- The local comic book expo announced Nathan Fillion as the first guest for next year. He was here three years ago, but I'm not going to say no to more Nathan Fillion. :-) The expo claims he really liked it the last time he was here and has wanted to come back ever since. Now that he has all of this free time, he can certainly do the con circuit. Plus, he can go visit his family up in Edmonton once the con is over.

I kind of want to believe that this is a lead up to a Firefly reunion. 2017 is the 15th anniversary since the show premiered. I don't think many of the cast are working right now so it wouldn't be that hard to gather them all together for a weekend. I'm only short three more signatures for my Serenity comic! If I can get the rest in one fell swoop, I will be super happy.

- I checked out the first episode of the animated reconstruction of "The Power of the Daleks" and it's okay. I can't imagine watching the rest of the serial like this. Like, I don't mind the odd animated episode here and there, especially if it's filling out an incomplete serial, but if you're going to do the whole thing, you really need better animation. I know, the BBC budget for this isn't huge, but something a bit more smooth would have been nice. The movement of the characters feels a little stilted or jerky at times and other times they're just standing there, not doing much of anything. Oh well, just more incentive to find more missing episodes.

- I also checked out the first episode of The Grand Tour aka The Show That Isn't Top Gear But Is Totally Top Gear But Just With More Money. It's more of the same when Clarkson, May, and Hammond were hosting Top Gear, and that's just fine. I really only watched Top Gear for the fun and weird antics the guys got up to. I do miss The Stig, though. He mostly just drove cars around the track, but when they did allow him to do other things, like have him riding the Tube in a four way race across London, he was amusing to watch.

- They finally started casting for the new Star Trek series! Michelle Yeoh will be playing a starship captain. She won't be the captain of the Discovery from the sound of things, so it's probably just a recurring role, but that's still cool. An Asian captain! I don't think we've really had one since we saw Sulu as the captain of the Excelsoir. Hopefully this leads to more casting announcements. They really need to get their butts moving if they want to make the premiere date of May next year.

- And Happy Whoniversary (yesterday)! Just over a month until a new episode!
Last day of the expo. Last appearance ever of Stan Lee at the expo. Last day to hang out with a horde of geeks.

As much as I complain about how tired I am, I do love this weekend. It's the best time of the year. It's the only comic book expo or con that I know I will be attending every year since it's right in the city. Not everyone has a big convention in their own backyard.

Last day of the expo details behind the cut )

Well, until next year. I actually think I'm running out of people that I want to see. The expo is getting that good at booking the actors that I love. Just get David Tennant and all will be right with the world.
Or, alternatively, the day John Barrowman stole the show. Even without seeing tomorrow's panels, which include Billie Piper's and Stan Lee's last appearance here, I can officially state that John's panel was the best of the weekend. Why?

Panel talk behind the cut )

Last day tomorrow. I have to get Alan's autograph and his photo-op, but it shouldn't be too bad. I am missing out on Billie's panel, since it conflicts with Alan's photo-op, but if I hurry, I might be able to catch the end. It's also going to be Stan Lee's last appearance ever in the city. The man's been going non-stop all weekend.
My god, it's only Friday and I'm already wiped. I'm getting old.

Parade details and photos behind the cut )

I'm hopeful it'll be a shorter day tomorrow. I have to get Billie Piper's autograph and photo-op, but the rest of the day I could spend in the big panel room. A day of sitting would be awesome.
Can't believe that this is my tenth year attending the local comic book expo. I can still remember my first year. The whole thing took place in one large room and the panel area was a tiny space blocked off by black curtains. The expo has come so far since then.

I didn't get up to too much today. Wandered the exhibitors' hall and looked at stuff that I had no money to buy. Found a friend's booth and hung with him for a little bit. The only cool thing I did was attend an Orphan Black panel. They screened tonight's episode and then had a Q&A afterwards. It was a blast to watch the episode in a room full of people. The episode always seems better when everyone is laughing at the same joke at the same time. You don't get that when you're watching on your own.

