- Blargh, it's not a cold anymore. I have a chest infection (with an eye infection on top of that). :-P I thought I was getting better, but my cough started to get worse around Tuesday. I'm on antibiotics now, plus I'm resting at home today, so hopefully this will clear up relatively soon. Persistent little cold bug going around the office. My supervisor said she has a sinus infection.

- One advantage to staying home is you get to watch copious amounts of TV. Space did a week long Star Trek marathon, with each day following a different theme. Monday had episodes all about Q, Tuesday was all time travel episodes, Wednesday was episodes all about the holodeck, Thursday was all about the Borg, and today is alternative realities. Nice way to get a mix of all of the shows in there. Plus, they aired all ten of the "classic" Star Trek movies. "Classic" was how Space billed them; I guess you have to define them separately from the Kelvin timeline movies. God, I love Space. Thank you for providing quality programming during the holidays.

- I saw this article today; I can't believe that Animorphs is 20 years old. I loved that book series when I was a kid. This was still back in the heyday of the book order form, so every time a flyer came out, I always got the latest Animorphs book or books. I was so consistent in my ordering habits, the teacher looking after the forms always knew to expect me. Oh man, good times. Do they still have book order forms in schools?

To the best of my memory, I got into Animorphs because I had won $5 worth through the order form. I can't recall what I had won at school in order to win this, but I do distinctly remember ordering book five (and maybe book six?). $2.50 each; now that's a bargain. It was a little weird starting the series on book five. Marco was talking about stuff from the first four books, like how they had just rescued Ax from the bottom of the ocean. A good way to get hooked, though. You have to go back and read the other books to figure out what's going on.

I haven't read any of the books in ages. I have all of the main books and most of the companion books packed up in a box somewhere. It'd be neat to read them now as an adult. I'm surprised Scholastic hasn't tried to do a revival. Or maybe they did; I vaguely recall seeing some new covers that looked completely different. I guess kids weren't interested. A new TV show would be fun, though. The one that aired ages ago on YTV was okay, but it could have been better. I mean, just look at the new Power Rangers movie. 90s nostalgia is all the rage right now.

- Need to do a year end wrap up post. I have to total up the number of books I read this year.
- Wha? A friend on Facebook posted that Doctor Who will be filming in Vancouver in October. Awesome news or ridiculous rumour? Until I hear something official from the BBC, I'm taking this with a grain of salt. Why fly all the way over here for forests or mountains or snow when there's plenty of that in the UK and Europe? But it would be great if Doctor Who came back to Vancouver to shoot an episode. I would totally make an effort to visit Vancouver to catch a glimpse of them filming stuff. Okay, and potentially meet Peter Capaldi.

- I had to add buttons to a knitting commission, but since Home-Ec was a very long time ago, I turned to the Internet for help. In a couple of minutes, I had a handy guide on how to sew a button and the button shank. Man, what did we do before we had complete strangers posting how-to videos on YouTube?

- I spent the past weekend at a literary convention/book festival (that's two cons in two weekends for those playing at home). It's billed as a festival for readers and writers, but I feel like most of the panels are for writers. It's still a fun con either way, but I always come back feeling like I suck as a writer. There's a series of panels where manuscripts are submitted anonymously and then read aloud and there's some good stuff in there. I don't feel the need to write a novel with all of my free time, but I do feel like I should step up my game or something.

Oh, and I ran into a former co-worker at the con. She was manning the registration table and I totally didn't recognize her right away. She, though, recognized me, and I was momentarily thrown as to why this lady was greeting me so warmly. I felt kind of stupid that it took me a few seconds to remember she was a fellow admin. Placing names and faces together is not one of my strong suits (unless it's related to trivia, then I totally rock).

- And for no apparent reason, I have started looking at Halloween costumes even though Halloween is over two months away. It's always fun looking at what's new for the year. Obviously the big costumes for 2016 are Suicide Squad related, so there'll be lots of Harleys, Jokers, Katanas, Deadshots, Killer Crocs, and Diablos. There's actually a cool temporary face tattoo thing for Diablo, so if you don't have make-up skills, that's a cheap and easy way to cosplay Diablo.

