Saw Doctor Strange this weekend (wow, I really wanted to type Doctor Who just now). It was pretty good, but it wasn't awesome. Better than Iron Man 2 but it was no Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I mean, the movie looked stunning. The Inception like folding of the landscapes that you glimpse in the trailers is just a small taste of what's in the actual movie. It must look crazy in 3D. But pretty effects alone can't prop up a story completely.

Spoilers for Doctor Strange )

Oh, and here's a neat fact (that should please you very much [ profile] newnumber6): Apparently Nico Minoru's mother is in the film and she wields the Staff of One. Runaways set-up! I suppose they could have just borrowed the design of the Staff of One, but I like to think that it's eventual set-up for the Runaways TV show Marvel is developing.

So next is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, then Spider-Man: Homecoming, and then Thor: Ragnarok. And then there's the Netflix side of things with Iron Fist and The Defenders. Wow, 2017 is going to be a busy year for Marvel.
- I had some free time so I decided to watch the first episode of season three of Star Trek: the infamous "Spock's Brain". People always say it's the worst episode of TOS, but honestly, it wasn't that bad. Granted, I haven't seen every episode of the series yet, but when compared to what I've seen so far, I can say that there are worst episodes than "Spock's Brain".

Yes, the main point of the plot involves an alien race removing Spock's brain so they can use it to run the systems of their underground city, and yes, Spock's body lurches around with a fetching motor control device on his head, but it's not the weirdest plot ever. How often do we see stories where humans are used like batteries to power something? I think the episode gets a bad rap because everyone just giggles when they hear the words "Spock's Brain" and it's hard to be objective. Seriously, I wanted to laugh each time the phrase "Spock's brain" was used in dialogue.

This episode definitely falls into the category of "so bad it's good" rather than "oh my god, that was so boring I wanted to rip my eyes out".

- I finally got around to finishing my Jessica Jones infinity scarf, so I'll be going as her to my friend's Halloween party. Such an easy costume; I love it. I'll definitely have to wear it again during one of the days of the comic book expo.

- I've been working a temp job for the past couple of weeks and my manager said people totally dress up on Halloween, so I get to go into work in costume on Monday. That'll be fun. This will be the first time I've worn a costume to work. I'm thinking I'll go with my Fourth Doctor cosplay, since it's quirky enough that it doesn't look like my usual work clothes, but it's also comfortable to sit in. My co-workers and I have chatted about Doctor Who, so they will totally recognize the outfit.

- I've been so busy, I never got around to writing about the rest of Luke Cage. Sadly, I didn't enjoy it as much as Jessica Jones or season one of Daredevil. It was definitely a slow burner. Even towards the end, I didn't feel a huge sense of urgency.

Spoilers for Luke Cage season one )

Iron Fist is up next and then The Defenders. I'm really looking forward to The Defenders. DC has had some great success teaming up the Berlantiverse superheroes, so it's about time Marvel got in on that action.
- I have access to Netflix for the short term, allowing me to watch Luke Cage without resorting to "alternative means". I have to say, Netflix is a dangerous thing. So many shows you could watch. No wonder people like to binge watch; everything is all right there. To my great delight, all of the Star Trek shows are there, so I can potentially watch all of TOS season three without having to get the DVDs out from the library. I also saw that they have many of the old Power Ranger shows, VR Troopers, and Beetleborgs, all which made up a large part of my youth. It's very tempting to see if they are as cheesy as I remember.

In the mean time, I'm slowly making my way through Luke Cage. I'm not loving it as much as Jessica Jones, but it could be the pacing of the season. The arc feels very much like a slow burner. I do appreciate that they worked in Luke's classic superhero costume from the comics. That costume is pure 1970s, so kudos to the writers for finding a somewhat organic way of working it in.

