Well, that was different. As weird as it was, I was happy to see Sherlock and John again, even if it was only for one episode.

Spoilers for Sherlock, "The Abominable Bride" )

So does filming for season four start soon? I guess it all depends on when Benedict Cumberbatch is done filming Doctor Strange. It'd be nice if the episodes actually aired this year, like the fall or something, but I doubt we'd be that lucky.


Oct. 8th, 2015 06:20 pm
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Couple of trailers caught my attention. First, the Sherlock special which still has no firm date beyond "Soon":

The special looks so foreboding, but that's probably just the tone they were going for with the trailer. I'm sure we'll get lighter moments in the actual episode. And Sherlock's costume here in the preview image is very Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes.

And next we have the latest Jessica Jones trailer featuring a very sinister voice:

All I can say is, thank god David Tennant is using his English accent and not his horrible American accent. He's going to be so creepy in this role. Can't wait to watch this show. Maybe I'll actually finish it in a decent amount of time instead of months later like I did with Daredevil.
I was hoping for a trailer, but a short scene is just as nice:

This is so meta. You have the characters re-reimagined in Victorian times and they're talking about their literary counterparts. I love that setting the story in the past allows Moffat and Gatiss to poke fun at the original stories even more. Watson's moustache line made me laugh. Actually, his moustache in general is amusing. It's one heck of a 'stash.

Wait, does this mean we're getting a Sherlock Christmas Special and a Doctor Who Christmas Special? That would be an awesome Christmas if the BBC did schedule the night like that.
- Things have been a little slow at work. Oh, who am I kidding. It's been a lot slow (for various reasons). So with lots of time on my hands, I've been poking around Instagram. I got myself an account but I don't know if I'll actually use it. I don't take a lot of pictures; writing is more my thing. But it has been amusing searching through the various hashtags for my fandoms. The Sherlock stuff is... interesting, let's put it that way. Now that the special is filming, there are all sorts of set photos of Benedict and Martin. People seriously just stand around all day hoping to catch a glimpse of the actor? I would probably think differently of this if they actually shot anything interesting around here, but it still baffles me a bit. Oddly, there have been no Doctor Who set photos but maybe they've been in the studio for the past few days?

- Speaking of Sherlock, the boys are definitely dressed up in Victorian era clothes. While there might be a reasonable answer for this, Sherlock and John are attending a fancy dress party or something like that, I like to think that the special is a one-off re-imagining of Sherlock in the Victorian era. Like, maybe a member of Anderson's Sherlock fan club is writing some fanfic and they're the one who is imagining the boys as Victorian era detectives? Very meta, if that's the case. It's either that or Sherlock and John travel back in time. Oh, I know! This is actually a crossover with Doctor Who. That's the 2015 Christmas special. After Clara leaves, the Doctor meets Sherlock and John and he takes them on an adventure to meet Vastra, Jenny and Strax. It's so obvious! ;-)

- I loved the first two episodes of Agent Carter so much that I decided to watch them again. I usually don't re-watch episodes of my shows, so this is definitely a sign of how much this show rocks. Now I've been left with the desire to cosplay Peggy. Her leather jacket is pretty bad ass and, of course, there are sites out there that sell replicas. This one looks pretty decent, but there are no reviews, so who knows if it's any good in real life. On the other hand, free shipping! Something to think about during my copious amounts of free time. Peggy's got 1940s era hair and make-up, though, so I don't know if that's something I want to pursue.

- The comic book expo is four months away, so it does seem a bit early to be thinking about costumes and stuff, but those weeks can fly by surprisingly fast, so planning ahead never hurts. I'll let the expo announce some more guests before I start obsessing over anything, but damn, looking at costumes is a good way to waste time. I need more work to do, stat!
Aw, Benedict, you can teach me how to count any day:

Too bad they couldn't get Martin Freeman, too. That would have been awesome. They could have done a Sherlock spoof with Sherlock Hemlock. :-)

And I love the fact that they reference season three.
I wrote down a lot of this stuff as the episodes aired, so my initial impressions are in there, not an overall review, but I think for next season I'll post my thoughts right away.

Spoilers for Sherlock season three )

Well, that's another year done. Done so soon, though. Season four has been confirmed so that's good. But please, less waiting, Moffat and Gatiss.
Just some random thoughts:

- So apparently Martin Freeman has been in Alberta since November filming the new Fargo miniseries. I only learned about this a few days ago. I don't live downtown so I haven't seen anything, but people keep running into Martin at pubs and stuff. As cool as that would be, running into Bilbo at a pub, I think it would be really awkward, too. The man is trying to relax in his free time. Do you disturb him and ask for a photo? Or do you just gasp in awe and admire him from afar?