I'm thinking I'll piece something together from stuff I already have. I'm finally making some progress on my Jessica Jones inspired infinity scarf, so if I can get that done by Halloween, then the rest of the costume will be a cinch. I also love the idea of doing a femme!Rip Hunter or a Rip Huntress if you will. ;-) I have my Ten brown coat; I could easily fake the rest of the outfit. It's Halloween, so it doesn't have to be super accurate.
- Off to Las Vegas for a Star Trek 50th Anniversary convention. The con actually started today, but it's just pre-registration, so things really don't get started until tomorrow. I thought they would ease into things, but they have guests panels starting tomorrow plus autographs and photo-ops. This con means business. ;-) Since I assumed nothing would be happening tomorrow, I bought tickets to Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. attraction at Treasure Island. So once I land in Vegas, I have to rush to the hotel, drop off my bags and/or check in, then book it over to the Strip. I'll do registration in the evening; hopefully that won't take long.

- In preparing for my trip, I decided to back up my phone just in case. I was prompted to do a software update, so I hit yes and did the download and install. Stupid phone decided to stall in the middle of the update so suddenly I didn't have a working phone. :-P This totally wasn't something I wanted to deal with a day before my vacation. Thankfully, there's an Apple store at the mall so I rushed over there to get help. One of the guys did something and the update finally took. Luckily, I had a back-up of my phone from when I was trying to install the update, so I didn't lose anything.

But this whole thing made me realize just how dependant I am on my phone. It's not just that all of my contacts are on it. I'm so used to using my phone as a watch that I had no idea what time it was when I got to the mall. Hell, I didn't even know what time it was to go back for my appointment with the Apple guys. It was so disconcerting not knowing the time of day at a glance. It's scary how much of your life is tied up with one device.

- All right, have to finish packing. Yes, I'm still packing.
- First week back at work. I didn't do anything for the first two days because, as usual, nothing was set up properly. Oh well, at least I got paid to sit around. Things should pick up next week now that I have access to everything. And I don't mean to speak ill of my co-workers, but after poking around the reports and files I used to handle, I have a vague feeling that nothing was done correctly after I left. Probably because no one had time to maintain everything. See, this is why they should have kept me on. I would have kept everyone organized.

- The project moved buildings in the interim, so now I have to commute downtown, but it does give me more time to read. I finished a book yesterday and I'm already a third of the way through the fourth book in The Expanse series. I didn't think I would get to Cibola Burn so quickly, but when I saw that it was available, I had to download the ebook from the library. Sometimes I have nothing to do at work, so it's nice to have a book on my phone so I can sneakily pass the time. Plus, I don't have to lug around a brick of a book in my backpack.

- The Star Trek con I'm attending in August announced Scott Bakula as a guest and it's a big deal since he doesn't do a lot of cons. And I get his autograph for free! It's complimentary with my ticket package. So I have to decide what he should sign; like, do I buy a photo there or do I bring something from home that's free? I didn't love Star Trek Enterprise, but when the man is literally giving away his pricey autograph, you can't turn it down. Maybe I'll find a Quantum Leap photo. ;-) I loved him in that show.

- With the major TV shows done for the season, it's nice to have the evenings free. I'm catching up on DVDs and whatnot. My library got a bunch of new Doctor Who DVDs in, so I'm slowly making my way through them. And I saw today that they finally released "The Underwater Menace" on DVD. This is probably old news, but it was new to me. I guess that means all of the existing episodes have finally been released to the public.

- Speaking of Doctor Who, filming for season ten starts in two weeks. Of course, we won't see the bulk of their efforts until some time next year. Damn you, sporting events, getting in the way of new episodes!
- I tried out axe throwing over the weekend and I'm still sore. God, I need to get into shape. But axe throwing was super fun. It took me a while to get into it, but I did manage two bull's-eye towards the end. I do have photographic proof, just not on my phone; my friend was taking pictures on her very nice camera. I do have pictures of me throwing the big axe they use to settle ties. That thing is heavy. The head itself is two pounds. Oh, and I managed to get the big axe to stick to the board. It didn't hit the target, but hey, I was just happy to get in the vicinity of the target. :-)

- I saw this neat write-up about Bill's outfit from her introduction video. I'm always amazed at how fast the fans are able to ID items.

The other cool thing about the article is that it points out some details that I didn't notice. Turns out that there are a few more patches on Bill's jacket than just the "Wow!" one. Gives the outfit a bit of an Ace vibe. I'm wondering if the jean jacket will be a staple of Bill's wardrobe. You wouldn't customize something that much without intending to use it a lot.

And only five patches total, if you include the writing on the back corner as one patch, so you won't go completely broke trying to find everything.

- Weather forecast for the comic book expo keeps changing. Sun, clouds, rain; no one can make up their mind. No rain on Friday is preferable, since that's parade day, but no rain all weekend would be even nicer. You have to walk to another building to get to the photo-ops area and no one wants to get their costume or nice outfit wet. Alas, this is Canada, where it can snow at any time of the year.

