- I didn't have to go into work today, earned day off, but if I had, I totally would have dressed up. A lot of my Doctor Who cosplays don't look like costumes, so I could not stand out but still be geeky. Not that I'm complaining that I had the day off. ;-) Instead, I got to visit my niece and saw her in the Yoda costume I made for her. So cute! I wish I had pictures to show you guys. Words cannot describe how adorable she is. Hopefully this is the first of many costumes she will wear in her lifetime. Might also give me an excuse to sew more. Baby sized costumes are much easier to make than adult sized costumes, at least for a novice sewer like me.

- I will be attending a Halloween party tomorrow. I decided to go with my Melinda May costume from the comic book expo this year. It's comfy and has very few accessories. I don't know if my friends watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so I may have to explain my costume, but that's kind of the norm with my friends. I suppose I will settle for generic ass kicking super spy if no one gets it.

- I'm slowly assembling a Twelfth Doctor cosplay. I don't know why I need another Doctor Who costume, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm loving Twelve more and more as I watch more of his episodes. So I have a pair of screen accurate Ray-Ban Wayfarers on the way and I've purchased a knockoff of the t-shirt he wears in "The Magician's Apprentice" / "The Witch's Familiar" since the SA ones are all gone. I also bought a black sweater today that's a decent stand-in for the one Twelve wears in "Listen", "In the Forest of the Night" and other episodes. All I need to do now is cut a ton of holes in the front and hack away some of the collar and cuffs. My god, this is a weird sweater. Thing is, the sweater looks so nice on its own; I'd hate to ruin it. Maybe I need to buy another sweater and just use that one for cosplay purposes.

Of course, what I really need is the coat. I looked at the Elope one, but it's unisex sizing, so that won't work for me. I've also looked at the options available through the usual cosplay sites and while you can tailor the product to your body measurements, I'm not really feeling it. The one I'm currently eyeing is through a website that does James Bond suits. Yeah, it's a weird place to get a Doctor Who item, but the reviews are good for their products and the coat is actually cheaper than the cosplay sites, which is a huge plus. I have some time to decide. I'm secretly hoping the Canadian dollar will get better, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

- Supergirl premiered this week. I watched the pilot months ago, so next week will prove whether this show is another worthy entry into the DC television verse. It's produced by the same guys who do Arrow and The Flash, so I have faith that they won't screw it up. Even if the beginning is a bit rocky, that's okay. The Flash was the exact same. It started out okay and it was amazing by the end of the first season.

- Oh, and I finally joined [livejournal.com profile] who_contest. I haven't been able to write much lately, so hopefully writing some drabbles will help with the creativity.
I'm writing a bit of an epic right now. No clue if this fic will ever see the light of day, but I've been plodding away for a few months now. Because of said epic I didn't even consider doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I did keep an eye on my word count for November. At the beginning of the month I was hovering around 75,000 words and last night I reached about 107,000 words. That's about 32,000 words for the month. For an unofficial NaNoWriMo, that's pretty good. Over half. Not as impressive as my first year where I did 50,000 words in 15 days, but factor in that I was playing Dragon Age 2 pretty heavily up until a few days ago and it's nearly a miracle.

I didn't even try for daily quotas, but I did keep with the philosophy of trying to write a bit every day. It helped that work was suddenly super slow and I could write discreetly. Actually, that's probably why I ended up with such a high word count. It offset the hours lost while playing Dragon Age 2. And writing is better than surfing around on the Internet when there's nothing to do. I sound productive, with all the keyboard clacking.

It's strange, but my productivity always seems higher when I'm at work. Less distractions maybe. Or maybe it's the opposite. There are lots of distractions, like actual work to do, but I want to write instead and that procrastination gets the creative juices flowing. It was like that when I was going to university. Writing was a lot easier when I was doing it to put off papers and whatnot.

I suppose you could say I'm getting paid to write. It's not my fault if there's nothing to do. ;-)
Love'em? Hate'em? I started writing a fic with the setting in Scotland and suddenly all the Scottish characters are using "ye" and "dinnae" and so on. I'm the author and even I'm finding it annoying. Sure, you want to highlight that this character has an accent, but do you really need to? Is saying, "He spoke with a heavy Scottish accent" enough?

Or do you stop noticing after awhile? I'm trying to get through the Outlander series and one of the main characters is Scottish. There are "ye"s and "dinnae"s aplenty, but I'm not rolling my eyes every time the character speaks. Maybe it's different when you're the reader. You don't have to think long and hard about the character's dialogue; you just read it as part of the story and move on to the next plot point.

