- The local comic book expo announced Nathan Fillion as the first guest for next year. He was here three years ago, but I'm not going to say no to more Nathan Fillion. :-) The expo claims he really liked it the last time he was here and has wanted to come back ever since. Now that he has all of this free time, he can certainly do the con circuit. Plus, he can go visit his family up in Edmonton once the con is over.

I kind of want to believe that this is a lead up to a Firefly reunion. 2017 is the 15th anniversary since the show premiered. I don't think many of the cast are working right now so it wouldn't be that hard to gather them all together for a weekend. I'm only short three more signatures for my Serenity comic! If I can get the rest in one fell swoop, I will be super happy.

- I checked out the first episode of the animated reconstruction of "The Power of the Daleks" and it's okay. I can't imagine watching the rest of the serial like this. Like, I don't mind the odd animated episode here and there, especially if it's filling out an incomplete serial, but if you're going to do the whole thing, you really need better animation. I know, the BBC budget for this isn't huge, but something a bit more smooth would have been nice. The movement of the characters feels a little stilted or jerky at times and other times they're just standing there, not doing much of anything. Oh well, just more incentive to find more missing episodes.

- I also checked out the first episode of The Grand Tour aka The Show That Isn't Top Gear But Is Totally Top Gear But Just With More Money. It's more of the same when Clarkson, May, and Hammond were hosting Top Gear, and that's just fine. I really only watched Top Gear for the fun and weird antics the guys got up to. I do miss The Stig, though. He mostly just drove cars around the track, but when they did allow him to do other things, like have him riding the Tube in a four way race across London, he was amusing to watch.

- They finally started casting for the new Star Trek series! Michelle Yeoh will be playing a starship captain. She won't be the captain of the Discovery from the sound of things, so it's probably just a recurring role, but that's still cool. An Asian captain! I don't think we've really had one since we saw Sulu as the captain of the Excelsoir. Hopefully this leads to more casting announcements. They really need to get their butts moving if they want to make the premiere date of May next year.

- And Happy Whoniversary (yesterday)! Just over a month until a new episode!
There was no way the expo was going to top last year, so I think they focused on making a better show. No lock outs this time. Actually, it seemed to move pretty well Friday and Saturday. Lots of crowds, obviously, but they kept everyone moving in an orderly fashion.

A weekend of full frontal nerdity )

Once again, a full weekend, but no major mishaps. But I do feel like there's not much to look forward to now. The expo has done pretty well bringing in actors from my fandoms. Definitely need more Doctor Who, though. They had a good start this year, but more please. :-)
Whew, last day of the comic book expo. It was a lax day for me. I got all of my photos and autographs done Friday and Saturday so today I just got to sit in on panels. I'm still dead tired so a full weekend report later, but some highlights:

- Sylvester McCoy did a panel. It was in one of the smaller rooms, but the super cool part was he was nice enough to walk out into the room during the Q and A session. Instead of fans lining up behind a microphone, Sylvester walked over to them with his mic. So even the fans in the back got to see him up close. He mentioned he was just in Australia to do a 50th anniversary con so he flew directly from there to here. Crazy. And I just loved it when he rolled his Rs. :-)

- John Barrowman was right after him and I got to see his underwear again; Spider-Man this time (Edit: I forgot to mention that John dropped his jeans at the Torchwood panel the day before; he wore Iron Man undies). Oh, John.  :-) More hijinks obviously, including him kissing the moderator and a really cute guy dressed as Eleven. The moderator, Ajay from Space, he had kissed before in Toronto last year. And John just kissed the Eleven cosplayer because he was so cute. He said he was flirting with Eleven all weekend and I'm sure everyone in the room was super jealous. So Jack sort of got to kiss Eleven. ;-) He also addressed the fact that he's not in the 50th anniversary special. It was the show's choice, not his, so what are you going to do?

- I sat in on a Game of Thrones panel, just so I would have a seat for Nathan's panel, which was after. I'm not that interested in the books or the series, but this was Peter Dinklage's first con, so that was cool. And there were two Sarah Connors at the expo. I totally forgot about that. Linda Hamilton and Lena Headey. Apparently they got to meet.

- Nathan's panel. :-D He's from Edmonton, the rival city, so he joked that it was the warmest welcome an Edmontonian had ever received in the city. He was super funny and charming. He said he misses how simply polite people are in Canada; there's not a lot of that in L.A.

The expo fixed a lot of the problems from last year, so that was cool. Took people a while to get in today, though, for some reason, so yet again, the news had footage of angry geeks. But I think from now on the show will run smoothly.

I don't know who else they could have as guests now. They brought in Nathan so my life is complete. More Doctor Who guests would be cool, for sure. I saw so many Elevens running around today so there is interest. Meh, whoever they get, I know I'll be there.
I think my day can be summed up in one picture:

And he said he loved my costume!! Actually, he said it twice. I was first in line to get his autograph (whoo!) and he commented on my costume then, too.

Sigh. He's so handsome. And polite. Can't wait for his panel tomorrow. :-)
This seemed like a no brainer to make. With two of my favourite sci-fi captains in one place in April, I felt like I had to pay tribute to that:

(click for actual size)

I'm kind of tempted to get this printed out on photo paper and then have John Barrowman and Nathan Fillion sign it. Hmm...
I can die a happy geek now:

Nathan Fillion is coming here!!!!

The local comic book expo just announced it today. I cannot state how happy I am. I've been waiting, like, 8 years for Nathan to attend the expo. Finally! :-D And he's coming home to Alberta, too.

My sister phoned me at work about this and since I was in my cube I couldn't squee loudly, but I did giggle like a mad woman.

Whoo, my two favourite Captains in one place: Captain Mal and Captain Jack. Reminds me of an icon I made a few years ago:

Nekkid Jack and Mal photo nekkid_captains.gif

Whoo, one more signature for my Firefly comic book.
Apologies for all the video I've been posting lately. I'll go back to being real quiet like, honest. ;-)

Now, I'm not a big Halo fan, I've only played Halo 3 and it was just like 30 minutes worth at my sister's place, but the latest game in the franchise, Halo: ODST, looks like a winner, even to me. Why? Nathan Fillion plays your sergeant.

Adam and Alan are also part of your squad, but they go missing behind enemy lines, so I assume they won't be featured as much. But Nathan. Shouting orders at you. For the entire game. That's enough to make me want to play, whether the game is good or not. Actually, I have no reference for how good a Halo game should be, so I'm like the perfect target audience. I won't complain but I'll play all the way through regardless.

Buying a game just for the voice over work? Honestly, that's not the saddest thing I've ever done. I watched Desperate Housewives for that one season just to see Nathan and it's totally not my kind of show.

And there's always a chance I could run into Nathan on-line while playing multi-player. It could happen. :-D


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