- Second Fourth Doctor scarf commission is done! No more scarves for this year after this, Doctor Who or otherwise.

One more scarf behind the cut )

- I had some leftover yarn from knitting both scarves, so I decided to use some of it up to make this:

I wouldn't say I designed it, since I was just following the pattern from doctorwhoscarf.com, but I did adapt the pattern to make a 1/4 sized bookmark. I used US 1 needles, so the stitches are pretty tight, but it makes for a sturdy bookmark.

- I got "The Invasion of Time" DVD from my library over the weekend and I was sort of off-put by the season 15 scarf. It's noticeably different from the original, so my brain kept going "Wrong! Wrong!" through all six episodes. I wonder why they knit a new scarf for season 15. I guess the original was probably looking a little tatty so maybe they wanted to give it a break?
And it's completely done! Approximately 20 feet of multi-coloured garter stitch.

Photo behind the cut )

So this took what? About two months and a week? Just think; it took me about the same amount of time to make my scarf last year and that one was only 11 feet. Now I just need to deliver this to my friend and then she can proudly wear it around somewhere. Preferably a place with clean floors and no puddles.
Knitting is done!

Unfortuately, I'm not done done yet. The scarf is still in two pieces, which I need to wash and block separately before I can join them. But just over two months to do all of the knitting ain't bad. :-)
Halfway done the Scarf! In that, I've finished knitting the "Hero" half. Though, according to Scarf-O-Matic, I'm only this far done:

Still, this is pretty good. It took me two months to knit the season 13 length, and the "Hero" half is roughly a season 14 length, so it's safe to say that I'm progressing much faster this time around. Now it's on to the "Duplicate" half, which is a duplicate of the season 13 scarf, but knit on a smaller gauge. It's also whole, with no panels removed, so this is the full length. I'm thinking it will take me more than a month to finish off this half, but I should be done before the end of April. *fingers crossed*

If I am done by then, great, because that's when the comic book expo is and it gives my friend the opportunity to wear the Scarf if she decides to go. And then she can show it off. :-)

I'm definitely going to take a break before I tackle my second commission. Give my wrists a bit of a rest.
Two weeks in and I have just over three feet of scarf. Or, according to Scarf-O-Matic, I'm this much done:

Do you know that the season 16/17 scarf was about 23 feet? That's a mind boggling amount of scarf. Not that I'm knitting all 23 feet. I estimate that about a third of the length is reached by blocking the scarf, i.e. stretching it when its wet. So I probably have another 3 or 4 feet to go and I'll be done the "Hero" half of the scarf. Then it's on the "Duplicate" half. Thank goodness this version of the Scarf is basically two scarves joined together. I totally don't have the room to block something that huge.

The constant knitting does make me sore, but, like last time, I think my body is getting used to the repetative motion, so what hurt a few days doesn't hurt today. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Hopefully I don't end up with claws for hands after I'm done. ;-)

I think I'm making faster progress than last time. It helps that I have nothing else to do during the day...
Or thank god it's done and I don't have to think about it again. Or post about it again. Truly, I'm sorry about all of the posts, guys.

Whoo, just under two months to complete this thing. I think that's rather good. It's not a week (Yarn Harlot, a knitting blogger, did it in a week, but she's a speed knitter), but it's not six months, either. Giving myself a deadline certainly helped.

Blocked scarf behind the cut )

So, in the end, this project took:

- 57 days total
- 14 balls of yarn (some were completely used up, others were not)
- re-watches of season 8 of New Who and seasons 12 and 13 of Classic Who to keep my sanity while knitting (with the odd episode of The Avengers thrown in)

These scarves are oddly addiciting, despite how much work it takes to make one. Would I knit another one? Maybe. Depends on the circumstances. But it was an interesting experience and I learned a few things about colour changes.

Up next: Who knows. I started to learn how to knit socks before I started this project. Maybe I should get back to that.
- There's a thunderstorm going on right now and the power has gone off, and then back on, twice while I've been writing this. I have to go fix all the clocks now. :-P

- I read this article arguing that the Stargate universe didn't get really good until it became a TV show and it made me all nostalgic for the shows. I caught a bit of "200", their 200th episode, the other day and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time. SG-1 could be as serious as any other sci-fi show, but when they went for the funny, they really went for it. This upcoming reboot makes me sad because it's totally going to ignore all of this awesome continuity that the show laid out.

