- Not much to comment on this year. Personally, there were highs and lows and while the year wasn't great, it could have been worse. Landing the temp job in October was nice. I've really clicked with my co-workers. We're all such big geeks.

- I officially finished 9 knitting projects. By officially, I mean it's a project on my Raverly page. There were a bunch of small items I made for a friend so she could sell them on her website. I probably could have finished more projects, but I got super unmotivated towards the end of the year. As for what's coming next year, I have plans to knit a Newt Scamander scarf for a friend's cosplay. This should be a fun one. He's assembling a pretty bad ass Newt cosplay so I hope the scarf is up to his standards once it's done.

- I also read 69 books this year. Up a whopping 10 books from last year. It helps that I had a lot of free time this year. Looking back on my list, I seemed to have finished a lot of book series. I completed the Russell Quant mystery series, the I Am Number Four series, and the Temeraire series. I'm sad to see Temeraire end, but at the heart of the narrative is a war, so that can't stretch on forever. I'm still holding out for a TV miniseries from Peter Jackson. Russell Quant was a fun and zippy mystery series set in Saskatoon, so that was entertaining reading. Thank god the I Am Number Four series is done. It was kind of a fun read, but the writing and the characters really bugged me. I know, I could have stopped reading at any time, but after you've invested yourself into a few books, you kind of feel this obligation to reach the end.

I didn't start too many new series this year. For some reason, I've kept reading this really dull knitting themed cozy mystery series. The characters are so one note and the action is so forced and the author repeats herself a lot when she's describing things, and on top of that, I don't think she knows how to knit. So why do I keep reading? I guess it's nice to have some fluff to fall back on after you've finished a particularly heavy book. There are also some YA series that I started, but none of them are really worth mentioning.

The last book I read this year was The Well of Lost Plots, book three of the Thursday Next series. These books are so damn imaginative. Thursday spends all of her time in the Book World in this one and Jasper Fforde puts a wonderful spin on how books are created and assembled. It's strange that no one has expressed interest in making the Thursday Next series a TV show or something. Or maybe it would be hard to pull off due to the various rights involved with using well known book characters.

- Things to look forward to in the new year: I don't know, actually. I haven't made any firm plans. It'd be nice to get back to Cardiff before the Doctor Who Experience shuts down.

TV show wise we have Sherlock season four and Doctor Who season ten and The Expanse season two. Sherlock starts tomorrow, The Expanse February 1, and Doctor Who probably some time in April. Ooh, I do believe iZombie is back in March. Yay! Something to look forward to each month.

On the video game front, Mass Effect Andromeda and Red Dead Redemption 2 are coming! Can't wait to revisit these worlds.

- Well, that's that. So long and good riddance, 2016.
I'm not playing Pokemon Go (mainly because I have a crap data plan and I can't afford to stay connected all the time), but it did inspire me to make this:

Funny thing is, I don't drink coffee or tea, so the cozy is kind of useless to me. But it does look nice on the cup I use to hold all of my pens.

I think I would tweak the design if I make another one. The circle in the middle of the Pokeball needs more black around it. I also had to adjust the pattern on the fly so the inside of the cozy is kind of untidy. I always forget that vertical rows in knitting are shorter than the horizontal rows, so you always need to have one or two extras rows vertically to make a design symmetrical.
- Second Fourth Doctor scarf commission is done! No more scarves for this year after this, Doctor Who or otherwise.

One more scarf behind the cut )

- I had some leftover yarn from knitting both scarves, so I decided to use some of it up to make this:

I wouldn't say I designed it, since I was just following the pattern from doctorwhoscarf.com, but I did adapt the pattern to make a 1/4 sized bookmark. I used US 1 needles, so the stitches are pretty tight, but it makes for a sturdy bookmark.

- I got "The Invasion of Time" DVD from my library over the weekend and I was sort of off-put by the season 15 scarf. It's noticeably different from the original, so my brain kept going "Wrong! Wrong!" through all six episodes. I wonder why they knit a new scarf for season 15. I guess the original was probably looking a little tatty so maybe they wanted to give it a break?
- So yesterday, I got access to a procurement system at work. The only reason this is noteworthy is because it's the same system I used way back when I first started working for the company about eight years ago. It was so weird being back in it. Nothing has changed. I remember hating the system, but actually, it doesn't seem so bad. It's probably because I have more experience with these things now. It's not that all different from a system I used extensively on a previous project.

