versatile. My friends have all read the series so they would definitely recognize the costume.

- Altaïr from Assassin's Creed. I've been playing the first Assassin's Creed game a lot lately and maybe staring at Altaïr's backside for hours on ending is getting to me, but I'm kind of tempted to do this costume for Halloween. I really don't know why I want to dress up like a male assassin, but I think I would be fun.

Further thoughts about the costume )

That's it for now. I could do some Doctor Who cosplay again, I have a few options I could throw together, but I've done a Who costume a couple of times now and it'd be good to switch it up.

Suggestions would be awesome, too. There are probably easy fandom costumes that I'm overlooking.
I didn't have much time to make a Halloween costume this year, due to the fact that I was out of town for two weeks, so I went with something quick and simple:

"I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool." )

It's nice when people actually recognize your costume. Makes all the effort worthwhile.
The last time I tried to sew anything was back in junior high for my home economics class and I can tell you I wasn't very good. So when it came time to make a fez for my Halloween costume, I knew there was only one person to turn to for help. Moms are the best. :-)

I will fully admit that she did the majority of the work. I just found the pattern online, cut it out, then cut out the fabric. My mom did the important stuff, like stitching it all together. I mean, to me, the sewing machine is a foreign object. I watched her spool the thing, or whatever you call it, and I totally drew a blank. I'm sure I learned to do this once upon a time...

And the fez is for my Eleven costume. Why else would I bother to make a fez? ;-)

There's not much to it, relatively speaking. Just felt, thread, and an old laminated calendar to prop it up inside. I was happily able to continue the tradition of making costumes and props with recycled material from work. Funnily enough, I thought it would be easier to make a fez than to buy one. :-P Seriously. Amazon.com wouldn't ship one to Canada and the decent looking fez I did find in a costume shop was $60. $60! For a fez!

So when my friends ask "Who made the hat?" I won't hesitate to say, "My mom."
After dressing up as Amy for Halloween, I've come to two conclusions: 1) I look ridiculous in a ginger wig and 2) the Doctor needs an Asian Companion.

Still, I think my Amy costume turned out rather well.

A couple of pics and a costume break down after the cut )

Oh, I also realized something else. How the hell did the Doctor leave his sonic screwdriver in Amy's jacket during "The Big Bang"? There are no pockets in the damn thing. Did he shove the screwdriver up her sleeve?
I've decided to go as Amy from "The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang" for Halloween, mostly because I didn't have the time to make up Amy's armour from "The Girl Who Waited" (I'll be saving that for the local comic book expo in April if I can manage it). I thought the costume itself was boring on its own, and thus, I made a mini-Pandorica.

Paper Pandorica design courtesy of this site.

It's not perfect as the Halloween party is next weekend, but it works for me. It's a box with glowy green designs on the side; it doesn't have to be fancy. Because really, no one at that party is going to get my costume. Also, it cost me nothing! Cardboard was from work, I printed off the design at work, and the glue holding most of it together is also from work.

I've started a new Halloween tradition, it seems: making props out of cardboard.
Well, I just bought a cheap plastic samurai sword for Halloween.

My sort of plan was to dress up like old!Amy from "The Girl Who Waited". She has the mask, so that would cover my face and the fact that I'm a Chinese girl trying to cosplay as a girl with ginger hair and pale skin. ;-) I also wear black glasses, so even if I don't make the mask, it still fits because I can claim I'm wearing the Doctorcam glasses.

But Halloween is in what? Three weeks? The party I'm attending is on the 29th, so that's close. Too close, maybe, to make the armour. I have made costumes in less time than that before, but this would be a tricky build. It's not like making a med kit out of cardboard and duct tape; that was just a box. This is armour. There are various bits to it and I lack some of the clothing components, too. It might be easier to hold off on the armour for now and make it for the comic book expo in April. I'm sure more people there would recognize it than at the party.

