- So yesterday, I got access to a procurement system at work. The only reason this is noteworthy is because it's the same system I used way back when I first started working for the company about eight years ago. It was so weird being back in it. Nothing has changed. I remember hating the system, but actually, it doesn't seem so bad. It's probably because I have more experience with these things now. It's not that all different from a system I used extensively on a previous project.

- The commute is the only good thing about being back at work. I finished two books, Cibola Burn (book four in The Expanse series) and Needled to Death (book two in a knitting themed cozy mystery series), in about a week and one was like 500 pages long. Okay, so I was sneakily reading both books while at work when I had nothing to do, but still. I enjoyed Cibola Burn more, obviously, since it's not a piece of fluff like the mystery was. I can't wait to read the next book in The Expanse series. My usual complaint about the series is how the narrative is usually split between four POVs and three are usually characters we've never met before so it takes longer for you to care about them, but book five is told from the POVs of the Roci crew, so I'm really eager to see how the writers handle the inner narratives for Alex, Amos, and Naomi.

Knitting mystery was something I downloaded because I knew I would finish Cibola Burn before the end of the week and I needed something to read to bridge the gap to the weekend. I'm not sure I'll keep going with this series. It's, well, boring. The mystery is dull, the characters are either forced or bland, and the dialogue doesn't feel natural at all. Funny, considering this is set in the real world but The Expanse is in the future and the dialogue there totally makes more sense. The only vaguely interesting thing in the mystery is the knitting. The main character's knitting woes are familiar woes if you're a knitter. The only thing I didn't believe was how her second project ever was a sleeveless sweater and her third was a sweater knit in the round. She's a beginner! Who jumps to sweaters and knitting in the round after making one chunky scarf?!? Anyway...

- Finished knitting my second Fourth Doctor scarf commission. I just need to put on the tassels and then block the whole thing. Even unblocked and with no tassels, the thing is about as long as the scarf that I knit for myself. Good thing the recipient is a tall guy. His scarf will probably end up being 13 feet once it's complete.

- I'm ready to take a break from knitting for a bit so I can rest my wrists and fingers and shoulders, but somehow I keep finding projects that I want to make. Like, I was looking at how to knit Osgood's scarf from "The Day of the Doctor". Why do I need another multi-coloured scarf? I don't even have any plans to cosplay as her. My sister also keeps trying to get me into sock knitting; as a birthday gift she got me KnitPick's Time Traveller Felici yarn, which is basically a self-striping sock yarn in the Fourth Doctor's scarf colours (minus brown, probably to avoid copyright infringement or a licensing fee). So it's super tempting to learn how to knit socks. And, I'm trying to knit Jessica's grey infinity scarf from Jessica Jones. Too many projects and not enough hours in the day to do them. ;-)
- First week back at work. I didn't do anything for the first two days because, as usual, nothing was set up properly. Oh well, at least I got paid to sit around. Things should pick up next week now that I have access to everything. And I don't mean to speak ill of my co-workers, but after poking around the reports and files I used to handle, I have a vague feeling that nothing was done correctly after I left. Probably because no one had time to maintain everything. See, this is why they should have kept me on. I would have kept everyone organized.

- The project moved buildings in the interim, so now I have to commute downtown, but it does give me more time to read. I finished a book yesterday and I'm already a third of the way through the fourth book in The Expanse series. I didn't think I would get to Cibola Burn so quickly, but when I saw that it was available, I had to download the ebook from the library. Sometimes I have nothing to do at work, so it's nice to have a book on my phone so I can sneakily pass the time. Plus, I don't have to lug around a brick of a book in my backpack.

- The Star Trek con I'm attending in August announced Scott Bakula as a guest and it's a big deal since he doesn't do a lot of cons. And I get his autograph for free! It's complimentary with my ticket package. So I have to decide what he should sign; like, do I buy a photo there or do I bring something from home that's free? I didn't love Star Trek Enterprise, but when the man is literally giving away his pricey autograph, you can't turn it down. Maybe I'll find a Quantum Leap photo. ;-) I loved him in that show.