- I started reading a really cute web comic called Shattered Starlight. The story follows a young woman who used to be something akin to a Sailor Scout from Sailor Moon, only it's ten years after her heyday. Now she has to deal with day to day things, like work and rent, and resist the urge to use her magical powers (one of which is an astral hockey stick!). It's set in Montreal, which is cool, and that was part of the reason that I started to read it. It's a work in progress, with the artist posting a page every week, so you'll easily work your way through the archive of pages, but I think it's well worth the wait to see what's coming next.

- The Flash and Arrow are back this week, followed by Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow next week. The CW released an awesome promo for all four shows:

This makes me very excited for the giant crossover they have planned for later in the season. I know the tone won't be exactly the same, but it's still great to see Kara finally interacting with the rest of the superheroes.
Still sorting through my photos from the Star Trek con, but in the meanwhile, here's some of the non-Star Trek things that also happened over the weekend.

Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. )

Back at the con, they have something called the Signers' Room where some of the guests can set up a table and sell their own photos and do autographs and selfies and generally just meet fans. I wandered in there to check it out and I walked by a table set up for Cas Anvar. He didn't have much set up yet and he wasn't there himself, but he had a sign showing the things he's been in. I noticed he's been in The Expanse and Assassin's Creed: Revelations (but no Star Treks) and moved on before I could really dwell on it.

But then it hit me as I left the room. Cas Anvar is in The Expanse? Wait, that name sounds kind of familiar now... So I dug out my phone and did a quick Google search. And what do you know. Cas Anvar plays Alex on The Expanse! I rushed back to the Signers' Room the first chance I got and Cas was there talking with people. Turns out he was there because he's the reason Kirstie Alley was attending the con. He knows her and talked to his agent and his agent talked to her agent and etc. He ended up getting a table because he has so many genre related things on his filmography.

Meeting Cas Anvar )

Oh yeah, I also bought an old school TARDIS key for my Fourth Doctor cosplay. So yeah, it was a multi-fandom weekend.
This is going to be in Las Vegas when I'm in Las Vegas in August! Must get tickets now.

I had heard about the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. attraction that was in New York but I never imagined I'd actually be in a city where the attraction was set up. I'm a sucker for these things. So far I've done Star Trek: the Experience, Doctor Who Experience, and Harry Potter Studio Tour London. Time to add one more to the list. :-)

I'm in Vegas for a 50th anniversary Star Trek convention, but I can mix fandoms. I just have to find time in the con schedule to get down to the Strip. I had zero interest in visiting the Strip, but now I have a very compelling reason to go over there.

It's tempting to take my Melinda May cosplay, but it's also going to be summer in August in Las Vegas and the costume has a leather vest. Maybe I'll just settle for wearing a geeky Marvel t-shirt.
- Upfronts are going on right now so there's a constant stream of news about new shows for the fall. MCU took another hit as ABC didn't pick up Marvel's Most Wanted, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off with Hunter and Bobbi. The two of them were written out for nothing. Fingers crossed that the writers can figure out a way to write them back in. So the only thing left on the books for the TV side of the MCU is Damage Control, which I think is still in development, and Cloak and Dagger, which is going ahead on Freeform (formerly ABC Family).

I don't think Damage Control has much chance of becoming a series. DC's Powerless on NBC, which got a series pick-up, pretty much has the same premise: a workplace comedy about a company that cleans up after the superheroes. The only difference is the roster of superheroes that cause all of the destruction. I think Marvel is happy with the success of their Netflix shows, so the stuff on network television takes a back seat.

Oh, and Hayley Atwell's new show, Conviction, got a series pick-up. The name of her character? Carter Morrison. Carter! Just rub it in, ABC. I read that the show is going to film in Toronto, so that's the one small upside; Hayley in Canada.

- And they're remaking MacGyver. :-P The pilot got a series pick-up. No thank you. The 1980s version is perfectly cheesy and fun and the stakes were never too high. And the mullet! What will the show be without the signature MacGyver mullet? If they must redo everything, at least keep the science plausible. While some of the stuff Mac came up with it wouldn't work in real life (thank you Mythbusters for testing some of his ingenious lash ups), the ideas had a basis in real science. I hope the writers remember that when trying to get Mac out of a jam. Hmm, I wonder if Richard Dean Anderson will have a cameo...

