- Wha? A friend on Facebook posted that Doctor Who will be filming in Vancouver in October. Awesome news or ridiculous rumour? Until I hear something official from the BBC, I'm taking this with a grain of salt. Why fly all the way over here for forests or mountains or snow when there's plenty of that in the UK and Europe? But it would be great if Doctor Who came back to Vancouver to shoot an episode. I would totally make an effort to visit Vancouver to catch a glimpse of them filming stuff. Okay, and potentially meet Peter Capaldi.

- I had to add buttons to a knitting commission, but since Home-Ec was a very long time ago, I turned to the Internet for help. In a couple of minutes, I had a handy guide on how to sew a button and the button shank. Man, what did we do before we had complete strangers posting how-to videos on YouTube?

- I spent the past weekend at a literary convention/book festival (that's two cons in two weekends for those playing at home). It's billed as a festival for readers and writers, but I feel like most of the panels are for writers. It's still a fun con either way, but I always come back feeling like I suck as a writer. There's a series of panels where manuscripts are submitted anonymously and then read aloud and there's some good stuff in there. I don't feel the need to write a novel with all of my free time, but I do feel like I should step up my game or something.

Oh, and I ran into a former co-worker at the con. She was manning the registration table and I totally didn't recognize her right away. She, though, recognized me, and I was momentarily thrown as to why this lady was greeting me so warmly. I felt kind of stupid that it took me a few seconds to remember she was a fellow admin. Placing names and faces together is not one of my strong suits (unless it's related to trivia, then I totally rock).

- And for no apparent reason, I have started looking at Halloween costumes even though Halloween is over two months away. It's always fun looking at what's new for the year. Obviously the big costumes for 2016 are Suicide Squad related, so there'll be lots of Harleys, Jokers, Katanas, Deadshots, Killer Crocs, and Diablos. There's actually a cool temporary face tattoo thing for Diablo, so if you don't have make-up skills, that's a cheap and easy way to cosplay Diablo.

I'm thinking I'll piece something together from stuff I already have. I'm finally making some progress on my Jessica Jones inspired infinity scarf, so if I can get that done by Halloween, then the rest of the costume will be a cinch. I also love the idea of doing a femme!Rip Hunter or a Rip Huntress if you will. ;-) I have my Ten brown coat; I could easily fake the rest of the outfit. It's Halloween, so it doesn't have to be super accurate.
So, my big Star Trek vacation. I attended this con five years ago, and it had been impressive then, but this year was even more impressive. Over 100 guests (some major, some minor), and seating for 6000 in the main panel room. That may not seem like a lot - hell, the Corral here holds just as many people - but that's still up from the seating for 4000 attendees when I was there last. Total attendance was, supposedly, around 10,000. That's a lot of people to squish into the hotel's convention area, which is large, but contained to one section of the hotel.

Actually, now that I think about it, that's probably 10,000 attendees over five days. The con sold one day admission passes for the first time. Still, that's a ton of people for any con in general.

Everything kicked off on Wednesday and went on straight until Sunday. I'm so glad I had a room in the hotel. After a long day, you could just go back to your room and lie down.

I should note that I didn't get my new camera until Saturday, so there's a mix of pictures taken with my phone and with the camera. I should also warn you that this is a long post with several pictures.

Star Trek Las Vegas 50th anniversary convention )

Now I really want to re-watch all of the Star Trek shows, starting with TOS and ending with Enterprise. That's only what? 700+ episodes? Wait, should I include the animated series, too?
Still sorting through my photos from the Star Trek con, but in the meanwhile, here's some of the non-Star Trek things that also happened over the weekend.

Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. )

Back at the con, they have something called the Signers' Room where some of the guests can set up a table and sell their own photos and do autographs and selfies and generally just meet fans. I wandered in there to check it out and I walked by a table set up for Cas Anvar. He didn't have much set up yet and he wasn't there himself, but he had a sign showing the things he's been in. I noticed he's been in The Expanse and Assassin's Creed: Revelations (but no Star Treks) and moved on before I could really dwell on it.