- With the major TV shows done for the season, it's nice to have the evenings free. I'm catching up on DVDs and whatnot. My library got a bunch of new Doctor Who DVDs in, so I'm slowly making my way through them. And I saw today that they finally released "The Underwater Menace" on DVD. This is probably old news, but it was new to me. I guess that means all of the existing episodes have finally been released to the public.

- Speaking of Doctor Who, filming for season ten starts in two weeks. Of course, we won't see the bulk of their efforts until some time next year. Damn you, sporting events, getting in the way of new episodes!
- Well, I'm officially unemployed now, but what are you going to do.

- At least now I have time to knit and read. I've been visiting my sister and my niece a lot over the past couple of weeks and I once again I get in an hour of reading while taking the train in and out of downtown. Maybe I can finish off the pile of books I got from my book club. I am definitely grateful for the knitting time. In my enthusiasm to make things, I decided to knit all of my Christmas gift. I've finished two but I still have two more to finish. Fingers crossed that I get them done on time.

- Speaking of knitting, I've been watching Jessica Jones and I can't stop staring at her grey scarf. It's an infinity scarf, but I can't make out the pattern on it. Hell, it might not even be knitted. But that's how my brain works now. I look at knitted items and I obsess over how they were made. I think Jessica's scarf may be a seed stitch pattern, but who knows.

- I'm only three episodes in to Jessica Jones, but I like it. Similar to Daredevil, they really down play her powers and so the show feels more like a detective show rather than a super hero show. I'm surprised they haven't referenced Daredevil yet, but maybe there's something later in the season. And damn, David Tennant's English accent is so slick; I'm so used to his rougher Tenth Doctor accent. I know Kilgrave is crazy and sadistic, but I would totally listen to anything he has to say with that accent. ;-)

- And Happy 52nd Whoniversay! It was two years ago that I got to tour the TARDIS set. Man, I really need to get back to Cardiff at some point. I didn't see enough of the city when I was there.
(Please feel free to ignore all of these work woes posts. I just need somewhere to vent)

Ugh, I'm trying to update my resume right now. I haven't worked on it in years, not since I got hired on with the company about seven years ago. I hate doing these things. How do you market yourself so that you sound completely awesome, but not totally pretentious?

And do you refer to yourself in the first person or the third? Point form or complete sentences? I'm under the belief that you should be succinct, because your resume will be included in a pile and the person reading through all of them doesn't have time to read over everything in detail. I vaugely recall from my high school CALM (Career and Life Management) course that your resume shouldn't be more than a page (double sided I presume).

At least for right now, I can gear my resume for internal use within the company and my manager can provide some feedback, but I should be prepared to hand these things out to a wider audience if I do get let go.

Oh, and as I was covering reception yesterday, two guys from HR came in and turns out that they were there to let two people go. It was really horrible, just sitting there and seeing these two employees come in for their meetings. I suppose you kind of expect these sort of meetings while in a downturn, but it still sucks.
Home sick from work today. It's just a cold but it's probably best that I not spread my germs around. This is the thing I hate about colds. They aren't as debilitating as the flu, so you can still fuction and do work, but you're still contagious so you shouldn't be around people. I mean, I don't love work, but I hate missing it. Though, my current team is pretty self sufficient so it shouldn't be too bad, and a lot of my work is given to me so there's nothing I can work on from home.

So I can lounge around in my pajamas all day and not have to worry about anything. :-D Maybe I'll catch up on my reading or my TV.
So three years ago, my company held a contest challenging employees to walk 1500km or roughly 2,025,000 steps in a year. They handed out free pedometers and signed us up on a site to track our steps. I managed about 5,000,000 steps by the time the year was through.

The project I’m on now is doing something similar, though only for six months instead of twelve and the goal is to walk enough steps to reach Japan from British Columbia (there are specific start and finish destinations, but they're really not that important). This time we’re working in teams, 15 teams with 10 members each, so it’s a competition and a challenge. Which team can reach Japan first? According to the challenge page, it’s 9,683,572 steps or 7,012 km (4,357.05 miles).