Space, the channel that airs Orphan Black in Canada, was handing out sheep masks before the panel:

The newest clone, M.K. wears one and damn, it's a creepy mask. You really don't notice on the show, but here, you can see every little detail. There should be a whole flock of these at the parade tomorrow.

Oh, and I did my Ace cosplay and one of the volunteers flagged me down to get a picture. He said Ace is his wife's favourite Companion. So that was nice. I actually removed a handful of the pins and buttons and it's amazing what a difference it makes. The jacket's not any lighter, but there's less stuff clacking around. Though, I nearly lost a pin, which nearly gave me a heart attack. I may have to consider super-gluing the pin backs in place so it doesn't happen again.

So, parade tomorrow. John Barrowman's back in town and he remembered to bring his cowboy hat from the last time he was here. I'd like to see William Shatner do that.
Whoo, the comic book expo just announced Clark Gregg as a last minute guest!!!!

That's going to be so awesome. He's just here on Friday, but that's okay. Hey, Friday is parade day. Maybe he'll be in the parade!

I wish I could break out my Melinda May cosplay, but I'm doing my femme!Four on Friday. Whatever, I still want a photo with the Director. :-D
- I tried out axe throwing over the weekend and I'm still sore. God, I need to get into shape. But axe throwing was super fun. It took me a while to get into it, but I did manage two bull's-eye towards the end. I do have photographic proof, just not on my phone; my friend was taking pictures on her very nice camera. I do have pictures of me throwing the big axe they use to settle ties. That thing is heavy. The head itself is two pounds. Oh, and I managed to get the big axe to stick to the board. It didn't hit the target, but hey, I was just happy to get in the vicinity of the target. :-)

- I saw this neat write-up about Bill's outfit from her introduction video. I'm always amazed at how fast the fans are able to ID items.

The other cool thing about the article is that it points out some details that I didn't notice. Turns out that there are a few more patches on Bill's jacket than just the "Wow!" one. Gives the outfit a bit of an Ace vibe. I'm wondering if the jean jacket will be a staple of Bill's wardrobe. You wouldn't customize something that much without intending to use it a lot.

And only five patches total, if you include the writing on the back corner as one patch, so you won't go completely broke trying to find everything.

- Weather forecast for the comic book expo keeps changing. Sun, clouds, rain; no one can make up their mind. No rain on Friday is preferable, since that's parade day, but no rain all weekend would be even nicer. You have to walk to another building to get to the photo-ops area and no one wants to get their costume or nice outfit wet. Alas, this is Canada, where it can snow at any time of the year.

But if it does, god forbid, snow, then at least the guests have an amusing story to bring home. I still remember the year Matt Smith was here. It snowed on the Saturday and he was totally thrown off by the sight of people walking outside in the snow in only t-shirts and jeans. Canadians; we're made of hearty stuff. :-D

- Speaking of the parade, I managed to borrow a small Bluetooth speaker so we'll have music playing while we walk. We didn't have music last year and, I don't know, it just wasn't the same. I have about an hour's worth of music, which includes every variation of the theme song (including my favourite, the guitar remix from "Before the Flood"), Doctor specific tracks (like "I Am the Doctor"), every original song Murray Gold has written for the show (excluding "Silence is All You Know" since the tempo is a little slow), and everyone's favourite "Who is the Doctor" as "sung" by Jon Pertwee. Oh, and the disco version of the theme song by Ron Grainger. Still can't believe it was actually arranged by him and it wasn't a fan remix. All of this is on my phone so no bulky CD player to haul around this time. Yay for technology!

I'm sure by the end of parade we'll be sick and tired of listening to the Doctor Who theme song over and over. ;-) It's kind of amazing how many times it has been re-imagined.
- One week to go to the comic book expo! I suppose I'm excited, but the expo doesn't feel as big as it was last year. We're the second biggest con in Canada (I think), so you'd think it would be easy to get guests, but maybe it's not worth it to come here when the Canadian dollar isn't so hot. We're not a huge city either, so we don't have as much to offer as say, Toronto.

