There was no way the expo was going to top last year, so I think they focused on making a better show. No lock outs this time. Actually, it seemed to move pretty well Friday and Saturday. Lots of crowds, obviously, but they kept everyone moving in an orderly fashion.

A weekend of full frontal nerdity )

Once again, a full weekend, but no major mishaps. But I do feel like there's not much to look forward to now. The expo has done pretty well bringing in actors from my fandoms. Definitely need more Doctor Who, though. They had a good start this year, but more please. :-)
Oh my god, the first day of the comic book expo and I am exhausted. I don't think I'm coherent enough to a detailed report, but...

1) Participated in the costume parade that kicked off the expo and I ran into a bunch of other Doctor Who cosplayers. So many people wanted our photos. Somehow, a photo of us ended up on the CBC Facebook page. Awesome?

2) The Torchwood cast and a few other expo guests were white hatted at the end of the parade. Basically, they get a white cowboy hat after saying an oath that makes them an honourary citizen of the city. Eve Myles was so crazy excited when she saw the cowboy hat; I swear she lost her mind. :-) She really got into saying the oath and it was all the more hilarious in her Welsh accent. John Barrowman's Twitter is a good source of photos and you can see a pic of him and Eve and Gareth David Lloyd in the hats.

3) Got my photo-op with John Barrowman. He automatically pulled people into a tight hug whether you wanted to or not. :-)

4) And lastly I got my Stargate Atlantis bag signed by Richard Dean Anderson. He was late for some reason, but the crowd happily screamed and cheered when he did show up.

So yeah. I'm hoarse, tired, dehydrated and feeling a little sick because of that. And there's still two days ahead of me. :-P But Nathan Fillion tomorrow! Whoo!

I will, at some point, try to post pictures. Must go to sleep now...
Oh man, the comic book expo is having a cosplay parade to open up the weekend and John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Gareth David Lloyd are the parade marshals! I'm kind of tempted to register now... I could totally throw together some Doctor Who cosplay in a week.

But the weather is so chaotic here. It's the third week of April and there's still snow on the ground with more promised for the weekend. March in a parade with the cast of Torchwood and potentially freeze my butt off but have awesome fun? Or potentially freeze my butt off and have fun but from the sidelines? From the comments on the Facebook, it sounds like there will be other Doctor Who cosplayers so I wouldn't be on my own. Safety in numbers!

Thoughts? Opinions?
Well, I was one quarter right. John Barrowman is coming to the local comic book expo in April. He's also bringing Eve Myles and Gareth David Lloyd.

Oh, wait, I said one quarter right, didn't I? I guess that means there's a fourth guest I should mention...

The Seventh Doctor himself, Sylvester McCoy!

Whoo, the expo is finally good enough to rate one of the Doctors. :-) I'd offer an official link, but it was only just announced on Radio Free Skaro this afternoon.

It's great that they're finally having Doctor Who guests this year. I would have been super annoyed if they had done the 50th anniversary year without anyone from the show. I hear Sylvester McCoy is a blast to listen and watch and I know John Barrowman will be a hoot. And who knows? Maybe this will open the door for more Doctor Who guests in the future...
So. Torchwood: Miracle Day. Yeah. I really don't know what to say. Personally, I think Children of Earth was better. Shorter story but far less crack-y than this.

Spoilers for Torchwood 4x10, The Blood Line )

Well, if Torchwood does get another season somehow, good, but I don't think I could sit through another mini-series.
Oh yeah, Torchwood. One more episode to go. Man, the ending better be good.

Spoilers for Torchwood 4x09, "The Gathering" )

I really hope things don't end with Jack dying. Torchwood might not come back, but it would be nice to have Jack show up on Doctor Who again. He could meet River and there could be shenanigans. My god, the trouble those two could get into.
Sounds like the ratings for Torchwood: Miracle Day haven't been that awesome. I'm worried that the show will end on a cliffhanger or something and we won't get any resolution.

And things are finally picking up, too. We're in the last act of the plot it seems. We're getting more answers and I'm going to assume things will snowball from here.

Spoilers for Torchwood 4x08, "End of the Road" )

Well, now I'm just waiting to watch Doctor Who.
Missed doing a review for Torchwood 4x06, "The Middle Men". Just quickly, I thought there was a lot of sitting in rooms doing nothing. But Esther got a nice moment. And, wow, Jack's coat has become a pick-up line on its own. :-)

But anyway, the latest episode. Bit more happening in this one.

Spoilers for Torchwood 4x07, "Immortal Sins" )

We're getting close to the end, but I've sort of lost interest. This season isn't as awesome as last season. Probably because last season was half as long and the story really had to move. Plus, Doctor Who is back next week, and really, that's all I care about. ;-)
Halfway point. It's always the middle where stories flag. You're done introducing stuff but you can't pay off anything because you haven't reached the end yet.