But then it hit me as I left the room. Cas Anvar is in The Expanse? Wait, that name sounds kind of familiar now... So I dug out my phone and did a quick Google search. And what do you know. Cas Anvar plays Alex on The Expanse! I rushed back to the Signers' Room the first chance I got and Cas was there talking with people. Turns out he was there because he's the reason Kirstie Alley was attending the con. He knows her and talked to his agent and his agent talked to her agent and etc. He ended up getting a table because he has so many genre related things on his filmography.

Meeting Cas Anvar )

Oh yeah, I also bought an old school TARDIS key for my Fourth Doctor cosplay. So yeah, it was a multi-fandom weekend.
Man, I have a Star Trek hangover. That was a very busy five days. I'm ready to have a good night's sleep in my own bed.

But the convention was great fun! I sat in on a ton of panels, got a few autographs, saw some awesome costumes, and generally was grateful that I love yet another fandom that has stood the test of time. I seriously want to watch all of the episodes from every series from start to finish.

I need to organize myself, but then I'll have a general write-up. I will actually have non-crappy photos for once! My uncle, who also attended the con, gifted me with a new camera (thank you so much!), so I was able to snap some decent pics from our seats in the 14th row.

Sleep now, though...
- Off to Las Vegas for a Star Trek 50th Anniversary convention. The con actually started today, but it's just pre-registration, so things really don't get started until tomorrow. I thought they would ease into things, but they have guests panels starting tomorrow plus autographs and photo-ops. This con means business. ;-) Since I assumed nothing would be happening tomorrow, I bought tickets to Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. attraction at Treasure Island. So once I land in Vegas, I have to rush to the hotel, drop off my bags and/or check in, then book it over to the Strip. I'll do registration in the evening; hopefully that won't take long.

- In preparing for my trip, I decided to back up my phone just in case. I was prompted to do a software update, so I hit yes and did the download and install. Stupid phone decided to stall in the middle of the update so suddenly I didn't have a working phone. :-P This totally wasn't something I wanted to deal with a day before my vacation. Thankfully, there's an Apple store at the mall so I rushed over there to get help. One of the guys did something and the update finally took. Luckily, I had a back-up of my phone from when I was trying to install the update, so I didn't lose anything.

But this whole thing made me realize just how dependant I am on my phone. It's not just that all of my contacts are on it. I'm so used to using my phone as a watch that I had no idea what time it was when I got to the mall. Hell, I didn't even know what time it was to go back for my appointment with the Apple guys. It was so disconcerting not knowing the time of day at a glance. It's scary how much of your life is tied up with one device.

- All right, have to finish packing. Yes, I'm still packing.
- First week back at work. I didn't do anything for the first two days because, as usual, nothing was set up properly. Oh well, at least I got paid to sit around. Things should pick up next week now that I have access to everything. And I don't mean to speak ill of my co-workers, but after poking around the reports and files I used to handle, I have a vague feeling that nothing was done correctly after I left. Probably because no one had time to maintain everything. See, this is why they should have kept me on. I would have kept everyone organized.

- The project moved buildings in the interim, so now I have to commute downtown, but it does give me more time to read. I finished a book yesterday and I'm already a third of the way through the fourth book in The Expanse series. I didn't think I would get to Cibola Burn so quickly, but when I saw that it was available, I had to download the ebook from the library. Sometimes I have nothing to do at work, so it's nice to have a book on my phone so I can sneakily pass the time. Plus, I don't have to lug around a brick of a book in my backpack.

- The Star Trek con I'm attending in August announced Scott Bakula as a guest and it's a big deal since he doesn't do a lot of cons. And I get his autograph for free! It's complimentary with my ticket package. So I have to decide what he should sign; like, do I buy a photo there or do I bring something from home that's free? I didn't love Star Trek Enterprise, but when the man is literally giving away his pricey autograph, you can't turn it down. Maybe I'll find a Quantum Leap photo. ;-) I loved him in that show.

- With the major TV shows done for the season, it's nice to have the evenings free. I'm catching up on DVDs and whatnot. My library got a bunch of new Doctor Who DVDs in, so I'm slowly making my way through them. And I saw today that they finally released "The Underwater Menace" on DVD. This is probably old news, but it was new to me. I guess that means all of the existing episodes have finally been released to the public.