Oh well, fewer guests to see is easier on my wallet. ;-) Unlike last year, I only have two autographs and two photo-ops to get; Billie Piper and Alan Tudyk. I think I have my cosplays worked out. I'm still debating whether it's worth it to dress up for the Thursday. But this is what I have planned:

  • Thursday: Ace. More specifically, Ace from "Silver Nemesis". There are fewer embellishments on the jacket so that means fewer things knocking around when I'm walking.

  • Friday: Femme!Four. I didn't end up getting that argyle sweater, so that's something to work on for next year. Friday is also parade day so I'm praying for good weather. It doesn't need to be hot and sunny. I just don't want any rain or snow.

  • Saturday: Rose from the end of "Doomsday". Time to put my wrist warmers to go use. I doubt Billie Piper is going to notice them, but at least one part of the outfit looks like its on screen counterpart.

  • Sunday: Kaylee. My photo-op with Alan Tudyk is Sunday, so that's the reason for the fandom change. I love this costume. It's so comfy.

Programming isn't up yet, but I have a feeling I won't be running from panel to panel as much, which will be nice.

- Just read that if Castle season nine goes ahead, Stana Katic won't be a part of it. Wha? She's the other half of the show. What's Castle going to do without Beckett? Will the show just be him running his P.I. business with Haley and Alexis? Sounds like none of the characters who work at the precinct are coming back, so it does seem like the writers are dumping the police side of things. The article cites for "budgetary reasons". So lame. I say don't bother to renew the show if half of the cast won't be there. Just let Castle have a dignified series finale and everyone can go their separate ways without things getting super awkward.

And how would Beckett bow out? She and Castle just got back together. Would they kill her off? Have her move away for another job? You can't have the character leave without it being really weird.

- Supergirl had its season finale and, I don't know, it felt like it was lacking something.

Spoilers for Supergirl 1x20, "Better Angels" )

I have this funny notion that CBS has more restrictions on Supergirl than the CW has on Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Like, "More human drama, less crazy superhero antics!"

- Speaking of The Flash, we finally got a reference to Barry's adventure to Kara's world.

Spoilers for The Flash 2x18, "Versus Zoom" )

- And lastly, the new Doctor Who Companion will be announced on April 23 at half time of a football match. Okay... I mean, an announcement is great, but why during a football match? The article doesn't offer a set time for the announcement, so we fans not in the UK will just have to keep an eye on the interwebs for any news. At this point, I will take any updates, no matter how big or how small.
- Ugh, spring. This is the worst time of year for my allergies. I can't stop sneezing. You'd think staying indoors would help, but nope. Time to crack open a box of antihistamines.

- I am so close to finishing my friend's Fourth Doctor scarf:

This isn't a true representation of where I am in the pattern, I'm 10 panels away from the end and one of those panels is 56 rows, but you get the rough idea. I can't wait to finish knitting this thing. The row upon row of garter stitch isn't tedious, but I would like to rest my wrists and arms for a bit. My friend's going to love it, though. I have to remember to snap some pictures before I hand it over.

- I'm only two episodes into Daredevil's second season, but man, those endings do compel you to keep watching. I try not to devour everything in one sitting, though. I know, I know, Netflix shows are meant for binge watching, but I'm old school. I'm used to watching one episode per week. It gives you a sense of suspense.

It's hard to judge a season from just two episodes, but it's not bad so far. The presence of the Punishes really makes Matt question whether his vigilantism is a good thing or not. I just can't get behind his red suit; I don't know what it is. The black ninja look was just so sleek and minimal, while the red suit is kind of busy. I mean, it's no more busy than Ollie's current Arrow costume, but that feels more organic somehow. But hey, if that's the only complaint I have about the show, then that's the sign of a good show. ;-)

- I managed to find a decent leather jacket for my Rose cosplay from "Doomsday". I mean, I have the wrist warmers so I felt compelled to complete the outfit. While it's not a great match to the jacket in the episode, you still get a sense of the costume. And now I have a leather jacket I can wear out. :-) That's always the nice thing when you cosplay characters who wear normal clothes; you can work the pieces into your every day life.