If you know the story is set in a certain place, then you don't need to bring attention to the fact that the people talk differently, right?
I'm kinda bummed I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year. It's not like I'm busy but I have no story this year and you kinda need a story if you want to make 50,000 words. In retrospect, cranking out 50,000 plus words in two weeks was fun. It wasn't fun at the time, but once I had the chance to look over what I had written, I was mostly proud of the thing. I think if I was doing it this year, I would go slower and actually take the whole month instead of speeding through.

I haven't been writing a lot lately and it's been bugging me. I have no creative outlet. It's no wonder I got so obsessed with making the med kit for my Left 4 Dead costume. I need to get back into the habit of writing at home. I got so used to writing at work.

But speaking of my Zoey costume, I think I will wear it to the comic book expo in June. They announced that George A. Romero will be one of the media guests so all the zombie fans will be out in full force. Maybe I'll run into some other Left 4 Dead cosplayers. :-) I saw some Hunters last year and I regret not getting a photo with any of them.

I feel like shooting my way through a horde of the undead now...
Guh, I miss writing while at work. It's not that I'm busy all the time now but there's just so many people popping in and out of my cubicle to drop stuff off that I'm paranoid someone might catch me. I know I'm not doing anything indecent, but I have this weird thing about people being around when I'm writing. I need to be completely isolated or the words don't come. Seems kind of counter-intuitive, me writing in a place where there are tons of people around and me needing complete isolation to write, but I got so used to writing at my work computer. It feels weird not be writing. I've barely written anything in two weeks.

And I have a couple of fic ideas kicking around. I hate not being able to commit any of them to paper, so to speak. I need to get used to writing from my home computer again.

Oh, and a random thought about point of view. Maybe the other writers out there want to chime in on this. So, I pretty much write third person limited. I was reading this book the other day and I was totally caught off guard when the author suddenly jumped between points of views of two characters in one scene. I mean, there's nothing wrong with third person omniscient, but it felt kind of lazy to me. But is it lazy? Is third person omniscient, say, more revealing? You can have two opposing view points at once, get more info out, and there's no need to have a break in the narrative to switch characters. I'm tempted to write something with third person omniscient, but I'm finding it hard getting past the idea that I can have more than one view point in one paragraph. It feels, I don't know, wrong somehow.

Being uncreative sucks. But the new TV season is starting soon. Yay, new episodes to watch!
I totally did not do any work today. Had a 7:30 morning meeting, sat around for a bit, went out for a two and a half hour lunch, came back, sat around a bit more, and then I went home. I'd feel guilty, but I had no work to do anyway. With the office buddy off to another project, I'll be on my own for the next two weeks or so, so I'll have some time to write at work.

I've been writing little drips and drabs here and there while at work anyway, but I don't know, when I read back the stuff I do write, it's okay but I'm not loving it. And it's all part of a larger story so here I am, writing all of this stuff, and I know I'm likely to toss it when I'm done. 106 pages and counting and I'm going to toss it. Sad, but true.

I need to get off my butt and get stuff beta'd, too. I don't know what it is, but I have no motivation to get stuff posted.

It also doesn't help that I started a new video game. Damn you, Red Dead Redemption...
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I write it. Not sure if I "love" it. I certainly don't hate it. It's an outlet for me mostly. I love to write but I'm too damn lazy to come up with an original world to write in. So, fanfic is a nice middle ground. Fully formed characters running around in worlds I enjoy already. I guess it's sort of a necessity then. I always try to get away with writing at work. It helps the day to go by faster. :-)

As for reading it, hey, that's fun, too. People are always coming up with stories that can't be explored or don't get explored in the source material. That's the cool thing about fanfic. It's a forum. People can write whatever they want.

I really don't get the professional authors who say, "Hey, don't write fanfic set in my fandom!" If no one is profiting from it, then what's the harm? But that's just me.
Whoot! I'm officially a NaNoWriMo 2009 winner!

So I had no life there for about two weeks. All I did was write. Wrote at work, wrote when I got home, wrote on the weekends. I think constantly writing is good, if you can manage it. I’m a social hermit and my job can be slow at times so I got a lot done. That might not be the case for other people. I think it depends on your story, too. If you have a good idea it’s easy to rattle off 1667 words or more.