The challenge started last week but I didn’t get my pedometer until today, but it’s the same site as from three years ago, so you can plug in an activity and the length of time that you did it for and the site can spit out the supposed amount of steps that you took. So I was able to make up for last week, but it’s not an accurate summation of how many steps I took. Much to my chagrin, the team I was placed on is currently last in the standings. Gee, thanks.

Edit: Wait, while writing this the steps I entered for last week actually put my team up a standing. Whoo, go me!

Whatever the case may be, it’s a free pedometer and some motivation to get off of my butt for the next six months. Hopefully this pedometer is a bit more robust than the one I was using three years ago. That one broke while I was on vacation and I was super sad. I don’t want this one to break while I’m on my cruise since I know I will be doing a ton of walking.

Things that work in my advantage: 1) I walk to work so that’s a bunch of steps I have to take every day 2) I don’t drive, so that forces me to walk to a lot of places, too 3) my cubicle is in like the furthest corner possible from the woman’s washroom, so that’s a bunch of steps, too. I should drink a lot of water so I have to go to the bathroom lots. ;-)

Oh, and the weather is getting nice, too, so it will be easier to get out and go for a stroll around the block or something. Too bad I can’t knit and walk at the same time. That’d be the best sort of multitasking.
- I'm slowly settling in at my new project, but my god, I hate working with contracts. I'm more used to working with purchase orders, which are much less involved. Even our huge POs were less complicated than your average service contract. Doesn't help that I feel like a glorified secretary. They have me typing up things and phoning people. I hate talking to people on the phone. So it seems doubtful I will be helping with any of the paperwork. And, my god, people need to get their act together. I had to chase people for information today, over the phone, too, and it was impossible to get anything from anyone because it's a long weekend here in Alberta. We could have avoided all of this if my manager had asked me to make the phone calls yesterday. But did he? Nope. So I'm not a happy camper right now.

- Thank goodness it is a long weekend. Hurray for fakey holidays! I'm going to spend the entire time just knitting.

- Speaking of knitting, I have 12 inches of scarf. So it's slowly coming along, but I should be able make some decent progress this weekend. I'm being very careful this time around so I don't screw up again. If I have to frog this thing, I'm going to be super sad. Oh, and I realized that I could knit something for a friend who's having a baby in August. My knitting skills are decent enough that I'm sure I could knock out some baby leg warmers or a baby hat before the baby shower. Apparently you're allowed to take knitting needles onto a plane, so I could totally knit my way over the Atlantic when I head to Italy for my cruise in May. Better than watching boring movies on a tiny screen.

- I'm debating a new cosplay for the comic book expo in April. I'm super tempted to cosplay Melinda May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., because Ming-Na is a guest this year (and also the character is Chinese!), but I'm looking at the replica vests and I'm kind of hesitant to buy something that expensive that I will only wear like once a year. I didn't mind paying a lot for my femme!Eleven coat since I wear it in the springtime, but I don't see myself wearing this vest when I go out. With that said, I really want to dress up as Melinda. I love her character so much and I've loved Ming-Na since she played Mulan. I guess I could cosplay Mulan, but that costume would be more complicated.

- God, I'm mentally exhausted. Time for a nap...
- I have a new project to go to on Monday; I finally got the confirmation on Thursday. So no more commuting on the train for me. I still have to support the project that I was doing coverage for, but they don't have much work to do, so hopefully it only takes up a small amount of my time. But I'm super happy I will have something different to do. The temporary project was so slow. There were days where I just sat there, staring at my phone. I'm sure the lady who sat across from me thought I was a total slacker.