- One more episode to go for Legends of Tomorrow.

Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow 1x15, "Destiny" )

- Started my second Fourth Doctor scarf commission last week. My arms and wrists are already getting sore. Maybe I need to do stretches before I start knitting for the day. But I can't wait to finish this thing. I can move on to other projects that are much smaller.
See, now this is how you do a superhero smackdown movie. I wonder if Marvel is laughing quietly in the corner.

Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War )

So Doctor Strange is next with, I think, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 after that. Don't drop the ball now, Marvel. You're on a roll.
- I think I caught Alan Tudyk's cold. :-P My throat is starting to feel sore, which is usually not a symptom of my seasonal allergies. I'm pretty sure I know how the germs got transferred, too. I had lunch after getting Alan's autograph and didn't wash my hands before eating. I basically swallowed the germs. Dang it; I knew I should have brought hand sanitizer. On the other hand, these are celebrity germs.

- Got my tickets to see Captain America: Civil War on Friday. I doubt Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will have a big tie-in to the movie, but I want to see it regardless just in case there is a reference. Though, the latest episode did have a passing reference. I wonder if this means the movie is already happening?

I haven't been watching any of the Civil War trailers, but I did fast forward through one while watching one of my shows and I noticed something:

Wild speculation regarding a shot from a Civil War trailer )

- The Flash had an odd line in the latest episode.

Spoilers for The Flash 2x20, "Rupture" )

Ooh, Kevin Smith is directing next week's episode. That should be good. The guy is a big DC fan.

- I got around to watching the Legends of Tomorrow from last week and one of Ray's lines made me giggle. At one point he says "... reverse the polarity of the dwarf star matrix." Too bad Rip wasn't around to hear the line. I would have loved a quippy comment from him about how the line makes no sense.

- And yeah, it's May the 4th. Do Star Wars related things, I guess.
- Teaser trailer for Doctor Strange was released. Spoiler alert: Benedict Cumberbatch plays the character with an American accent. Boo. I know, Stephen is American in the comics, but when you hire an actor like Benedict Cumberbatch, who has an amazing voice, you shouldn't force him to put on a bland, flat sounding accent. He only has a few lines in the trailer, so maybe it's not as bad as it seems, but I still wish they had put some English lineage in Stephen's background so they could justify having Benedict's natural accent.

As for the movie itself, it looks trippy, which seems to be in line with how psychedelic the comics were back in the day. I can't wait to see full on footage of Benedict in Doctor Strange's robes. They look so flowy.

- I finally finished season two of Daredevil. I didn't like it as much as the first season, to be honest.

Spoilers for Daredevil season two )

- Supergirl is heading into its finale (hopefully just season and not series). The first part is all set-up, so there are many scenes of Kara trying to get a handle on the situation.

Spoilers for Supergirl 1x19, "Myriad" )

And this isn't a spoiler, but the President of the United States in Kara's world is a woman. :-) Actually, the producers wanted Lynda Carter to play the President, but her schedule didn't work out, so I guess that's why the President is only on the phone. They said they want to work her in to season two, so just one more reason Supergirl needs to be renewed.

- I've already seen the new episode of Legends of Tomorrow airing on Thursday. Did I discover a TARDIS and take a trip into the future? Alas, no time travel was involved. CTV, probably having no room in its Thursday night lineup because of Grey's Anatomy or something, decided the air the new episode on Tuesday.

Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow 1x11, "The Magnificent Eight" )

I would like more of these episodes next season, ones where the plot doesn't have any major ties to the seasonal arc. Maybe the team will defeat Savage, but then the Waverider is damaged, forcing them to randomly travel through time. Basically, I want the premise of Doctor Who but with DC superheroes. ;-)
- Ugh, spring. This is the worst time of year for my allergies. I can't stop sneezing. You'd think staying indoors would help, but nope. Time to crack open a box of antihistamines.