But if it does, god forbid, snow, then at least the guests have an amusing story to bring home. I still remember the year Matt Smith was here. It snowed on the Saturday and he was totally thrown off by the sight of people walking outside in the snow in only t-shirts and jeans. Canadians; we're made of hearty stuff. :-D

- Speaking of the parade, I managed to borrow a small Bluetooth speaker so we'll have music playing while we walk. We didn't have music last year and, I don't know, it just wasn't the same. I have about an hour's worth of music, which includes every variation of the theme song (including my favourite, the guitar remix from "Before the Flood"), Doctor specific tracks (like "I Am the Doctor"), every original song Murray Gold has written for the show (excluding "Silence is All You Know" since the tempo is a little slow), and everyone's favourite "Who is the Doctor" as "sung" by Jon Pertwee. Oh, and the disco version of the theme song by Ron Grainger. Still can't believe it was actually arranged by him and it wasn't a fan remix. All of this is on my phone so no bulky CD player to haul around this time. Yay for technology!

I'm sure by the end of parade we'll be sick and tired of listening to the Doctor Who theme song over and over. ;-) It's kind of amazing how many times it has been re-imagined.
- Had to cancel my cruise for this year. It's been planned since last year, but I just don't have the funds right now for a vacation overseas. I'm bummed, sure, but I have the Star Trek 50th anniversary con in Las Vegas to look forward to and I think that'll be more fun. Ronald D. Moore, Star Trek writer extraordinaire and creator of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, is one of the guests and I'm super excited to see him. Most cons don't bother to have writers as guests so it'll be a great chance to hear him talk about the process. I really want him to sign something but I don't know what yet. Hopefully he is doing autographs.

- I'm still watching Legends of Tomorrow. I love the characters, but logistics is not the show's strong suit. It feels like the writers have no idea what to do with all of the characters or how to work their powers and skill sets organically into the plot. So we get a lot of scenarios where half of the team is back on the Waverider twiddling their thumbs and it makes no sense. Oh sure, the writers try their best to explain it away, but in the end, Rip just ends up looking like an idiot. I really hope they learn how to balance everyone as the show progresses.

Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow 1x06, "Star City 2046" )

- Still knitting away at my friend's season 16/17 Fourth Doctor scarf. I've started the "Duplicate" half, so I'm at least 50% done. I get so bored doing endless rows of garter stitch that I started a bunch of side projects to keep my sanity. I'm nearly done Rose's wrist warmers from "Doomsday" and I came up with a pattern that replicates Jessica's infinity scarf from Jessica Jones. It's not a super accurate design, but it's good enough for my liking.

- Agent Carter is done for the season tomorrow. :-( I hope the show gets renewed for a third season. Maybe Netflix can pick it up if ABC decides to drop it? I mean, if Full House can get a revival, then surely Agent Carter can find a good home there.
- Saw The Force Awakens again last night. I can see why people keep going to see it. You pick up new things each time. The friend I went with also had an interesting theory about a certain character. I don't know if he's the only one who has thought of this, but even if other fans have had this idea, it's still a neat one:

Spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens )

- Oh, and after the movie we did dinner and we ended up sitting in the lounge. The waitress actually carded me. Seriously? I still look like I'm under 25? Lady, I haven't been 25 in a while. I guess I should take this as a compliment, but it's still weird.

- Now that my Christmas knitting is done, I find myself with more time on my hands. I know that time should be used to go job hunting, but I'm just not feeling it.

- Instead, I've gotten back into my video games. I started playing Assassin's Creed: Unity. It's for the PS4, so it's a next gen game, and it looks gorgeous. The game play and the cut scenes have the same level of detail. The game was notoriously glitchy when it first came out, so hopefully they've worked out the bugs by now. The game is set during the French Revolution so I like to think I'm learning some history while I play. ;-) Actually, the French Revolution is something they teach in Canadian high schools, since Canada doesn't have a violent revolution of its own to learn about, so I should know some of this stuff already. At one point the main character is thrown into prison and I instantly knew it was the Bastille. And what do you know. The character is still there when Bastille Day happens. My cruise in May visits Paris, so if I end up touring the city, I can look for places from the game. I mean, I did the same thing in Venice and Rome last year. :-)
One last post for the year:

- Finished 59 books this year, one short from last year. Going downtown to visit with my sister and my niece really helped. The best book series I picked up this year was The Expanse series. It's a space opera at its finest. I need to get cracking on book three, but I have so many other books to read from my book club. Second best series I picked up this year was the Thursday Next series. I love the alternative 1985 England that Thursday lives in. Third best series I picked up this year was the Russell Quant series. Russell is a gay P.I. who works in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and he has such breezy and geeky attitude that's fun to read.