For awhile there, in the middle of my story, I had no idea where it was going. I just wrote whatever came to me and hoped I could tie it all together in the end. But by doing that, I think it did change my ending. I suddenly had all these dangling elements and I wanted to use them somehow. If some random person did read my story (heaven help them), it probably seems like I had planned stuff from the beginning but most of it I came up with on the fly. I did a lot of my research on the fly, too, which guarantees a lot of my facts are probably inaccurate. I took a lot of liberties with my setting, but the general idea is still intact.

The mental space you have to get into, “Must write or die” was kind of refreshing. I stopped thinking about whether what I was writing was stylistically engaging or not. I always stress over that, about whether the sentence I just wrote was boring or not. I also freak out if I use he or she to start a sentence too many times. It shouldn’t matter as long as you get the point across. The reader isn’t going to care if three sentences in a row all start with “He” or “She”. I hope to carry this over into my other writing. A lot of fics get bogged down because I think too much.

I also found it’s a lot easier playing in your own world with your own characters. A character isn’t out of character because it’s completely up to you how a character behaves. You don’t have to adhere to something that’s been pre-determined, which also messes me up when I’m writing fic. I don’t know how believable my characters are though. I watch way too much TV and everyone probably sounds like their spouting dialogue from a script, not speaking like normal people do.

Now that I’m finished, I had a chance to read over what I wrote and it doesn’t seem as bad as I thought. What now though? Leaving my novel to gather dust on my hard drive doesn't bother me, but it feels like I should do something with this thing.
I also considered "Or How I Shot Past 50,000 Words While Waiting to Watch Doctor Who".

Seriously, why am I not watching it yet?!

So yeah, I'm done. 53,415 words in total. My neck hurts and my fingers are cold.

But I have a novel! A very crappy novel that totally wanders in the middle because I had no idea what I was writing, but a novel nonetheless. My first year of NaNoWriMo and I made it! Well ahead of schedule, too. That I didn't do on purpose. I just really got into a groove and I just kept going. It was kind of fun, just writing. No thinking whether what you're writing is crap, no second guessing yourself, no going back to edit. I'll have to do that next, editing, but I might wait a few days. I need to regain my sanity first. ;-)
Blasted past 35,000 around Wednesday or Thursday I think. Currently working towards 40,000 (which shouldn't take too long). I’m tempted to try writing all weekend, every free hour I have, to hit 50,000 by Sunday, which would mean I hit the goal in half the time. I don’t see that happening though. With Doctor Who (and Top Gear) back on Sunday, that’s going to be a major distraction. I’m happy I hit halfway before the halfway point, so that’s a good achievement for my first time round.

I haven’t been involved with the NaNo community, though I did register with my region, so I haven’t really been seeing how the rest of the city, and the province, is faring. But I’ve lurked enough to notice that most people seem to be moving along at a decent pace, though there are some who haven’t even cracked 10,000. Depends on your life I suppose. Some people are busy with work or school or other things. Me, the social hermit that I am, I have no life so I can get quotas done.

I think I’m at a point where I getting very tired of writing though. I’m not just tired physically, but the thought of sitting at a computer and trying to write more plot is sort of making me… angry. I’m starting to resent my novel. “It sucks. The plot sucks, the characters sucks, I suck, etc.” I’ll be happy when this is over. I can stop writing for a bit and just veg out playing video games. I have a pile of games I need to finish.
(I need more writing related icons)

Halfway, baby! *does dance of joy*

That's 25,000 words in eight days. I'm way ahead of the curve, but that's nothing to brag about. There is a guy in my region that did 25,000 words in just four days, according to the posting board. He either has a very good story or he has a lot of time on his hands.

But I think I've hit the point where I'm starting to run out of story. I only plotted, like, a third of the plot before I started writing and I'm well past that point. Now I'm in the middle section and I have no idea where the story is headed. I just keep writing, throwing in details that may or may not be useful later on. This so me writing by the seat of my pants. I have a vague idea for an ending, but how do you get there when you don't know what's in-between? I guess I'll just keep writing and maybe throw in some unnecessary flashbacks if I'm reaching the back stretch too soon.

Oh, and now I can take the 15th off to watch Doctor Who and Top Gear. Why, BBC, does both shows have to come back on the same night?

And kind of off topic, but a year ago today I bought my Xbox 360. It was the main reason I didn't do NaNoWriMo last year. I got sucked in to playing Mass Effect every free hour I had. Good thing its sequel isn't out until January or I would have been doomed writing-wise this year.