- I AM A KNITTING MASTER! Okay, not really, but I finally got around to learning the purl stitch, so now I can start some projects in earnest. First up, a thin scarf that I can wear in the spring. The one I usually wear is super thick so it's not suitable for the days when I just want to keep my neck covered. The pattern on this one looks pretty cool and fairly easy, so once I get some good yarn (and better knitting needles, according to my sister), I should be good to go. I'm still amazed that people can produced these awesome things just from winding and twisting the yarn a certain way. I don't see myself following complicated patterns any time soon, but it would be nice to work my way up to knitting gloves. I have small hands so "one size fits all" usually doesn't apply to me.

- The Flash did something awesome this week:

Spoilers for The Flash 1x12, "Crazy for You" )

- I saw on io9.com that they've hired writers for the Stargate reboot movie so I guess they're still going ahead with it. :-P I usually don't read the comments, but I was browsing through them on the io9.com article and someone had posted the bit from the Stargate SG-1 episode "200" where they spoof Farscape, and it made me miss the show so much. It's a crazy episode, but it's a sign of a good show when they can poke fun of themselves like that. So if the reboot turns out to be crap, and there's a good chance that it might be, well, I'll just watch some old episodes of SG-1 to make the hurt go away. ;-)
- I'm still between projects at the moment so I've been doing some coverage for an admin who's out sick. It's a lot like being a temp again. The desk and computer aren't yours and nothing is set up for you and no one has any clue about what the admin does. It's only slightly less painful because I'm already an employee so I have my email and I actually know people in the building. A lot of sitting around and doing nothing yesterday. And my god, I hate the cubicles they have in this building. They're so open. :-P Three walls instead of four and two of the walls have glass in them so people can peek in. I'm going to be so happy when I move back into my old building. At least they have proper cubes there.

- Just some thoughts on the latest episode of Agent Carter:

Spoilers for Agent Carter 1x04, "The Blitzkrieg Button" )

The ratings aren't looking too good, though, which makes me sad. Why aren't more people watching this show?!?

- On a slightly related topic, the first trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie was released and it's... so bland. It seems like they're marketing it as a straight up sci-fi movie instead of a superhero movie, which is just bizarre. You'll get more people to the theatre with a superhero movie than a pure science fiction movie. I wasn't that interested in this movie anyway. Also, the Thing has no pants. I kid you not. In the one clear shot of him, albeit from behind, he's not wearing pants or underwear or swimming trunks or anything.

- I wanted to have a fourth point, but I can't think of anything. Um... I finished seven books for the month of January. Working through The Dispossessed right now, but I doubt I will finish it before the end of the week. Read a kind of decent detective novel, but I just felt like it was trying too hard to be gritty and funny at the same time. Also, the author had the tendency to switch tenses in the middle of a chapter and that drove me insane. Stick to one tense, lady! Past or present tense. You can't have both! My book club usually recommends great books, but there's always going to be the occasional stinker.
- Thanks for all of the thoughts and opinions regarding AO3. I think I will create an account there once they open up the invitations again. Looks like the automated invitation queue is down due to spammers.

- Found $5 today. It was at the train station, just lying there on the ground. The odd thing was, a couple of people passed by it and didn't pick it up. I mean, it wasn't hard to miss. The $5 bill is blue and the ground is brown. So maybe people felt weird picking up such a large denomination? Well, I certainly didn't feel weird. ;-) It's not a bad way to start the day, that's for sure.

- Case in point: I got the last of my project packed up today and then I got some mostly good news about a potential new project for me to join. So I could be working on a new project as early as February 2, which is great, because the project I'm on is pretty much dead now. Plus, the new project is back at my old building, the one that's within walking distance from my house. Of course, that would mean no more reading on the train, which makes me sad. I got so many books finished that way.

- Oh, and Arrow's winter premiere:

Spoilers for Arrow 3x10, "Left Behind" )
- Things have been a little slow at work. Oh, who am I kidding. It's been a lot slow (for various reasons). So with lots of time on my hands, I've been poking around Instagram. I got myself an account but I don't know if I'll actually use it. I don't take a lot of pictures; writing is more my thing. But it has been amusing searching through the various hashtags for my fandoms. The Sherlock stuff is... interesting, let's put it that way. Now that the special is filming, there are all sorts of set photos of Benedict and Martin. People seriously just stand around all day hoping to catch a glimpse of the actor? I would probably think differently of this if they actually shot anything interesting around here, but it still baffles me a bit. Oddly, there have been no Doctor Who set photos but maybe they've been in the studio for the past few days?