- Speaking of Doctor Who, filming for season ten starts in two weeks. Of course, we won't see the bulk of their efforts until some time next year. Damn you, sporting events, getting in the way of new episodes!
- Been real smoky around here lately due to the forest fires in Washington state. Weather system keeps blowing the smoke up our way. While it was kind of cool seeing the haze mask everything, it is still pretty stinky at the same time and not fun for people with respiratory problems. The news claims it should be better next week, so fingers crossed.

- io9.com had a great article about why you should read the Hawkeye comic book series by Matt Fraction and they made some compelling points, so I picked up the first two trade paperbacks from the library. Whoo boy, they were right. This series is so good and the premise is wonderfully understated. I like that it's Clint trying to deal with his life when he's not out being an Avenger. He's just a guy with a bow and arrow. I love the art, too. It's not flashy or anything and the colour palette is sort of muted to match. It's not bigger than life art and colour like a normal comic book and I think that was what helped it to set it apart.

I can see why people were a little thrown when they showed movie Hawkeye with a loving wife and family. Comic book Hawkeye (or Hawkguy) is much less put together, but he's still a stand up person. And Pizza Dog! I read the issue where it's told solely from his perspective and it was amazing that they could tell a coherent story with just icons and the occasional word. Did movie Clint have a dog on his farm? They should give him a dog, call it Lucky, since I think that's Pizza Dog's actual name, and then show Clint or one of the kids feeding the dog pizza.

My library has the third trade paperback and I think the fourth, and last one, is on order, but I'm a little sad that there isn't more of this series. Alas, that's the life cycle of a comic book.

- It's International Cosplay Day today. Who knew. So if you see people dressed up today that's why. Or there's a con on where you live. Either one.

- I'm starting to lean towards not going to Edmonton Expo despite really wanting to meet Jenna. The economy just blows right now and job security ain't what it used to be. So I really should be an adult and save my money and my vacation days in case my project goes belly up. Who knows. Perhaps Jenna will find that she really loves Canada (since she'll be in Toronto two weeks before Edmonton) and she'll come back for the local comic book expo next April.

- And you know you're obsessed with knitting when you watch TV shows and you see one of the characters wearing a knitted item and you think to yourself, "Ooh, that's nice. I wonder how I could make that." It really is starting to become a problem. The last episode of Daredevil, Karen has a toque and Matt is wearing a scarf and I couldn't stop staring at them.
- I finally finished watching Daredevil. Yes, I know it's been four months since it premiered, but I was busy with knitting, and then I was gone for three weeks, and then I was embroiled in my Fourth Doctor scarf, so I didn't have any time until now to finish off the season. It's a pretty good show overall, but I'm really not on board with the costume at the end. I much prefer Matt's black ninja look. I know the red one is supposed to be like armour and protect him better, but it doesn't have the same oomph as, say, the Flash's costume on The Flash. Meh, whatever. Matt will be in the shadows a lot, so you won't see the costume in full detail.

- With one superhero show done, I decided to watch another. Constantine was very short lived, but seeing as the character will be making an appearance on Arrow, I thought I would watch the only season to get caught up on who this guy is. So far, I'm getting a The Dresden Files vibe. Guy who does magick helps people and defeats demons and whatnot. It's a shame Constantine wasn't under the CW banner of DC shows. I'm sure it would have done better if people knew it was tied into Arrow and The Flash. At least the character gets one more go. Oh, and the pilot gets bonus points for having Doctor Fate's helmet as an easter egg.

- Facing a geeky dilemma at the moment. The comic book expo up in Edmonton just announced Jenna Coleman as a guest and I would love to go up for the weekend to see her, but the time and money involved would probably be best served on something else (like my vacation next year). But it's a Doctor Who guest! At a much smaller con where line-ups will be shorter! And I actually have a Clara cosplay! So I will have to decide soon since I would need to book transportation and a hotel.