I need some chocolate now...
Aw, Castle supports NaNoWriMo. Okay, I know Castle isn't a real person, but it's still nice to hear. Or read, rather.

I'm doing all right at the moment. Writing at work is going very slowly. I'm very paranoid about writing when other people are in the room, so I can sneak in about an hour and a half of writing before my office buddy shows up. I also try to write at lunch, but I'm usually too busy eating to get much done. But office buddy has a meeting every Thursday afternoon, so I'll be able to write to my heart's content, well, within reason at any rate.

My word total is hovering under the 12,000 mark. So in terms of quotas, I'm ahead of the curve. That's the first week done and only in the first four days. I don't plan to take any days off, except for maybe a few hours on the weekend to catch up on TV, so as long as I don't run out of story, I'll be cruising right along. I'm at a point where I don't care what I'm writing as long as I get words down. What I have so far isn't very flowy or stylistically engaging, but it's words and thus, I am happy.

Off the topic of writing, I failed horribly in the Legend of Seeker department. I was all ready to watch the first season in time to watch the second and that never happened. Made it through the first two episodes and then I stalled. I probably won't be able to catch up until December, after NaNoWriMo is done. But one thing struck me as I watched the pilot:

How does Kahlan keep her white dress so clean? She's running around in the woods and it's spotless most of the time. Is that part of her power, too? ;-)

Back to writing. I think NaNoWriMo is perfect for obsessive compulsive people like me. All that's running through my head right now is, "OMG! Gotta make quota!" And I will always try to because I can't stand the thought of not making quota. I'm either very motivated or very sad. It's probably the second one. :-)
So I actually decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. I was all ready to start writing a second past midnight, but I got tired so I didn't start writing until I got up this morning. Thank goodness for Daylight Savings, is all I have to say. It felt like it was later in the day when it actually wasn't.

After a day of writing, with some time slacking off in the middle because, hey, it wouldn't be writing without some procrastination, I have enough words to cover my quota for today and tomorrow. I expect my lead will start to lag behind once I head into work. I know I said I plan to write at work, but it all depends on my work load is and how I'm feeling. If I'm not feeling motivated, I don't see much getting done. But we'll see. I don't want to abandon this.

I foresee myself becoming even more of a hermit as the month goes on. I like getting things done and not meeting my daily quote of 1667 words will probably drive me insane. But can I really say to my friends, "Don't bug me! I'm writing a novel!"? I can't spend every minute of my free time writing. That would probably drive me nuts, too. And Doctor Who is back on the 15th! That's distracting, too.

I'll get down a routine or something. Who needs to interact with the real world anyway? It's getting cold out.
I think I am really considering participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I have the time, I haven’t started any fics so no need to put off any projects for a month, and there are no video games to distract me this time. I just need a plot and I’m ready to go! Shame I don’t have one yet…

But I was reading over NaNoWriMo’s website and they spell it out plainly. The whole endeavour isn’t about writing the great (insert country of origin here) novel. It’s just about writing and getting over that creative road block of thinking too much. My Creative Writing prof called it your internal editor. It’s that annoying little voice who’s constantly shouting at you, saying what you’re writing is crap and you need to redo it. If you’re trying to reach a word count and a daily quota, then you got to tell your internal editor to shove it. This is about quantity, not quality. And that may seem silly, but it’s a good exercise to me. To just write and not worry about whether it’s good or not sounds very freeing.

It’s just the implementation of writing those words that’s making me hesitate. I know my goal shouldn’t be “Must reach 50,000 words by November 30!” especially since this would be my first time, but the thought of trying and totally failing just feels, I don’t know, frightening. I like to get stuff done and not finishing something this monumental would just be wrong. I’ve been trying to work out a writing process: 50,000 words over 30 days equates to about 1667 words per day. So I thought, “Hey, I’ll just write 30 chapters that are each 1667 words long!” But as I think about this, that just seems stupid. I would just be following a formula, not going with the flow. There would be no room for spontaneity. Having an outline is good, but mapping out each chapter sounds a bit too rigid.

To avoid having to build any worlds, because I’m lazy, I’m going to take a suggestion from [livejournal.com profile] newnumber6. Set the story in the “real world” as it was, but have one fantastical element that’s secret. So that inevitably means venturing into the world of the supernatural. Of course, everyone and their dog is writing a vampire/zombie/sea monster novel these days, but I really don’t feel like coming up with anything new. Vampires are easy and I can see why they’re suddenly all the rage. And I will admit [livejournal.com profile] beachkid and I, when we were in our high school Creative Writing class, did try our hand at a vampire story. Maybe it’s time to revisit those characters.