Last book I finished this year was Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond. It's written by a local author; one of the book club ladies picked it up at the literary con that's held here every August. It has a fun steampunk setting and a plucky journalist as the main character. The weird thing about the book, though, is that it reads like the second book in a series. There's all this backstory and references to past events, but as far as I can tell, this is the first book. Maybe the author didn't want to do an origin story. There are some witty character names, too. Colonel Muster, Professor Plumb, nods to Clue of course; Windsor "Windy" Jones, professor as Indiana University; a take on Indiana "Indy" Jones; and Hercule Hornblower, a Belgian detective who uses his "little grey cells" to solve crimes but mostly falls asleep; Hercule Poirot, if Poirot was narcoleptic.

- Completed 13 knitting projects. I say that's pretty good, considering I only picked up knitting at the beginning of the year. Best project, hands down, has to be my Fourth Doctor scarf. It wasn't the most complicated project (that honour goes to the Mass Effect scarf I knitted for my sister), but I ended up with something that is so iconic. Plus, thanks to that project, I'm getting paid to knit two more. :-)

My sister keeps bugging me to learn sock knitting, but I don't know when I would get around to that. I want to learn how to read charts and do more colour work first. I also want to knit Amy's scarf and fingerless gloves combo from "The Pandorica Opens". Why do I want to keep knitting scarves? You'd think I would be sick of them by now.

- Got laid off this year, but let's not dwell on that.

- Had a fun vacation cruising around the Mediterranean. Venice was the best port; so much history and culture there. Pompeii was the best excursion, but visiting Trogir is a close second, if only because it was a filming location on Doctor Who.

- The comic book expo was crazy busy and fun this year. Meeting Ming-Na and Hayley Atwell was the best part of the weekend. I don't see the expo getting a lot of big name guests next year. The Canadian dollar is super crappy right now. Though, who knows. The expo team has pulled off huge last minute surprises before so I wouldn't put it past them to do it again.

Things to look forward to next year:
- Cruise around the British Isles in May with Amsterdam and Paris thrown in. Sadly, the cruise is no longer stopping in Wales, which makes me very sad. The port would have been in Northern Wales, presenting me with an opportunity to visit Portmeirion, the filming location of The Prisoner. I may need to head back to Wales in 2017.
- 50th anniversary Star Trek convention in Las Vegas in August. I attended this con a few years ago and the company that runs it really knows their stuff, so this one should be a blast. I expect Paramount and CBS to do a ton of stuff for the anniversary next year. And man, Star Trek Beyond better not suck. This is their last chance to get it right.
- Plus other miscellanea, like superhero movies and TV shows.

As usual, nothing extremely exciting, but there's nothing wrong with that.
- Turns out, if you want to be on EI, you have to provide bi-weekly updates to the government. You have to provide proof that you're looking for work. Back to the employment agency I go.

- So I was watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last night and for the first time in a long time, I was sad that the episode was over. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was near the end of the hour, but nothing had been resolved yet, and I couldn't believe it. Most weeks, AoS doesn't hold my attention like The Flash does, but this week, I think it's safe to say that both shows were excellent.

- But to be honest, The Flash still won the night. Why? Crossover! They dove right in and didn't look back. It was very much the Flash/Green Arrow hour rather than The Flash guest starring some characters from Arrow. The crossover is all about setting up Legends of Tomorrow, so there's a ton of set-up, but they had a lot of fun with this episode. I'm super hopeful that the second part tonight on Arrow is even better now that all of the exposition is out of the way. I'm not sure I totally agree with how they're handling the origins of one of the characters, but they'll probably expand upon it during the course of LoT.

- Oh, and for some reason, ABC has pushed back the premiere date of Agent Carter's second season. January 19 rather than January 5. I think that means that Agent Carter and Legends of Tomorrow will be airing against each other. At the very least, people will be comparing their ratings. As much as I love Peggy and her ass kicking ways, I don't know if she can compete against another comic book show that has like, six, superheroes in it plus time travel. So when it comes time to renew Agent Carter for another season, I hope the network execs keep in mind that there was stiff competition that year.

- And I'm nearly done Jessica Jones. Just three more episodes to go. It kind of feels like the show is running out of steam going into the final leg, like they only had enough content for ten episodes and they were forced to stretch it out to thirteen episodes. It's still a joy to watch David Tennant, though. He makes everything better. :-)
- Well, I'm officially unemployed now, but what are you going to do.

