Second day of the comic expo, which means today was parade day. I will freely admit that this year's parade wasn't as cool as last year. Or maybe that's just how it felt to me. The Doctor Who cosplay group was a little smaller, we were at the very back of the parade line, and a stupid police car got between us and Garrett Wang who was riding in the car ahead. Oh well, every year can't be a winner. Next year, one of the Whovians is promising to bring a homemade, life sized TARDIS to the parade, so we'll see how that goes.

The weather was wonderful, though. Sunny and warm, with no rain at all. Saw some good costumes, too. There was an adorable little girl dressed up as Doctor Octopus and her dad was dressed as Spider-Man. Actually, there was a lot of cute kids in costumes. I see parents start the induction at a very young age. :-) There was also a pretty awesome Baymax in his battle armour and all of the day care kids in the area lost their mind when they saw him.

Rambling expo highlights behind the cut )

But man, I'm super pooped and tomorrow is going to be a long day. Need to grab autographs from Ming-Na, Stephen Amell, Hayley Atwell, and Arthur Darvill. Time to grab some Zs.
So I spent my weekend at the local comic book and entertainment expo. A lengthy title for what's basically a convention at heart. The media guests are the main draw but there are tons of comic book artists and other exhibitors that are also part of the package. This year was the biggest one they've done by far and no offense to the organizers, who were all wonderful and very patient, but they seriously under estimated how many people would come through the doors.

The main reason? Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock himself, was the big main media guest. Last year, Edward James Olmos showed up, and that was a big deal, but it was so last minute. This year, the expo people knew since January Leonard Nimoy was coming and they had been advertising like crazy. Maybe too crazy because I swear, the entire population of Alberta showed up to get his picture and his autograph.

Crazy expo going experiences behind the cut )

Oh, also saw some great costumes. Obviously, more Star Trek costumes than I could count, and anime stuff I didn't understand, but I saw some Mass Effect 2 costumes and some Doctor Who costumes. I saw a Fourth Doctor, a guy dressed like the Master from "The End of Time" (though my sister joked, "Are you sure he wasn't just a hobo?"), a lady dressed as a Time Lord in a robe, but minus the funny hat, and a girl dressed like Ten. I can dream that one day the expo will get someone from Doctor Who. Russell lives in LA now; how hard would it be to get him to fly up?

Long story short: long weekend, long lines. I want to spend next weekend taking a nap.
Saturday morning was set tour day. There were several choices as to when you could go, the first being the ungodly hour of 6:45. We went at 8:15, my logic being it was still early enough that it wouldn’t be a packed tour. Though, I think it didn’t matter. The con packs the same amount of people into each tour.

If you were expecting to see photos of the Stargate sets, I’m about to sorely disappoint you. Before stepping on the bus you had to sign a waiver saying the show wasn’t responsible if you got hurt while touring the sets and that you weren’t allowed to post any pictures that you took. Though, there’s nothing in the waiver saying you can’t show the pictures to friends. My mom is planning to show the photos to a friend of hers who also watches SG-1 and SGA. Whoo hoo loopholes.

Con photos and much rambling )

As my first major con, I have to say the Stargate one is pretty good. Anything organized by Creation is worth going to, I think. Hopefully next year, you can visit the sets for all three shows. Now that would be worth it.
Thursday was the first official day of the con. On Wednesday you had the chance to pre-register and I swear like half of the con going fans arrived Wednesday night. The line was super long, snaking down one hallway and up again and then finally down the stairs. When my mom and I finally made it up there, we received our shiny passes, our wrist bands, chose a time for the set tour, and we each received a free Stargate Atlantis bag. I was horrified to hear my mom say she was going to use her for groceries. As you saw, I ended up using mine to get autographs. I had actually brought my copy of Stargate Continuum from home, thinking I would get it signed, but then we got the bag and then I saw the con had an official poster, so sufficed to say, I ended up spending more than I had planned. More on that later.

Anyway, Thursday. Stuff didn't start until the afternoon, which was nice, because it let me sleep in. It's funny how they set up the con. Minor actors open it up and the regular actors close it out. I don't know if it's like that every year, but that's how it went this year.