Work’s über slow right now anyway, so I could probably get away with writing at work. Plus my office mate is like the nicest guy ever. He totally gets that there are lulls during the day and he could care less about what’s on my screen. Writing looks like working, right? It looks a lot less conspicuous than say, an internet window browser.
Work politics make me weary. I'd rather just keep my head down and not say anything. I'm happy with having someone give me a pile of work and saying, "This needs to be done." That's my role anyway. Administrative assistant. I assist. When people start to argue about their roles and nothing gets done, I so do not want to be around to hear it. It just brings down the rest of the team, you know? Sigh. Anyway, I won't ramble at length about the work situation. I'm just happy I can go home at the end of the day and beat up fake virtual people on the Xbox.

So, random writing thought to spice up this entry. I just started reading Death's Daughter by Amber Benson and it's okay so far. I read the Ghosts of Albion stuff she co-wrote with Christopher Golden, but since she did co-write it, it's hard to tell who wrote what. Anyway, Death's Daughter is her first solo novel and I was kind of disappointed to see that it's written in the first person. I don't know why, but I equate first person POV with lazy writing. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy a book written in the first person. I'm in the middle of The Dresden Files series and I have no problems with Harry narrating everything to me. I just feel like first person is the easy way out. Since you're in the character's head, everything is laid out for you; every thought the character has, you see it and feel it. It's hard to be subtle when it's all right there, flashing in your face like a neon sign. But that's just me.

I'm not sure if I'll make it to the end of Death's Daughter. It's not very engaging at the moment. Though, it's better than reality at the moment...
A co-worker today asked me what I did last night and all I could come up with was watching TV. So, a post not about TV (mostly).

-Yesterday was the annual Stampede breakfast at my work. It was my first company Stampede breakfast; I went to work for the company after Stampede had finished last year so I had missed out. Nothing too fancy, but it was a free breakfast. That's the best part about Stampede. :-D As for actually going to Stampede, I'm going Saturday with some friends. Mmm, mini doughnuts...

-Next week, I'll have been working for a year. Whoo, go me! I'll probably post more about that next week, but for now, yay, I'm still employed!

-I've been writing a lot while at work lately. Okay, to be more accurate, I've been writing while working. But not writing when I should be working. I type a few sentences then do some data entry, type a few sentences, enter some data, etc. Working at a computer that isn't my home computer seems to help with creativity. Or maybe it's the rampant paranoia that someone might come up behind me and see what I'm writing that's fueling the writing process. Whatever it is, it's nice getting stuff done. If I still have a job come November, I might give NaNoWriMo a try and write during the day while at work. It's probably the only way I'd make a daily writing quota.

-Alan Tudyk's been in town filming a low budget horror movie. A friend of my brother-in-law saw Alan about two weeks ago in a restaurant and we couldn't figure out why he would be here. The local paper had a story about three days ago about the movie, though it was more about how the director is Sally Field's son and how she was in town, too, to watch him direct. This is the first on-line article I've seen about the movie. The article makes it sound like the movie just stared filming but the production has been here for about two weeks now. So I have about another week and a half to stalk run into Alan.

-I heard about the Alien Nation remake Tim Minear is heading up, which is cool for him. I'm too young to remember Alien Nation so I'm indifferent about it being remade. I am not, however, indifferent about Syfy remaking Quantum Leap, which it might, according to io9.com. I've been watching reruns of Quantum Leap for about a year and a half now and I'm somewhere in season four, far enough into the show that I don't want to see a new take on it. Half the charm comes from the actors. This is Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell before they were a starship captain and a homicidal Cylon, respectively. And Quantum Leap was barely sci fi. Sure, Sam travelled through time, but he didn't do it with a flashy time machine and he didn't run around with a ray gun. Al was like the only constant sci fi reminder. The rest of the time, it was just Sam, trying to make right what once went wrong. It doesn't sound like a concrete thing at the moment, thank goodness, but the potential is there. The next thing you know, we'll have this:

Not that this would be a bad thing... ;-)

-Sigh, is it time to watch Torchwood yet?
I just finished my first epic fic. Over 43,000 words. *falls over, amazed* I have never written anything that long before, so this is a milestone for me. 76 pages!