- At least now I have time to knit and read. I've been visiting my sister and my niece a lot over the past couple of weeks and I once again I get in an hour of reading while taking the train in and out of downtown. Maybe I can finish off the pile of books I got from my book club. I am definitely grateful for the knitting time. In my enthusiasm to make things, I decided to knit all of my Christmas gift. I've finished two but I still have two more to finish. Fingers crossed that I get them done on time.

- Speaking of knitting, I've been watching Jessica Jones and I can't stop staring at her grey scarf. It's an infinity scarf, but I can't make out the pattern on it. Hell, it might not even be knitted. But that's how my brain works now. I look at knitted items and I obsess over how they were made. I think Jessica's scarf may be a seed stitch pattern, but who knows.

- I'm only three episodes in to Jessica Jones, but I like it. Similar to Daredevil, they really down play her powers and so the show feels more like a detective show rather than a super hero show. I'm surprised they haven't referenced Daredevil yet, but maybe there's something later in the season. And damn, David Tennant's English accent is so slick; I'm so used to his rougher Tenth Doctor accent. I know Kilgrave is crazy and sadistic, but I would totally listen to anything he has to say with that accent. ;-)

- And Happy 52nd Whoniversay! It was two years ago that I got to tour the TARDIS set. Man, I really need to get back to Cardiff at some point. I didn't see enough of the city when I was there.
(Please feel free to ignore all of these work woes posts. I just need somewhere to vent)

Ugh, I'm trying to update my resume right now. I haven't worked on it in years, not since I got hired on with the company about seven years ago. I hate doing these things. How do you market yourself so that you sound completely awesome, but not totally pretentious?

And do you refer to yourself in the first person or the third? Point form or complete sentences? I'm under the belief that you should be succinct, because your resume will be included in a pile and the person reading through all of them doesn't have time to read over everything in detail. I vaugely recall from my high school CALM (Career and Life Management) course that your resume shouldn't be more than a page (double sided I presume).

At least for right now, I can gear my resume for internal use within the company and my manager can provide some feedback, but I should be prepared to hand these things out to a wider audience if I do get let go.

Oh, and as I was covering reception yesterday, two guys from HR came in and turns out that they were there to let two people go. It was really horrible, just sitting there and seeing these two employees come in for their meetings. I suppose you kind of expect these sort of meetings while in a downturn, but it still sucks.
Home sick from work today. It's just a cold but it's probably best that I not spread my germs around. This is the thing I hate about colds. They aren't as debilitating as the flu, so you can still fuction and do work, but you're still contagious so you shouldn't be around people. I mean, I don't love work, but I hate missing it. Though, my current team is pretty self sufficient so it shouldn't be too bad, and a lot of my work is given to me so there's nothing I can work on from home.

So I can lounge around in my pajamas all day and not have to worry about anything. :-D Maybe I'll catch up on my reading or my TV.
- Whoo, the Scarf is just over half done!

We're in the middle of a heat advisory, though, so it's a little uncomfortable having a heavy knitted scarf sitting on my lap.

- I went out today, hoping to buy a Fourth Doctor sonic screwdriver to go with the Scarf, but the geeky store at the mall didn't have any. All they had were Third Doctor and Fifth Doctor sonic screwdrivers. To my untrained eye, the Fifth Doctor one looks just like the Fourth Doctor one, but I didn't buy it. I know no one will notice if I did have a Fifth Doctor sonic screwdriver to go with the costume, but it would have bothered me. Hopefully I will have more luck online.

- Trying to keep up with the news coming out of the Comic Con, but I'm feeling so lazy in this heat. I do have a friend who's there this year and I'm so jealous of him right now. He ran into Joss Whedon and got a picture with him! I would love to meet Joss. I'd probably stare mutely at him until it got really awkward, but still. That man is my idol.

- And I really need to buy a new desktop computer. My little netbook can't keep up with my Internet surfing. It's going to have a meltdown at some point and then all I'll be left with is my phone.

Lazy weekend

Apr. 25th, 2015 04:55 pm
locker_monster: (Building Character)
- Yay, it's the weekend! I'm still recovering from my comic book expo weekend, in that, I'm catching up on sleep and my TV shows. I'm behind on iZombie, but I'm caught up on Orphan Black. Oh, and I still have the rest of Daredevil to watch, too. Plus there's all of my regular shows that I watch on the day. Hmm, maybe I watch too much television...