- I got into watching Orphan Black over my Christmas break and finished the first season a few days ago. I had put off watching it for a long time but then I heard that the lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, got nominated for a Golden Globe. If a Canadian produced science fiction show can get a mainstream award nomination like that then the show has got to be worth watching. And it was! Since it was a BBC co-production I was expecting some British-ness, but it's all based in Toronto and good majority of the actors are Canadian. Sarah and Felix seem to be British only as an afterthought to market the show to Brits. ;-)

Spoilers for season one of Orphan Black )

I'm definitely watching season two when it comes back in April. Got to support local shows.

- The local comic book expo announced R.L. Stine as a guest and it got me nostalgic for my old Goosebumps books. Alas, I didn't keep any of them, but I read so many of them when I was a kid. I used to watch the TV show, too, back in the day on YTV. "Viewer beware, you're in a for a scare." Sigh, good times.

- Sherlock is done on Sunday. :-( I hope Moffat and Gatiss have season four ready to go and they can start filming soon after Doctor Who is done filming season eight. Has anyone else been reading John's blog? I love that they maintain it and update it during a new season. The latest entry is so funny. It does have spoilers for the current season so be mindful.


Jan. 1st, 2014 07:19 pm
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I am so happy that didn't suck. I hope now that The Hobbit is done with re-shoots and pick-ups and stuff that seasons of Sherlock will happen more often.

I'm going to save my thoughts for a Sherlock mega post after episode three airs, but it's so great to see the show again.

And the next episode is on Sunday! We don't have to wait that long! Of course, that means episode three is going to air on January 12 and then the show is done after that. Not even two weeks. Oh well. At least the year started off right. :-)
I completely forgot about this: Sherlock minisode "Many Happy Returns". :-D (thank you [livejournal.com profile] tardis_stowaway for reminding me)

I'm glad they did this. A little teaser to bring you back in. And there's something to look forward to after "The Time of the Doctor".

I blame work for making me forget. So much last minute stuff. Every freakin' year! Come on guys, you know the holidays are coming up. Don't leave things until the last minute. Grr. At least I got to leave at noon. The mangers, at least the ones who were still here and not on vacation, came around and told everyone to go home, so that was nice.

So, Christmas tomorrow. New Doctor Who! But good-bye, Eleven.
It's the winter break for most TV shows, so I thought I would post some thoughts:

Spoilers for the current season of Castle, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Arrow )

I didn't pick up any other new shows. Maybe once the season is over and shows get renewed I'll check some of them out.

And Sherlock is back on January 1st! YAY!!!

In honour of it's return and Doctor Who's approaching Christmas special, have a Wholock vid:

It's quite good overall but there are some bits that look a little weird. Shame this will never happen in real life.

TV time!

Sep. 10th, 2013 07:42 pm
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I think I'm right in saying the new TV season starts next week. A few shows are premiering next week with a major roll out the week after.

Shows I will be watching for sure:
- Castle
- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
- Arrow
- Sherlock

Castle I watch purely for Nathan Fillion. I'm not sure I agree how last season ended. The show also needs to make better use of the supporting cast. Yes, it's great and all following Castle and Beckett, but the rest of the team deserves some time in the spotlight, too. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a no-brainer. Joss Whedon + Marvel Cinematic Universe + Coulson = awesome! I'm excited to have Joss back on the television. It's about time he had a show that's a big hit and lasts longer than a season or two. Arrow's not back until October, but it'll be great to have it back. It got surprisingly good as the season went on. Summer Glau's the villain for the season so that should be great, too. And I still have no idea when Sherlock is back. Come on, BBC!

Shows I might be watching:
- Almost Human

I'm really tempted to give up CSI. It's sort of my guilty pleasure show, ironically. I'm not a big fan of the police procedural so CSI is my one allowance. As for Almost Human, I'm on the fence. On the one hand, Karl Urban. On the other, FOX and JJ Abrams. :-P FOX doesn't have the greatest track record with sci-fi shows and I'm not a huge fan of JJ Abrams. He tends to slap his name on a show and then just watches it from afar.

There might be other shows I'm interested in. I just have to make an effort to read about the fall schedule.

Honourable mentions:
- Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special
- "An Adventure in Time and Space" (the docudrama about the show)

Title of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special behind the cut and some thoughts )
Okay, so it's even less footage than the previous trailer, and still no air date, but at least we get to hear Sherlock talking this time:

Anyone else get the feeling that when Sherlock finishes talking, that John will punch him in the face? I can see that happening. Sherlock finishes wooing John back into the game, John punches him, and then the two of them go off to solve the mystery. Because I'm sure John would take any opportunity to punch Sherlock in the face. ;-)

Off topic, but I was hoping they would have footage from Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special, but I guess this trailer is just for the fall dramas. You do get glimpses of David Tennant and Peter Capaldi, though, so it's kind of like a Who trailer.