It looks like I started this thing back in December, so maybe three months total to finish this first draft. I'm surprised I managed to finish at all. I rarely complete fics. I can get started easily enough, but I always run out of steam before the end. Or I abandon a fic, leave it alone for a long time, and then I come back and finish it very crappily. This one though...

I started a "write a little something every day" project around the time of NaNoWriMo last year. I had already started a fic so I figured it would be easier just to keep working on it than start a new project for NaNo. I tried to work on it every day but not surprisingly I ended up abandoning it. But I liked the idea of writing something every day, even if it was just a sentence or two. Maybe that's how I actually finished this epic. I worked on it every day or almost every day, time permitting. But I found it became so consuming. I got obsessed with trying to write something every day. Pretty soon I found it didn't want to do anything else but write on the weekends. Going out sounded like a chore, playing video games fell by the wayside, and I started reading less. In a way, I'm glad the majority of the work is done. This fic was turning me into a social hermit.

But clearly, it helps to have a goal and maybe that is what has been lacking for me. I just write by the seat of my pants most of the times. Reminds me of the BSG writers but that's neither here nor there... I still need to read it over, do some edits, and then hand it off to a willing beta, but right now it's a nice feeling to be done.
At my last book club, I'm not really sure how the topic was brought up, but one of my friends asked why bother to write fanfic when you can write original stuff. I'm pretty sure I was the only fanfic writer in the room, though one of the other girls does read fanfic. My friend made it sound like writing fanfic was lame or just for crazy people. The best answer I could provide without really mentioning I wrote fanfic was it gives you a nice jumping off point. You already have characters and worlds and rules set up for you; all you need to do is set up a plot and you're ready to go. If you're lazy like me, then fanfic is perfect. I can write but I don't have to create my own worlds.

But then I started to think more about this. Why write indeed? I haven't written anything original, not fanfic, since my Creative Writing class which was about two years ago. It doesn't bother me. I have no great desire to become a famous novelist so I'm content with the idea of just pounding out fanfic only a handful of people will read. Bu why delve into writing someone else's characters? Do we fanfic writers have a pathological need to make things right or to see things how we want them? Fanfic does allow you to explore areas and paths the TV show or movie or book hasn't. But if it was just about seeing a plot the fandom would never do, then wouldn't it be easier just to read fanfic?

I think that's the reason the other girl in book club reads fanfic. She's big on Harry Potter fic (particularly shipping Draco and Ginny but that's neither here nor there) and with only seven books I'm sure the fans feel a need to expand on the canon. TV shows are a different beast; if you're lucky, your chosen TV fandom has dozens of episodes to draw upon, maybe over a hundred. So why?

I can't remember why I started writing fanfic. I don't think I felt like I could write the fandom better; I was just a kid when Buffy started and I was just awed by the thought of watching a show where a girl beat up demons and vampires on a weekly basis. I think it just comes from a love of writing and a love for these fandoms. Because these worlds are smart and exciting and the characters are witty and have depth and emotions and they're worth writing stories about.

I'm sure we all have our reasons. But we're not all crackpots. :-)
So how did everyone's NaNoWriMo or variations thereof go? Any goals met? Exceed? Missed horribly?

I do believe I fall into the last category. I did manage to write a little every day, but the operative word there is "little". I was doing perfectly well until I bought the Xbox 360. When it came to deciding which I would rather do on a weekend - write or blow away aliens in Mass Effect - Mass Effect always won out, probably because it's so damn addictive. It suffers from just-one-more-mission-and-then-I'll-totally-do-something-else-itis. But hey, my brother-in-law works for BioWare, maker of the game, so it was like I was supporting him in a way. ;-)

Even with setting a tiny goal like mine, there's horrible pressure to actually meet it. I always felt bad when all I managed was a sentence or two, but I really, I only had myself to blame. I think if I do a proper NaNoWriMo next year, I'll be prepared, set strict goals, and lock up the Xbox for the month.

[Error: unknown template qotd]Nothing. That's a sentence, isn't it?

Since I never got around to deciding if I wanted to do NaNoWriMo or not, I guess I'm sitting this year out. I am going ahead with the idea to write a bit of fic everyday though, just to see where it takes me. I did write about 1667 words today, just to see how bad it is, and it's not too bad as long as you have an idea of what you want to write. If you're just writing words I think it'll be difficult to make a daily quota.

Good luck to everyone who is participating in NaNoWriMo this year.


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