- Working on the philosophy that it's never too early to start a new cosplay, I have started assembling a Tenth Doctor suit. Initially, I was looking at the replica suits, and some looked really good, but boy, they were expensive. I'm doing my best to keep costs down on this costume. The suits were also suits, i.e.: with trousers, and I want to do a femme!Ten costume, so I've abandoned the replica suits for now. Instead, I'm attempting to piece together something from off-the-rack items, but I don't know how that will go. I did find an awesome skirt on eBay; brown with blue pinstripes. Blue pinstripes! The second I saw it, I knew I had to buy it. The only downside is, there's no matching jacket. So I either have to buy a jacket that doesn't match or hope that I can find a fabric that matches the skirt and make a matching top myself. The ultimate dream would be to find the same skirt and use that material to make a vest or something. Then I'd have a matching top and the suit would be in the spirit of Ten's actually suit, since it was pieced together from numerous pairs of trousers from the Gap. We'll see when the skirt arrives. I have a feeling that the spacing between the pinstripes is going to be narrower than what's on the actual suit, so the replica fabrics I have been looking at won't do me any good.

- I'm so behind on my reading, too. I missed out on two weeks of reading at lunch due to my stupid all-day meetings. Need to get cracking so I can return the books to my book club and get some new books in exchange. I'm going to need some reading material while flying to Venice next month.

- And my fanfics have been saved! I visited the guys at Geek Squad at the local Best Buy and they were able to transfer the data from my old hard drive from my broken computer to a new external hard drive. All is not lost! Now I just need to buy a new computer because I can't see myself doing everything on my little netbook.
- Ugh, my computer has totally died. I'm being forced to write this on my netbook. Damn thing won't boot up at all. It's an old computer, but it's not like I was doing a lot with it. I think my last download just pushed it over the edge. I would totally just give up on it and buy a new one, but I have stuff on my old computer that I want. All of my fanfics are on there! I need them back! So I guess I'll have to take the computer in to Geek Squad or something. Blargh! Why didn't I back up the stupid thing...

- Comic book expo starts in two days! Whoo! I think I'm all ready. I just need to figure out how to do my hair for some of my cosplays. Yes, that's right, I'm bothering to style my hair this year. ;-) I'm also going for a new record of four cosplays for the weekend:

  • Thursday: Kaylee from Firefly. I'm recycling this costume from two years ago since Jewel Staite is a guest this year. I don't plan to get a photo-op with her, I already have one from six years ago, but it seemed like a good opportunity to wear the costume again. Thursday is Jewel's panel so there's bound to be some Browncoats hanging around.

  • Friday: Ace from Doctor Who. This will be the second outing for the costume. I haven't changed anything since August last year except add one pin that was missing. My hair is also long enough to do up in a braid. Friday is parade day so I get to hang out with my Seven cosplayer and a bunch of other Whovians.

  • Saturday: Agent Melinda May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I figured out the SHIELD shoulder patches (magnets for the win!) so it's all good to go. I even bought a pair of aviator sunglasses that I will probably never use again. I'm dressing up solely for my photo-op with Ming-Na and Brett Dalton, but maybe I'll see some other AoS cosplayers.

  • Sunday: Femme!Eleven from Doctor Who. Specifically the outfit from "The Big Bang". I bought a prop Vortex Manipulator from ThinkGeek awhile back and I have the fez (that Matt Smith touched). No mop, because I'm not hauling that thing around all day. I actually had most of this costume assembled last year, but my cosplay plans got thrown for a loop when they announced Matt and Karen Gillan last minute. Sunday is my photo-op with Arthur Darvill, so that's the main reason I'm going with this version of Eleven rather than doing my purple coat Femme!Eleven from last year.

And the weather looks decent this year! Of course, this is Southern Alberta in mid-April so snow is always a possibility, but I have my fingers crossed for no precipitation.

- I'm watching the new Daredevil series (it's probably what killed my computer) and it's miles better than the movie. If it weren't for the fact that it was set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the show really feels like it could be a regular show about a lawyer. Okay, a lawyer who's a vigilante, but still. The show doesn't go over the top with Matt's powers; they're portrayed very subtly. I like it, though. You aren't distracted by some weird CGI echolocation or something. I also like that they're dealing with the aftermath of the Battle of New York from The Avengers. The city is still rebuilding and people are taking advantage of those efforts. And it's crazy how many former Buffy writers this show has. Three! Plus the guy who's writing the comic books right now! I have to say, if ABC passes on showing season two of Agent Carter for some reason, they should move the show to Netflix. You can do more on Netflix. It's certainly more violent, but scenes can breathe instead of being rushed. You don't have to build up to a commercial break; the flow of the story is much different.