- The commute is the only good thing about being back at work. I finished two books, Cibola Burn (book four in The Expanse series) and Needled to Death (book two in a knitting themed cozy mystery series), in about a week and one was like 500 pages long. Okay, so I was sneakily reading both books while at work when I had nothing to do, but still. I enjoyed Cibola Burn more, obviously, since it's not a piece of fluff like the mystery was. I can't wait to read the next book in The Expanse series. My usual complaint about the series is how the narrative is usually split between four POVs and three are usually characters we've never met before so it takes longer for you to care about them, but book five is told from the POVs of the Roci crew, so I'm really eager to see how the writers handle the inner narratives for Alex, Amos, and Naomi.

Knitting mystery was something I downloaded because I knew I would finish Cibola Burn before the end of the week and I needed something to read to bridge the gap to the weekend. I'm not sure I'll keep going with this series. It's, well, boring. The mystery is dull, the characters are either forced or bland, and the dialogue doesn't feel natural at all. Funny, considering this is set in the real world but The Expanse is in the future and the dialogue there totally makes more sense. The only vaguely interesting thing in the mystery is the knitting. The main character's knitting woes are familiar woes if you're a knitter. The only thing I didn't believe was how her second project ever was a sleeveless sweater and her third was a sweater knit in the round. She's a beginner! Who jumps to sweaters and knitting in the round after making one chunky scarf?!? Anyway...

- Finished knitting my second Fourth Doctor scarf commission. I just need to put on the tassels and then block the whole thing. Even unblocked and with no tassels, the thing is about as long as the scarf that I knit for myself. Good thing the recipient is a tall guy. His scarf will probably end up being 13 feet once it's complete.

- I'm ready to take a break from knitting for a bit so I can rest my wrists and fingers and shoulders, but somehow I keep finding projects that I want to make. Like, I was looking at how to knit Osgood's scarf from "The Day of the Doctor". Why do I need another multi-coloured scarf? I don't even have any plans to cosplay as her. My sister also keeps trying to get me into sock knitting; as a birthday gift she got me KnitPick's Time Traveller Felici yarn, which is basically a self-striping sock yarn in the Fourth Doctor's scarf colours (minus brown, probably to avoid copyright infringement or a licensing fee). So it's super tempting to learn how to knit socks. And, I'm trying to knit Jessica's grey infinity scarf from Jessica Jones. Too many projects and not enough hours in the day to do them. ;-)
Aw crap. I ran out of yarn on the second to last stripe on my Fourth Doctor scarf commission. :-P Now I have to buy another ball of yarn just to finish off the stripe. It wouldn't be so bad if the stripe was really big, like over 20 rows, but nope, the dang thing is only 8 rows and I'm halfway through. I thought I had bought enough, but I guess not. And I was on track to finish the scarf by the weekend, putting the whole project time under a month.

Ugh, shipping to Canada is such crap. Why does the Canadian dollar have to suck so much right now?
- Upfronts are going on right now so there's a constant stream of news about new shows for the fall. MCU took another hit as ABC didn't pick up Marvel's Most Wanted, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off with Hunter and Bobbi. The two of them were written out for nothing. Fingers crossed that the writers can figure out a way to write them back in. So the only thing left on the books for the TV side of the MCU is Damage Control, which I think is still in development, and Cloak and Dagger, which is going ahead on Freeform (formerly ABC Family).

I don't think Damage Control has much chance of becoming a series. DC's Powerless on NBC, which got a series pick-up, pretty much has the same premise: a workplace comedy about a company that cleans up after the superheroes. The only difference is the roster of superheroes that cause all of the destruction. I think Marvel is happy with the success of their Netflix shows, so the stuff on network television takes a back seat.

Oh, and Hayley Atwell's new show, Conviction, got a series pick-up. The name of her character? Carter Morrison. Carter! Just rub it in, ABC. I read that the show is going to film in Toronto, so that's the one small upside; Hayley in Canada.