- Speaking of Sherlock, the boys are definitely dressed up in Victorian era clothes. While there might be a reasonable answer for this, Sherlock and John are attending a fancy dress party or something like that, I like to think that the special is a one-off re-imagining of Sherlock in the Victorian era. Like, maybe a member of Anderson's Sherlock fan club is writing some fanfic and they're the one who is imagining the boys as Victorian era detectives? Very meta, if that's the case. It's either that or Sherlock and John travel back in time. Oh, I know! This is actually a crossover with Doctor Who. That's the 2015 Christmas special. After Clara leaves, the Doctor meets Sherlock and John and he takes them on an adventure to meet Vastra, Jenny and Strax. It's so obvious! ;-)

- I loved the first two episodes of Agent Carter so much that I decided to watch them again. I usually don't re-watch episodes of my shows, so this is definitely a sign of how much this show rocks. Now I've been left with the desire to cosplay Peggy. Her leather jacket is pretty bad ass and, of course, there are sites out there that sell replicas. This one looks pretty decent, but there are no reviews, so who knows if it's any good in real life. On the other hand, free shipping! Something to think about during my copious amounts of free time. Peggy's got 1940s era hair and make-up, though, so I don't know if that's something I want to pursue.

- The comic book expo is four months away, so it does seem a bit early to be thinking about costumes and stuff, but those weeks can fly by surprisingly fast, so planning ahead never hurts. I'll let the expo announce some more guests before I start obsessing over anything, but damn, looking at costumes is a good way to waste time. I need more work to do, stat!
- Lost my connection to the Internet for a couple days and you really start to see how much we rely on it. It wasn't withdrawal, but I suddenly realized just how much time I spend surfing around. Like, if I'm watching something, it's so simple to just hop on to the Internet and check a reference. It was very weird not having the world at your fingertips.

- During my lost couple of days, I took up knitting and no, it wasn't because I had nothing to do. ;-) My sister has really gotten into knitting and I thought maybe it would be fun to start, so she stopped by on New Year's Day and dropped off some yarn and needles for me to practice on. Of course, with my Internet down, it was very hard to learn how to start knitting, so I went old school and got some books out from the library. It's actually quite easy to start, but I'm nowhere near proficient yet. I can cast the yarn into the needle and do a basic knit stitch, but I still need to learn how to purl before I even attempt making anything. I wouldn't say it's fun yet, but it is interesting to see how knitting works. Just how all the loops you do sort of tie together and create a pattern. I may end up making a scarf for myself, but that's probably all I'll manage.

- With that said, knitting is definitely easier than learning how to sew, but it would be nice to get back into sewing. At least with sewing, I could make things for costumes.

- I've had the past week off and it's been nice just hanging around the house, doing nothing and not worrying about work. It's back to work on Monday, so we'll see how things are. Stupid oil prices...
- I received my five year recognition award at work today. I had completely forgotten that I had reached five years with the company. Okay, technically, I've been with the company for six years, but I was a temp back in 2008 and I didn't officially become salary until 2009. For everyone's five year award they get a watch and it's not a bad watch. It's definitely fancier than the digital watch I have. So it's nice that they still do something, especially now when the market isn't so hot and the company is looking for ways to cut costs.

- Finished another batch of books since my last post about books. Among Others, Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror, and My Real Children. I quite enjoyed Among Others, though the ending was a bit of let down. Take out the magic and fairies from the plot and the book is really just about a girl growing up and trying to navigate life. I think it's going to be the book I bring to my book club's Christmas book exchange. It's not overly fantasy so a non-fantasy reader can still enjoy it. My Real Children is by the same author as Among Others and it was all right. The only sci fi conceit in the book is that a woman remembers living two lives. I always like alternative realities, but aside from that, it's a story about family and growing old. I had issues keeping the two lives straight so maybe that's why I didn't enjoy it as much.