- I have stupid all-day meetings leading up to the comic book expo, though, so this is going to be a very long week...
- I'm slowly settling in at my new project, but my god, I hate working with contracts. I'm more used to working with purchase orders, which are much less involved. Even our huge POs were less complicated than your average service contract. Doesn't help that I feel like a glorified secretary. They have me typing up things and phoning people. I hate talking to people on the phone. So it seems doubtful I will be helping with any of the paperwork. And, my god, people need to get their act together. I had to chase people for information today, over the phone, too, and it was impossible to get anything from anyone because it's a long weekend here in Alberta. We could have avoided all of this if my manager had asked me to make the phone calls yesterday. But did he? Nope. So I'm not a happy camper right now.

- Thank goodness it is a long weekend. Hurray for fakey holidays! I'm going to spend the entire time just knitting.

- Speaking of knitting, I have 12 inches of scarf. So it's slowly coming along, but I should be able make some decent progress this weekend. I'm being very careful this time around so I don't screw up again. If I have to frog this thing, I'm going to be super sad. Oh, and I realized that I could knit something for a friend who's having a baby in August. My knitting skills are decent enough that I'm sure I could knock out some baby leg warmers or a baby hat before the baby shower. Apparently you're allowed to take knitting needles onto a plane, so I could totally knit my way over the Atlantic when I head to Italy for my cruise in May. Better than watching boring movies on a tiny screen.

- I'm debating a new cosplay for the comic book expo in April. I'm super tempted to cosplay Melinda May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., because Ming-Na is a guest this year (and also the character is Chinese!), but I'm looking at the replica vests and I'm kind of hesitant to buy something that expensive that I will only wear like once a year. I didn't mind paying a lot for my femme!Eleven coat since I wear it in the springtime, but I don't see myself wearing this vest when I go out. With that said, I really want to dress up as Melinda. I love her character so much and I've loved Ming-Na since she played Mulan. I guess I could cosplay Mulan, but that costume would be more complicated.

- God, I'm mentally exhausted. Time for a nap...
- I have a new project to go to on Monday; I finally got the confirmation on Thursday. So no more commuting on the train for me. I still have to support the project that I was doing coverage for, but they don't have much work to do, so hopefully it only takes up a small amount of my time. But I'm super happy I will have something different to do. The temporary project was so slow. There were days where I just sat there, staring at my phone. I'm sure the lady who sat across from me thought I was a total slacker.

- I AM A KNITTING MASTER! Okay, not really, but I finally got around to learning the purl stitch, so now I can start some projects in earnest. First up, a thin scarf that I can wear in the spring. The one I usually wear is super thick so it's not suitable for the days when I just want to keep my neck covered. The pattern on this one looks pretty cool and fairly easy, so once I get some good yarn (and better knitting needles, according to my sister), I should be good to go. I'm still amazed that people can produced these awesome things just from winding and twisting the yarn a certain way. I don't see myself following complicated patterns any time soon, but it would be nice to work my way up to knitting gloves. I have small hands so "one size fits all" usually doesn't apply to me.

- The Flash did something awesome this week:

Spoilers for The Flash 1x12, "Crazy for You" )

- I saw on io9.com that they've hired writers for the Stargate reboot movie so I guess they're still going ahead with it. :-P I usually don't read the comments, but I was browsing through them on the io9.com article and someone had posted the bit from the Stargate SG-1 episode "200" where they spoof Farscape, and it made me miss the show so much. It's a crazy episode, but it's a sign of a good show when they can poke fun of themselves like that. So if the reboot turns out to be crap, and there's a good chance that it might be, well, I'll just watch some old episodes of SG-1 to make the hurt go away. ;-)
- Thanks for all of the thoughts and opinions regarding AO3. I think I will create an account there once they open up the invitations again. Looks like the automated invitation queue is down due to spammers.

- Found $5 today. It was at the train station, just lying there on the ground. The odd thing was, a couple of people passed by it and didn't pick it up. I mean, it wasn't hard to miss. The $5 bill is blue and the ground is brown. So maybe people felt weird picking up such a large denomination? Well, I certainly didn't feel weird. ;-) It's not a bad way to start the day, that's for sure.

- Case in point: I got the last of my project packed up today and then I got some mostly good news about a potential new project for me to join. So I could be working on a new project as early as February 2, which is great, because the project I'm on is pretty much dead now. Plus, the new project is back at my old building, the one that's within walking distance from my house. Of course, that would mean no more reading on the train, which makes me sad. I got so many books finished that way.