- And they're remaking MacGyver. :-P The pilot got a series pick-up. No thank you. The 1980s version is perfectly cheesy and fun and the stakes were never too high. And the mullet! What will the show be without the signature MacGyver mullet? If they must redo everything, at least keep the science plausible. While some of the stuff Mac came up with it wouldn't work in real life (thank you Mythbusters for testing some of his ingenious lash ups), the ideas had a basis in real science. I hope the writers remember that when trying to get Mac out of a jam. Hmm, I wonder if Richard Dean Anderson will have a cameo...

- One more episode to go for Legends of Tomorrow.

Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow 1x15, "Destiny" )

- Started my second Fourth Doctor scarf commission last week. My arms and wrists are already getting sore. Maybe I need to do stretches before I start knitting for the day. But I can't wait to finish this thing. I can move on to other projects that are much smaller.
And it's completely done! Approximately 20 feet of multi-coloured garter stitch.

Photo behind the cut )

So this took what? About two months and a week? Just think; it took me about the same amount of time to make my scarf last year and that one was only 11 feet. Now I just need to deliver this to my friend and then she can proudly wear it around somewhere. Preferably a place with clean floors and no puddles.
Knitting is done!

Unfortuately, I'm not done done yet. The scarf is still in two pieces, which I need to wash and block separately before I can join them. But just over two months to do all of the knitting ain't bad. :-)
- Ugh, spring. This is the worst time of year for my allergies. I can't stop sneezing. You'd think staying indoors would help, but nope. Time to crack open a box of antihistamines.

- I am so close to finishing my friend's Fourth Doctor scarf:

This isn't a true representation of where I am in the pattern, I'm 10 panels away from the end and one of those panels is 56 rows, but you get the rough idea. I can't wait to finish knitting this thing. The row upon row of garter stitch isn't tedious, but I would like to rest my wrists and arms for a bit. My friend's going to love it, though. I have to remember to snap some pictures before I hand it over.

- I'm only two episodes into Daredevil's second season, but man, those endings do compel you to keep watching. I try not to devour everything in one sitting, though. I know, I know, Netflix shows are meant for binge watching, but I'm old school. I'm used to watching one episode per week. It gives you a sense of suspense.

It's hard to judge a season from just two episodes, but it's not bad so far. The presence of the Punishes really makes Matt question whether his vigilantism is a good thing or not. I just can't get behind his red suit; I don't know what it is. The black ninja look was just so sleek and minimal, while the red suit is kind of busy. I mean, it's no more busy than Ollie's current Arrow costume, but that feels more organic somehow. But hey, if that's the only complaint I have about the show, then that's the sign of a good show. ;-)

- I managed to find a decent leather jacket for my Rose cosplay from "Doomsday". I mean, I have the wrist warmers so I felt compelled to complete the outfit. While it's not a great match to the jacket in the episode, you still get a sense of the costume. And now I have a leather jacket I can wear out. :-) That's always the nice thing when you cosplay characters who wear normal clothes; you can work the pieces into your every day life.

- Comic book expo is under six weeks away. I think I'm ready. I have my photo-ops sorted and my cosplays worked out. It feels like it won't be a big year this year; attendance numbers will probably be down. This year will actually be my tenth year attending the expo. It's crazy to think how far it has come since then. My first year, it was held in one big room and the panel area was this small space blocked off with curtains. Now the expo takes up the entire Stampede grounds.
- My friend, the one I'm knitting the season 16/17 Doctor Who scarf for, recommended a really good book last year and I only got around to reading it a couple of weeks ago. I just finished it and I wish I had read it sooner. It was so good. Jackaby, by William Ritter. It was described to me as Doctor Who meets Sherlock Holmes, and yup, that was a totally accurate summation. Jackaby is a consulting detective who is brilliant and observant but completely oblivious at times, but he is always about helping people. Just imagine a younger Benedict Cumberbatch with the coordination and voice of Eleven. So much of the dialogue sounded like things Eleven would say. I don't know if it's an intended homage by the author or if he was subconsciously channelling Eleven while he was writing, but I had Eleven's voice in my head the entire time. Basically, Jackaby is the love child of Sherlock and the Eleventh Doctor, but he investigates paranormal and supernatural cases.