- I am so close to finishing my friend's Fourth Doctor scarf:

This isn't a true representation of where I am in the pattern, I'm 10 panels away from the end and one of those panels is 56 rows, but you get the rough idea. I can't wait to finish knitting this thing. The row upon row of garter stitch isn't tedious, but I would like to rest my wrists and arms for a bit. My friend's going to love it, though. I have to remember to snap some pictures before I hand it over.

- I'm only two episodes into Daredevil's second season, but man, those endings do compel you to keep watching. I try not to devour everything in one sitting, though. I know, I know, Netflix shows are meant for binge watching, but I'm old school. I'm used to watching one episode per week. It gives you a sense of suspense.

It's hard to judge a season from just two episodes, but it's not bad so far. The presence of the Punishes really makes Matt question whether his vigilantism is a good thing or not. I just can't get behind his red suit; I don't know what it is. The black ninja look was just so sleek and minimal, while the red suit is kind of busy. I mean, it's no more busy than Ollie's current Arrow costume, but that feels more organic somehow. But hey, if that's the only complaint I have about the show, then that's the sign of a good show. ;-)

- I managed to find a decent leather jacket for my Rose cosplay from "Doomsday". I mean, I have the wrist warmers so I felt compelled to complete the outfit. While it's not a great match to the jacket in the episode, you still get a sense of the costume. And now I have a leather jacket I can wear out. :-) That's always the nice thing when you cosplay characters who wear normal clothes; you can work the pieces into your every day life.

- Comic book expo is under six weeks away. I think I'm ready. I have my photo-ops sorted and my cosplays worked out. It feels like it won't be a big year this year; attendance numbers will probably be down. This year will actually be my tenth year attending the expo. It's crazy to think how far it has come since then. My first year, it was held in one big room and the panel area was this small space blocked off with curtains. Now the expo takes up the entire Stampede grounds.
- My friend, the one I'm knitting the season 16/17 Doctor Who scarf for, recommended a really good book last year and I only got around to reading it a couple of weeks ago. I just finished it and I wish I had read it sooner. It was so good. Jackaby, by William Ritter. It was described to me as Doctor Who meets Sherlock Holmes, and yup, that was a totally accurate summation. Jackaby is a consulting detective who is brilliant and observant but completely oblivious at times, but he is always about helping people. Just imagine a younger Benedict Cumberbatch with the coordination and voice of Eleven. So much of the dialogue sounded like things Eleven would say. I don't know if it's an intended homage by the author or if he was subconsciously channelling Eleven while he was writing, but I had Eleven's voice in my head the entire time. Basically, Jackaby is the love child of Sherlock and the Eleventh Doctor, but he investigates paranormal and supernatural cases.

Jackaby also has an assistant, who very much fills the Companion/Watson role. Abigail writes up the cases and asks the questions and gets into trouble so Jackaby can come up with a solution, but she also humanizes Jackaby. I pretty much pictured Victorian!Clara in the role. You'd think the similarities would stop there, but Jackaby also lives in a house with strange inner dimensions and the land lady type character is like a cross between Mrs. Hudson and the TARDIS.

Heh, it's almost like this book started life as a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover fic. ;-) I do recommend it, though, if you're a fan of either show. It's not without its flaws, but it is a fun read.

- Rose's wrist warmers from "Doomsday" are done! I finished blocking them last night:

Picture behind the cut )

- So there was that new trailer for Captain America: Civil War and they had a certain someone appear at the end.