- Oh, and Arrow's winter premiere:

Spoilers for Arrow 3x10, "Left Behind" )
- Lost my connection to the Internet for a couple days and you really start to see how much we rely on it. It wasn't withdrawal, but I suddenly realized just how much time I spend surfing around. Like, if I'm watching something, it's so simple to just hop on to the Internet and check a reference. It was very weird not having the world at your fingertips.

- During my lost couple of days, I took up knitting and no, it wasn't because I had nothing to do. ;-) My sister has really gotten into knitting and I thought maybe it would be fun to start, so she stopped by on New Year's Day and dropped off some yarn and needles for me to practice on. Of course, with my Internet down, it was very hard to learn how to start knitting, so I went old school and got some books out from the library. It's actually quite easy to start, but I'm nowhere near proficient yet. I can cast the yarn into the needle and do a basic knit stitch, but I still need to learn how to purl before I even attempt making anything. I wouldn't say it's fun yet, but it is interesting to see how knitting works. Just how all the loops you do sort of tie together and create a pattern. I may end up making a scarf for myself, but that's probably all I'll manage.

- With that said, knitting is definitely easier than learning how to sew, but it would be nice to get back into sewing. At least with sewing, I could make things for costumes.

- I've had the past week off and it's been nice just hanging around the house, doing nothing and not worrying about work. It's back to work on Monday, so we'll see how things are. Stupid oil prices...
Just wanted to do one last post for the year:

- Finished 60 books this year, up from 54 last year. 60! A new record for me. I can thank the commute into work for upping my total over the past two months. The last book, which I finished this morning, was Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Mystery. A detective novel, obviously, and courtesy of my book club. It was all right. It's set in Malaysia and it has an Islamic police detective, so it's a bit different, but the writing style really put me off. The author was really fond of having the "he said" bit in front of the dialogue rather than at the end, so you would have these really long sentences describing how the person is talking before the person actually talked. As a writer, it really distracted me. And the detective doesn't do a whole lot of detecting, either. I also got back into the Outlander series; I'm officially caught up! So now I have to wait for the next book like everyone else. I only read the books because they involve time travel and the historical setting is somewhat interesting, but all of the romance bits are kind of tedious and my god, the characters keep getting into trouble. Yes, I know there wouldn't be much of a plot if everyone was happy, but all of these ridiculous obstacles and problems come up out of nowhere. And the author has added more characters than is required. It's like she's trying to pad the plot so her books end up being these huge bricks. As for any new book series, I didn't really pick up any. There is one, I guess you would call them The Shambling Guides, that sort of caught my interest but it's not like I really love them. The writing isn't exactly the greatest and the action is staged a bit stiffly, but I like the world the author has created. It's one of those "the supernatural is real but the humans don't know it" kind of worlds, but the main character is works as a writer for guide books for the supernatural community, so you get cute little excerpts from the book she's writing in each novel. So if there are more novels in the future, I'll read them, but I won't be eagerly awaiting them.

- While I can thank my new morning commute for the extended reading time, I also read some of these books on my phone, which allowed me to read at work when things were slow or when I was covering reception. I still love reading an actual book, but having ebooks on your phone is pretty handy. No huge tome to carry around and you can store as many books as you want. I'm going to use this to my advantage when I go on my cruise in May; I can carry about some of the tour books and all I need is a skinny piece of plastic and metal.

- Highlight of the year? Hmm... I suppose it was meeting Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at the comic book expo and having Matt tell me that he loved my Old!Amy armour cosplay. :-) Had a grand old time at the comic book expo this year, as always. Can't wait to see the cosplay gang in April.

- Can't think of much else that happened that's worth noting. Marked five years of official employment with my company. Whether I'll be employed in the new year? We'll see... (Stupid falling oil prices). Saw a co-worker finally quit the company after a couple of years of complaining. Can't say I'm sorry to see them go. They were nice enough, but they got on my nerves more often then not.

- Things to look forward to in 2015: a cruise around the Mediterranean in late May. I'll be visiting Italy and Croatia for the most part, so I'll get to see Rome and Venice and Dubrovnik. I can actually visit where they film King's Landing for Game of Thrones and the bits of Croatia that stood in for Venice and rural France in season five of Doctor Who. Okay, there are other things to see, too, but those are the things that will excite me. The local comic book expo will be entering their tenth year of operation, so that will be exciting, too. I hope they pull out all of the stops. And a Sherlock special at some point during the year! I saw the picture of Benedict and Martin dressed up in Victorian duds, so I hope the special is somehow set in the past.

Oh, and Agent Carter starts on Tuesday. Can't wait to see Peggy back in action. :-)

Hope everyone had a good year and here's to 2015.


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