- Comic book expo is under six weeks away. I think I'm ready. I have my photo-ops sorted and my cosplays worked out. It feels like it won't be a big year this year; attendance numbers will probably be down. This year will actually be my tenth year attending the expo. It's crazy to think how far it has come since then. My first year, it was held in one big room and the panel area was this small space blocked off with curtains. Now the expo takes up the entire Stampede grounds.

Happy Tuesday

Jan. 19th, 2016 10:27 am
locker_monster: (Defenders of the Universe)
Agent Carter is back tonight and the comic book expo just announced Billie Piper and Noel Clarke as guests. Yay, people I actually want to meet! That's two more autographs for my 50th anniversary calendar. I know Billie was in Montreal for their con last year, but I bet this is Noel's first Canadian con.

Now I want to do a femme!Ten cosplay. Except I have no money. But I do have the coat, the sonic screwdriver, and tortoise shell glasses. We'll see...

If the expo can somehow get David Tennant to show up as well, whoo boy. Then I would definitely spend the money to make a Ten suit. :-)
As I mentioned on Sunday, the local comic book expo was teasing a big guest. They did the announcement today and, sadly, it's not David Tennant as I had hoped.

But it's still someone I want to meet: Alan Tudyk!

That means one more autograph to add to my Serenity comic book. Once I get Alan to sign it, that just leaves Gina, Ron, and Sean. Whoo hoo!

Hmm, I started collecting Firefly cast autographs back in 2007. That's two thirds of the cast in nine years by the time the expo happens in April next year. Not bad considering I didn't have to leave the city to get any of them. Now, if the expo can secure the rest of the cast and do a Firefly reunion, I would be over the moon. :-D

And off topic, but I noticed that Jenna Coleman is attending Emerald City Comic Con in April. Good to know she's still doing cons. Maybe the expo can entice her to come back to Alberta...
- There were a pile of Christmas themed books at my book club meeting yesterday and everyone tried so hard to get me to take some home. Nope. I'm not against Christmas, but I hate Christmas books. They're all the same Hallmark-y crap that has no substance at all and the plots sound nearly identical. It also doesn't help that most stories have a romance and you all know what I think of romance novels. I'll just stick to watching the annual Doctor Who Christmas special, thank you very much. The episode may be hit or miss, but it's ten times more entertaining.

- It's what? 12 days until Christmas? God, where did the time go? I'm still working on my last knitted Christmas gift and I'm starting to doubt whether I'll have it done in time. My back is getting sore from being hunched over the yarn.

- The local comic book expo is teasing a big guest announcement on Tuesday. So far, the line-up has been kind of lacklustre so hopefully this one is exciting. The only hint they've given is that this person, they specifically said he, is an oft requested guest and it's going to be very cool news for a "certain cult following." It's the "cult following" bit that throws me. Cult, in my mind, implies a fandom that's not very well known. Like, it won't be a Star Trek or a Star Wars actor because those are huge fandoms. But cult could also mean something that's not mainstream and that describes a lot of sci fi/fantasy TV shows and movies. The one guess that keeps floating around is David Tennant; people request him every year. Is Doctor Who a "cult following" though? I think I've heard the show be described as a cult phenomenon so maybe people are right. David has been doing quite a few cons through Wizard World. Perhaps the expo people found a way to lure him to Canada. If I have an incomprehensible post on Tuesday that's all exclamation marks then you know it was David that they announced. ;-)

- Speaking of David, I finished Jessica Jones. I think I liked Daredevil more. Maybe it's because Daredevil was more action-y and that helped with the pace.