Spoilers for the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer )

I also hope that Steve doesn't come out looking like a jerk in the movie. The same goes for Tony. Someone has to be the "bad guy" in the plot, but please don't compromise the integrity of the characters.
- There were a pile of Christmas themed books at my book club meeting yesterday and everyone tried so hard to get me to take some home. Nope. I'm not against Christmas, but I hate Christmas books. They're all the same Hallmark-y crap that has no substance at all and the plots sound nearly identical. It also doesn't help that most stories have a romance and you all know what I think of romance novels. I'll just stick to watching the annual Doctor Who Christmas special, thank you very much. The episode may be hit or miss, but it's ten times more entertaining.

- It's what? 12 days until Christmas? God, where did the time go? I'm still working on my last knitted Christmas gift and I'm starting to doubt whether I'll have it done in time. My back is getting sore from being hunched over the yarn.

- The local comic book expo is teasing a big guest announcement on Tuesday. So far, the line-up has been kind of lacklustre so hopefully this one is exciting. The only hint they've given is that this person, they specifically said he, is an oft requested guest and it's going to be very cool news for a "certain cult following." It's the "cult following" bit that throws me. Cult, in my mind, implies a fandom that's not very well known. Like, it won't be a Star Trek or a Star Wars actor because those are huge fandoms. But cult could also mean something that's not mainstream and that describes a lot of sci fi/fantasy TV shows and movies. The one guess that keeps floating around is David Tennant; people request him every year. Is Doctor Who a "cult following" though? I think I've heard the show be described as a cult phenomenon so maybe people are right. David has been doing quite a few cons through Wizard World. Perhaps the expo people found a way to lure him to Canada. If I have an incomprehensible post on Tuesday that's all exclamation marks then you know it was David that they announced. ;-)

- Speaking of David, I finished Jessica Jones. I think I liked Daredevil more. Maybe it's because Daredevil was more action-y and that helped with the pace.

Spoilers for season one of Jessica Jones )

Now that David and Christopher Eccelston have played Marvel baddies, I fully expect Matt Smith to play a Marvel villain in the future.
- Turns out, if you want to be on EI, you have to provide bi-weekly updates to the government. You have to provide proof that you're looking for work. Back to the employment agency I go.

- So I was watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last night and for the first time in a long time, I was sad that the episode was over. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was near the end of the hour, but nothing had been resolved yet, and I couldn't believe it. Most weeks, AoS doesn't hold my attention like The Flash does, but this week, I think it's safe to say that both shows were excellent.

- But to be honest, The Flash still won the night. Why? Crossover! They dove right in and didn't look back. It was very much the Flash/Green Arrow hour rather than The Flash guest starring some characters from Arrow. The crossover is all about setting up Legends of Tomorrow, so there's a ton of set-up, but they had a lot of fun with this episode. I'm super hopeful that the second part tonight on Arrow is even better now that all of the exposition is out of the way. I'm not sure I totally agree with how they're handling the origins of one of the characters, but they'll probably expand upon it during the course of LoT.

- Oh, and for some reason, ABC has pushed back the premiere date of Agent Carter's second season. January 19 rather than January 5. I think that means that Agent Carter and Legends of Tomorrow will be airing against each other. At the very least, people will be comparing their ratings. As much as I love Peggy and her ass kicking ways, I don't know if she can compete against another comic book show that has like, six, superheroes in it plus time travel. So when it comes time to renew Agent Carter for another season, I hope the network execs keep in mind that there was stiff competition that year.

- And I'm nearly done Jessica Jones. Just three more episodes to go. It kind of feels like the show is running out of steam going into the final leg, like they only had enough content for ten episodes and they were forced to stretch it out to thirteen episodes. It's still a joy to watch David Tennant, though. He makes everything better. :-)
I actually forgot that this is coming out next year:

Oh, the feels...

Some thoughts. Spoilers for the trailer. )

I can see now how Agents of SHIELD is laying groundwork for the movie. Man, the show will have to work through another giant shake-up at the end of the season.
- Well, I'm officially unemployed now, but what are you going to do.