The Doctor Who books were all right. I managed to read all three Twelfth Doctor novels. I think the best of the bunch was The Blood Cell. The Doctor felt the most in character in that one and I didn't mind that the entire plot was told in the first person and from the point of view of the prison governor. Gave it a different spin. The Doctor really gets beat up during the course of the book, so it was odd to see him in that sort of situation, but he breaks out some Venusian aikido at one point, so clearly he can look after himself. :-) I'm working through Doctor Who: Engines of War, the War Doctor novel, and I'm not too sure about it. It has Daleks in it and it's set during the Time War, two things from the show that don't really hold my interest. But I'm only a few chapters in, so I'll give it a few more chapters before I make a judgement.

- My book club is next Saturday so it'll be nice to get a pile of real books to read. It's super convenient having books on my phone, but staring at that tiny screen is straining my eyes.

- Thankfully, all of this reading on the commute leaves me with plenty of time to play video games at home and I need every free minute to finish Dragon Age Inquisition. There's just so much to do; the side quests are practically endless. I'll think to myself, "Oh, I'll just play for half an hour" and then two hours later I'm still running around. A sign of a good game, really. :-)
... The space heater you brought in blows a fuse and that cuts power to your computer and your co-worker's computer.

Yeah, I literally blew a fuse at work yesterday. In my defense, it was 18C in my cubicle yesterday and that totally is a good reason to have the space heater going at full blast. My co-worker just next to me also has a space heater, so I guess the two of them together on the same breaker was just too much. This goes to show how old the building is.

So the two of us were without power for about an hour while we waited for the building maintanence guys to come by. While we waited, another building guy came by to take a look at the temperature problem. Turns out, the air-con wasn't even on! So the guy fiddled with some switches in the ceiling and that got the heat going. I don't think it completely fixed the problem, though. The area starts out fairly warm early in the morning, but by the time everyone else arrives at the office, there's cold air coming up from the vents. Sigh. But it was a balmy 21C in my cubicle today, so something is working. I still need the space heater to keep my feet warm, but I can put it right next to me so there's no need to have it going full blast all day.

It's not even that cold outside right now. 0C or a little bit cooler. I can't imagine how cold it's going to be inside when it's -20 or -30C outside. Maybe I should bring in a blanket to work, too.
So, the giant office move is done. Today was only our second day in the new downtown building, but everyone is starting to get their new routines down. My commute isn't so bad. I like to get in early, so when I'm catching the bus and train in the morning it's still relatively empty and I don't have to worry about fighting for a seat. I spend the half hour ride reading a book anyway, so I barely notice what's going on around me. Going home is a little harder, since everyone wants to go home, but I'm getting a schedule down to ensure that I make all of my connections.

My new cubicle is actually pretty nice. I'm tucked away in the corner so I'm away from all of the foot traffic. There's even a window at my back so I get to see the sun for once. I'm predicting my spot is going to get kind of cold in the winter, though. I can already feel the cool air seeping in. Maybe I can sneak in a block heater if it gets really bad. Aside from that, I actually have a decent amount of privacy despite the slightly shorter cubicle walls. I can be less paranoid about writing at work now.

The building is old, though. You can tell from the style of wallpaper and the interior of the elevator. Wallpaper is tacky, like it's from the 1980s or something, and the elevator has older style buttons with bronze walls. Even the elevator ding sounds old school. We've been assured that the building's air quality is up to snuff, but I'm having my doubts. My allergies are really acting up. I just hope it's because the snow is melting and not because there's some horrible mound of dust circulating through the vents.