Spoilers for season one of Jessica Jones )

Now that David and Christopher Eccelston have played Marvel baddies, I fully expect Matt Smith to play a Marvel villain in the future.
Well, CCEE is over for another year. Wow, that was a long weekend. I want to spend the rest of the week sleeping.

Wherein Hayley Atwell is just a wonderful and awesome human being )

So yeah, overall, a fun weekend. I'm seriously considering heading up to Edmonton for their expo in September. I just want an expo where I don't have to run around like a crazy person. I rarely get a chance to hang out with my cosplay friends and take pictures. Running around getting autographs and photo-ops shouldn't be the only thing I care about.

Oh, and I totally forgot that Orphan Black premiered on Saturday. Time to play catch up.
I'm on Ming-Na's Twitter!!!

Yay, she actually posted the photo she took of me! She says "top picks", which seems to imply that she saw a lot of Melinda May cosplayers, but I didn't see that many. Wouldn't it be funny if the three she posted were the only three she saw.

Thank you, Ming-Na. You are even more awesome to me now. :-D

Sunday recap is coming soon...
Whew, that was a long day! I don't think I've ever attempted to get that many autographs done at once. Despite all the running around I had to do, it was a very satisfying day. But let me start at the beginning...

A full day of geeking out behind the cut )

Last day tomorrow. Slack day. Hayley photo-op, then her panel, and then Arthur's photo-op. Then I can go home and maybe catch up on some sleep before it's back to work on Monday.
Second day of the comic expo, which means today was parade day. I will freely admit that this year's parade wasn't as cool as last year. Or maybe that's just how it felt to me. The Doctor Who cosplay group was a little smaller, we were at the very back of the parade line, and a stupid police car got between us and Garrett Wang who was riding in the car ahead. Oh well, every year can't be a winner. Next year, one of the Whovians is promising to bring a homemade, life sized TARDIS to the parade, so we'll see how that goes.

The weather was wonderful, though. Sunny and warm, with no rain at all. Saw some good costumes, too. There was an adorable little girl dressed up as Doctor Octopus and her dad was dressed as Spider-Man. Actually, there was a lot of cute kids in costumes. I see parents start the induction at a very young age. :-) There was also a pretty awesome Baymax in his battle armour and all of the day care kids in the area lost their mind when they saw him.

Rambling expo highlights behind the cut )

But man, I'm super pooped and tomorrow is going to be a long day. Need to grab autographs from Ming-Na, Stephen Amell, Hayley Atwell, and Arthur Darvill. Time to grab some Zs.
Whoo, the comic book expo has begun!

I happily got out of my meeting at noon. Take that suckers! You can take your own damn meeting minutes!

I like Thursdays at the expo. It's a very laid back day. You can get your pass and then wander the exhibitors' hall for a bit while it's not that crowded. And that was my downfall. I was wandering the hall and there it was: a rack of AbbyShot coats. I naturally freaked out because I never get to see these coats in person; I only ever see them online. So they had Eleven's purple coat (which I already own), Jack's coat, Mal's famous brown coat, and lo, the ladies version of Ten's coat. I will admit I have been eyeing the femme Ten coat since it came out. It's a lovely looking coat, but the price online is always crazy expensive.

Anyway, long story short, I bought the coat. :-)

I mean, how could I not. It's in Canadian dollars and there's no shipping or duty. I probably saved myself over $100.

The coat. It reaches down to my ankles, as it should, and the fit overall is very good. Definitely snugger than my femme Eleven coat. See, this is why it's always best to try it on in person. Now, I just have to build a femme!Ten cosplay around it. ;-) At least I already own the right sonic screwdriver.

Oh, and the expo somehow got Neil Patrick Harris as a last minute guest. Wow. Now I have to get my Dr. Horrible DVD signed. Once I do, that's all of the three main actors.

Okay, time for bed. I need to rest up for parade day tomorrow.
- Ugh, my computer has totally died. I'm being forced to write this on my netbook. Damn thing won't boot up at all. It's an old computer, but it's not like I was doing a lot with it. I think my last download just pushed it over the edge. I would totally just give up on it and buy a new one, but I have stuff on my old computer that I want. All of my fanfics are on there! I need them back! So I guess I'll have to take the computer in to Geek Squad or something. Blargh! Why didn't I back up the stupid thing...