Jackaby also has an assistant, who very much fills the Companion/Watson role. Abigail writes up the cases and asks the questions and gets into trouble so Jackaby can come up with a solution, but she also humanizes Jackaby. I pretty much pictured Victorian!Clara in the role. You'd think the similarities would stop there, but Jackaby also lives in a house with strange inner dimensions and the land lady type character is like a cross between Mrs. Hudson and the TARDIS.

Heh, it's almost like this book started life as a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover fic. ;-) I do recommend it, though, if you're a fan of either show. It's not without its flaws, but it is a fun read.

- Rose's wrist warmers from "Doomsday" are done! I finished blocking them last night:

Picture behind the cut )

- So there was that new trailer for Captain America: Civil War and they had a certain someone appear at the end.

Spoilers for the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer )

I also hope that Steve doesn't come out looking like a jerk in the movie. The same goes for Tony. Someone has to be the "bad guy" in the plot, but please don't compromise the integrity of the characters.
- Had to cancel my cruise for this year. It's been planned since last year, but I just don't have the funds right now for a vacation overseas. I'm bummed, sure, but I have the Star Trek 50th anniversary con in Las Vegas to look forward to and I think that'll be more fun. Ronald D. Moore, Star Trek writer extraordinaire and creator of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, is one of the guests and I'm super excited to see him. Most cons don't bother to have writers as guests so it'll be a great chance to hear him talk about the process. I really want him to sign something but I don't know what yet. Hopefully he is doing autographs.

- I'm still watching Legends of Tomorrow. I love the characters, but logistics is not the show's strong suit. It feels like the writers have no idea what to do with all of the characters or how to work their powers and skill sets organically into the plot. So we get a lot of scenarios where half of the team is back on the Waverider twiddling their thumbs and it makes no sense. Oh sure, the writers try their best to explain it away, but in the end, Rip just ends up looking like an idiot. I really hope they learn how to balance everyone as the show progresses.

Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow 1x06, "Star City 2046" )

- Still knitting away at my friend's season 16/17 Fourth Doctor scarf. I've started the "Duplicate" half, so I'm at least 50% done. I get so bored doing endless rows of garter stitch that I started a bunch of side projects to keep my sanity. I'm nearly done Rose's wrist warmers from "Doomsday" and I came up with a pattern that replicates Jessica's infinity scarf from Jessica Jones. It's not a super accurate design, but it's good enough for my liking.

- Agent Carter is done for the season tomorrow. :-( I hope the show gets renewed for a third season. Maybe Netflix can pick it up if ABC decides to drop it? I mean, if Full House can get a revival, then surely Agent Carter can find a good home there.
Halfway done the Scarf! In that, I've finished knitting the "Hero" half. Though, according to Scarf-O-Matic, I'm only this far done:

Still, this is pretty good. It took me two months to knit the season 13 length, and the "Hero" half is roughly a season 14 length, so it's safe to say that I'm progressing much faster this time around. Now it's on to the "Duplicate" half, which is a duplicate of the season 13 scarf, but knit on a smaller gauge. It's also whole, with no panels removed, so this is the full length. I'm thinking it will take me more than a month to finish off this half, but I should be done before the end of April. *fingers crossed*

If I am done by then, great, because that's when the comic book expo is and it gives my friend the opportunity to wear the Scarf if she decides to go. And then she can show it off. :-)

I'm definitely going to take a break before I tackle my second commission. Give my wrists a bit of a rest.
Two weeks in and I have just over three feet of scarf. Or, according to Scarf-O-Matic, I'm this much done:

Do you know that the season 16/17 scarf was about 23 feet? That's a mind boggling amount of scarf. Not that I'm knitting all 23 feet. I estimate that about a third of the length is reached by blocking the scarf, i.e. stretching it when its wet. So I probably have another 3 or 4 feet to go and I'll be done the "Hero" half of the scarf. Then it's on the "Duplicate" half. Thank goodness this version of the Scarf is basically two scarves joined together. I totally don't have the room to block something that huge.