- I finished attaching the tassels to my scarf. I ended up using a twist tie to get all of the strands through the bottom because my crochet hook wasn't big enough. The ends aren't 100% even, but whatever. It's not like someone is going to look at the scarf and say, "Hey, the ends of your tassels aren't the same length. Lame!"

I'm not sure how long the scarf is right now, but it's still pretty long unblocked. Once I do block it, I'll be able to loop it once around my neck:

Unblocked scarf behind the cut )

- And despite having finished knitting a really long scarf, I want to knit more scarves. I don't know what it is. Knitting is so like an addiction. I need another hit! ;-) I want to knit this one and I was just looking at a pattern for Amy's scarf from "Night Terrors". I have no plans to cosplay that costume; I just really like the look of the scarf. Need to stop looking at Ravelry and visiting yarn sites...
Knitting is done!

Now I have to weave in the last bunch of ends, attach the tassels, and then block the whole thing. I'll probably block it next weekend. I need to take a break.
The Scarf is so close to being done:

Well, I say close, but really, I'm probably another week or more away from being done. And then I have to add the tassels. And wash/block the Scarf. Okay, it's too early to celebrate just yet.

But the Scarf is over five feet now. It's taller than Jenna Coleman. ;-) It'll probably be taller than me pretty soon. It's kind of hard to measure it, though. My tape measure only goes up to five feet so I guess I'll need to use a more heavy duty one.

I am so ready to finish this project and take a break from knitting for a bit, but the funny thing is, I'd totally be willing to make another scarf. They are so easy to make; you just need a lot of time to complete one. Of course, I'm not a fast knitter, so maybe it doesn't take as long. I think the next one I would make would be done in acrylic yarn. Stuff made from acrylic can be thrown into the wash, which is a great, especially if you're wearing the scarf to a con.

I did start to put together my femme!Four cosplay, but man, I am going to be warm in this costume. I'll be wearing a long sleeve shirt, then an argyle sweater, then a corduroy jacket, and then a scarf on top of that. How was Tom Baker not roasting under the studio lights? I'm opting for shorts instead of trousers, so that may help with any overheating, but I just hope that the weather is cool when I wear the costume.
- Whoo, the Scarf is just over half done!

We're in the middle of a heat advisory, though, so it's a little uncomfortable having a heavy knitted scarf sitting on my lap.

- I went out today, hoping to buy a Fourth Doctor sonic screwdriver to go with the Scarf, but the geeky store at the mall didn't have any. All they had were Third Doctor and Fifth Doctor sonic screwdrivers. To my untrained eye, the Fifth Doctor one looks just like the Fourth Doctor one, but I didn't buy it. I know no one will notice if I did have a Fifth Doctor sonic screwdriver to go with the costume, but it would have bothered me. Hopefully I will have more luck online.

- Trying to keep up with the news coming out of the Comic Con, but I'm feeling so lazy in this heat. I do have a friend who's there this year and I'm so jealous of him right now. He ran into Joss Whedon and got a picture with him! I would love to meet Joss. I'd probably stare mutely at him until it got really awkward, but still. That man is my idol.

- And I really need to buy a new desktop computer. My little netbook can't keep up with my Internet surfing. It's going to have a meltdown at some point and then all I'll be left with is my phone.
I'm at 21.15% on the Scarf, according to Scarf-O-Matic. It's not 25%, but that's still a decent amount of progress after two weeks.

And here's an actual picture instead of a progress bar:

It's weird how the colours change in a photo. In real life, the purple is much more burgundy and the tan is more a camel colour. No wonder there are so many colour suggestions. You can get completely different shades depending on the light.

The Scarf is 17 inches right now, so I'm past the first foot. Whoo! I think the total length ends up being around 9 feet, without blocking. Once it is blocked and stretched, then we start getting into the mythical 11 - 12 feet length. I'm aiming for 10 - 11 feet; there are going to be tassels at the end and I don't want them dragging on the ground when I walk.

I think I need a Fourth Doctor icon. Or maybe one of the Scarf...
Whoo, onto the third stripe! But man, that first tan section never seemed to end. There's quite a bit of tan in this scarf, actually; there are three other sections where the row count is over 20. Well, at least I can space out a bit on those sections.

