Jan. 26th, 2016

- So, The X-Files is finally back. I was a bit young to appreciate the show back when it was in its heyday, but I remember enough that I'm still excited for the revival. The first episode was... I wouldn't call it horrible, but it wasn't great, either. I personally can't remember what the whole conspiracy thing about the alien invasion planned for 2012 was about, so maybe that's why I couldn't get into the episode. There was also a continuity error with David Duchovny's hair that distracted me. The second episode was better. The Monster of the Week plot was always what worked best for the show.

And they acknowledged Mulder and Scully's kid! It's so weird to think that William is now 15. I'm still annoyed that Chris Carter broke up Mulder and Scully for the drama. Bleh. You can still have drama and tension even if two people are in a relationship.

- I have started the Fourth Doctor scarf (season 16/17 length) for my friend. This is a week earlier than I expected. I'm sure the extra time won't make a huge difference, but every bit counts.

- I'm also in the early stages of knitting up Rose's wrist warmers from the end of "Doomsday". I bought the yarn and I just need the right needles. I know it seems silly to tackle another project while working on the Scarf, but I'm more tempted to do a Rose cosplay for the comic book expo rather than a femme!Ten. Her outfit from the end of "Doomsday" is easy to put together and hey, it also includes an knitted item that I have enough talent to make. I get to learn how to do cabling, too, and if for some reason Billie Piper cancels, that's okay. I still end up with something I can wear every day. It's nice that my knitting obsession can lend itself to my fannish obsessions. ;-)

- I don't why I took this book from my book club, but I just finished reading Prom and Prejudice, a modern take on Pride and Prejudice set in a girl's boarding school. Guh, this was the stupidest thing ever. It's a high school AU of Pride and Prejudice that got published! Why?!? It takes the basic plot of the book and then does nothing new with it. At least Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has zombies and Bridget Jones' Diary was well written. This book has the usual YA angst and the main character has no agency whatsoever. Lizzie Bennett muddles her way through the plot and lets Will Darcy initiate any plot developments. If you're going to update a classic, at least make Lizzie more assertive.

The other sad thing about this? This is the fourth book I've read based on Pride and Prejudice (the third being Longbourn, which was also better) and I haven't even read the original yet. I should at least read the source material before reading all of these adaptations.


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