Many a con photos behind the cut )

So that was day four and five. All through the con I saw posters from Gateworld. You could tell they were from Gateworld forums because they had name tags with their user name on it. So this way people could see each other in person. There were a lot of Gateworld people. It was a little strange seeing an on-line part of fandom out in the real world. I'm so used to interacting with just words. To see real people discussing a show I only talk about on-line, it felt out of place.

Next up: Day Six and Seven. Stargate set tour (whoo!) and autographs aplenty.

A week of geek

Apr. 6th, 2009 05:55 pm
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I missed you internet. A week away never felt so long before, though you guys certainly talk a lot. ;-) But I had fun, going back 480 entries aside.

I have a bunch to blab about but I gotta organize my pictures first. Gateworld is getting its coverage of the con up on the web faster than I can, so for the curious, that's what I did for four days. Their pictures are probably a lot better than mine, too.

But a week in Vancouver, which was surprisingly sunny, can be summed up in this picture:

I'll elaborate later, but I will say I was impressed enough that I would consider going back to this con. Repeat offenders; the mainstay of any on-going convention.
And I thought last week's episode was cracktastic. I can only assume they had to re-write the ending once they heard Atlantis wouldn't be renewed. I suppose that's slightly easier than coming up with a whole new episode, like SG-1 did.

Spoilers for SGA 5x20 )

Well, Stargate Atlantis, you had half the life of your parent show, but you still had a good run. Now it's DVD movie time! Yes, a crossover movie if you please. That would be a great way to kick off things.
Oh, Stargate. Even after 12 years you still have interesting, though weird, stories to tell.

Spoilers for SGA 5x19 )

Just one more and the show is done. I'm not that crushed or excited. I think it helps to know that another show is on the way and that Atlantis can live on in DVDs if so desired.
I think I need an icon that says "TV fiend". :-)

I found the unaired pilot for US Life on Mars and wow, the actual pilot seems brilliant compared to it. The unaired pilot actually had more original elements while keeping the basic plot, but it was executed so clumsily. The actors playing Gene, Annie, and I assume it was Ray, weren't that great (sorry Colm Meaney). Though, the unaired pilot did keep Sam standing on the roof of building, contemplating jumping. The move from L.A. to New York City was also a wise decision. L.A. seems too bright and not gritty enough to match the era. So copying the UK pilot practically word for word resulted in some good.

And just some quick thoughts about SGA's mid-season two parter. So stupid how Sci Fi is just off loading these episodes. Yes, there was only a week between parts this year, but at this rate the series will be done by December. I don't see what the rush is. When BSG comes back in January, it'll be ending, too, so Sci Fi won't have any good shows come the summer. But anyway...

Spoilers for SGA 5x11 )

And I forgot to talk about Sanctuary last week. I had seen the webisodes a while back and was wondering how they would redo the pilot now that they had more money. It seems the luxury of a bigger budget and being an actual TV show now allows for more character development. Things are revealed much more slowly or not at all. It was a bit weird how they reused some of the footage from the webisodes and inserted it into the episode. And now with episode two done, they can move on to original stories, though it was nice to see the story from the second half of the webisodes resolved. In the webisodes, it just ends with everyone in peril.

Some user on some site commented how Sanctuary was just a rip-off of Torchwood. I admit the concept of the shows are similar and there are some similar character roles, but it's not the same show. Sanctuary's a Canadian production through and through. :-)

The fun thing about sci if? There are numerous, cracktastic ways to bring back dead characters.

On a slightly different note, word floating around is this season might be the last for SGA. The producers seem fairly determined to get the third series up and running, though I don't know why that would have to lead to the end of SGA. Just let the show run for another season or two. Yes, SGA can just join SG-1 in the wonderful world of DVD movies, but I'd rather have another season before that happens. Give the writers the chance to plan things ahead of time. If they know they're going into their last season from the start then they can shape episodes around that.

Also weird, Sci Fi isn't splitting up the season in to two. Seems they want to run all the episodes before BSG comes back in January. Shows just how much Sci Fi cares about Stargate. Sure, there's just a two week gap between the mid season two parter, but it feels like Sci Fi is just dumping the episodes so they don't go to waste.
Oh Joss. The Whedon clan is a talented bunch.