I wonder if people get repetitive strain injuries from knitting these scarve because it's the same motion over and over and over again. Let's the do the math. The season 13 scarf has 752 rows (based on the worsted pattern from doctorwhoscarf.com). A row is made up of 56 stitches. So 752 x 56 = 42,112 individual stitches. Yikes. These scarves really are a labour of love.

I'll post some progress pics at some point. It doesn't look like much at the moment.

Progress bar courtesy of Scarf-O-Matic:
Well, here we go. I casted on my first colour, the first of many colour changes. I hope to have the scarf done by September since there's a comic book expo in Edmonton then and it would be nice to have a new cosplay if I decide to go.

I'm going with the season 13 pattern since it's around a foot shorter than the season 12/12.5 pattern, which is good for me since I'm so short. It also means there's less scarf to knit. ;-)

Knitting a long, heavy scarf during the summer may not be the smartest idea, but it gives me something to do while I wait for the new season of Doctor Who.

Progress bar courtesy of Scarf-O-Matic:
Well, it's happening. I'm going to knit my very own Fourth Doctor scarf. :-)

I purchased the yarn online yesterday. Quite a bargain, too. The yarn was super cheap and it was on sale. It cost me just over $30 for 14 balls of yarn. One skein can sometimes be half that price. So once I get back from my vacation I can cast on and start knitting. I won't be aiming for the entire 12 feet simply because I am short and a 12 foot scarf would be much too long. Happily, Four's scarf varied in length over his tenure, so there are patterns that are shorter but still screen accurate. I'll probably aim for the season 13 length, which is about a foot shorter than the original length. I really don't want to be tripping over it when I wear it.

The scarf is made up of a garter stitch, which is just knit stitches, so I won't have to be super focused while I'm knitting. I think I'll re-watch some of Four's episode while I knit; it will motivate me to end up with the finished product I'm watching it on the screen. ;-)

When I started knitting, I had no intention of making one of these scarves, but it's kind of the Whovian knitter holy grail. I hope I don't get sick of the scarf or of knitting while I'm doing this. But once I'm done, I'll have to come up with a Fourth Doctor cosplay. I mean, how can I not? I'll have a piece of the costume that I made myself and it wasn't made out of cardboard and duct tape.
So at the same time I was making up Valentine themed banners for [livejournal.com profile] who_at_50's February fanwork-a-thon I started a side project, which, admittedly, eclipsed the Valentines at one point so I finished the Valentines with a day to go. :-P

But all of that wasted time was worth it. I honestly don't know what inspired this and I really don't know if I'll do anything with it, but I thought I'd share.


Here's the full size version if you don't want to click the thumbnail:

Eleven Doctors behind the cut )

I honestly don't know what to do with them now that I'm done. I'm tempted to print it, cut out each Doctor individually and then hang them up in my cubicle, paper doll chain style.
Title: The Last (4/7)
Rating: PG
Characters: Giles, Ten
Timeline: Post-"Last of the Time Lords" for Doctor Who and pre-season eight for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Spoilers for season eight.
Summary: With demons threatening the safety of the planet, the Doctor turns to the one person he knows who can help: Rupert Giles. Can the two of them save the day without losing their heads?
Disclaimer: You know the drill. BBC. Joss Whedon.
A/N: Thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] quean_of_swords for the awesome beta. Flashback time! This chapter is post-"City of Death".

Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three.

"Why me? Why do you always have to involve me in your idiotic schemes? They could have killed me." )
Whoo, I'm probably over half way done Classic Doctor Who! Just three more Doctors to go and then I'm finished. The Fourth Doctor's run took a lot longer than I wanted but there were seven seasons to get through.

So, Four. All teeth and curls, as the quote goes. I'm not sure where he falls on my favourite Doctor scale. He was certainly less of a jerk than Three, but he could be such a big goof, too. He's kind of like Two in that regard. He acted the idiot so people wouldn't think he was a threat. He also seemed more alien than the previous incarnations; his reactions and responses were always all over the place. You never knew what Four would say or do next. I wouldn't say Four is my favourite but he is fun to watch.

Would you like a jelly baby? Some rambling about the Fourth Doctor's era )

Well, from here on out, each Doctor's era is much shorter so I expect it'll be easier to finish off the rest of Classic Who. Hmm, maybe I'll make it in time for Christmas. Of course, then I'll have nothing to watch. But on to Five and his cricket outfit!
I plan to get around to capping the last two parts of "Destiny of the Daleks" at some point. But in the mean time, icons!



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