The constant knitting does make me sore, but, like last time, I think my body is getting used to the repetative motion, so what hurt a few days doesn't hurt today. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Hopefully I don't end up with claws for hands after I'm done. ;-)

I think I'm making faster progress than last time. It helps that I have nothing else to do during the day...
- So, The X-Files is finally back. I was a bit young to appreciate the show back when it was in its heyday, but I remember enough that I'm still excited for the revival. The first episode was... I wouldn't call it horrible, but it wasn't great, either. I personally can't remember what the whole conspiracy thing about the alien invasion planned for 2012 was about, so maybe that's why I couldn't get into the episode. There was also a continuity error with David Duchovny's hair that distracted me. The second episode was better. The Monster of the Week plot was always what worked best for the show.

And they acknowledged Mulder and Scully's kid! It's so weird to think that William is now 15. I'm still annoyed that Chris Carter broke up Mulder and Scully for the drama. Bleh. You can still have drama and tension even if two people are in a relationship.

- I have started the Fourth Doctor scarf (season 16/17 length) for my friend. This is a week earlier than I expected. I'm sure the extra time won't make a huge difference, but every bit counts.

- I'm also in the early stages of knitting up Rose's wrist warmers from the end of "Doomsday". I bought the yarn and I just need the right needles. I know it seems silly to tackle another project while working on the Scarf, but I'm more tempted to do a Rose cosplay for the comic book expo rather than a femme!Ten. Her outfit from the end of "Doomsday" is easy to put together and hey, it also includes an knitted item that I have enough talent to make. I get to learn how to do cabling, too, and if for some reason Billie Piper cancels, that's okay. I still end up with something I can wear every day. It's nice that my knitting obsession can lend itself to my fannish obsessions. ;-)

- I don't why I took this book from my book club, but I just finished reading Prom and Prejudice, a modern take on Pride and Prejudice set in a girl's boarding school. Guh, this was the stupidest thing ever. It's a high school AU of Pride and Prejudice that got published! Why?!? It takes the basic plot of the book and then does nothing new with it. At least Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has zombies and Bridget Jones' Diary was well written. This book has the usual YA angst and the main character has no agency whatsoever. Lizzie Bennett muddles her way through the plot and lets Will Darcy initiate any plot developments. If you're going to update a classic, at least make Lizzie more assertive.

The other sad thing about this? This is the fourth book I've read based on Pride and Prejudice (the third being Longbourn, which was also better) and I haven't even read the original yet. I should at least read the source material before reading all of these adaptations.
It's not in my hands yet, but very soon it will be.

29 balls of yarn. It's roughly enough to make three Fourth Doctor scarves, which, technically, I am doing since the season 16/17 length is basically two scarves joined together.

I have no idea how long this will take, but I hope to have the season 16/17 one done before August. The friend I'm making this for helps to run a local literary con and I would love for her to have her scarf by then. One of the authors who attends the con has her own Fourth Doctor scarf as well, so the two of them can have a scarf off. ;-)

Good thing I have so much free time on my hands.
One last post for the year:

- Finished 59 books this year, one short from last year. Going downtown to visit with my sister and my niece really helped. The best book series I picked up this year was The Expanse series. It's a space opera at its finest. I need to get cracking on book three, but I have so many other books to read from my book club. Second best series I picked up this year was the Thursday Next series. I love the alternative 1985 England that Thursday lives in. Third best series I picked up this year was the Russell Quant series. Russell is a gay P.I. who works in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and he has such breezy and geeky attitude that's fun to read.

Last book I finished this year was Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond. It's written by a local author; one of the book club ladies picked it up at the literary con that's held here every August. It has a fun steampunk setting and a plucky journalist as the main character. The weird thing about the book, though, is that it reads like the second book in a series. There's all this backstory and references to past events, but as far as I can tell, this is the first book. Maybe the author didn't want to do an origin story. There are some witty character names, too. Colonel Muster, Professor Plumb, nods to Clue of course; Windsor "Windy" Jones, professor as Indiana University; a take on Indiana "Indy" Jones; and Hercule Hornblower, a Belgian detective who uses his "little grey cells" to solve crimes but mostly falls asleep; Hercule Poirot, if Poirot was narcoleptic.