- I don't know how I ended up with the book, but I got stuck with a Nora Roberts mystery from my book group. To be more precise, it's a J.D. Robb mystery, which is Roberts pen name when she's not writing romance or whatnot. Whatever the author's name is, it's still a crappy book. Ugh, I want to stop reading it, but I pride myself on finishing all of the books I pick up from the group. I thought it wouldn't be that bad, even though it's like book #27 in the series, but despite the futuristic setting the writing still sucks. Not that much description and a lot of talking and the dialogue is not engaging at all. I'm going to need some good sci fi or fantasy to clean out my brain once I'm done with this pile of crap.
Well, it's over for another year. This year's comic book expo was great. I think they've worked out all the kinks. The crowds were managed very well and there was helpful signage everywhere. Next year is their 10th anniversary. I can't believe how far they have come from the first one.

CCEE 2014: Sunday )

It was a long weekend, but it was super fun and I'm sad it's over for another year. I have more pictures to sort through so I may have a full weekend recap to come.

Oh, and randomly, Joan Rivers showed up. Yes, it was her and not a cosplayer. Don't ask me why she was there. She just was.
Hmm, that sounds dirty, too...

So today was my photo-op day with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. I wore my "The Girl Who Waited" Amy costume, because it's the most unique costume I have, and I'm glad I did despite the hassle of getting everything down to the con.

CCEE 2014: Saturday )

My weekend is pretty much done now. I got everything I needed. Autographs from Matt and Karen and their photo. Not sure what to do with myself tomorrow.
Comic book expo kicked off today with the parade. It was cold, but the rain didn't come so thank goodness. We had a nice sized Doctor Who cosplay group this year. Nice spread of Doctors, too. Two, Four(s), Five, Seven, Nine, Ten(s), and Eleven(s) with a few Companions thrown in. And the Doctor's mother! She's actually the mom of one of the Ten cosplayers. So she was there with all of her "children".

It's funny. Every time we got together to do a group photo, people would just some swooping in with their cameras. It was nice and a little flattering.

We ended up behind Garrett Wang (of Star Trek: Voyager fame) in the parade and he's super nice. Every time we stopped he let us take selfies with him. It's a shame we didn't end up behind the Mayor. He was dressed up like Eleven. Yes, our mayor cosplays. Take that, Edmonton! ;-)

I also got my Doctor Who 50th anniversary calendar signed by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. I was dressed as Two and wearing a fez, but Matt didn't seem to take notice. Oh well. He and Karen were probably tired from the flight and also overwhelmed by the number of fans. Oh man, it's going to be crazy tomorrow. But Matt and Karen had a cute moment. When Karen showed up she ran over to Matt's booth and gave him a hug. Then Matt started messing with Karen's hair. I guess they're not tired of seeing each other. :-)

Oh, and Matt held my fez. A friend had borrowed my fez, in the hopes that Matt would wear it for his photo op, but Matt only ended up holding it by the top. Oh well, at least I can claim that Matt Smith touched my fez. Hmm, that sounds dirty...

I'm so tired right now, though. I didn't eat or drink enough water, I think, so I'm a little dehydrated. Got to be ready for tomorrow. I'm wearing my "The Girl Who Waited" armour so it's going to be another long day.

Yay, the local comic book expo begins tomorrow! I'm so excited! It's just a preview night tomorrow, but it will give me time to wander the exhibitors hall when it's a little less packed.

Picked up my pass and wristband after work today and I'm glad I did. I know the lines will be much longer tomorrow. There was some sort of systems glitch so I was stuck in a line for about an hour, but there was a good atmosphere. I didn't sense an angry cloud hanging over the crowd. As you do in situations like these, you start talking to the people around in line. Had a nice chat with the guy in front of me about various things.

When the computers were finally back up, I prepaid for my Matt Smith autograph. All I have to say is, wow, he charges a lot. I won't go into it here, but I will say that only Sigourney Weaver is charging more than him. But, meh, that's Matt's choice and it's not my place to judge (The prices are all in Canadian so it's probably just seems like a lot when in reality it's the same price in US dollars).

