Oh man. Much Music just started showing reruns of Buffy. Be still my geeky heart when I saw five episodes were on today. Considering March 10, Buffy's anniversary date, was just a few days ago, this just seemed right. I haven't watched my DVDs in a long time, so it was fun, seeing episodes I hadn't seen in a long time. It's funny how much you can remember. Lines just started coming back to me and I was grinning like an idiot.

But I noticed something while watching "Welcome to the Hellmouth" that might have been a hint about something in season eight. The identity of a certain someone...

Heavy spoilers for Buffy #33 )

Crazy notions aside, I really want to start watching my Buffy DVDs again. Reading the comics just isn't the same as watching the show.
I've bothered to keep up with Angel: After the Fall, but now that the first arc is done, I think I'm going to stop now. The season six comics are canon, but they haven't been given the Buffy treatment so they don't feel as cool. Yeah, it's a really poor way of judging these things but if I'm going to shell out like five bucks a month, it'd better be for something I really care about. So, it's Buffy all the way. Sorry Angel. Plus the resolution for the arc was a bit lame.

Spoilers for Angel: After the Fall (all issues) )

The recent issues of Buffy have been... interesting. There's a loose arc linking the current stories together, so we're getting stand alone stories for the most part. Things have taken a weird spin for the Scooby Gang.

Spoilers for Buffy # 21 and 22 )

What happened to the days were comic books costed a dime? I'd totally buy all the comics I wanted if that were the case now.
Man, I'm behind on my Buffy comic thoughts. Not that anyone actually cares. ;-) But a little blabbing about issues #18, 19, and 20.

Spoilers for Buffy #18 and 19 )

Issue #20 makes me wish even more that the Buffy cartoon got made. Funny how the plot is basically the cartoon pilot that showed up on the Internet, but expanded. I can't help but think that maybe the clip was leaked on purpose, to sort of lead the way for this issue.

I thought #20 would just be a straight one shot, separate from the season eight arc but done in animation style. The issue is  book ended with contemporary events, and they could easily be pulled out, but I guess you want to set up the contrast. Innocent Buffy in season one to General Buffy in season eight. It was cute seeing everyone in cartoon form, plus you get to see how the pilot cartoon clip ends. Buffy beats Morgan Freeman the dragon, of course. :-) Seems to be a big deal that Jeph Loeb wrote this issue, but having never read his stuff, it was just another comic. I hope this comics stirs up more interest for Buffy the Animated Series. Just a DVD movie or something would be a fine start.

Apparently a few more arcs and then season eight is done. So by a few arcs that probably means another ten or twelve issues, or another year or so. Sigh. Can't Dark Horse release these things any faster?
Much joy to see Fray playing a larger role this issue. I can't help but wonder what the readers think of her. If you haven't read Fray then you would be lost. Fray's got a big back story, which is touched on, but it's not the same as actually reading it and seeing it for yourself.

I think word from Comic-Con said a big change was coming after this arc. I didn't read the reports, so that could mean anything. No more Slayers all over the world maybe?
I just love crossovers. I think that's fairly obvious by now. When a franchise takes advantage of its larger fictional universe, I'm in heaven (even if most TV crossovers are just a ploy to get ratings and viewers). But how many shows or movies can have a crossover with a comic aspect of their universe? Right now, I think the answer is just one: Buffy.

And Fray wears Chucks. :-D You can clearly see them in the last panel of issue #8 of her miniseries. Clearly all the cool heroes wear them.
Reading Drew Goddard's arc has made me realize just how much I miss watching Buffy. His snappy dialogue just brings it all back. But one advantage the comics have over the show: you can go anywhere you want and bring back any character you want (without having to pay the actor).

I really shouldn't check the internet before I leave for the university. But check it out: preview pages for Buffy #16. :-D

'Kay, have to catch the bus now...
Geek Resurrection Month continues! Like I said previously, this month, and for the next two months, all three Joss Whedon shows are back and in the comics. Whoo!

I've gotten behind on my comic book thoughts. Buffy #12 is up first mainly because it's been a year since the series was turned into a comic and I totally didn't realize it. You'd think that after spending $3.50 a month I would be keeping a better track of these things. A year. It doesn't feel like it. I can't even remember what I was doing a year ago. Well, besides going to university. I take it as a good sign that I didn't recall it's been a year. After complaining that these stories can't come fast enough it seems I've become used to seeing a story a month.

And hurray for more new Firefly! It's not the same as having the show back or a new movie, but it works just as well.

I'm just slightly confused on when this comic is set. It's clearly before the movie and before "Those Left Behind". But it's not clear how far after the show "Better Days" is set. The crew has the new mule but Inara and Book are still on board. I assume either Inara hasn't told the crew yet she's leaving or this is just part of the long run around Mal did before dropping Inara off at the Training House.

Next issue looks exciting. And I've said it before, but I'm loving the covers. First, I only have to buy one, and second, it makes a pretty picture of the crew together.
While I prefer my Joss Whedon on TV, Joss in comic book form is still just as good. The obvious downside to having Buffy in comic form is length; 22 pages (which can be read in 10 minutes) versus 44 minutes. The fact that Joss can pack in a good storyline into just 22 pages shows what a great writer he is.