- At least now I have time to knit and read. I've been visiting my sister and my niece a lot over the past couple of weeks and I once again I get in an hour of reading while taking the train in and out of downtown. Maybe I can finish off the pile of books I got from my book club. I am definitely grateful for the knitting time. In my enthusiasm to make things, I decided to knit all of my Christmas gift. I've finished two but I still have two more to finish. Fingers crossed that I get them done on time.

- Speaking of knitting, I've been watching Jessica Jones and I can't stop staring at her grey scarf. It's an infinity scarf, but I can't make out the pattern on it. Hell, it might not even be knitted. But that's how my brain works now. I look at knitted items and I obsess over how they were made. I think Jessica's scarf may be a seed stitch pattern, but who knows.

- I'm only three episodes in to Jessica Jones, but I like it. Similar to Daredevil, they really down play her powers and so the show feels more like a detective show rather than a super hero show. I'm surprised they haven't referenced Daredevil yet, but maybe there's something later in the season. And damn, David Tennant's English accent is so slick; I'm so used to his rougher Tenth Doctor accent. I know Kilgrave is crazy and sadistic, but I would totally listen to anything he has to say with that accent. ;-)

- And Happy 52nd Whoniversay! It was two years ago that I got to tour the TARDIS set. Man, I really need to get back to Cardiff at some point. I didn't see enough of the city when I was there.


Oct. 8th, 2015 06:20 pm
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Couple of trailers caught my attention. First, the Sherlock special which still has no firm date beyond "Soon":

The special looks so foreboding, but that's probably just the tone they were going for with the trailer. I'm sure we'll get lighter moments in the actual episode. And Sherlock's costume here in the preview image is very Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes.

And next we have the latest Jessica Jones trailer featuring a very sinister voice:

All I can say is, thank god David Tennant is using his English accent and not his horrible American accent. He's going to be so creepy in this role. Can't wait to watch this show. Maybe I'll actually finish it in a decent amount of time instead of months later like I did with Daredevil.
- Been real smoky around here lately due to the forest fires in Washington state. Weather system keeps blowing the smoke up our way. While it was kind of cool seeing the haze mask everything, it is still pretty stinky at the same time and not fun for people with respiratory problems. The news claims it should be better next week, so fingers crossed.

- had a great article about why you should read the Hawkeye comic book series by Matt Fraction and they made some compelling points, so I picked up the first two trade paperbacks from the library. Whoo boy, they were right. This series is so good and the premise is wonderfully understated. I like that it's Clint trying to deal with his life when he's not out being an Avenger. He's just a guy with a bow and arrow. I love the art, too. It's not flashy or anything and the colour palette is sort of muted to match. It's not bigger than life art and colour like a normal comic book and I think that was what helped it to set it apart.

I can see why people were a little thrown when they showed movie Hawkeye with a loving wife and family. Comic book Hawkeye (or Hawkguy) is much less put together, but he's still a stand up person. And Pizza Dog! I read the issue where it's told solely from his perspective and it was amazing that they could tell a coherent story with just icons and the occasional word. Did movie Clint have a dog on his farm? They should give him a dog, call it Lucky, since I think that's Pizza Dog's actual name, and then show Clint or one of the kids feeding the dog pizza.

My library has the third trade paperback and I think the fourth, and last one, is on order, but I'm a little sad that there isn't more of this series. Alas, that's the life cycle of a comic book.

- It's International Cosplay Day today. Who knew. So if you see people dressed up today that's why. Or there's a con on where you live. Either one.

- I'm starting to lean towards not going to Edmonton Expo despite really wanting to meet Jenna. The economy just blows right now and job security ain't what it used to be. So I really should be an adult and save my money and my vacation days in case my project goes belly up. Who knows. Perhaps Jenna will find that she really loves Canada (since she'll be in Toronto two weeks before Edmonton) and she'll come back for the local comic book expo next April.