Spoilers for Torchwood 4x05, "The Categories of Life" )

So what time is Torchwood on in the US? I'll be in Las Vegas next Friday and hopefully the hotel has Starz. I want to be prepared in case they do.
I can't believe they have John Shiban writing for Torchwood. I remember him from The X-Files and his episodes were notorious for being really bad all the time. Will that be the case now? Who knows.

Frankly, the plot is still dragging. It's like a zombie, lumbering around. And they keep throwing in other things as well. I mean, if this was a regular season, that'd be fine; I like character stuff. But here, it's kind of superfluous. Get to heart of the mysterious conspiracy please.

Spoilers for Torchwood 4x04, "Escape to LA" )

So, with Doctor Who back August 27, that means there'll be an overlap. For the first time, I think, Torchwood and Doctor Who will be on at the same time. It's not super important or anything, but hey, its more Who related content for the masses.
Yay, the latest episode of Torchwood was written by Jane Espenson! A lot of nice, subtle humour, her trademark really.

Alas, it didn't make the episode any better. Not that it was awful either, but the plot is just dragging on. Nothing is happening, at least nothing major. I suppose if you view the entire season as one episode, then we're still in the first act, but I want more stuff to happen, instead of watching the team sit around.

Spoilers for Torchwood 4x03, "Dead of Night" )

An article on assures that the rest of the season will be fast paced and such. Hopefully that happens soon.
They should have called this episode "Torchwood on a Plane".

Spoilers for Torchwood 4x02, "Rendition" )

I haven't read anything about how this season of Torchwood is doing. Is it doing pretty good on Starz?
I didn't realize, but it's been two years since the last season. No wonder they've been advertising Torchwood: Miracle Day like crazy. In Canada, I've seen ads for it on all the stations, at least all the stations that are owned by the same company. They really want people to watch this thing.

Spoilers for Torchwood 4x01, "The New World" )

And this is just completely random, but it gets its own cut due to spoilers relating to season six of Doctor Who.

Spoilers for Torchwood 4x01 and slight spoilers for Doctor Who 6x07 )

I can't wait to see the episodes written by Jane Espenson. I think this is the closest we'll ever get to Joss entering the Doctor Who universe. ;-)
I didn’t have time to write any comments last night, so everything for “Day Four” I wrote before seeing “Day Five”.

Spoilers for Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Four )

And "Day Five". Um, yeah. I was kind of hoping it would all end with sunshine and puppies, but I clearly don't know this show very well.

Spoilers for Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Five )

All in all, it was a good run. I liked the beginning more than the end though. I hope they commission a season four. You can't just leave it like that.
Hmm, middle-episode-itis. Classic Who used to suffer from this, back when episodes were multiple parts. Serials would start off strong, fade in the middle, and then finish off pretty good at the end. So, less to comment on this time around.

Spoilers for Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Three )

A week of Torchwood isn't great for productivity though. It's all I can think about while at work. Not that I've been working super hard lately. :-D
I hadn’t planned on commenting on every part of Children of Earth, but hey, might as well. Nothing else is happening.

Spoilers for Torchwod: Children of Earth, Day Two )

Onto “Day Three”!
Wow, it's been over a year since a new Torchwood episode has aired. That's one heck of a wait. A wait well worth it? I haven't decided yet. That's the problem with this format. Children of Earth is essentially one long, five hour episode and "Day One" is just one part. It's hard to judge something on just one part. But it seems like a decent start so far.

Spoilers for Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day One )

It's going to be one heck of a week. Five episodes one after the other. It's different, it is the year off for all the Doctor Who related shows (well, mostly), but I'd rather go back to a regular season next time.
When I saw the new promo pictures for the mini-season of Torchwood, I felt an overwhelming urge to Photoshop in the Doctor. Don't ask me why. As you can see, it sort of spiraled out from there...

The original promo photo was posted by [personal profile] lucy_locket. I couldn't find any versions of the original picture that were big enough for my liking, but thank goodness for other intrepid fans. I'm not 100% completely satisfied with the end result, but I think it works well enough. I couldn't find a high-quality picture of Ten in a sitting position dressed in either of his usual suits, so in my mind, this is Ten II and he and Rose have gone to Cardiff to investigate some unusual activity.

Ten II, Rose, and an alt!Torchwood. There's a story idea somewhere in there...
Quick thoughts about Torchwood 2x06, "Reset".

And is pink the colour for the season? Lot of pink shirts going on lately.
Whoo hoo, Torchwood is back. :-D Good to see the team back together.



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