Issue #10 is a nice little breather between arcs. Some stuff is revealed and as usual, things get more messed up.

Drew Goddard is writing the next arc and that should be fun. Always nice to see a writer come back. And I'm sure Drew Goddard will be flying high because of Cloverfield when it comes out in a couple of weeks.
So Buffy #9. Bought the Faith/Giles Avengers variant cover because who doesn't love The Avengers? I know some people out there weren't overly thrilled by the art, but personally I loved The Avengers, especially the Emma/Steed era. And hee, there's a reference to them too, so it justifies the cover.

It's my general policy not to read anything that might spoil upcoming plot details for the things I like so I'm usually behind on the news. Like Buffy season eight being set a year and a half, at least, after "Chosen". It appears Joss mentioned this in an interview. It totally blows my mind. A year and a half. That's a long time to be away. So much can happen in a year. So it means Joss and Co One and a Half Year Later-ed. :-D Sorry, doing a One Year Later seems to happen so often it's practically become a verb. DC comics did it, and so did Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who.

I can't access the interview so I don't know if Joss gave a reason. Maybe he wanted to distance the events happening in the comics from the going-ons over on Angel. I mean, if the comics are set a year into the future you don't have to worry about making sure events line up between the two universes. Because references were made to Buffy more than a few times on Angel. Whatever the reason, it explains so much of what's happening. It would have been nice if one of the characters had mentioned it's been over a year since "Chosen" though. But anyway, a year and a half later explains:

Of course, there is no evidence of a jump forward anywhere in the comic. I can't recall if the gang has been making references to things beyond 2003. I just thought Joss had got his numbers mixed up again. Now this puts a totally different spin on things.
First off, the comic book store I went to today is the best comic book store ever. With the high Canadian dollar they're charging the US price for the comics instead of the Canadian price. Whoo!

So, Buffy #8. Yay, the plot actually went some place. I'm not sure how they'll tie everything up by the next issue though. So much was introduced in this part.

And I'm excited to learn that after Faith's arc is done Joss gets the next two issues and then Drew Goddard gets to start his run. It'll be great to see the old Buffy writers back in the game. :-D

: Okay, I just found out that season eight is set a year and half after Chosen. Year and a half! So there's a year and a half worth of stories just waiting to be told. I had just assumed that three months had passed, as usual between Buffy seasons. Well, I guess this explains how all the Slayers got organized. And I guess within that year and a half stuff happened, perhaps also explaining the attitudes and situations of the gang. Okay, making total sense now.
I forgot to post my thoughts about issue 7, not that anyone really cares. ;-)

This issue was pretty much "meh". It suffers from middle-of-the-arc syndrome: the plot has been set up and the characters established but not much happens because it's still early in the arc. By the next issue I expect major plot developments.

I'm beginning to miss the writers from the show. Not that Brian K Vaughn is a horrible writer or anything, I just want to see what the old Buffy writers will do with the comic format.
I clearly need help. :-D The awesome alternative cover for Buffy #9 by Georges Jeanty was revealed this week. It's on the left there. On the right? My half-assed Photoshop version with the real actors. I haven't a clue how this came to be.


I'm now overcome with the urge to watch some old The Avengers episodes. :-D
I actually considered buying Buffy #6 while I was on vacation. Then I decided that was too obsessive. :-) But it's still a good issue, even if read a few days late.

And this must be mentioned. The Doctor and Rose make a cameo near the end of the comic. Whoever put that in wins. The two shows totally exist in the same universe. It's canon now! :-D Don't believe me? Here's the panel. Totally recognizable for any Doctor Who fan. Buffy/Doctor Who crossovers aren't so far-fetched now. ;-)
Was suddenly in the mood to make some Buffy icons. The icons cover issues 1, 2, 3, and 6. Vague spoilers.


I was all ready to be annoyed that it came out a week early but Scott Allie explained why in the back so I'm less annoyed. In fact, moving on from annoyed and onto impressed. With Buffy being a comic now, Joss can do a lot more things than he could on the show. Besides having bigger and cooler fights and places, it also allows him to tell a different kind of story, like The Chain.

I can't wait for Faith's arc. I also can't wait to see how Brian K Vaughn's style of writing fits in with the Buffyverse. His wit is very similar to Joss'.
First up, another shiny award from [profile] ripping_icons. I'm endlessly amused by the fact that the acronym for this award is BOB. :-)

Second, how awesome does Giles look on the cover for Buffy #7?

So bought Buffy #4 on Friday which meant I spent two days avoiding spoilers. Reminded me of the days when Buffy used to be on T.V. Spoilers could pop up anywhere. They were like ninjas. :-)

Now that I've had a few days to think about it, I do see why some people were unhappy with Joss' new interpretation of the show's continuity.

I'm sort of glad the comics have a month off, saves me from having to make a trip to the comic book store, but I want to read more. I want to see what Faith's been up to since the show finished. And Buffy #5 sounds interesting, too. Gah, these things need to be released bi-weekly or weekly.


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