(I think I need some more Sherlock icons...)


Aug. 2nd, 2013 07:37 pm
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OMG, footage from the new season!

Okay, yes, it's only 26 seconds worth, but still, it's better than nothing. :-D

And what is with John's ugly moustache?!? I hope Sherlock makes fun of it.
 How cute is Benedict Cumberbatch? :-)

Hurray up and finish filming the pick-ups for The Hobbit, Martin! We need some new Sherlock!
Hmm, I haven't posted in awhile. Just some random things...

- I found out that I can visit LJ at work. I guess the filters think it's not a harmful site. I can't log on, though, but I think that's for the best. I'd waste so much (more) time if I could post stuff. I also found that I can access Gmail. Also not a good thing. ;-) I've gone almost four years not being able to access the good, fun websites and now suddenly I can. I try to be sneaky about it, but I bet management sees every site I visit.

- Almost at 1500km. Actually, I'll probably reach it by tonight, once I log my steps for the day. According to the contest rules, I'm not officially done until I reach just over 2,000,000 steps, so I still have some ways to go. I'm still going to keep at it even after I hit the goal. It's good to get out of the house, especially on the weekends, and I probably wouldn't without the pedometer.

- And this is probably the closest we'll ever get to a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover:

Right away I thought, "Hee, Benedict and Matt are wearing the same suit." And then I thought, "What is wrong with Benedict's hair?!" I'm so used to it being kind of long and bohemian for Sherlock.

I'm seeing a lot of Doctor Who/Sherlock fics all of a sudden. Fans must be going into withdrawal for both shows.

Oh yeah, and Steven Moffat won a BAFTA. That's also the point of the video. I love that he was all, "I was presented an award by the Doctor and Sherlock!"

- And less than three weeks until I'm in London! Whoo!
If you're a Sherlock fan, this might be relevant to your interests: http://believeinsherlock.tumblr.com/ (don't click if you haven't seen the last episode for season two "The Reichenbach Fall")

I suppose it's sort of guerrilla marketing for the show. Fans show their support for Sherlock by posting posters and whatnot around where they live. I like it because it shows how creative people can be. It's not something the show itself came up with, but it would be neat to see what Moffat and Gatiss think. It kind of helps them in the long run. The next season probably won't air until next year so this sort of keeps awareness of the show alive until then.

Anyway, my sister sent me an e-mail with the link and all the message said was, basically, "Put Sherlock in a stetson. I'll do the rest."

All right... I've had stranger requests from her. So, Sherlock in a stetson:

Sherlock   --->   Stetson!Sherlock   --->    Stetson!Sherlock (B&W)

That last one was me being "arty". At least, as arty as I could be with the various filters in Photoshop. Also, the sharp eyed observer might recognize the hat on Sherlock's head...

And from there, my sister made this:


Our very own "I Believe in Sherlock Holmes" poster. :-) I'm not sure when we'll get around to posting these around the city, and even if we don't it was still fun to make.

And why is Sherlock in a stetson you ask? Um... Stetsons are cool? Seriously, Sis, why is he in a stetson?
Much incoherent rambling about this season of Sherlock. I do wish the seasons were longer than three episodes, but Steven Moffat only has so much time in the world and now Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are busy being a hobbit and a Star Trek villain, respectively.

Spoilers for season two of Sherlock )

This might be hard, since the boys are so busy filming other things, but I'd love to see Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch on Doctor Who. Not as John and Sherlock, mind you, but as similar characters. Then they could all have an adventure with the Doctor without it turning into a crossover (I think they've referenced Sherlock Holmes on Doctor Who. Yes/no?). Maybe that's a little too far-fetched, but at least we'd be able to get in more Sherlock. ;-)
Yay, they're going to make more Sherlock! This makes me happy. Three episodes is not enough. I feel like I should read more Sherlock Holmes stories now. I've got the complete collection kicking around somewhere.

You always worry when people want to modernize old concepts. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Thankfully, this worked. I think Sherlock Holmes can exist in any time period. At the heart of it, he's a guy who solves mysteries using his mind. He doesn't need fancy technology and crimes still happen no matter the era. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss just made him more relevant to the times.

Spoilers for the first season of Sherlock )

Sigh, now I have nothing to watch. Well, I have stuff to watch but it won't be as fun as Sherlock.


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