- Completed 13 knitting projects. I say that's pretty good, considering I only picked up knitting at the beginning of the year. Best project, hands down, has to be my Fourth Doctor scarf. It wasn't the most complicated project (that honour goes to the Mass Effect scarf I knitted for my sister), but I ended up with something that is so iconic. Plus, thanks to that project, I'm getting paid to knit two more. :-)

My sister keeps bugging me to learn sock knitting, but I don't know when I would get around to that. I want to learn how to read charts and do more colour work first. I also want to knit Amy's scarf and fingerless gloves combo from "The Pandorica Opens". Why do I want to keep knitting scarves? You'd think I would be sick of them by now.

- Got laid off this year, but let's not dwell on that.

- Had a fun vacation cruising around the Mediterranean. Venice was the best port; so much history and culture there. Pompeii was the best excursion, but visiting Trogir is a close second, if only because it was a filming location on Doctor Who.

- The comic book expo was crazy busy and fun this year. Meeting Ming-Na and Hayley Atwell was the best part of the weekend. I don't see the expo getting a lot of big name guests next year. The Canadian dollar is super crappy right now. Though, who knows. The expo team has pulled off huge last minute surprises before so I wouldn't put it past them to do it again.

Things to look forward to next year:
- Cruise around the British Isles in May with Amsterdam and Paris thrown in. Sadly, the cruise is no longer stopping in Wales, which makes me very sad. The port would have been in Northern Wales, presenting me with an opportunity to visit Portmeirion, the filming location of The Prisoner. I may need to head back to Wales in 2017.
- 50th anniversary Star Trek convention in Las Vegas in August. I attended this con a few years ago and the company that runs it really knows their stuff, so this one should be a blast. I expect Paramount and CBS to do a ton of stuff for the anniversary next year. And man, Star Trek Beyond better not suck. This is their last chance to get it right.
- Plus other miscellanea, like superhero movies and TV shows.

As usual, nothing extremely exciting, but there's nothing wrong with that.
I just wanted to post some pictures of the Christmas gifts I knitted this year. When I picked up knitting at the start of this year, I never thought to myself that I would become proficient enough to make really cool things for other people, so I rather happy that I was able to make these things.

Knitted Christmas gifts behind the cut )

So yeah, I've been knitting up a storm, off and on, since the end of August. I'm currently working on another hat for my niece, but for the most part, I'm going to take a break from knitting. I need to rest my wrists before I start the two Fourth Doctor scarves that were commissioned by my friends.
- All of my Christmas knitting is done! Man, it was a sprint to the finish there. I was spending, like, every waking hour knitting in order to get everything done on time. Next time, I'm going to start my projects early. Pictures to come after the gifts are given to their intended recipients.

- AbbyShot is taking pre-orders for their Twelfth Doctor coat. It looks pretty sweet. Expensive as heck, but pretty sweet. The only thing they didn't get quite right was the red lining (from what I can see from the pictures on the site). On the replica, it's plain red, but the coat lining on the show is actually two toned and with a subtle pattern. It's a minor thing, really; most people aren't going to notice that the lining isn't exactly right.

I just wish they had a ladies version of the coat. There may be one in the works for all I know, and if so, they really should release it along with the guy version. There are women cosplayers out there who would probably love to do a femme!Twelve costume, me included. The price, though, gives me pause. I know AbbyShot does quality work, but they don't even have free shipping. Maybe I'll see the coat at the comic book expo in April. The vendor I bought my ladies Tenth Doctor coat from had a bunch of AbbyShot coats, so I could judge for myself whether it's worth buying.

- Currently watching The Expanse, the TV show based on the book series of the same name. The pilot was great and the space scenes looked amazing, but now the writers are starting to change things from how they are in the first book. I didn't mind that they introduced a character from the second book for the first season, but there are other deviations going on that I'm not so sure about. I know a TV show based on a book doesn't have to follow every event to the letter, but these changes better pay off.