- Comic book expo starts in two days! Whoo! I think I'm all ready. I just need to figure out how to do my hair for some of my cosplays. Yes, that's right, I'm bothering to style my hair this year. ;-) I'm also going for a new record of four cosplays for the weekend:

  • Thursday: Kaylee from Firefly. I'm recycling this costume from two years ago since Jewel Staite is a guest this year. I don't plan to get a photo-op with her, I already have one from six years ago, but it seemed like a good opportunity to wear the costume again. Thursday is Jewel's panel so there's bound to be some Browncoats hanging around.

  • Friday: Ace from Doctor Who. This will be the second outing for the costume. I haven't changed anything since August last year except add one pin that was missing. My hair is also long enough to do up in a braid. Friday is parade day so I get to hang out with my Seven cosplayer and a bunch of other Whovians.

  • Saturday: Agent Melinda May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I figured out the SHIELD shoulder patches (magnets for the win!) so it's all good to go. I even bought a pair of aviator sunglasses that I will probably never use again. I'm dressing up solely for my photo-op with Ming-Na and Brett Dalton, but maybe I'll see some other AoS cosplayers.

  • Sunday: Femme!Eleven from Doctor Who. Specifically the outfit from "The Big Bang". I bought a prop Vortex Manipulator from ThinkGeek awhile back and I have the fez (that Matt Smith touched). No mop, because I'm not hauling that thing around all day. I actually had most of this costume assembled last year, but my cosplay plans got thrown for a loop when they announced Matt and Karen Gillan last minute. Sunday is my photo-op with Arthur Darvill, so that's the main reason I'm going with this version of Eleven rather than doing my purple coat Femme!Eleven from last year.

And the weather looks decent this year! Of course, this is Southern Alberta in mid-April so snow is always a possibility, but I have my fingers crossed for no precipitation.

- I'm watching the new Daredevil series (it's probably what killed my computer) and it's miles better than the movie. If it weren't for the fact that it was set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the show really feels like it could be a regular show about a lawyer. Okay, a lawyer who's a vigilante, but still. The show doesn't go over the top with Matt's powers; they're portrayed very subtly. I like it, though. You aren't distracted by some weird CGI echolocation or something. I also like that they're dealing with the aftermath of the Battle of New York from The Avengers. The city is still rebuilding and people are taking advantage of those efforts. And it's crazy how many former Buffy writers this show has. Three! Plus the guy who's writing the comic books right now! I have to say, if ABC passes on showing season two of Agent Carter for some reason, they should move the show to Netflix. You can do more on Netflix. It's certainly more violent, but scenes can breathe instead of being rushed. You don't have to build up to a commercial break; the flow of the story is much different.

- I have stupid all-day meetings leading up to the comic book expo, though, so this is going to be a very long week...
Wow, the comic book expo is pulling some great last minute guest announcements. Last week, Hayley Atwell. This week?


Yay, I'm so excited! Rory is my favourite NuWho Companion. I totally need him to sign my Doctor Who 50th anniversary calendar.

It's going to be a packed weekend, but that's okay. :-)
Hell yeah! The local comic book expo just announced Hayley Atwell as a guest! Agent Carter is coming!!!

This totally made my day. I've been mildly excited for the guest line-up this year, Stephen Amell and Ming-Na were the only people I wanted to see, but now I'm totally stoked. Peggy Carter herself!

She was in Seattle last weekend for Emerald City and I knew some people who went, and I was bummed that I didn't ask any of them to get an autograph for me, but now I can get one myself. :-) And maybe talk to her. Though, I'm sure I'll just end up sputtering nonsense at her.

Oh man, the expo should organize a photo-op with Hayley Atwell and Ming-Na. That would be an epic photo.


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