- And you know you're obsessed with knitting when you watch TV shows and you see one of the characters wearing a knitted item and you think to yourself, "Ooh, that's nice. I wonder how I could make that." It really is starting to become a problem. The last episode of Daredevil, Karen has a toque and Matt is wearing a scarf and I couldn't stop staring at them.
- I finally finished watching Daredevil. Yes, I know it's been four months since it premiered, but I was busy with knitting, and then I was gone for three weeks, and then I was embroiled in my Fourth Doctor scarf, so I didn't have any time until now to finish off the season. It's a pretty good show overall, but I'm really not on board with the costume at the end. I much prefer Matt's black ninja look. I know the red one is supposed to be like armour and protect him better, but it doesn't have the same oomph as, say, the Flash's costume on The Flash. Meh, whatever. Matt will be in the shadows a lot, so you won't see the costume in full detail.

- With one superhero show done, I decided to watch another. Constantine was very short lived, but seeing as the character will be making an appearance on Arrow, I thought I would watch the only season to get caught up on who this guy is. So far, I'm getting a The Dresden Files vibe. Guy who does magick helps people and defeats demons and whatnot. It's a shame Constantine wasn't under the CW banner of DC shows. I'm sure it would have done better if people knew it was tied into Arrow and The Flash. At least the character gets one more go. Oh, and the pilot gets bonus points for having Doctor Fate's helmet as an easter egg.

- Facing a geeky dilemma at the moment. The comic book expo up in Edmonton just announced Jenna Coleman as a guest and I would love to go up for the weekend to see her, but the time and money involved would probably be best served on something else (like my vacation next year). But it's a Doctor Who guest! At a much smaller con where line-ups will be shorter! And I actually have a Clara cosplay! So I will have to decide soon since I would need to book transportation and a hotel.

- I don't know how I ended up with the book, but I got stuck with a Nora Roberts mystery from my book group. To be more precise, it's a J.D. Robb mystery, which is Roberts pen name when she's not writing romance or whatnot. Whatever the author's name is, it's still a crappy book. Ugh, I want to stop reading it, but I pride myself on finishing all of the books I pick up from the group. I thought it wouldn't be that bad, even though it's like book #27 in the series, but despite the futuristic setting the writing still sucks. Not that much description and a lot of talking and the dialogue is not engaging at all. I'm going to need some good sci fi or fantasy to clean out my brain once I'm done with this pile of crap.
Saw Ant Man this weekend. It's actually pretty decent; funny in places, great visual effects, and cute ants! I totally didn't think that ants could be cute, but this movie managed it somehow. Could it have been better? Who knows. The version that Edgar Wright wrote before he left the project probably still has some bits in the final movie, but you are left wondering how things could have been different. Definitely zanier. Maybe too zany. It's so hard to balance these Marvel movies.

At the heart of it, Ant Man is a superhero heist movie, so it's able to put a twist on some of the tropes, but the tropes are still there. It's a good summer movie regardless, but it can't compete with the success that Guardians of the Galaxy had during its late summer run.

Spoilers for Ant Man )

So, what's next in the Marvel pipeline? Captain America: Civil War and then Doctor Strange?
So glad I had today off to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. Something tells me the theatres are going to be very busy this weekend...

First, an aside about the trailers in front of the movie. There were five: a brief teaser for Mockingjay Part 2, the new trailer for Fantastic Four, the new teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a trailer for Ant-Man, and a trailer for Tomorrowland. No Star Wars trailer, which was a surprise, since it's Disney, which also owns Marvel. Though, you do end up with three Marvel/Disney properties, so you know who's winning in that department. Man, Batman v Superman better not suck or DC has no chance in heck in keeping up with Marvel.

Anyway, on to the Avengers:

Spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron )

And it's kind of crazy how Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had to do this mad dance for the entire season to get everything synced up for the movie.

Mild spoilers for 2x19, "The Dirty Half Dozen" )

And just a head's up: there's no post-credit scene. There's a quick mid-credit scene, but that's it, so no need to hang around to the very end of the credits. I can't believe people got up and left before the mid-credit scene, though. Have you never seen a Marvel movie before?


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