The weather is decent now, so we'll see how I feel about this new location when it's the dead of winter and -30C with wind chill.
- Office move is half done! We all packed up today so the movers could move everything over the weekend. I'm dead tired now and probably covered with dust. Had a few lame surprises along the way, like leftover files from a project that wasn't ours and seeing a incredible pile of discarded office supplies be carelessly dumped in a spare cubicle. It pisses me off. It's not hard to return the items you don't want or need anymore to the mail room. Now some poor soul is going to have to clean out that messy cubicle before someone can move into it.

- And then on Monday, we have to unpack everything. Here's hoping they don't uproot us again. I'm getting too old for this stuff. :-P

- A moment from last night's Arrow just made me giggle. Naturally, someone made a .gif:

Mild spoiler for Arrow 3x06, "Guilty" )

- With Doctor Who over for the season, I decided to check out the Twelfth Doctor novels. The first one I looked at, "Silhouette", is... I wouldn't say bad, but the characterization of Twelve doesn't seem right to me. It's no fault of the author really. The first few books for a new Doctor are always a little awkward since they're written well before we see the new Doctor on the screen. All the author has for reference are the first few scripts and those are just words. They don't get to see the actor in action. So I'm willing to work my way through the book, but it kind of feels like I'm reading a story that would better suit Eleven.

- Gosh, I'm ready for bed. Thank god it's a day off tomorrow.
- So the company made it official yesterday. My project is moving downtown on November 13. Actually, that's packing day. The moves will happen over the weekend and our first day in the new building will be November 17. That's three weeks to pack up an entire project. Three weeks! Gee, thanks for all of the warning. It would be fine if they were only moving a department, but that's barely enough time for all departments to get their stuff together.

- It's not looking too bad for my side of things. We're done with a lot of our files so most can be archived before we move. What's left shouldn't fill too many bins. It's the other project team that's completely disorganized. They have files everywhere and none of it is filed nicely. I know the other admin is super busy so she doesn't have the time to worry about this stuff, but still. Put the files that belong together in the same area. Don't spread them around. I was helping out this afternoon, to get a jump start on this stuff, and I thought I was making good progress until she pointed out some files that were randomly in boxes and filing cabinets. So I'll be back at it tomorrow if I don't have my own work to do.

- I'm very much reminded of the massive move that happened on my other project five years ago. Actually, it was more than one move. We moved locations three times and each time we had to pack up our files and then put them away again. So while I'm used to stirring up a crap load of dust and being grimy, this isn't something I wanted to go through again. At least this gives everyone an excuse to do a purge and get rid of stuff they may not want or need anymore. That was definitely the best part of packing up. There's something very satisfying about throwing project documents into a shred-it bin.

- And my gosh, my arms hurt from lugging around boxes. I don't remember being this sore five years ago.

- One highlight of this week? Tomorrow, some of the department heads will get a pie in the face. It's for charity, we don't randomly pie people at work because we feel like it, and one of the procurement managers got nominated. So that'll be good for a laugh before the weekend kicks off.


Sep. 15th, 2014 06:51 pm
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- I ran into a skunk on the way to work today. It just walked out in front of me, about two metres away, and we both just stopped and looked each other. I've seen all sorts of animals walking to work - deer, hares, geese and goslings, ducks and ducklings, even two coyotes and a porcupine - but this was the first time that I stopped dead in my tracks. Oh sure, the coyotes could have bit me or something, but they started running the other way the second they saw me. This skunk just stood there for a second or two and I did not want to make the first move. Going into work smelling of eau de skunk would not be cool. And, for the record, skunks really stink. I caught just a whiff of it as it waddled off and pee-yew. They must exude that musk all the time.

- Alas, my time of running into random animals while on the walk to work is growing short. On Friday I found out my project is moving downtown to be closer to the client. First moves should start November 1. This really sucks. I live so close to work and I don't have to bother with transit. There's nothing wrong with taking transit, don't get me wrong, but when there are delays and power outages and whatnot, then it becomes really frustrating. We're not even going to the central part of downtown. The building is near the edge of downtown. And this building got flooded last year, too, and it's not the newest building to start with either. Sigh. Plus, I was told the cubicles have short walls. Really? I mean, come on! I don't have a lot of privacy in a cubicle to begin with. You want to take away what little privacy I do have?

