Apr. 28th, 2016

Can't believe that this is my tenth year attending the local comic book expo. I can still remember my first year. The whole thing took place in one large room and the panel area was a tiny space blocked off by black curtains. The expo has come so far since then.

I didn't get up to too much today. Wandered the exhibitors' hall and looked at stuff that I had no money to buy. Found a friend's booth and hung with him for a little bit. The only cool thing I did was attend an Orphan Black panel. They screened tonight's episode and then had a Q&A afterwards. It was a blast to watch the episode in a room full of people. The episode always seems better when everyone is laughing at the same joke at the same time. You don't get that when you're watching on your own.

Space, the channel that airs Orphan Black in Canada, was handing out sheep masks before the panel:

The newest clone, M.K. wears one and damn, it's a creepy mask. You really don't notice on the show, but here, you can see every little detail. There should be a whole flock of these at the parade tomorrow.

Oh, and I did my Ace cosplay and one of the volunteers flagged me down to get a picture. He said Ace is his wife's favourite Companion. So that was nice. I actually removed a handful of the pins and buttons and it's amazing what a difference it makes. The jacket's not any lighter, but there's less stuff clacking around. Though, I nearly lost a pin, which nearly gave me a heart attack. I may have to consider super-gluing the pin backs in place so it doesn't happen again.

So, parade tomorrow. John Barrowman's back in town and he remembered to bring his cowboy hat from the last time he was here. I'd like to see William Shatner do that.


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