And you can totally tell that the show is filmed in Canada. A lot of the minor characters are played by Canadian actors. It's like a game sometimes, because you tend to see the same Canadian actors over and over again.

- Space, the TV channel that airs Doctor Who in Canada, is having a Doctor Who marathon that lasts for three days. My god, I love this channel. They're showing all of the Christmas specials (with "Planet of the Dead", "The Waters of Mars", and "The Day of the Doctor" thrown in), all of season eight, and all of season nine. This is all lead up to the new Christmas special on Friday. I've already seen all of these episodes more than a few times, but it's nice to know that I can turn on the TV at any given point during the day and Doctor Who will be on. :-D They've also been airing promos for "The Husbands of River Song" and they make me smile every time. I hope the episode ends up being a fun romp. We need something upbeat after how things ended in the finale.
- There were a pile of Christmas themed books at my book club meeting yesterday and everyone tried so hard to get me to take some home. Nope. I'm not against Christmas, but I hate Christmas books. They're all the same Hallmark-y crap that has no substance at all and the plots sound nearly identical. It also doesn't help that most stories have a romance and you all know what I think of romance novels. I'll just stick to watching the annual Doctor Who Christmas special, thank you very much. The episode may be hit or miss, but it's ten times more entertaining.

- It's what? 12 days until Christmas? God, where did the time go? I'm still working on my last knitted Christmas gift and I'm starting to doubt whether I'll have it done in time. My back is getting sore from being hunched over the yarn.

- The local comic book expo is teasing a big guest announcement on Tuesday. So far, the line-up has been kind of lacklustre so hopefully this one is exciting. The only hint they've given is that this person, they specifically said he, is an oft requested guest and it's going to be very cool news for a "certain cult following." It's the "cult following" bit that throws me. Cult, in my mind, implies a fandom that's not very well known. Like, it won't be a Star Trek or a Star Wars actor because those are huge fandoms. But cult could also mean something that's not mainstream and that describes a lot of sci fi/fantasy TV shows and movies. The one guess that keeps floating around is David Tennant; people request him every year. Is Doctor Who a "cult following" though? I think I've heard the show be described as a cult phenomenon so maybe people are right. David has been doing quite a few cons through Wizard World. Perhaps the expo people found a way to lure him to Canada. If I have an incomprehensible post on Tuesday that's all exclamation marks then you know it was David that they announced. ;-)

- Speaking of David, I finished Jessica Jones. I think I liked Daredevil more. Maybe it's because Daredevil was more action-y and that helped with the pace.

Spoilers for season one of Jessica Jones )

Now that David and Christopher Eccelston have played Marvel baddies, I fully expect Matt Smith to play a Marvel villain in the future.
- Well, I'm officially unemployed now, but what are you going to do.

- At least now I have time to knit and read. I've been visiting my sister and my niece a lot over the past couple of weeks and I once again I get in an hour of reading while taking the train in and out of downtown. Maybe I can finish off the pile of books I got from my book club. I am definitely grateful for the knitting time. In my enthusiasm to make things, I decided to knit all of my Christmas gift. I've finished two but I still have two more to finish. Fingers crossed that I get them done on time.

- Speaking of knitting, I've been watching Jessica Jones and I can't stop staring at her grey scarf. It's an infinity scarf, but I can't make out the pattern on it. Hell, it might not even be knitted. But that's how my brain works now. I look at knitted items and I obsess over how they were made. I think Jessica's scarf may be a seed stitch pattern, but who knows.

- I'm only three episodes in to Jessica Jones, but I like it. Similar to Daredevil, they really down play her powers and so the show feels more like a detective show rather than a super hero show. I'm surprised they haven't referenced Daredevil yet, but maybe there's something later in the season. And damn, David Tennant's English accent is so slick; I'm so used to his rougher Tenth Doctor accent. I know Kilgrave is crazy and sadistic, but I would totally listen to anything he has to say with that accent. ;-)

- And Happy 52nd Whoniversay! It was two years ago that I got to tour the TARDIS set. Man, I really need to get back to Cardiff at some point. I didn't see enough of the city when I was there.


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