Weather looks like crap for the entire weekend, though. :-P I will probably have to break out the umbrella for the parade on Friday. Oh well, that's what you get for holding a parade in April in Southern Alberta.
So… looks like I'll get to meet Matt Smith in a couple of weeks. I was so not expecting this.

I guess he and Karen like doing conventions together. And this will be their first Canadian con together! Whoo, go us! Oh, and Karen is appearing an extra day now so hopefully Matt follows suit.

Once again, this throws my plans for a loop. I don't know what to do I'm so excited. :-D I was at work when I heard the news and I wanted to burst out laughing, but I was in my cubicle so I had to do squees of joy inside. I never, ever thought the expo would pull this off, but I guess this is Matt and Karen's con season.

Need to get cracking on my "The Girl Who Waited" costume. Ack, only two weeks or so to go...
I've been underwhelmed by the guests announced so far for the local comic book expo but this totally made my day. A Doctor Who guest! Finally! I know Karen Gillan has been doing some Wizard World cons lately with Matt Smith, but I do believe this will be her first Canadian con (but please correct me if I'm wrong).

Before the announcement I was expecting a laid back weekend. No running around for photo-ops or autographs or panels. Now Saturday is going to be nuts, but that's okay. I know all of the local Whovians will be enjoying themselves. :-) I know I'll be getting Karen's autograph on my Doctor Who 50th anniversary calendar. I'm starting quite a collection. I hope this is the start of a trend. A Doctor Who guest every year please.

My cosplay plans have been thrown for a loop, though. I had everything planned out - femme!Two on Friday for the parade, femme!Eleven from "The Day of the Doctor" on Saturday, and femme!Eleven from "The Big Bang" on Sunday. Now I'm really considering dusting off my "The Girl Who Waited" Old!Amy costume from two years ago:

It's kind of cumbersome, though. Transporting it to the con the last time was a bitch and I had a bunch of odds and ends to look after. On the other hand, I would love to get a photo with Karen while in the costume. Something to think about, I suppose, but with the expo only a month away I will need to decide fast.

Now here's hoping they get Matt Smith somehow, since he and Karen have been making so many con appearances together.
Whew, got home on Thursday. Spent an extra day in London because my flight got delayed. The airline was nice enough to put up everyone in a hotel for the night, but still. I lost a day there and man I was pooped when I got home. The whole thing felt rather fishy, too. They told us the co-pilot was "ill" and there was no one to replace him. Seriously? There were no pilots to fill in? I think it was because the flight was half full and they didn't want to fly out and waste fuel on a half full plane. Because the next day? The flight was absolutely full. Sigh. Oh well, what are you going to do?

Had a great time in London, though. It was colder than I expected but it wasn't like I was freezing to death. No rain, too! I even saw the sun a few times. ;-) And everything is so green. I'm used to bare trees and dead grass during the winter.

So yeah, basically went to London for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. I did a tour of the TARDIS set (yes, that TARDIS set) on Friday, I was at the con on Saturday and watched the special in a theatre, and then I capped it off with a Doctor Who walking tour on Sunday.

A Doctor Who filled vacation behind the cut )

So that was my big geek vacation. Happy to be home but a little sad that it's all over. Back to work on Monday. :-P
There was no way the expo was going to top last year, so I think they focused on making a better show. No lock outs this time. Actually, it seemed to move pretty well Friday and Saturday. Lots of crowds, obviously, but they kept everyone moving in an orderly fashion.

A weekend of full frontal nerdity )

Once again, a full weekend, but no major mishaps. But I do feel like there's not much to look forward to now. The expo has done pretty well bringing in actors from my fandoms. Definitely need more Doctor Who, though. They had a good start this year, but more please. :-)
Whew, last day of the comic book expo. It was a lax day for me. I got all of my photos and autographs done Friday and Saturday so today I just got to sit in on panels. I'm still dead tired so a full weekend report later, but some highlights:

- Sylvester McCoy did a panel. It was in one of the smaller rooms, but the super cool part was he was nice enough to walk out into the room during the Q and A session. Instead of fans lining up behind a microphone, Sylvester walked over to them with his mic. So even the fans in the back got to see him up close. He mentioned he was just in Australia to do a 50th anniversary con so he flew directly from there to here. Crazy. And I just loved it when he rolled his Rs. :-)