- I suppose the only upside of the move is that I will have more time to read. It's a 30 minute train ride into the downtown core from where I live. So that's an hour, at least, each day of read time. I'm going to blow through books like no one's business.

- Playing more of Destiny. I still can't quite say what makes Destiny unique from the other first person shooters I've played. You shoot the bad guys, they drop loot, and you gain XP and/or money. The desolation of the setting reminds me of Borderlands and the weapons are like the ones in Halo and some of the building design reminds me of Mass Effect. I suppose the public events and the open world where you can run into other random gamers is a bit different. But Nathan Fillion voices a character in the game! And Gina Torres does, too! And if you play a female character, the voice actor is the same voice actor who played Wonder Woman on the Justice League cartoon. So I always have a good giggle when I hear Nathan issuing me a mission. :-)
- The summer snow continues. It had melted a bit yesterday but a fresh snowfall this morning made everything white and wet again. I regret not wearing boots this morning. My runners were soaked by the time I got to work. I guess that's mostly my fault since I walked.

For the curious, snow in late summer looks like this:

Snow in late summer. Not a pretty sight. )

- Work was also stupid today. I was stuck doing a three rush orders that took all day to get organized and by the time that one of them was ready to send out, the buyer was all fed up and went home. That really pissed me off. Dumbo was all "I've been here since 5:30 this morning and I've had to go home at 3:30 for the past two days so I'm leaving now." Boo frickin' hoo. I always get into work before this buyer and I stay later than he does so he has nothing to complain about. The procurement manager also disappeared on me so when I was sending everything out there was no one to consult when I ran into an issue. Grr...

- The only bright spot to my day? My new Playstation 4 showed up today! I got the Destiny bundle so I have a new game to play. I can take out my frustrations by shooting aliens in the face.

- Should be warmer tomorrow. I might even wear my femme!Eleven coat. Because, really, it's the only highlight I can think of regarding this weather.
- Yay, jury duty done! In time for the long weekend, too. Annoyingly, we were sequestered so we had to spend last night in a hotel. I mean, when they tell you to pack and bring an overnight bag, you really don't think you'll have to use it, but yup, we had to use it. Sure, on the one hand, you get a night in a hotel away from family obligations and such, but on the other hand, I really don't want to be in a hotel away from the familiar. On top of that, the TV doesn't work, so you can't spend the evening watching movies or whatever, no radios or clocks either so you don't know what time it is, and you don't have your phone either. I was fine without my phone, I brought a book to read, but I could tell that some of the other jurors really missed their phones. Sort of seemed like a waste of taxpayers' money to me, to put up 12 people in a hotel for the night, but I get that you don't want people going home and seeing the news and skewing the results of the trial. Anyway, I'm just glad it's done and now I can get back to my real job.

- The Flash trailer is up and not just a teaser one. Really, it ruins the plot of the first episode, especially a cameo by a certain someone, but what are you going to do? So far, the premise kind of reminds me of Smallville in that the hero and the reason for all of these villains suddenly appearing are tied together by one incident. Smallville had all of that kryptonite mutating people; The Flash has the explosion of the particle accelerator bringing about meta-humans (good and evil). I'm not sure about Barry's costume, but it's definitely harder to pull off than Ollie's costume on Arrow. I'll give the show a shot, for sure, though. If anything, it's another show filming in Vancouver so more chances for Canadian actors to appear. Also got to love that they hired the actor who played the Flash previously to play the dad of the current Flash. Hmm, stunt casting...

- And I also watched the trailer for Karen Gillan's new show, Selfie. Her American accent is... okay. Not great, but it's passable. It's just great to see her being the lead on an American TV show. I don't know if the show will do really well; only time and viewership will tell.

- From the sound of things, there's lots to clean up at work since I was away. I will probably go in tomorrow just so there isn't a pile of work to tackle on Tuesday. But Godzilla on Sunday. Godzilla!


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