I'm also loving the theme music. I know people out there have been making mp3s of the songs. Can anyone direct me to some? I hope they release a soundtrack; I'd buy one. I already have a Captain Hammer shirt on the way. Now I'm tempted to dress up like Captain Hammer for Halloween. The costume would be fairly easy. Hammer t-shirt, cargo pants, army boots, and some gloves. A trip to a thrift store or an army clothing place and you're set.

And now, for something completely different. Well, different show. Still with the thoughts and stuff.

And yay, another week or so and Stargate Continuum is out! I've been hearing random tidbits about it thanks to the Stargate Atlantis season four DVD commentaries and I can't wait.
As resolutions go, this one was kind of "meh". I'm not a big fan of cliffhangers, mainly because the resolution can be so crappy sometimes. I appreciate there weren't any major cheats though. No weird time cuts or missing scenes.

We'll see how well the cast change works. Should be interesting though.
Essays suck. Thank goodness for Stargate Atlantis. Yay for distractions and the wasting of time! This was an odd finale. It just felt like... filler.

At least we have the first Stargate SG-1 DVD movie on Tuesday to keep satisfy that Stargate craving. Though, with the story being set before Atlantis season four, we'll be going back in time, not forward. But who cares. :-D
<------- Hooray, I finally got myself a Stargate icon!

Stupid two parters. Gimmie the second part now!

This was my kind of episode. Not the "we need a cheap episode so let's set it on Earth with minimal effects" aspect, but the delving into a character's past aspect. Sure, a bunch of stuff was revealed out of nowhere, but I suppose there's good reason for that.

And I agree with [personal profile] kefira; John and Ronon in suits and civilian clothing is hot. :-D
I do enjoy it when I'm annoyed with something on a TV show but then it gets resolved. It proves the writers do know what they're doing from time to time. ;-) Case in point, Stargate Atlantis episode eleven. Episode ten left me unhappy with certain plot turns, but episode eleven is beginning to make up for that. I'm not 100% impressed, mainly because of the one little thing they dropped in at the end, but I liked that surprise; it just needs to be expanded upon.

Good start for the second half. Let's just hope all this set-up pays off and doesn't suck. ;-) And if there is suckage, the first Stargate SG-1 DVD movie is out a few days ofter Atlantis season finale so there'll be something else to focus on.
While I'm glad there's only a month between new Stargate Atlantis episodes, I have to say their usual mid-season two parter makes me angry. Not that it sucked or anything. To the rant!

Since I'm too lazy and too afraid of spoilers to go look myself, can anyone tell me if the character I've been ranting about above is returning for more episodes past this one? If it's just episode eleven I will be mad because that's just a re-hash of season two.
(Hmm, I really need a Stargate icon)

Okay, second part of Atlantis' premiere. I'm less angry now. :-) The resolution was good enough but I still have some qualms.

Now, here's a thought sort of related to Atlantis, but not really. Through the whole episode Rodney is very pessimistic, forecasting the worst for every situation they get in to. That's Rodney, though, right? I've been reading a lot of stuff about Canadian culture and it occurs to me Rodney is totally a reflection of a typical Canadian. Apparently we're all pessimistic and loser figures because we didn't go through a revolution and are in close proximity to a powerhouse country. It can be seen in all our forms of media. Right from the start, Rodney has been written as the character who sort of sits back in conflict and sees the downside to everything. Yes, they write him that way because it's funny, but I also think the writers, some who are Canadian, are working in that Canadian quality. Whether they did this on purpose or not, who knows, but since Rodney is like the only Canadian character I can think of on a major American television show then it's nice to see they aren't portraying him like he's of another country. Anyway, just a random thought (mostly because I still need to do more research for my paper and I feel like I'm actually working on it by doing this).
My love for Stargate seems to be an understated one. I don't gush about it constantly, like with Doctor Who or Buffy, but I'm totally a fan. So, much ranting about Stargate Atlantis' premiere.


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