- John Barrowman was right after him and I got to see his underwear again; Spider-Man this time (Edit: I forgot to mention that John dropped his jeans at the Torchwood panel the day before; he wore Iron Man undies). Oh, John.  :-) More hijinks obviously, including him kissing the moderator and a really cute guy dressed as Eleven. The moderator, Ajay from Space, he had kissed before in Toronto last year. And John just kissed the Eleven cosplayer because he was so cute. He said he was flirting with Eleven all weekend and I'm sure everyone in the room was super jealous. So Jack sort of got to kiss Eleven. ;-) He also addressed the fact that he's not in the 50th anniversary special. It was the show's choice, not his, so what are you going to do?

- I sat in on a Game of Thrones panel, just so I would have a seat for Nathan's panel, which was after. I'm not that interested in the books or the series, but this was Peter Dinklage's first con, so that was cool. And there were two Sarah Connors at the expo. I totally forgot about that. Linda Hamilton and Lena Headey. Apparently they got to meet.

- Nathan's panel. :-D He's from Edmonton, the rival city, so he joked that it was the warmest welcome an Edmontonian had ever received in the city. He was super funny and charming. He said he misses how simply polite people are in Canada; there's not a lot of that in L.A.

The expo fixed a lot of the problems from last year, so that was cool. Took people a while to get in today, though, for some reason, so yet again, the news had footage of angry geeks. But I think from now on the show will run smoothly.

I don't know who else they could have as guests now. They brought in Nathan so my life is complete. More Doctor Who guests would be cool, for sure. I saw so many Elevens running around today so there is interest. Meh, whoever they get, I know I'll be there.
I think my day can be summed up in one picture:

And he said he loved my costume!! Actually, he said it twice. I was first in line to get his autograph (whoo!) and he commented on my costume then, too.

Sigh. He's so handsome. And polite. Can't wait for his panel tomorrow. :-)
Oh my god, the first day of the comic book expo and I am exhausted. I don't think I'm coherent enough to a detailed report, but...

1) Participated in the costume parade that kicked off the expo and I ran into a bunch of other Doctor Who cosplayers. So many people wanted our photos. Somehow, a photo of us ended up on the CBC Facebook page. Awesome?

2) The Torchwood cast and a few other expo guests were white hatted at the end of the parade. Basically, they get a white cowboy hat after saying an oath that makes them an honourary citizen of the city. Eve Myles was so crazy excited when she saw the cowboy hat; I swear she lost her mind. :-) She really got into saying the oath and it was all the more hilarious in her Welsh accent. John Barrowman's Twitter is a good source of photos and you can see a pic of him and Eve and Gareth David Lloyd in the hats.

3) Got my photo-op with John Barrowman. He automatically pulled people into a tight hug whether you wanted to or not. :-)

4) And lastly I got my Stargate Atlantis bag signed by Richard Dean Anderson. He was late for some reason, but the crowd happily screamed and cheered when he did show up.

So yeah. I'm hoarse, tired, dehydrated and feeling a little sick because of that. And there's still two days ahead of me. :-P But Nathan Fillion tomorrow! Whoo!

I will, at some point, try to post pictures. Must go to sleep now...
I really do enjoy the local comic book and entertainment expo. I don't have to go anywhere to see many of the actors I enjoy watching on TV and in movies. This year was insane, but in a good way. Well, I suppose that depends on whether you got in or not. As someone who had no idea what was going on with the fire marshal, I had a good time. It was super busy, though, so a serious lack of pictures this year.

Full frontal nerdity behind the cut )

I really can't see the Expo topping this year. More cast reunions would be cool, but there aren't many casts that I can think of that have the same level of camaraderie as the TNG cast. I would be up for a Stargate SG-1 cast reunion or a Firefly cast reunion. Ooh, a Buffy one would be cool, too, but most of them have jobs so that one would be hard. Well, whatever happens, I'll totally be there next year.


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