But now I have a samurai sword that's no good until April. I wish I could go as Zoey again. They introduced katanas in Left 4 Dead 2 and they were ported over to Left 4 Dead. It'd make sense. :-)

Any costume suggestions? I have enough stuff to pull together a half decent "The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang" Amy outfit. I'd just need a ginger wig and I would need to buy one anyway. I could also do a female Jayne or "Jane". I have Jayne's yellow t-shirt from Serenity and a Jayne hat. The party host has seen Firefly so I know at least one person would get it.
A friend's having her annual Halloween party and, of course, costumes are mandatory. I really hate buying a cheap costume and only using it once, so I was inspired to go as Zoey from Left 4 Dead, the awesome zombie apocalypse video game.

As you can see, she wears stuff I already have or wouldn't be against wearing. I'm still mad I couldn't find a track jacket like hers, but oh well. But I have black Chucks, jeans, a belt, and a white t-shirt. I bought a pink jacket and wig to finish off the costume.

And no zombie apocalypse would be complete without the oh-so-handy first aid kit:

I'm so happy with how this turned out. It's basically red duct tape and paper materials, with some black electrical tape for the handles and zippers. For two days' worth of work, I think it looks pretty good. It even has magnets inside so I can attach it to my back without any straps, like in the game. I've done a few tests already and it doesn't fall off. This is definitely more epic than the Wonderflonium case I made two years ago. :-D

(The in-game version for comparison.)

All in all, the costume probably cost me under $50, when you include props. That's more than I would have paid for a cheap costume, sure, but I can recycle the costume and wear it at the local comic book expo next year.

Of course, after all this effort, I bet no one at the party is going to recognize my costume. :-D
My friends and I started talking about Halloween costumes last night, what we were going to wear to a friend's annual party and whatnot, and I was totally stuck on who/what to go as. Nothing can beat my Captain Hammer getup from last year as far as I'm concerned. :-) But costumes are kind of a given if you're going to a Halloween party, so I need [Poll #1472532][Poll #1472532]

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Oct. 14th, 2008 08:26 pm
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The quest for Dr. Horrible costume components continues, but my friend has turned out to be a cosplayer penny saver. She found some white dish gloves for $5. Cheap, somewhat close, and usable after Halloween is done. Dr. Horrible, low rent style!

But no Dr. Horrible would be complete without some wonderflonium stolen from a cunning daylight heist.

Yes, it's yellow, not grey, but it was the only case I had kicking around the house. Low rent, but hey, that's half the fun. :-D
Is cosplay the right word to use when people dress up like their favourite fandom characters? All the on-line stuff suggests "cosplay" applies more to Japanese anime and the detail those fans go to to create their costume. Well, whatever the term, I never realized how expensive it is. A friend of mine and I want to go as Doctor Horrible and Captain Hammer, respectively, for Halloween but we don't want to spend a lot of money. Seems you can't be cheap even if you want to.

Luckily, my Captain Hammer costume will be relatively cheap. I already have the shirt and a pair of grey pants, and my friend has a pair of boots that I can borrow. Not a pair of army boots, mind you, but we only have two weeks or so to get all of the compenents, so accuracy isn't key. I might care to get more accurate stuff if I attend the local comic book con next year. I'm hunting for a pair of black leather gloves, but any pair of black gloves will do. Friend said her dad might have something, so that works.

But Doctor Horrible is the expensive one. You can't buy a simple t-shirt. You got to have the lab coat, preferrably with the buttons going down the side, white gloves, white boots, and the humdinger, the goggles. I think my friend will have to cheat and do a low budget version. Find a regular lab coat, fake some white boots (I suggested taking some tube socks and putting them over white runners), and using any ol' pair of goggles. http://doctorhorrible.net has some good suggestions, but all of them are costly. I thought maybe it might be easier to go as the red Doctor Horrible from the end, but finding a red lab coat would probably be more difficult.

It's funny, there's a Stormtrooper battalion here in the province and I always see them at every local convention. It's never occured to me just how many manhours and how much money they put into their costumes.


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